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Permission is hereby granted to copy, reprint, or use any or all of this publication in the furtherance of the automotive hobby. Please acknowledge source when using information from this publication.


Hi from East Bay, First, our chapter wishes a “Get Well” to Mike Guerreiro of the Silicon Valley Chapter. Have you sent in your application for the North-South Run? Don’t miss out on this year’s event. The committee is working hard to make this run one you will not forget. Rooms at the host hotel, The Inn At Morro Bay, are going fast. If you have never been to this fine run, you are missing out on a fun weekend. The Easter Run had a good turnout of rods, customs, and F-100’s. The kids enjoyed the Easter Bunny, egg hunt and piñatas. It doesn’t take long to fill your calendar with F-100 shows and car shows. It looks like there’s a busy summer ahead. April 21st members in our chapter made it across the Bay to attend the car show at Menlo-Atherton High School. This was to benefit the baseball program there. We had great weather and a relaxing day. The ball players came around at lunch time and took orders for their BBQ, then later delivered lunch where you were sitting, while the food was still hot. Great idea!! Keep Truckin’ Ken Rogers *****************************************************************************

TRIVIA Last month’s question: The chocolate chip cookie is the official state cookie of which state?

Comments, suggestions, article or photo submissions, advertisements, or any other information, contact:

Jim Dillinger 14552 Horseshoe Dr.

Answer: In 1997 the state of Massachusetts, recognized the chocolate chip cookie as the official state cookie. A third grade class from Somerset proposed the bill honoring the cookie, which was invented in 1930 at the Toll House Restaurant located in Whitman, Massachusetts. (Answered, once again, by Susan Davis, as well as Leanne Robinson, both of the Modesto Chapter)


This Month’s question: Why is the London Stock Exchange sometimes referred to as “Gorgonzola Hall”?

Visit our web site at: http://f100elite com 1

A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency room, took the husband aside and said, “I don’t like the looks of your wife at all.” “Me neither doc”, said the husband. “But she’s a great cook and really good with the kids.” ************************************************************************************

EASTER RUN Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to the Easter Run this year, and I’m afraid no one has submitted anything that I can use to put together an article to tell you what it was all about. I did, however, get a bunch of pictures from Sue Cox (Delta Chapter), so I’ll show a few of them here so maybe you can get a feel for how it was. I’ve heard that once again, the run was a success and everyone really enjoyed themselves.


A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost. He reduced altitude and spotted a woman below. He descended a bit more and shouted, “Excuse me. Can you Help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.” The woman replied, “You are in a hot air balloon hovering approximately 30 feet above the ground. You are between 40 and 41 degrees north latitude and between 50 and 60 degrees west longitude.” “You must be an engineer,” said the balloonist. “I am” replied the woman, “how did you know?” “Well,” answered the man, “Everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to make of your information, and the fact is I am still lost. Frankly, you’ve haven’t been much help so far.” The woman below responded, “You must be in management.” “I am”, he replied, “But how did you know?” “Well,” said the woman, “You don’t know where you are or where you’re going. You have risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air, you made a promise which you have no idea how to keep, and you expect people beneath you to solve your problems. The fact is you are in exactly the same position you were before we met, but now, somehow, it’s my fault.” ****************************************************************************************** th th The starting point for the 5 Annual Silicon Valley Cruise, which was held on Saturday, April 28 , was at West Coast Classics and Customs, in Sunnyvale. These good folks host a very laid back gathering on the first Saturday of every month for a couple hours in the morning. The following invitation has been extended to any and all gearheads who might be in the area next Saturday.

