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SHOES PAINTING, PLASTIC PRINTING CARDBOARD PRINTING AND FURNITURE Compact systems, easy to install Low space requirements Simplified operation Low maintenance Flows up to 2000L/h CE certified Compact solution developed for Wastewater reuse in several applications. The wastewater is treated by a chemical coagulation/settlement system for suspended solids and COD removal and could be reuse in industrial systems. Reuse wastewater is becoming a viable economic and ecological alternative to using fresh water in a range of industrial situations such as washing equipments and spray painting booths. This solution has a small footprint, low capital investment and easy installation.

PROJECT Wastewater treatment and reuse for a Shoes Factory Wastewater Characteristics: In this site, wastewater results for several types of activities, such as: shoes painting, cutting process and shoes washing. This kind of wastewater usually carries large amount of sand, ink and other suspended solids.


Providing a system to treat and reuse the wastewater for the shoes painting process.

PROJECT DATA COD - 3000 mg O2/L Solids suspension - 1000 mg/L Flowrate - 10 m3/day

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Case studie wastewater reuse shoes factory  
Case studie wastewater reuse shoes factory