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Volume 1/9 | Price R100 11 June 2010 Uruguay 0 – France 0 Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town (South Africa 1 – Mexico 1, Soccer City, Johannesburg)

F is for the fanatics and followers without whom the spectacle of football would not be possible

F is for Fever. It stands for football and followers; for fixtures and festivity; for photography and fun; for features and faces. F is for Africa, the hosts, and for you, our very welcome guests. Imagine, half the world’s population, over three billion pairs of eyes and innumerable camera lenses all trained on the tip of Africa, all mesmerised by the bounce of the ball, the transient nature of form and, of course, good old-fashioned luck. Yet the sheer scale of the event, the likes of which the world has never seen, is dwarfed by the fact that this is the first ever global football event on the continent of Africa. It will surely not return here for quite some time. This is the world’s great gift to Africa. Here football is not just a game; it is the glue that binds village to village, team to team, tribe to tribe, people to people. And you, the spectator, are here to witness, at first hand, the global gathering of the game’s greatest exponents. How fitting that there is a permanent photographic record of the beautiful people who make the beautiful game come alive. Your faces light up our stadiums. Your infectious enthusiasm brings joy to our lives. Your presence adds sparkle to our streets. For the first time ever, the faces of the followers will be plucked from the sea of spectators and shown, in portrait form, as singular individuals; individuals who collectively make this event in Africa, an unforgettable one. F is a series of nine magazines that go on sale sixteen hours after each game in Cape Town and, of course, after the final in Johannesburg. When all the wonderful madness has died down, when the defeated and the victorious have left, these magazines will be gathered together in a box set. Then, when time has lapsed but memories are still sharp, the best portraits will be exhibited in galleries around the world and published in coffee table book form as a glorious and colourful reminder of you, the people who have made this global spectacle so compelling. F is many things. But ultimately, and most importantly, F is Forever.




Ilrok Hong, Korea ‘It’s so awesome to have this vibe.’

Gerald Sibanda, Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa



‘G’, Cape Town, South Africa ‘You only see what you know. Will watch every match.’

Nora and Cara Pechel, Fresnay, Cape Town, South Africa ‘We are the rainbow nation living life to the full.’



Barend Lötter, Stellenbosch, South Africa ‘I google, therefore i spam.’

Back: Harold Wilson, Mark Wilson, Debbie Adams front: Craig Smidt, Marvin Wilson, Mona Wilson, Cape Town, South Africa



Ndasi Doh Princewill, Narcisse Kamga, Ajif Francois, Douala, Cameroon

Hala and AMine Ahmad, Saudi Arabia ‘It’s my first time in South africa. I can’t believe how fantastic it is. I’ll be back.’ (Hala)



Danielle and Brent Roberts, Lotus River, Cape Town, South Africa ‘In Africa the whole world is united. One People, one heart, one love.’ (Brent)

Iris Taani, Rosebank, Cape Town, South Africa ‘My team (France) is about to play in about one hour, and all I can think about is “When is Bafana going to play again?”’



Greg Hillyard, Cape Town, South Africa ‘Live to love, you will love living.’

Hazel and Ian Scrimgeour, Observatory, South Africa ‘Don’t overdo it, just do it over.’ (Ian)



Theuns Kleinhans, Bloemfontein, South Africa ‘I dressed For my team, for my country, for the crowd.’

Keane Balt and Nicci Bruce, Cape Town City Bowl, South Africa ‘I wish I was wearing yellow.’ (Keane) ‘I’m obsessed with Germans, and he’s German.’ (Nicci)



Mlindi Kulashe, Nyanga, South Africa ‘Show them Bafana, and make that circle bigger.’

Rogaya Galant, South Africa ‘I love dressing up, and I’m dressed up and so is my car.’



Lee McQuire, Malmesbury, South Africa ‘It’s what I have been dreaming of for so long.’

Helen Charlotte Robertson and Alexander Graham Robertson, Newlands, South Africa ‘It’s too noisy to make a statement.’



Harold Wilson, South Africa ‘My inspiration for the South African flag – to be tailored into a silk suit.’

Kyle Brinkmann and Ali McDonald, Pinelands, South Africa ‘Until today, I thought it was going to be a nuisance, but it’s great to see my city alive. Every time South Africa wins I’m going to kill a chicken’ (Kyle)



Akhona Dyantyi, Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa ‘Be humble and kind, however not less competitive. ZA unite beyond 2010.’

Pitshou Meta, Democratic Republic of Congo ‘J’ai de photo pour ce nous sommes en Mondial 2010 en afrique du sud.’



Gabi Christie Smith, Kommetjie, South Africa ‘It’s our time to shiine.’