Cars & Coffee Saturday, May 5, 2012 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM WHERE:

West Coast Classics & Customs 590 West El Camino Real Sunnyvale CA 94087 ***************************************************************************************** “Man is the only animal that blushes --- or has reason to.”……………………………………….…………..Mark Twain *******************************************************************************************

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****************************************************************************************** “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins”…………………………………………………………..….... Proverbs 10:12 *****************************************************************************************

BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES BIRTHDAYS 5/25/45 Earl Pecka, San Joaquin 5/1/48 dorsa Koon, Silicon Valley 5/11/48 Ralph Krause, San Joaquin 5/18/63 Jim Simmons, Port City 5/30/76 Josh Steager, Livermore 3

5/1/?? Jeremy Johnson, Modesto 5/13/?? Mary Ann Houck, Livermore 5/19/?? Ron Weiand, Livermore 5/25/?? Nina Sharp, Livermore 5/29?? Terry Edwards, Livermore 5/30/?? Jeff Davis, Modesto ANNIVERSARIES WITH CLUB 5/77 Wally & Judy Wallace, East Bay 5/87 Sydney Crosswhite, Livermore 5/88 Bill & Ikeo Click, Modesto 5/06 Wayne King, Modesto 5/11 Gary & Kathy Bohn, Silicon Valley WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES 5/28/73 Jose & Laura Carrasco, Livermore 5/3/97 Ray & Pat Clark, Livermore *****************************************************************************************


The Shriners are taking us on a bus trip to the Shriner’s Hospital in Sacramento on May 5th. It was originally planned for April 28th, but due to the Asparagus Festival in Stockton, they were unable to charter a bus for that weekend. A report on our May 5th activities will be coming up. Modesto Chapter and friends met at Denny’s in Modesto for breakfast before caravanning up to the Easter Run at Mikki Grove, put on by Delta Chapter. As usual, a great Spring run! Weather was fantastic, lots of games for kids, and lots of time to lounge in the sun and enjoy the old cars and trucks. The Delta Chapter has done a great job in growing this activity – an increase of about 30% this year, with a showing of around 100 vehicles participating. Attending from the Modesto Chapter were John and Linda Wash, Michael and Leanne Robinson, Chuck Whitaker, Carl Piercefield, Chris Souza, Wayne King, Jim and Elaina Van Vliet and kids, Randy and Colton Hillardes, Tom and Theresa Powell, Rod Stanshaw, and Mike Keller and kids. Everyone had a great time!!


Who’s Working on What Our Back to Graffiti show is coming up in June -- Chris Souza reported that he is 2/3 done with T-shirts, and Linda Walsh is working on dash plaques. Everyone is working on goodie bag donations. The Fruit Yard will have live music with dinner on Friday night with Eric Scudder and the Beer 30 Band. Get your pre-entry soon so you don’t miss out on any of these great activities. Tom Day reports he is ready to start the engine on his ’29, ’30, ’31, ’32 pickup. John Walsh has changed the hood on his ’56 driver. He now has a primer black hood instead of his burgundy hood. He’ll be showing it off at the Silicon Valley run on April 28th.



Hello out there fellow truckers from Port City Chapter. We are the new kids on the block but we have lots of experience in our chapter. We are selling ball caps with the F-100 Elite logo. We are selling them for $15.00. We will have them along with us at our function or any function we attend. So seek us out!!!!! This is also your chance to order a club jacket!!!! I will be placing an order for the jackets in September, just in time for the cold weather. I would like to keep the price for the jackets at $75.00. The company that I have do the job is willing to try and work with us. But the more we get the more chances are that we can keep the price at $75.00. If you want to order a jacket let me know.

Karen Kleinert 2894 Smoke Tree Circle Port City Chapter or Stockton, CA 95209 or 209-478-1356 I would prefer an email but I know some of you might not have that capability. This way I have a way of saving the order till I actually get the final total. They are great jackets!!!!! NICE AND WARM!!!!! 5

A group of Americans were traveling by tour bus through Holland. As they stopped at a cheese farm, a young guide led them through the process of cheese making, explaining that goats’ milk was used. She showed the group a hillside pasture where many goats were grazing. These, she explained, are the older goats that no longer produce. She then asked, “What do you in America do with your old goats?” A spry old gentleman answered, “They send us on tours.” **************************************************************************************


Ingredients 1/4 cup packed brown sugar 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 2 tablespoons maple syrup ground black pepper to taste 1 pound thick-cut bacon

Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Mix brown sugar, rice vinegar, maple syrup, and black pepper in a small bowl. Place bacon slices on cooling rack set over a baking sheet. Bake in the preheated oven for 10 minutes, turn slices, and bake another 5 minutes. Remove bacon and brush both sides with brown sugar mixture. Return bacon to the oven and bake another 5 minutes. Repeat basting every 5 minutes until bacon is browned and crisp, about 35 minutes.


