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International congress offers photographic feast Last month I travelled to Turkey as one of nine PSNZ members attending an international photographic congress hosted by the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF) on behalf of the Paris-based Federation International Artiste Photographique (FIAP).

B & W images under the theme of ‘Reader’. New Zealand entered a set themed, ‘Old Farm Buildings’ and was placed 17th.

The 32nd Congress was based in the capital, Ankara, and Cappadocia and saw nearly 250 delegates from 57 countries come together to celebrate photography as art.

As well as having the opportunity to make photographs everywhere we went, we learned so much of the history that has made Turkey the fascinating country that it is. The sights, sounds, people, colours, food, hospitality – everything is breathtaking and begs to be photographed!

Attending a photography convention is an excellent way to inject new energy into our photography and rubbing shoulders with some outstanding photographers on this occasion was no exception.

In my opinion, no country could buy the publicity Turkey will achieve from the participating photographers publishing and distributing the thousands of photographs created over the seven-day period.

An FIAP Congress is held every two years, always in a different location of the world because countries have to bid to host this. They are often referred to as the ‘Olympics of Photography’ and while there are no workshops or presentations by industry experts, we followed an action packed programme that included sightseeing and the ability to capture photographs of some of the best parts of Turkey, and its people.

The 33rd FIAP Congress will be held in South Korea in 2016 and the programme looks fantastic! Delegates must make their own way to/from a Congress, but the registration fee covers everything including five star accommodation, all meals and all sightseeing activities.

As part of the Congress the TSFS hosted a Black and White Biennial, which invited each country to enter a set of B & W images under a chosen theme.

The new friends made at this Congress will hopefully last as long as the photographic memories – I can’t recommend attending a FIAP Congress highly enough. For more information on FIAP click here. Moira Blincoe LPSNZ is the PSNZ Councillor for Publicity

This year the competition was won by the Bahrain Arts Society with an impressive set of

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f11 Magazine :: Issue 38 :: November 2014  
f11 Magazine :: Issue 38 :: November 2014