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der Auspuff

Oct/Nov 2008

Oct / Nov - 2

Oct / Nov 2008

der Auspuff

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Doug Stone 260 Princeville Drive Eagle Point, Oregon 97524 (541) 770-3366

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John Gritsch 3100 Camp Baker Medford, OR 97501 (541)941-4424

Dave Hamann 415 Crystal Spring Road Grants Pass, Oregon 97527 (541)471-9215 before 8pm

Dan Stubblefield 1111 Highwood Drive Ashland, Oregon 97520 (541) 482-6200




Dave Duarte 5480 Adams Rd Talent, OR 97540 (541) 535-5061

John Thompson 4524 Paddock Dr Eugene, Oregon 97405 (541) 342-5446

John Le Bel 4636 Eagle Trace Drive Medford, OR 97504 (541) 779-9155

Auspuff is the German word for auto exhaust. der Auspuff is the official publication of the Cascade Region, Porsche Club of America. Submissions or inquiries regarding advertising should be sent to the editor listed above. Send address changes to Dan Stubblefield using the contact information listed above. Commercial advertising rates/issue: full page $52.00 half page $26.00 business card size $9.45 Other sizes available. All ads are to be prepaid.

Cover-- - Dave Duarte signals it’s time to hit the road for the next leg of the No Calif Scenic drive- photo by John Le Bel Photos in this issue have been contributed by Porsche AG, Ole Blennov, Dave Hamann, Robert Van Heuit, Dave Duarte, Bob King, John and Kathy Le Bel .

Visit the Cascade Region web site at for a full color version of this publication Oct / Nov - 3

Oct / Nov - 4

In The Sixth Zone - Final Edition By: Linda Bein

It has been a wonderful drive through Zone 6 during the past five years! We are SO lucky to live in this magnificent part of North America and seeing it through the windscreen of a Porsche makes it even better! Now the time has come for me to retire from a "job" that I have truly enjoyed. How else could Bill and I have met so many outstanding people, had the chance to help regions grow and glow, and generally had a blast doing it? Being the Zone 6 Representative involves time and a great deal of responsibility but every region has in some way contributed to making my job easier. I thank all of you - region officers, committee chairs, event organizers - for your strong dedication to your region and the Porsche Club of America. And I thank our growing number of members for choosing to join this Porsche fun loving group. Dave Cooley, from the Big Sky Region in Montana, will be taking over as Zone rep on January 1st, 2009. Please welcome him in the spirit that you welcomed us and give to him the great support that I have really appreciated! Zone 6 now has its own calendar so I hope that you will look at it often to see what great things are happening in our zone. And 2009 has two national events which should be interesting and fun. Parade Keystone will take place from June 29th until July 4th in the spectacular Colorado Rockies. For more information about this exciting event please look at the Parade website at : Keystone is practically in the backyard of Zone 6 so I hope that we will see a huge turnout of members! The second national event will be PCA Escape to the Birthplace of Aviation, in Dayton, Ohio, hosted by the Ohio Valley Region. The dates are October 1st through October 4th. There will be lots of fun things to do for the entire family! THANKS for five wonderful years and may we drive (safely) forever! Linda Oct / Nov - 5

Prez Sez By: John Thompson

I know y’all have been missing my words of wisdom (wisdumb?) over the past couple months. Let’s just chalk it up to me having too much fun. I was pretending I was a kid again and on summer break. I was carefree and throwing caution to the wind. Playing a little hooky I was. But reality has set back in and it has come to my attention that my absence has been noted. I was giving a theoretical tardy slip and not wanting to get a detention I thought it’d be wise if I got my act together and penned this. Hopefully I will not need to resort to writing “I will not miss the Auspuff deadline again (and again and again)” one hundred times on the garage floor but history does repeat itself (or so I am told). From the looks of things, the club is healthy. The Southern Chapter has been managing to keep members on their toes with some great event ideas which has been rewarded with outstanding turnout. The Central Chapter has also been cranking out some new event ideas. Possibly the best driving event I’ve been involved with was the Aufderheide Memorial Drive. My mind is still a blur from the trees rushing past at seemingly mach 5. A bit like when they would go into warp speed on Star Trek. The path was about a 150 mile round trip of twists and turns that kept my and my 42 year-old cars attention on code red. I know we have been seeing a number of new faces which is also very positive. Hopefully these new and exciting events will result in an increase in the “core” group of event attendees. Congratulations and thank you to all those involved in putting together these events. (in keeping with the theme, I’ll call you teachOct / Nov - 6