5TH ANNUAL SILICON VALLEY CRUISE For the last 5 years the Silicon Valley Chapter has been putting together a premier event that has been a “must attend” affair for a number of people. By its very nature, the Cruise is smaller in numbers than the majority of car gatherings most of us are used to. Each year 30 to 50 very special vehicles, and their occupants, get to cruise the highways and byways of the Silicon Valley. Along the way, there are stops at various locations that provide some interest for the participants. Not everyone gets excited about all of the stops, but it can be said that someone gets excited at all them. One of the goals of the event is to make every effort to bring something different than we usually see at car events, and to try and make it fun for everyone. It would appear, from the feedback received, that this year the Cruise accomplished its goal. Comments heard ranged from “Great”, to “Best One Yet”, to “We Always Have A Fantastic Time At This Run”, to many other remarks along those lines. It’s a truly great feeling to put a lot of effort, time, and money into an event, then have the people you’re doing it for tell you things like that. The Silicon Valley Chapter thanks each and every person that attended, plus the wonderful folks that hosted the various stops, and finally our event sponsors, Tattoozu, A Waterdogs Pool Service, and Domenico Winery. The day started bright and early at West Coast Classics and Customs, in Sunnyvale, with the sign-in/registration. There were plenty of hot coffee and donuts on hand to get everyone jump started. The goody bags were once again filled with a plethora of goodies, including an event dash plaque, a special CD of ‘Oldies’ music, a card for filling in a poker hand along the route to be traveled, and a bunch of other stuff. Everyone had a chance to draw their first poker card of the day, hang out for a while and visit, and then the proprietor of WCC&C picked his favorite vehicle. The winner of the “Favorite” trophy was Don Rose with his 56 F-100.


From WCC&C, the group traveled a short way up Highway 101 to the Ames Research Center, which is the home of the NASA Space Museum. There, everyone was treated to a wonderful display of psome of America’s history of space exploration. The museum curator was really pumped seeing all the fabulous vehicles scattered about his parking lot, and after much hand wringing and vacillating he finally decided that Jim Hannett’s F-100 was his favorite of the vehicles there.

A few miles farther up 101 we pulled into the facility housing Victor Aviation. This is a company that got its start rebuilding piston driven, internal combustion airplane motors. They have some very special and very unique processes they use to test and improve the metals used in the engines, which ultimately increase the life of the motors by at least twice, as well as improve performance. Over the years, the processes they’ve pioneered have been utilized in other industries, including automotive racing, all with great success. The President and CEO, Victor Sloan, was on hand to take everyone through their shops, and explain (in very understandable terms, by the way) just what it is they do. I think most of us left there with a real sense of awe about their processes, and an appreciation for the impact they’re having on the automotive industry. Before we left, Victor took a walk through the parking lot, and was smitten by John Segreto’s 31 Model A sedan, and awarded his “Favorite” trophy to John. (My apologies to John, as well as all of you. I didn’t get a picture of John’s cool, purple hot rod, or of the awarding of the trophy.) After leaving Victor Aviation we once again got on 101 North, and traveled to San Carlos to Gary Pollack’s “The Great Highway.” This is a private collection of some great hot rods, customs, and cruisers, as well as some really neat automotive memorabilia. We spent about an hour there just checking things out, wiping the drool off our chins, and wishing that just one or two of his cars were parked in our garage. Gary is a great guy that likes to share his collection with other car lovers, and when asked to pick his “Favorite”, he chose Wally Wallace’s blue F-100.

