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In the Sixth Zone Prez Sez Greetings from the Southland 2008 Event Schedule Southern Chapter Holiday Party Mystery Car Contest

January / February 2008

Jan / Feb - 2

Jan / Feb 2008

der Auspuff

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Cover-- Some members at Central Chapter’s planning meeting - photo by John Thompson Photos in this issue have been contributed by Porsche AG, Ole Blennov, John Thompson, John and Kathy Le Bel .

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In The Sixth Zone - 2008 Spring Edition By: Linda Bein 2008 is off and running! My husband Bill (Zone 6 Baggage Porter) and I have been on the road seven out of eight weekends and we have had some fun Porsche adventures! Thanks to the Cascade, Wild Rose, Pacific Northwest, Polar, and Big Sky Regions for hosting some really great parties! We also attended the PCA Winter Board meeting in Dallas and the hospitality lived up to its Texas reputation! Lots of information came out of this gathering which I was happy to pass along to those in attendance at our annual Zone 6 Presidents' Meeting, which was held in Boise. Twelve of our fifteen regions were represented and I want to thank all who took the time to attend this most important meeting. I believe that all walked away with new ideas to take back to you, the members! Silver Sage Region hosted the Saturday night dinner which attracted a lot of attention at a great Irish Pub! Now it is time to get rid of the huge mountains of snow which have built up over most of our zone. We are ready for some grand Porsche driving weather!!! Please get out your calendars and check region websites for upcoming activities! If you haven't been to an event put on by another region go out and DO IT! Some ideas for May include Vancouver Island's Crown Isle Retreat, Inland Northwest's Yakima Valley Vineyard Tour, and Silver Sage's annual favorite, the Bogus Basin Bacchanalia Hillcross! The 2008 Porsche Parade will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 28th to July 3rd. This is always a fun gathering of Porsches and Porsche friends. I am looking forward to returning to Penske Motorsports after my fantastic time there in 2007! If you plan to attend please register on Tuesday, March 11th as those in the know think this Parade will sell out quickly. Jan / Feb - 5

Zone 6 has some great leadership for 2008 and if you have thought about getting involved but just haven't quite gotten around to it...NOW is the time! You will not regret it! I am looking forward to attending many more region events and meeting the huge number of new members in our zone. May we drive (safely) forever! Linda Bein PCA Zone 6 Representative

Jan / Feb - 6

Prez Sez By: John Thompson

When people ask my wife and I “do you have any kids?”, our response is always “no, but we do have two cats”. I’m thinking I should speak more accurately by saying “no, but we do have two cats and two Porsches”. I will admit, I often feel as though our cars are part of our extended family. In part due to the fact they are cute and huggable (cats and cars), but at times they seem to react with human-like emotion. My most recent experience of this was this past Saturday as I began to work through my morning checklist getting ready for our planning session. Our 911 project has occupied most (all) of my available hobby time and as a result the 912 has been parked for a good three months since it last experienced life outside the garage. The 912 has sat quietly and patiently until being called into duty on Saturday morning. First on the checklist was to check the oil level and see just how much may have found its way onto the pan under the car. The level was between the lines so next on the list was to fire the ole buggy up, back her out of the garage and give her a well deserved bath. So I hopped in, inserted the key and tried to awake the beast. Either someone converted her to totally silent electric propulsion while I wasn’t looking or the battery had gone south for the winter. I wasn’t too concerned since I still had an hour before I needed to leave. I attached the battery charger and gave it another go. Nothing! The battery had needed assistance on rare occasions before, but never failed to provide enough juice with the aid of the charger. So I do a little sweet talking to the car and tell her I’ll be back shortly to try again. Luckily when I come back I see the battery is actually taking a charge. I knew there was hope. A couple shots of Jan / Feb - 7

starter fluid and I plant myself in the driver’s seat. Twisting the key produces a few cranks followed by a brief sputter and then nothing. Realizing more time on the charger is needed, I mentally review my schedule. I really would like to get a bath for both the car and myself, but I was hoping to take mine last. The 912 isn’t really that dirty, just dusty from sitting uncovered. A couple squirts of Maguiar’s Speed Detailer and a wipe of a towel bring out what shine there is in the 20+ year old paint. Thinking the battery might have enough charge, I try the ignition again. A few cranks is all I get. Hmmm, not a good sign. I am down to about a half-anhour. Not quite to the point of being desperate, but creative thinking is in order. None of our other vehicles have batteries that will work. At least none that our in OUR garage. So I’m off to my parents who are boarding my wife’s ‘63 Ranchero while the 911 is spread out over two garage bays. This car is irritating in that it can sit for four months and after firing up, sit at a perfect 750 rpm idle. I’m thinking I might have to use the battery from the Ford to get the P-car going. Being a Chevy guy, this doesn’t sit well! So I get back home and am down to 15 minutes to go. I hook up the Ranchero battery to the charger and it has less of a charge than the one that is in the 912. It’s been a short while since I’ve tried to start her so I try again. The motor turns over a couple times before the battery is totally exhausted. I am realizing that I might have to leave the car home. This would be a first. The 912 has been completely dependable outside of reasons caused by myself. It just wouldn’t be the same going to an event driving a back-up. So I go in to get cleaned up and come back out when my schedule had us leaving. I am standing by the car somewhat in disbelief. Renee comes out of the house and says “time to go”. I am realizing the 912 won’t be joining us today, but want to give her one more try. A few squirts of starter fluid and I slink back in. In my head I tell the car “either you start Jan / Feb - 8

