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F.lli Bruschera s.n.c. Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

A Company Presentation

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Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c.

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Who We Are The Fratelli Bruschera s.n.c. is an artisan company that works in the mechanical manufacturing field and produces metallic trinkets and assembled elements for electric motors: in particular it manufactures big, medium and large brushholders with related accessories both for the industrial and the traction sector (with a large predominance of the second field), sectors in which today it is one of the Italian leaders. The main competitive/distinctive factor the business of the F.lli Bruschera is based on is the half a century of presence on the market from which others two very important elements derive: an experience and a specific know-how unlikely findable in competitors. As a consequence the firm owns a big flexibility and quickness in responding to customer's demands. Moreover an other competitive factor that has to be remembered is certainly the Quality, not only of production but also of all the whole company: the firm has in fact a Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS (certificate n. IT03/0717). At last the F.lli Bruschera s.n.c. is a supplier of Trenitalia SpA, the Italian railway company, for brush-holders for railway's motors.

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Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

Our Products

From more of half a century the F.lli Bruschera s.n.c. is specialized in the production (and maintenance/restoration) of brush-holders for electrical motors (for which it has the product’s qualification of Trenitalia SpA - n. FPCCC 063/2004). Thanks to its big experience the firm is able to manufacture, according to customer’s specifications, a large range of brush-holders concerning use (both for traction and industrial use), type or dimensions. In addition to brush-holders the F.lli Bruschera can carefully manufacture, always according to customer's specifications, mechanical works. The next page contains main elements of the product’s range of the company. Following pages will show some examples of every identified class. It is possible to find out more examples in the web-site

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c.

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Traction Brush-Holders Brush-holders for traction motors (railways, tramways, subways, etc.) of large, medium and small size.

Industrial Brush-Holders Brush-holders for industrial applications of large, medium and small size.

Insulating Column for Brush-Holders Insulating column for brush-holders made in fiberglass




"neonite" and micaver.

Brush Gears Revamping Complete revamping of Brush Gears for electrical motors including substitution of damaged parts.

Mechanical Works Mechanical works executed with NC and traditional



processed or solid materials.



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Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c.

Traction Brush-Holders

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Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c.

Industrial Brush-Holders

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Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

Insulating Column for Brush-Holders

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c.

Brush Gears Revamping

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Mechanical Works

Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c.

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Brush-Holders in Cadrezzate since 1947

The Brush-Holder

The brush-holder is composed by some fundamental components: 1. bronze-aluminium brush-holder's body extract from fusion 2. bronze-aluminium brush-holder's brace extract from fusion 3. stainless steel coil spring with high constancy of pressure 4. PTFE insulator 5. stainless steel support column covered with fiberglass reinforced plastic or "neonite" 6. stainless steel bolts and screws

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c.

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How to Reach Us

The F.lli Bruschera s.n.c. is located in the north of Italy, in Lombardy, in the province of Varese, more precisely in Cadrezzate. To reach us (from Milan or from the Malpensa airport) take the highway “dei Laghi” (A8) in direction “Laghi”, at the intersection Varese - Gravellona Toce turn for Gravellona and go out at Sesto Calende-Vergiate; take the speedway in direction Besozzo, to the traffic-light of Comabbio to turn to the left toward Osmate and then go straight on for Cadrezzate: the F.lli Bruschera is at 464/1 of “via Solferino”.

F.lli Bruschera s.n.c. via Solferino 464/1 21020 Cadrezzate (VA) Italiy tel +39.0331.953104 fax +39.0331.910018

f.lli bruschera - presentation  
f.lli bruschera - presentation  

a short presentation of the company