Less than a mile away from “The Great Highway” was our final stop for the day, Domenico Winery. From the outside, one would be hard pressed to imagine what a perfect place this is for an event like ours to end up at. There was ample room for the delicious Mexican buffet that was prepared for all the Cruise participants, the multiple tables full of raffle prizes that were awarded, and the near 30 foot long wine tasting bar at one end of the building. 7

Following the lunch, the 50/50 raffle was held, the prizes were awarded for the best ($50) and the worst ($25) poker hands, and additional “Favorite” trophies were awarded. Those were sponsored by, and awarded to: Chayo’s Buffet (the caterer)………………….Ken Roger’s 56 F-100 Domenico Winery……………………………..Ken Harden’s 69 (I think) El Camino A Waterdogs Pool Service……………………Mike Jones’ 67 Mustang Tattoozu………………………………………..Carlos Harvey’s 57 Bel Air The finale’ of the day was the raffling off of a multitude of fantastic prizes. This was done a little differently this year, in that rather than picking a prize then pulling a ticket to see who would receive said prize, the ticket was drawn first, and whoever had that number got to pick whichever prize they wanted from what was left on the tables. While that obviously eliminates any anticipation about who will finally win the so-called “bigger prizes”, it seems that there were a lot more people that were happy because they won something they actually wanted. All in all, it was a great day of fun, friends, cars, food, and prizes. We hope everyone went away happy that they participated, and again, the Silicon Valley Chapter wants to thank everyone involved. Don’t forget to mark your calendars th for the last Saturday in April, 2013 for the 6 Annual Silicon Valley Cruise. ***********************************************************************************

PLAN AHEAD Here are some of the events this year, put on by F-100 Elite Chapters, that you’ll want to mark on your calendars. Sunday, June 10, 2012………………… .…….. 1st Annual Cruisin’ The Grove, San Joaquin & Port City Chapters Friday & Saturday, June 15 & 16, 2012………….……………..…….19th Annual Back to Graffiti, Modesto Chapter Saturday, July 15, 2012………………………………………… ……..22nd Annual Summer Bash, Modesto Chapter Friday thru Sunday, August 17 thru 19, 2012…….42nd Annual North-South Run, F-100 Elite and Pickups Limited Saturday and Sunday, Sept 8 & 9, 2012….7th Annual Return to Kingdon Drags and Car Show, Port City Chapter Sunday, September 16, 2012……………………………………………….43rd Annual Anniversary Run, F-100 Elite Sunday, October 28, 2012………………………………..……………16th Annual Pumpkin Run, Livermore Chapter ****************************************************************************** An older Jewish gentleman was on the operating table awaiting surgery and he insisted that his son, a renowned surgeon, perform the operations. As he was about to receive the anesthesia, he asked to his son. “Yes dad, what is it?” “Don’t be nervous son. Do your best, and just remember, it doesn’t go well, if something happen to me…..your mother is going to come and live with you and your wife….? ******************************************************************************




President Earl Pecka, San Joaquin Chapter Vice President Nancy Agrusa, Livermore Chapter Secretary-Treasurer Jim Dillinger, Silicon Valley Chapter Newsletter Editor Jim Dillinger, Silicon Valley Chapter

January 14, April 14, July 14, October 13 (9:00 AM)

Perko’s Cafe 1321 W. 11 th St. Tracy, CA

CHAPTER MEETINGS Delta...2nd Wednesday of each month, 6:00 PM Round Table Pizza, Olivera & Old Chicago Blvd., Concord Contact: Don & Sue Cox (510)724-6351 East Bay...1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, 7:30 PM, Cabrillo Park Café, 4673 Thornton Ave, Freemont Contact: Jim & Edith Hannett (510)797-1252 Livermore...1st Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM, Cattlemen's Restaurant, 2882 Kitty Hawk, Livermore, CA 94550 Contact: Nancy Agrusa (925)455-8342 Modesto...1st Monday of each month, 7:00 PM, Fruityard Restaurant, Geer Rd. & Highway 132, Modesto Contact: John & Linda Walsh ((209)523-4479 Port City...1st. Wednesday of each month, 6:30PM, Royce Farms BBQ Restaurant, 10880 North Hwy99 at 8 mile Rd., Stockton. Contact: Art Davis (209) 475-9079 San Joaquin...2nd Wednesday of each month, 7:00 PM, Johnny’s Diner & Creamery, located in the Tracy Outlet Mall, 1005 E. Pescadero Ave., #24, Tracy. Contact: Earl & Judy Pecka (209) 835-7629 Silicon Valley...1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:30 PM, Denny*s Restaurant, Corner of 1st St. and Brokaw Rd. Contact: Jim & Margo Dillinger (408)687-9237 *************************************************************************************

