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A tour of Australia

Let’s go down under !

The Australian flag The Union Jack: Australia is a former British colony

James Cook, a British explorer, discovered Australia in 1770

Convicts were transported to Australia in 1788 and were used as labourers


Capital city: CANBERRA Alice Springs

Situation: in the southern hemisphere, in the Indian Ocean Main cities: Sydney Melbourne



The Australian Dollar

Perth Darwin Brisbane Alice Springs

Landscapes of Australia

Sydney Harbour and the Opera House

Skyscrapers in Brisbane

The Australian Bush

The desert (or outback) Hills Beaches and palm trees

AYERS ROCK or ULURU is situated in the centre of Australia, in the outback. It’s a national monument and a mythical, sacred place for the aborigenes.

THE ABORIGINES They are the first inhabitants of Australia. They have lived there for more than 40,000 years ! Today unfortunately they represent only 1% of the population

Particularities of Australia Road trains:

can be up to 50m long and have got 46 wheels ! They carry freight all through the country

Children who live in remote areas can get lessons on the radio or on the Internet !


A dingo

A kangaroo

Australia is a surfers’ paradise !!

A koala

A wombat

let's go down under  

a PPT to introduce some facts about Australia

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