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Nov / Dec 2006


der Auspuff

Inside this issue: In the sixth zone Chocolate & Cheese tour Central Chapter Cascade Region Election Results Upcoming Holiday Party

November / December - 2

der Auspuff


*** In the Sixth Zone Mystery Car The Prez Sez Chocolate & Cheese Tour Central Chapter Report From the Editor Upcoming—Holiday Party Cascade Region Election Results

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John Thompson 1047 Van Buren Eugene, Oregon 97401 (541) 342-5446

Jim Scheffel 651 South Obenchain Rd Eagle Point, Oregon 97524 (541) 830-3855

Dan Stubblefield 1100 Emma Street Ashland, Oregon 97520 (541) 482-6200




Doug Stone 260 Princeville Drive Eagle Point, Oregon 97524 (541) 770-3366

Cokie Hamann 415 Crystal Spring Road Grants Pass, Oregon 97527 (541)471-9215 before 8pm

Dan Stubblefield 1111 Highwood Drive Ashland, Oregon 97520 (541) 482-6200




Dave Duarte 5480 Adams Rd Talent, OR 97540 (541) 535-5061

Renee Thompson 1047 Van Buren Eugene, Oregon 97401 (541) 342-5446

John Le Bel 4636 Eagle Trace Drive Medford, OR 97504 (541) 779-9155

Auspuff is the German word for auto exhaust. der Auspuff is the official publication of the Cascade Region, Porsche Club of America. Submissions or inquiries regarding advertising should be sent to the editor listed above. Send address changes to Dan Stubblefield using the contact information listed above. Commercial advertising rates/issue: full page $52.00 half page $26.00 business card size $9.45 Other sizes available. All ads are to be prepaid. Cover—Waiting our turn at a stop sign on our way to Rogue Creamery. Photo by Kathy Le Bel Photos in this issue have been contributed by Porsche AG, Dave Duarte, Dave Hamann,, John and Kathy Le Bel . Visit the Cascade Region web site at for a full color version of this publication

November / December - 3

In the Sixth Zone By: Linda Bein

It is hard to believe that driving season has almost come to an end for 2006. Hope that you have had as much fun with YOUR Porsche!!! The biggest 2006 event for Zone 6 was, of course, Parade Portland. It has had some pretty great reviews which has made all of the hard work worthwhile. I personally want to thank everyone in Zone 6 who had anything at all to do with making this a Parade that will certainly be remembered by all those in attendance. You know who you take a well deserved bow! Our zone came away from Parade with some nice awards. In the Newsletter Contest High Desert placed second in Class 1. Oregon placed third in Class 4 and Pacific Northwest placed third in Class 5. The Website Contest saw Vancouver Island winning FIRST place in Class 2 and Inland Northwest was runner up for Class 3. The President's Parade Trophy is presented to the region who has the greatest number of cars at Parade - taking into consideration the size of the region AND the distance the members traveled to get to Portland. We all can be very proud of the Wild Rose Region for winning this coveted award! I wish I had room to name all of the Zone 6 members who walked away with Concours, Rally, Autocross, and Tech Quiz awards. Do take time to read carefully your October Porsche Panorama to find their names! By now you probably know that we will not be having the American Le Mans race at Portland International Raceway in 2007. Zone 6 helped PCA, PCNA and IMSA put on one of the best PorschePlatz hospitality areas nation-wide. I sincerely thank all of those who made my job much easier! Elections are happening all across our zone and I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL who were officers or committee chairs who will be stepping down. Your proverNovember / December - 4

bial shoes will be very difficult to fill but each region has a multitude of talent and I look forward to our 2007 Zone 6 crew! Keep working on increasing and maintaining your membership! Oregon Region, at the end of September, was leading in Actual Growth. Bravo to ALL!!! Linda

Can you identify this month’s car? 253 of this foreign two seater were build between 1951 and 1956. Aluminum body on a VW chassis, VW Okrasa engine with 70 Hp. 29 are known to exist. Name the Manufacturer.