4/14/12 EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING The quarterly meeting of your F-100 Elite Executive Board was held on Saturday, April 14th, again at Perko’s Café in Tracy. All the chapters were represented. After the acceptance of the minutes as presented, and the treasurer’s report was given, a discussion was had to bring the information about the North-South Run up to date. Art Davis had more information to present regarding the Friday night cruise and ice cream social. Earl Pecka requested funds for the deposit on the trophies and dash plaques. Jim Dillinger discussed the proposed event program (it looks like there’s enough interest in advertising space in the program to make it possible to go ahead and have it printed). Leanne Robinson requested that everyone go back to their chapter’s and spread the word that she’s trying to get pictures of everyone’s trucks, finished or not, posted on the web site. If your truck isn’t posted, send her a picture and 9

she’ll get it posted. You can e-mail her a photo at . She also requested funds to pay the annual assessment for our web site. Karen Kleinert is still working on gathering information to put together some sort of information sheet on the club history. She hopes to have more information at the next meeting. She is also working on trying to gather information about costs, etc., to produce club plaques as well as decals. Someone asked about license plate frames and John Walsh stated he still has a bunch of them left, and they’re available for $8 per set. Some questions about how to retain members who have sold their trucks, or how to include people that want to participate but haven’t found a truck they want or can purchase yet. After tossing about a bunch of ideas and comments, it was agreed that it is time to change the membership requirements from “owning a Ford commercial vehicle, years 1928 through 1966”, to something to the effect of “an appreciation of or interest in Ford commercial vehicles”. While it was voted at the meeting to move forward with making that change, checking with the club’s by-laws shows that this proposal must be voted on by the membership. To that end, I will put together an amendment and send it out to each of the chapter president’s so an election can be held. A short discussion of each of the upcoming events that are sponsored by the various chapter’s was held. Art Davis asked that if there is anyone interested in helping out with the car show at the Return To Kingdon event, please contact him. There are some perks that event workers receive. Check with Art and he will fill you in. Nancy Agrusa requested that any and all suggestions for venue, activities, and whatever else anyone might like to make regarding the Anniversary Run be submitted to her by the July E-Board meeting. The final details for that event will be worked out at that meeting. It was th brought up that the A & W in Lodi has a cruise night on Thursday nights, and that June 14 will be F-100 night. They’re st also having a car show on October 21 , and have issued a special invitation to F-100 Elite to participate. Contact Art Davis for more information. Nancy reminded everyone that Fun Ford Sunday is on September 9th, at the Antioch Fairgrounds. F-100 Elite has been a contributor to that event for several years. The next E-Board meeting will be on Saturday, July 14th. As always, it’ll be at Perko’s Café in Tracy, and starts at 9:00 AM. Any member that would like to attend is welcome to do so. *****************************************************************************


EVENTS If you have any events planned in the future, or know of any, send the information to me as soon as possible so they can be included here. (Events that are shaded are F-100 Elite sponsored or F-100 Elite supported)

