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Adjust/Install Dampening Knob DC5 Rear Extended Top Hat Front LS/GS/IS/CG (ONAIR) Lugnut Install Rear GS/IS (ONAIR) Ride Height Ride Height (McPherson) Shock Replacement Shock Replacement (Slim Body) Spring Pre-Loading

Ride Height Adjustment McPherson

Lower Mount

Note All height adjustments should be made from lower mount. Don't adjust height from spring perch. Doing so will void warranty.

Spring Perch


Lower Mount Locking Collar

Loosen lower mount locking collar.


Adjusting Turn clockwise to lower car. Turn counter-clockwise to raise car.

Spring Perch Loking Collar


Tighten lower mount collar to avoid noise and loosening.

Lower Mount Locking Collar

Spring Rates

Spring Rates @functionandform @functionandform

Function and Form Autolife Inc. 1458 W. Holt Ave

Pomona, CA 91768 P. 626.407.0015 F. 909.623.8809

Ride Height (McPherson)  

Instructional/Installation Guide

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