Email or call Ole before January 31st with your answer NIMBUS@CHARTER.NET or 541-472-1537

And from last month, the answer is …. Nobody guessed October’s contest car. It was a Glass 1300 GT Convertible, build in Germany.

November / December - 5

Prez Sez By: Dave Hamann

Well here we are at the end of another fun driving season. and also the end of my term as Cascade President. The past 2 years have really gone by fast. As I look back on the past season it’s with both fond memories and a bit of frustration. We had some wonderful events but once again asking members to help put on events fell mostly on deaf ears. Also when we put out the plea for new Board members we had 1 member step up to help. Thanks Dave! Then I asked for you all too please show the current Board that you appreciate their involvement by voting. We even had it so you could vote by email. Type 2 sentences and click send. Out of approx 180 members and their affiliate member, (potentially 360 votes), we had 14 votes. That’s pathetic. I guess it means that you all like the Club the way it is and just want it to stay the same. So be it. My heartfelt thanks to the few members who step up and volunteer their time year after year. Without them there would be no Region and no events to attend. You all owe them a debt of gratitude. If you look at the “New” Board members listed in this issue, you’ll notice that with the exception of Dave Duarte as the new Secretary, the names are the same, just rearranged. It’s been that way for quite a few years now. The way our bylaws are written we need 7 Board members. Our pleas for Southern and Central Chapter Representatives have also gone unanswered. So once again the same folks will cover. Cokie will take the Southern Chapter Rep and Renee Thompson will cover in Central. I’m hoping they will just have to do it on an interim basis till someone steps up and helps. Please get involved. I really think you’ll enjoy it. I know that November / December - 6

even with the frustration, my past 8 years on the Board have been a lot of fun. It’s all good, right? Our welcome the New Year Party here in the Southern Chapter will be at the Applegate River House on January 13th. Info will be listed elsewhere in this issue. I hope you can join us. We had a ball last year! If the Central Chapter decides to have a party, John will get the info to you all via flyer. Since this is my last message as President and I won’t see any of you till after the 1st, I’d like to say that I really enjoy the Club and you all. I can honestly say that I haven’t met a person in our Club that I wouldn’t want to have a beer with. And I’d also encourage you to support the new Board and come out to the planning meeting next year and help us plan out your Club events for 2007. We would love to have your input. It’s your Club!! Till then, Cokie and I wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday Season. Take care, Dave

November / December - 7

Chocolate & Cheese Article by: Dave Hamann

If you plan it they will come! Or so we hoped. We were looking for 1 last, good weather driving event to put a cap on the year. Boy did we have one. Cokie and I tried to figure out something a little different. Where to go? Well, what do people like? Hmmmm…. Driving? OK we have a route. What else? Well in talking with members over the years it was pretty clear that chocolate, cheese and wine were pretty much loved by all. So the wheels started turning. So it was that on October 28 we started out on our first “Southern Chapter chocolate, cheese and wine tour”. The weather was a little chilly when we met at 9 am but quickly warmed into a perfect, blue sky, Oregon Fall day. We left with 24 cars for our first stop which was Cary’s of Oregon. For those of you who have tried it, you know. For those of you who haven’t, Cary’s makes THE best chocolate covered English Toffee in the Country. With all the different flavors and toppings any chocolate lover can find one to love. Glenda was our gracious hostess and gave us a tour of the kitchen area. They weren’t making candy because it was Saturday but she did a great job of explaining the process.