May 6, 2012…All American Truck Show, open to any make, model, year of truck, plus PT Cruisers, Sedan Deliveries, Panel Trucks, Semi’s (Tractor only). Sequoia High School, 1201 Brewster Ave., Redwood City, CA. $35 Entry (first 200 receive goody bag/shirt. Info: or (650)368-8212, Larry or Lorretta May 19, 2012…Newark, CA 10th Annual Classic Cruisers Car Show. (See flyer at back of newsletter) May 19, 2012…”Best Little Free Car Show In The World”. 15th Anniversary, Maxwell Classic Car Show and Parade, at Maxwell High School, 515 Oak St., Maxwell, CA. Open to all year model cars, and trucks. Dash plaques for first 100 entries. Car show from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Parade (optional) from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Information: Randy Wilson (530)438-2376 or May 20, 2012…Friendship Day 2012, Gates open 8:00 AM. 1300 Seaport Blvd., Redwood City, CA. Large lawn area, lots of trees. Complimentary coffee and doughnuts to early participants, hot dogs, chips and drinks available from Flamin’ Dogs. Sponsored by Mid-Peninsula Old Time Auto Club. Info: Bob @ or (650)851-4944 June 3, 2012…Wild Cars For Wildcats, Woodside High School, Woodside CA, Alameda & Woodside Rds., enter on Alameda. $30 entry. Benefits sports program. Info: Mike, (650)364-5212 June 10, 2012…Lodi, CA 1st Annual Cruisin’ The Grove, hosted by San Joaquin and Port City Chapters. Information: Earl, (209)835-7629 or Art, (209)475-9079. See entry form at back of newsletter. June 15 & 16, 2012…Modesto, CA Back To Graffiti, presented by the Modesto Chapter of Ford F-100 Elite of Northern California. (See flyer at back of newsletter) June 16, 2012…Campbell, CA Campbell Vetrans Memorial Foundation Fathers Day Car Show and BBQ. (See flyer at back of newsletter) June 16, 2012…Santa Clara, CA SAE Motorfest. (See flyer at back of newsletter) July 7, 2012…Santa Margarita, CA F.A.S.T. Santa Margarita Time Trials. (See flyer at back of newsletter) July 15, 20012…Modesto, CA Summer Bash, presented by the Modesto Chapter of Ford F-100 Elite of Northern California. August 17-19, 2012…Morro Bay, CA 42nd Annual F-100 North-South Run. See Flyer at back of newsletter. September 8 & 9, 2012…Lodi, CA 7th Annual Return To Kingdon Drags and Car Show. Car show sponsored by the Port City Chapter of Ford F-100 Elite of Northern California. (See flyer at back of newsletter) *************************************************************************************

ONGOING EVENTS SUNDAYS Concord, CA...2nd & 4th Sunday...Christopher's Pizza Cruise Night @ Christopher's Pizza. Information: TUESDAYS Tracy, CA...Every Tuesday...Cruise Night @ Jack-In-The-Box, Grant Line Rd @ Tracy Blvd. 5:30 PM to about 8:00 PM Information: Earl (209)835-7629 San Jose, CA...Every Tuesday...Burger Barn, Winchester @ Forrest, behind Valley Fair Mall. WEDNESDAYS San Carlos, CA…3rd Wednesday Joe’s Diner Gathering @ Jersey Joe’s Restaurant. 6 to 8:30 PM. Info: (650)592-7317 San Mateo, CA…1st Wednesday of the month, April thru September (No July), TGIF’s Parking Lot Party, on El Camino across from Hillsdale Shopping Center. Info: (650)368-8212 San Carlos, CA…1st Wednesday, Houlihan’s on Redwood Shores Parkway. Santa Clara, CA...Every Wednesday (during daylight savings months)...Open Cruise Night, behind Boston Market Restaurant, 2006 El Camino Real, near Scott. 4:00 PM until ??? 11

