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Our Departments :User Computing

About us | Mission & Vision Statements

Desktop & Laptop Solutions | Printing and Plotting Solutions | Workstation & Graphic Intensive Solutions | Software Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Mailing Solutions on Exchange | High Availability Solutions Site to Site Replication Solutions | Storage Consolidation Solutions | Server Consolidation | Virtualization Solutions

Networking & Security

Access Points & Wifi Connectivity Solutions |Network Configuration | Switching Solutions IP Telephony Solutions | CCTV and Surveillance Solutions |Firewall and UTM Solutions

Cloud & Managed Services

Private Cloud Solutions |Solutions on Hybrid Cloud |Mailing Solutions on Cloud |Managed IT | Help Desk Support Service

ABOUT US F TWO Technologies is an IT solution provider company that integrates the various IT solutions available in the market today to design right fit solutions for the clients. At F TWO Technologies, we believe in being a one stop IT solution vendor- for our clients by having a keen and indepth understanding of their business processes and Infrastructure setups. With this understanding as the building blocks of our relationship, we seek to propose insightful business solutions that will not only make the job of IT much easier, but will pave way for a scalable growth of their

infrastructure into the future. Our company designs, sells, integrates and provides managed infrastructure solutions on a varied range of IT Equipment that are available today in the quickly evolving industry. In order to fully cover the bandwidth of IT infrastructure, we work hand-in-hand with our client’s in-house IT to propose & supply solutions based on Enterprise solutions, Requirement handling, Network & Security Solutions and Cloud & managed Services


Proposal & Supply of Computer Hardware Printing & Plotting Solutions Software solutions Server storage and Virtualization Solutions Site-to-Site Replication & Disaster Recovery solutions Mailing solutions on Exchange High Availability & Consolidation Infrastructure Solutions Solutions on Passive Networking Cabling Wireless access points & Network Configurations AMC Proposals Telephony & CCTV Solutions

Further to the design, supply and implementation of these solutions, we also provide our clients with adequate support on maintenance of this Infrastructure both with principal support and our in-house technical support team.

MISSION & VISION STATEMENTS MISSION STATEMENT F TWO TECHNOLOGIES is a one stop IT Solutions Company that educates on emerging technologies to its clients, while proposing, designing and executing right fit IT solutions in concordance with Client requirements. F TWO endeavors in keeping the highest regard for a proactive relationship with its clients by providing instant technical support and winning trust by surpassing customer expectations – first time and every time.

VISION To become a brand name for Consultative IT solution selling in the Middle East market and to become market leaders in proving World Class Information Technology solutions at most competitive prices and with best technical support.

OUR DEPARTMENTS In order to have a specific focus on certain areas of technology and by understanding that the same customer can have different types of scenarios requiring various levels of expertise, service & support, we decided on a four dimensional approach to working with our clients. The Departments we have consist therefore of:    

User computing Managed services Enterprise solutions Networking & security

Each of the departments has its own Business Unit Manager, who works with the common pool of presales & sales resources to drive the vision of his department.

USER COMPUTING A belief that sometimes, IT requirements of a corporate environment can be basic user requirements that nevertheless require an immediate and reliable addressing made us decide upon “User Computing” as one of the chief departments of our organizations. While our attempt to innovate and educate on options to the customer will be part of an inbred guideline to our approach, we believe in a quick and efficient approach to problem solving that will make the life of Procurement and IT easy. It is with this aim that we have developed our User Computing Department. The solutions that we have classified under Requirement Handling have been listed below.  Desktop & Laptop Solutions  Printing and Plotting Solutions  Workstation & Graphic Intensive Solutions  Software Solutions

ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS With a dedicated focus on developing scalable, easy to manage infrastructure solution to our corporate clients, we envisioned an insightful and thoughtful solution that would aid in providing business management and information accessibility for internal and external clients. Enterprise solutions deal with the problem of providing information to clients both externally and internally. It deals with programming and databases. The main problem being how to most efficiently get our data accessible to those we want to access it. Therefore, in order for a business to properly choose the right enterprise solution, a proper requirements definition must be completed. We engage with the client’s IT team for a proper understanding of current setup and all the future growth needs in order to encapsulate the perfect solution. All desired features along with priorities for each feature must be assigned in order to make a suitable decision of what this solution ought to be. SOME OF THE SOLUTIONS THAT WE HAVE EXPERTISE IN IMPLEMENTING INCLUDE THE BELOW: Mailing Solutions on Exchange  HA & DR Solutions  Storage Consolidation Solutions  Server Consolidation & Virtualization Solutions

CLOUD & MANAGED IT SERVICES With the onslaught of shared resources as the future, F TWO Technologies believes in opening the eyes of its customers to Cloud Services, whenever the opportunity to employ the usage of computing as a service rather than a product appears to be feasible in a client environment. F TWO Technologies has tied up with several vendors which enables the employment of shared resources, software, and information that are provided to users and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network. Depending on the nature of client requirements, we suggest a combination of public, private or hybrid options that would help convert the current Capex expenditure of an organization into more of an OPEX model. The various solutions we seek to offer within this department include the following  Managed IT & Maintenance Contracts  Spare Part contracts with our Service Center  Private Cloud Solutions  Solutions on Hybrid Cloud  Mailing Solutions on Cloud

Benefits & Features-Managed IT & Maintenance Contracts Expertise    

100% Microsoft certified technical specialists ON –Site Engineers(AMC) Highest resolution rate at 93% Customer Satisfaction rate 94%

Ease  24/7/365  In house Service Center with SOA tools and machinery for all repair needs  Remote services –no technical knowledge needed



   

Hardware Repair Services–Desktops, Laptops–Any MODEL, Any MAKE Peripherals Repair-printers & scanners Data Recovery Services Networking devices IT Infrastructure Management

• •

Personalization engine for history of incidents, demographic and behavior profile Preferred technology specialist Customized reporting & tracking system

NETWORKING & SECURITY A reliable network infrastructure is the key to efficient and productive sharing of information within your organization, whether you need to link to multiple sites, or terminals at a single location. F TWO Technologies can help you determine which technology is flexible enough to allow your network to keep pace with your business requirements – whether this involves supporting, upgrading or re-engineering your current capabilities, or the design and implementation of a customized solution. Network security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator. The solutions we provide in networking and Security include the below  WAP, Switching & Routing Solutions  IP Telephony Solutions  CCTV and Access Control Solutions  Firewall and UTM Solutions

WHY US? We are a team of young vibrant individuals with an in-depth understanding of what makes IT work.

We at F Two Technologies believe that our customers are our Stakeholders and are in constant pursuit of providing our customers, the best of the breed products and solutions

Thank You

F2 Technology is reliable IT Companies in Dubai, Call 600544549  

F2 Technology LLC is the reliable IT Companies in Dubai. F2 Technology LLC has the professional team, Who work hard with the same response...

F2 Technology is reliable IT Companies in Dubai, Call 600544549  

F2 Technology LLC is the reliable IT Companies in Dubai. F2 Technology LLC has the professional team, Who work hard with the same response...