November / December - 8

The site of most of our group in white hair nets was worth the trip by itself! After the tour there were lots of free samples and lots of sales rang up in the showroom. It really is wonderful stuff. After a group photo shoot in the parking lot we headed out for our second stop, The Rogue Creamery. We took the long way out through the Applegate Valley. With the leaves changing color and the grapes on the vines in the vineyards, it was a beautiful way to spend an hour logging seat time. We arrived at the Creamery in Central Point still altogether. The Creamery has been making cheese at their location

November / December - 9

since 1935. In 2003 they took first place at the worlds most prestigious Bleu Cheese judging in London. Their Oregon Bleu is unbelievable and their cheddar is like none you’ve ever had. We were lucky enough to have the manager, Rick, give us a detailed talk on the how’s and whys of cheese making and the terminology as well. Also they were making cheddar while he was talking so we could see first hand what he was talking about. Again, lots of samples and purchases! We then headed out for Eden Vale winery and lunch. Eden Vale is a gorgeous winery set on the grounds of the old Voorhies Mansion. Originally one of the first commercial Pear Orchards in Oregon, it now is becoming renowned for its wines, while still producing pears. Fred, the manager of the winery had graciously volunteered to host us for lunch as well as a tasting and tours. We had all brought our picnic lunches and the winery had set up bistro tables and chairs on the lawn surrounded by the vineyard for us. What a setting! The green lawn surrounded by the vineyards with the mountains in the background. The view was stunning and the conversation was wonderful. After eating, tasting and talking, Fred split us into 2 groups. The 1st group went in to get a guided tour of the mansion hosted by the current owner, while the second group followed Fred down to the winery. We were lucky enough to be there during the crush, so we got to see the grapes being sorted and loaded into the destemming machine. The winemaker was there and gave a great talk on the different aspects November / December - 10

of grape production and the winemaking process. Turns out he loves Porsches and as a kid his Dad raced Porsches at Lime Rock! After the tour we headed up to the mansion and switched with Group 1. We then got a detailed tour of the lovely Voorhies Mansion. It’s been brought back to its original glory and is impressive on both the inside and the grounds. After the tours some folks went into the tasting room to purchase wine and others left to find their way home. It was a memorable day with perfect weather, great roads and even better friends. But then how could any trip that includes the words chocolate, cheese and wine be bad?

November / December - 11

Central Chapter Report by: John Thompson As the summer winds down and the days shorten, it is a reminder to me that my life is ready to recover from the hectic pace of the previous months. Our chapter had a fairly successful year in terms of attendance, new faces, and new events. I hope all who were able to take part in the activities had an enjoyable time. I know I did. Even though it is almost time to put the club to rest for the year, it is time to figure out how the central chapter will function next year. A replacement for my position has been mentioned in the Auspuff for many months now, yet there have been no volunteers. I would feel at ease knowing there will be someone to plan events for the central chapter next year. It is hard to imagine having to travel to Portland or Grants Pass whenever I wanted to do something with the Porsche Club. In a perfect world, the central chapter rep. position would be very simple. If we had 5 members each take a month and plan an event (including creating flyers), it would require maybe one hour per month taking car of things like writing this article and mailing the flyers. I will step forward and offer to plan one event. So I will keep my pen handy to write down the names of all who are willing to plan an event next year and also for the kind soul who wants to add “Porsche Club of America, Cascade Region, Central Chapter Representative� to his/her resume. When my winter hibernation ends, I want to be able to fire up the 912 and be a follower. See you on the road. John Thompson November / December - 12

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From the Editor The election results are in! The good news is that the vote was unanimous with no recounts, write-ins or hanging chads. The bad news is that apathy reigned and only 14 votes were cast. I trust we can avoid suffering the same fate as AA (Apathetics Anonymous). The group disbanded when nobody cared enough to show up for the meetings! And the winners are: President - John Thompson Vice President - Doug Stone Secretary- Dave Duarte Treasurer- Jim Scheffel

Holiday Party — Mark your calendars on January 13th and plan for a great evening of fellowship and dinner at the Applegate River House. Social hour starts at 6 with dinner at 7. Details will be sent out in emails and a flyer. John

November / December - 13

November / December - 14

November / December - 15

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Don Stubblefield Cascade Region, PCA 1111 Highwood Drive Ashland, OR 97520


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