ers.) For me attending these events is like going on recess. My schooling is our 911 restoration project. Remembering back to the last days of the school year when things are a bit more casual is about where I feel I am now with the car. I am basically tying up the loose ends. A bit of trim here and there. A couple nuts and bolts. Windshield. Nothing is left that seems to be more than maybe a multiple choice final. Maybe go as far as saying the final is in P.E. and is only worth 10% of my grade. This car has been a great and fun learning experience. When I wasn’t hanging out in shop, I took a few courses in math. A bit of history. Lots of photos for the yearbook. Study hall, computers and a few exercises in language studies rounded out the year. I had intentions of wrapping things up by the middle of July, but I guess I will be attending summer school to complete my schooling because that didn’t happen. Apparently my extra curricular activities interfered with my schooling and have resulted in summer school. Sharing the results of my education will have to wait until a later undetermined date. I see senior ditch day is coming up….! As always… I’ll see you on the road and be cautious of “student drivers”. John

Oct / Nov - 7


On October 18th 14 cars and owners assembled in Medford to take one last Club drive of the 2008 season. We headed out at 10 a.m. as clouds started to roll in from a weather system to the North. As we headed South, the clouds dissipated and bright sunny skies followed us throughout the entire trip. After a pit stop at the Hwy. 96 off ramp on I-5, we headed West along the Klamath River on Hwy. 96. At Steelhead we headed South along Scott River Road, which traverses the Scott River from a high altitude on a narrow road sometimes barely more than one lane

Oct / Nov - 8

wide and with no guard rails. Fortunately, this is not a highly traveled road and only two vehicles were encountered coming from the opposite direction. The road is lined with old growth trees and vegetation is lush with scenic overlooks. Autumn leaves of yellow and gold punctuated the scenic landscape. We stopped for lunch at Jones Beach, a picnic area next to Scott River that is maintained by the Park Service and has a public restroom. We all enjoyed the picnic lunches we had prepared for the trip. Lively conversations and camaraderie ensued and a good time was had by all. After lunch, we headed East to Yreka by way of Fort Jones and to I-5 to our homeward destinations.

Oct / Nov - 9

Thanks to all who participated. This trip had been postponed twice before due to smoke and to inclement weather so the trip was eagerly anticipated by many. Nobody was disappointed.

Oct / Nov - 10

Photo Rally - September 13, 2008 Photos by: Bob Van Heuit

Oct / Nov - 11

‌ and the winners are!

Kirk Astbo & John Coffman - 176 points

Michael Hernandez & his daughter Sharon - 394

John & Suzan Early - 672 Oct / Nov - 12

Southern Chapter- Cascade Region PCA Welcome the New Year Party 1/24/09 It’s time once again for our New Year party at the Applegate River Lodge. ( ) As in years past, we will have the Lodge to ourselves and will have dinner by the fire in the main lodge. Dinner will be $25 per person which includes your choice of dinner, dessert, coffee or tea and gratuity. A no host Social hour will start at 6 pm with dinner around 7. You are welcome to bring your own wine with a $5 corkage fee per bottle. Wine, beer and soft drinks will also be available for purchase. Joanna again will be offering a special room rate of $100 per night for those of you who wish to stay over. Contact her for reservations. Dinner choices: 1) Tri tip steak-herb potatoes-veggies-salad-rolls 2) Grilled chicken breast- herb potatoes-veggies-saladrolls 3) Salmon-rice-veggies-salad-rolls 4) Vegetarian Pasta Primavera-salad-bread The cutoff date for Reservations is 1/10/09. Please fill out the form below and mail it back to me with your check by that date. If you have any questions, call Dave at 471-9215 or email at Hope to see you there. ------------------------------------------Name______________________ Dinner________ @ $ 25 Name______________________ Dinner________ Amount enclosed $_______Make check out to: Cascade Region PCA & send to: Dave Hamann 415 Crystal Spring Rd Grants Pass, OR 97527 Oct / Nov - 13

