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The Trax is F-One’s highest performing twin tip. For 2010, they worked on improving the board’s upwind ability, planning, and overall comfort, especially in choppy conditions. Photo Shal Jacobovitz

The TRAX 5 is in its fifth year. With 12 board choices in the F-One 2010 line, where does this board fit in the product mix? For the past five years, the TRAX has been on the cutting edge of F-One technology and is our highest performing freestyle twin tip. What was your biggest challenge during the prototype phase? Improving the TRAX 4 without taking anything away. We played a lot with the shape and worked very closely with our factory on the technology. What changes will previous Trax owners notice most about the 2010 model? We were able to improve planning and upwind ability as well as the board’s control and overall comfort, especially in choppy conditions. Why would a rider prefer the Trax 5 over other freestyle boards in the F-One line such as the Acid or Sk8 twin tips? The Trax has a wide range of use from light to high winds while the Acid is built more to pop and land your tricks. The SK8 is made for high winds and choppy conditions and is also a great twin tip for playing in the waves and carving. If you could choose one standout performance or new construction feature to highlight, what would it be? The Twist Carbon Control is a new way of building kiteboards. We were the first company to produce full woodcore snowboard-type twin tips and now we’re moving onto the next step. When all the work on the shape is finished, we do a new battery of tests with different fiberglasses and carbon layups as well as working with different shapes for cross on the deck. This is only possible because we have a close relationship with our supplier and are able to make all the prototypes needed for the R&D phase. We also take advantage of the extensive snowboard technology they offer with regards to the flex and twist control. What are some of the other key product features and performance characteristics? Weight, strengh, flex, and twist control are important but accessories like pads, straps and fins are key features too. We put a lot of attention into the comfort of our pads and straps with a double foam density on the pads. F-One is constantly refining our strap designs and mount system.

What style/level of rider will most enjoy this product and in what conditions? Average to advanced riders will benefit the most from the TRAX in light to strong conditions. Riders will immediately feel at home after a few minutes on the TRAX 5. It’s the type of board that from the moment you hit the water, makes you feel comfortable and want to try new moves.


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Designer Profile:

Name: Raphael Salles Age: 46 Location: Montpellier, France Job Title: Boss – R&D Manager Designing: 32 years kite & windsurf Kiteboarding: 12 years

What is your warranty policy on this product? One year standard industry policy. What differentiates your product from your competitors? We believe the depth of our extensive shaping and board building experience and years of fine tuning makes the difference.in all F-One boards, both twin tips and surf directionals.


Product name: Trax 5 Product Category: Freestyle Twin Tip Sizes Available: 132x38, 134x39, 136x40, 138x41cm Release Date: Available Now


Juan Pavan, http://www.tksmiami.c

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