Thola van Speykhulbert, South Africa ‘Open yourself to everything that comes your way, fill your life with experience, and you will find that every morning you wake up with a smile and have happiness in your heart.’



jean Tolotta, Hyères, France ‘Allez les bleus.’

Dominique Oho, Glencairn, South Africa ‘I love the spirit of the World Cup because, despite the racial tension we Have been experiencing, I honestly believe we are united as one during this time.’



Francesca radford, Auckland, New Zealand “No sense makes sense.” – Charles Manson ‘I had my hair done here.’

Guy Thompson, South Africa ‘I’m with real people.’



Gail Reagan and Fuzzy Rutgers, Kensington, South Africa ‘I’m going to bed because France didn’t win.’ (Gail)

ayanda mabulu, Dunoon, South Africa ‘I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen people united like this. Soccer is great.’



Matthew Bell, Nasholan Chetty, Alistair Bell-Morrison, East London, South Africa ‘I had a dream we were going to win. We drew. It doesn’t matter.’ (Nasholan)



Kaylene West, Johannesburg, South Africa and Chris Schich, Munich, Germany ‘If you can’t laugh at destiny, you missed the joke.’ (Chris)

Karlo Abrahams, Kenilworth, Cape tOwn, South Africa ‘Sometimes all you need is a good gatsby and a cold beer.’



Alia and Shahra Sattar, Zeekoeivlei, Cape Town, South Africa ‘We’re so proud to be the hosts.’

Cleopas Makotose, Zimbabwe ‘I play Rugby.’



Karin and Reg Abels, Devil’s Peak, Cape Town, South Africa ‘Believe in your dreams. Set goals for yourself. and the rest will follow.’

Gary Irvine, Scotland



Johannes le Roux, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa ‘Aweh.’

Amor Coetzee, Cape Town, South Africa ‘For flipsakes...’



Bianca Rossi, Lourens Meyer and Andrea Brink, Cape Town, South Africa ‘This is it ... This is ours ... We are uniting the world.’ (lourens)

Ferah Aysel, Sunnyside, Cape Town, South Africa ‘Be the change you want to see in others. Support Italy.’


Uruguay vs France. A Potted History. Uruguay, for all you pub-quiz bores, has won two FIFA World Cups, including the first ever one when they hosted the tournament, beating Argentina 4-2. They are the only country to win a World Cup with a general population of under four million and are by far the smallest nation to do so. (The second smallest country is Argentina, with a population of over forty million people). Yet Uruguay makes up for this significant disadvantage with a carefully calculated and orchestrated strategy of ferocious tackling, for which they are almost universally loved (in the crowd at least). The sheer number of fouls they commit has kept many a referee's whistle glued to his mouth. France, the epitome of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity got to the final by blatantly ignoring each word of their great national motto, when the heinous hand of Henri dumped Ireland out of the Tournament, much to the disgust of everyone, except the French, who shrugged their shoulders in typically Gallic fashion. Such was the outrage that an Irish bookmaker has promised to reimburse all losing bets if and when France loses. The Irish love this, as the next best thing to supporting your own team is praying that another loses. Despite this, France's history is a long and proud one, having participated at the Inaugural World Cup In 1998, when as hosts, they defeated Brazil 3–0. However, true to form, this was not without controversy, when Zinedine Zidane was sent off for losing his head and finding the head of an opponent. In fairness though, he was only defending his family's honour.

The match. So here we go. The first ever winners against the 1998 victors at the Ostrich egg-shaped Cape Town Stadium. Bathed in light, it is as beautiful as the Beautiful City itself. Henri's on the bench, so we'll have to wait for a wave of oversized hands to remind him of past indiscretions. Already there are reports of dissention within the French ranks, aimed partly at their eccentric manager who believes that Leos don't make good defenders. Maybe Virgos do. Unremarkable, fairly even play so far, but the first yellow card goes to France. Who'd have guessed? The French just edged the first 45 minutes, wasting the best chance. But it's 0-0 at half time. Incidentally, for the past 25 years there's not been a single goal between these two sides. Will the net remain unruffled? Henri comes on, and not an oversized hand to be seen. What short memories we have. Clearly no Irish are present. Both sides are pulling players off the bench as if they were hobos in need of exercise, all in an attempt to break the deadlock. The first red card of 2010 goes to a Uruguayan. A proud history of misconduct is retained. We're into extra-time. The French are pressing and have taken up permanent residence deep in the Uruguayan half. But to no avail. A scrappy game, with both sides determined not to lose, and in that they succeeded. The result: France 0 – Uruguay 0. So nothing to report. Literally.

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Issue 01, Uruguay vs France Football Fans


Issue 01, Uruguay vs France Football Fans