CAUGHT IN THE WEB ! By: John Crisalli Central Chapter Member

As we all know, there is a lot of information available on the Internet. Some of it good, some of it VERY good and some that rates a minus fifty on a scale of one to ten. I’m sure of each and every one of us has found a TEN and many minus fifty’s. Every once in a while, though, I come across a Porsche related web site that becomes a time sponge. I find one and, before I even realize it, hours have gone by while I’ve been “caught in the web.” Let me give you a few of the sites that have been a time thief, so to speak. The first web site has changed names several times. First it was Porschefiles. Then it became Porschelist. Now it’s known as Rennlist. The names were changed to protect the innocent. It’s a web site that has forums, classifieds, and a store. You can join Rennlist, or you can just subscribe to an email list that allows the user to post a question about Porsches and let the wisdom of the group give possible answers. It’s one of the first emails I open when I log onto the web in the morning. The web address is . Another web site that’s interesting is Manuals.htm . This web site has factory service manuals for Porsche 911 from 1965 to 2002 available for download. Be prepared to spend a lot of time just looking around. There are some manuals for the 944’s, 968, Boxsters, etc. Besides Porsches, there are manuals for many different marque's such as Jaguar, BMW, Subaru, Ferrari, Ford, and some Bosch articles. The most complete set of manuals that I found here was for the 911’s, but there is plenty of stuff available for other models. All the manuals and articles are in the pdf format so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read them. That’s a free download at http:// if you don’t have it on your computer already. Have you ever wanted to convert inches to metric? How about converting cubic millimeters to cubic inches? Well, there’s a site for that too. automotiveconverters.html is the web site you want to log Oct / Nov - 14

onto. There are ton of conversions for the automotive world, some useful, and some way out there but fun to look at. If you ever wondered what options came on your car the place to go is: . I’m not sure what year Porsche started doing this, but on the underside of the trunk lid for some years there is a white paper label. On that label is all of the options that came with the car. My 964 had one and so does my 993. You can go to this web site and with it you can decode what all the numbers mean and tell you what options were installed on your car at the factory. It’s sort of a built in mini Certificate of Authenticity. If the label isn’t there, someone may have removed it or Porsche may not have put one on earlier models. Now you know what options came on your car and what did they cost when the car was new? Try Porsc/ . I was able to find an online “window sticker” there that listed all the standard options that came with my 993. The page has choices of models labeled gif, jpg or html. The gif and jpg are pictures. The html is the one you’re looking for. Once you find the model you’re looking for, click on the line. There is a tab to click that says “options and colors”. There you’ll find the option number and the cost. I found this for my 98 993. Just check it out and see what and if you can find your car. The last site I’ve been to is called . This is a web site that offers access to factory vehicle repair manuals for many different cars. It’s a yearly subscription service. They offer manuals from 1982 to 2006 and some 2007’s. It’s $26.95 for the first year and $14.95 for a renewal. Not affiliated in any way, but a satisfied customer. Again, have a look see and you might find something that interests you. Well, there you have it. If you need some information check them out and you might find that time has floated away and you too have been caught in the web. It’s a good way to while away the hours during the coming winter’s hibernation.

Oct / Nov - 15

Cascade Region Elections The club election results are in and the suspense is over. The slate overwhelmingly passed as nominated and with the appointment of chapter representatives the winners are:. President - Doug Stone Vice President - John Gritsch Secretary - Dave Duarte Treasurer - Jim Scheffel Central Chapter Representative - John Thompson Southern Chapter Representative - Dave Hamann A club like ours only survives by the time and efforts of those who step forward to do the work we all benefit from. Many thanks to both the outgoing and incoming administrations.

Don’t forget to winterize your car! Oct / Nov - 16

CASCADE REGION BADGES Several folks have asked about club badges. Well here they are! The badges come with a magnetic clasp and cost $8 each, which will include shipping to the buyer. Have checks made out to Dave Hamann. Don’t worry, yours will have your name on it! (541)471-9215 before 8 pm

893 Beatty Street * Medford, OR 97501 * (541) 776776-2922 Everything from routine, scheduled maintenance and repair as well as complete overhauls, upgrades and custom modifications 20 years experience with Porsche and all makes of exotic and collectable cars Get great quality service locally without the dealer price Oct / Nov - 17

Can you identify this month’s car? Production of this foreign car started in 1954 and lasted through 1963. A tubular chassis and aluminum body gave it sparkling performance with its 6 cylinder 2,2 liter aluminum engine. We need the name and model of the car. Email or call Ole before January 25th with your answer NIMBUS@CHARTER.NET or 541-472-1537

And from last month, the answer is ‌. Austin Healy 100 John Crisalli, Dan Mullins, Clint Shureburne, Phil Harrison & Linda Wiley had the correct answer. Well done folks! Oct / Nov - 18

Oct / Nov - 19

Address Service Requested

Dan Stubblefield Cascade Region, PCA 1111 Highwood Drive Ashland, OR 97520