THURSDAYS Suisun city, CA…2nd & 4th Thursdays Cruise-In @ Black Bear Restaurant. Info: Gene (530)846-2342 Capitola, CA…Every Thursday, Camsnappers Cruise To The Ocean @ Ocean Chevrolet, Capitola Auto Row. Info: San Jose, CA…Every Thursday, 4 PM to ??. Mojo’s Hamburgers, Cherry St. and Foxworthy Ave. Saratoga, CA…1st & 3rd Thursday’s 5:30 to 7:30 PM, Cool Car Club meets at the corner of Big Basin and SaratogaSunnyvale Rd. All special interest vehicles welcome. Lodi, CA…Every Thursday night April thru October A&W Root Beer of Lodi Cruise Night . Music,Raffle,and Prizes 216 E. Lodi Ave. Lodi Information: Pete (209)368-8548 FRIDAYS Stockton, CA…1st & 3rd Friday of every month April thru October. Hot Rod Night at Royce Farms. Food, live music, and raffle prizes. Highway 99 @ 8 Mile Rd. Information: (209)931-8333 Stockton, CA…2nd & 4th Friday of every month, April thru October. Central Valley Cruisers & Stockton Wheel Cruise Night @ the Bagel Express, 1461 W. March Lane, Stockton. Information: Diane, (209)598-7955 Concord, CA…Every Friday, Hot Rod Heaven @ Valley Mall, in front of Baja Fresh. 4:30 to ? Open to all vehicles. Info: (925)787-0079 Freemont, CA…Every Friday, Hot Rod Hang Out. Open to all pre-76 @ Bob’s Giant Burgers, 40720 Fremont Blvd. 6:30 PM to ?? Newark, CA…Every Friday, Classic Cruisers USA Fun Night @ Dino’s Diner, Jarvis @ Newark. 5:00 to 7:30 PM. Info: (510)471-6059 or Livermore…John’s CharBurgers, 2617 Old First St. (at Church St.) 4:00 PM until ??? Valley Springs…Every 3rd Friday of the month, April through October at The Terrace Shopping Center, 1900 Vista Del lago Dr., off HWY 26. 6 PM to 9PM. Information: Bob (209)786-2456 or Chuck (209)471-5557 SATURDAYS Concord, CA…1st & 3rd Saturdays’ East Bay Donut Derelicts @ Renaissance Cafe, 5100 Clayton Rd. Starts @ 8:30 AM Info: Greg (925)691-5765 or San Bruno, CA…1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month. Carl’s Jr. San Bruno Ave. off 280. 6:00 PM Livermore, CA…Last Saturday Altamont Cruise In @ 4650 Arroyo Vista. Info: (916)685-1825 or Sacramento, CA…Every Saturday Original Mel’s Cruise Night @ 9131 E. Stockton Blvd. April thru October. Info: Sandy (916)686-2478 Sunnyvale, CA…1st Saturday of each month, “Coffee and Cars” cruise-in at West Coast Classics and Customs, 590 W. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale. 9:00 AM to ??. Info: (408)720-WCCC (720-9222) **************************************************************************************************


I stole this picture from the “Swappers World” section of the Deuce News. I thought the idea of an old Ford pickup hauling parts was just too good to pass up. FOR SALE: Right side door, used, for 56 F-100, $50 obo. Original antenna, new, for 56 F-100, $50. For 53 through 56 F100’s, Radiator support, $30 obo, chrome front bumper, $125 obo, used rear bumper, $50 obo, new hood hinges, 2 sets, $100 per set obo, 2 hood rod supports, $20 obo, rear lower shackles , new w/bushings, $100 obo. Ricky, (408)839-3751 6 FOR SALE: Parts for 1956 F-100. Call for what you need: Gary, (510)276 9194 2 FREE; 56 F-100 chrome grill, needs work. Willie, (925)846-8336 or (925)963-9681 3 FOR SALE: 272 c.i. Y-block, rebuilt. $800. Chuck, (916)927-9504 3 12

FOR SALE: 59 Ford, 2WD, ½ ton DeLux Panel, 6 cyl., automatic trans., straight body. $3,500. Billy, (775)677-2438 3 FOR SALE: 54 Ford F-100, 272 engine, C-4 transmission. $14,500. Don, (541)673-9884 3 WANTED; For Y-block Ford: 3 X 2 intake manifold, carbs, valley cover, valve covers, aluminum 4 barrel intake manifold. Jim, (925)787-0770 3 FOR SALE: 56 F-100 Front bed panel – NEW $100.00, Original Big Back Window stainless w/clips plus extra right & left side pieces $225.00, Big Back Window Rubber w/grove—NEW $35.00, Dome light frame & lens for 56 –NEW $25.00, Stainless steel front fender brackets unpolished–NEW $40.00, One custom inside support tailgate hinge—New ie.Mid Fifty parts pg.136 #0259 $30.00, Bob (805)857-2476 or 4 *************************************************************************************


May 19, 2012 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Music*Trophies*Raffles*Restaurants on-site BY IHOP AND DINO’S RESTAURANTS 5655 JARVIS AVE. NEWARK, CA. 94560



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