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March 2013


der Auspuff

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Auspuff is German word for auto exhaust. der Auspuff is the offical publication of the Cascade Region, Porsche Club of America. Submissions or inquires about advertising should be sent to the Editor shown above. Send any address change to Glenn Gumaer who is listed above. ADVERTISING RATES: (annual) full page $400, half page $200, business card $125 COVER: Stoller Vineyards, Datyon, OR on the McMinnville Tour on 10/21/12, Photo coutrsey of Dave Duarte. PHOTOS: Images in this publication have been contributed by Dave Durate

March, 2013 ~ 3

The new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Sunset Porsche 503.641.8600

P re z S e z Cascade Porsche-Pushers: Get your cars out of hibernation as our driving season is just around the corner as the Central Chapter on the 16th is doing their annual Daffodil Festival drive while the Southern Chapter is starting their season with their annual tech session at Aaron’s also on the 16th. Come out and join your fellow Porche-Pusher for a day of fun and enlightenment. Take a look at the calendar as all the events are posted, and see what events tickle your fancy as we have a lot of fun local drives this year. If you haven’t been to drive in a while, come join us for a day of fun and camaraderie, after all it’s the people and not the cars.   By now, everybody who ordered a name tag should have them, and if there are any flaws in your name tag, let Glenn, our membership chairman, know and he’ll get another one for you. I like the magnetic clips and as I don’t poke myself with the pin. At our monthly dinner last month, I went sporting my new wind shirt from our Goodie Store thinking I can show case it and low and behold Thad Hodgdon walks in with the same shirt in red. We both had the logo embroidered and they looked great, so check out the Goodie Store, Thad and I think you will like the selections and quality.   This month, I have to attend the Zone 6s annual President’s meeting in Bend and hopefully will come away with ideas that will help make our club even better. I will there the 8th -10th and if you have anything you would like to address, email me at and I will answer your concerns in next’s month article.   So to coin the old phrase, Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines as we begin another season of exciting drives and friendships.   As always, See You In My Mirrors, Ross March, 2013 ~ 5

Upco min g E v ent s March

Southern Chapter March 16 Tech session at Aaron’s Autowerks 301 S Phoenix Rd, Phoenix Or. Meet at 10am. Afterwards, weather permitting, a short drive for lunch and refreshments. March 25 Monthly dinner at the Laughing Clam located at 121 SW G St, Grants Pass, OR 541 479-1110. Dinner at 6pm. Hope to see some faces from the Grants Pass area. Central Chapter March 16 Daffodel Festival. Meet at Lowe’s Parking Lot on W 11th and Bailey Hill at 8:30am, depart at 9:00am. See the flyer on the calendar.

March, 2013 ~ 6

So uth ern C h ap ter’ s Ha p pen i n g s On Saturday, February 9th at 9 a.m. 14 Cascade PCA members gathered at Chadwick’s in the Rogue Regency Inn to plan out the drives for the coming 2013 season. Also discussed were the venues for the monthly dinner night and various requests for restaurants were floored. These will be aired on the upcoming monthly CALENDAR so check the Cascade PCA website for locations and times. February’s dinner night out will be at 6 p.m. at ELEMENTS in Medford. In March a TECH SESSION will be held at Aaron’s Autowerks in Phoenix. Time and day will be posted when final arrangements are made. In April, Michael Hernandez volunteered to organize a breakfast or lunch at Debbies Diner in Phoenix with a drive either before or after dining depending on the time day. May will see a MYSTERY DRIVE chaired by Ross Rampy. Nobody (including Ross !) will know the destination. This should be different ! And fun. In June, Connie Frum of Gold Hill will organize a drive to Belknap Lodge along the Aufterheide Hwy. Members from Central Chapter will be invited to join in . In July, Ross offered to organize a Crater Lake run with lunch at Crater Lake.

March, 2013 ~ 7

August will see a scenic Rogue River Loop run organized by Dave Duarte incorporating a Poker Run with prizes awarded at the end of the drive for the best poker hand. In September Dave will organize a drive to Sunriver to attend the SUNRIVER AUTO SHOW. In October, Angela Rose Lane offered to organize a Hoopa run (that’s a town!) on the way to Happy Camp with a possible overnight to look for the Sasquatch (!!??). Now THAT’S a mystery in and of itself !! November will see an auto detailing session held at Carrera Medford organized by Glenn Gumaer. And in December we will have a PIZZA PARTY at KALEIDASCOPE PIZZA. All in all, this looks to be a fun driving season with drives this year closer to home in order to be more accessible to those with heavy schedules. We hope many of you will avail yourselves of the opportunity to attend. We look forward as always to seeing your smiling faces ;-) Happy trails, Dave Duarte

March, 2013 ~ 8

Ce n tral Ch apter Ch atte r

Holy cow! After looking at the fresh-off-the-printer event schedule it looks like I am in for a busy year. We are shifting into 5th gear, with all cylinders are clicking and hitting the ground running. Catch us if you can. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. A quick rundown will show most event dates have been set. A couple events are listed only for the fact they are car/Porsche related but not necessarily an organized Central Chapter event. The few dates that are To Be Determined (TBD) will have email updates once the date has been chosen. About a month before each event, a flyer will be sent out (emailed) that gives more detail on that event since most of the details still need to be ironed out. I am hopeful club members will see something on the schedule that interests them. Ultimately the success of these events is determined by the turn-out. The future of the club is now in your hands. Hope to see you on the road. John

March, 2013 ~ 9

Di nn er A t El e ment s

March, 2013 ~ 10

March, 2013 ~ 11

M on day Din n e r A t Ele m e n t s Tap as B a r On Monday, February 25th there were 20 members and associate members gathered at ELEMENTS in Medford for a delightful evening of tasty tapas hors d’ oeuvres platters. Convivial conversation and laughter combined with tantalizing tasty treats made for a most enjoyable evening. It was good to see several members we had not seen for awhile. Bill Kohn has been busy with family affairs and we had not seen him for quite some time. Rick and Linda Young have been traveling but were able to meet us for this dinner and it was good to see their smiling faces. New member Doc DeAndrea was present and we had last seen him at the annual dinner in January. Wim VanderHorst has also been traveling cross country for the past several months and showed up in a newly grown beard that looks becoming on him. He looks worthy of the name “flying dutchman”! Another traveler, Bruce Dicosky, recently returned from Europe and will be off again shortly, this time to Italy. Next months dinner will be at the LAUGHING CLAM, 121 S.W. G Street, Grants Pass on Monday, March 25th at 6 p.m. Their phone # is 541-479-1110. Looking forward to seeing you all there for a fun and festive evening.

March, 2013 ~ 12

Di nn er A t El e ment s

March, 2013 ~ 13

M y ste ry D ri ve Last month Mystery Drive: McMinnville Tour on 10-21-12. Identify the drive on this page and email your guess to Dave at

March, 2013 ~ 14

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der Auspuff  
der Auspuff  

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