now, or you stay home!” A couple pumps of the gas. “I mean it, you are staying home. Don’t you want to go out and play?” The left hand twists the key and VROOM VROOM VROOM. She is starts up like I’d driven her yesterday. No coughs, sputters, or pops. She was ready to go. I think she was toying with me, maybe getting back at me for neglecting her. I apologized and we were off. Our family all made it to the planning meeting and the 912 got to catch up with the things her relatives had done since their last meeting. This day began about the destination, but ended about the journey there. These cars are like that. The simplest of events can become emotional affairs when you include in the Porsche factor. I am sure the Southern Chapter had a great turnout at their planning meeting and that both chapters will once again provide us with events that will strengthen the bond between man and machine. I hope you are able to take part and share in a journey with us this year.

893 Beatty Street * Medford, OR 97501 * (541) 776776-2922 Everything from routine, scheduled maintenance and repair as well as complete overhauls, upgrades and custom modifications 20 years experience with Porsche and all makes of exotic and collectable cars Get great quality service locally without the dealer price Serving quality car owners in the Medford area since 1987 Jan / Feb - 9

Greetings from the Southland By: Dave Hamann

Hi everyone. Welcome to the 2008 driving season! We’re baaaack! We had a good planning meeting last Saturday and I’d like to thank the 21 people that came and volunteered their time to set up what looks to be another great year for the Southern Chapter. We have events set from April to September with a couple of maybes as well. We don’t know the details of each, but I’ll lay out the initial info. (Also make sure to check the Club website often. Dan has upgraded it and it looks great. He’ll be posting more info on each event as it becomes available.) As it stands now the Southern Chapter events and the folks in charge are: March 16th - Sunday Brunch tour to Rivers Edge Restaurant in Grants Pass. Dave & Cokie Hamann April 19th- Trip out through the Applegate ending at Wildlife Images for a private tour, picnic lunch and photos with the animals and our cars. Dave & Cokie Hamann May 3rd- Autocross and go kart track day in White City. John Le Bel June 21st- Air show at Kingsley field with VIP parking in the show area and special access to the planes. Doug Stone July 19- Tour through Klamath River area to Ft Jones and Yreka. Dave Duarte August 23rd – Random tour rally from Medford ending at the Kohn’s house in Grants Pass for a BBQ. Bob & Anne King and Bill & Carolyn Kohn Sept 13th- Photo rally with lunch at McKee Bridge. Bob & Marilyn Van Heuit Jan / Feb - 10

Possible other events are a brunch tour in March, Oktoberfest in Wolf Creek in late Sept and a tour to the Butte Creek Mill. Like I said, a great season of events. For those of you who are “regulars” you know how much fun we have. For those of you, who have never participated, please plan to join us on at least a couple of the events this year that fit with your schedules. We have a lot of fun and I promise the people are friendly! It’s your club….enjoy it! As always you can contact me with any questions. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Spring!! Till then take care. Dave

2008 Central Chapter Event Schedule March 15 - Daffodil Festival Drive Additional Arrive and Drive dates: April 5th, May 3rd, June 1st, July 5th, August 2nd Sept 6th, Oct 4th, Nov 1st, Dec 6th Home: 541-747-0318 Cell: 541-954-2310

Jan / Feb - 11

Southern Chapter Holiday Party By: Dave Hanmann We had the Southern Chapter Holiday party on January 5th this year. Once again the weather was a challenge! It had been very snowy and icy and the forecast was for more of the same. But over 40 hearty souls braved the temps to gather once again at the Applegate River House for our annual start to the year. And when we realized that our Zone Rep Linda Bein and her husband Bill had driven all the way from Bend just to join us for dinner, we all quit complaining! As usual Joanna, the owner of the lodge, did herself proud. The food is always good and the service and wait staff is exceptional. The lodge with its large fireplace and roaring fire was a warm and welcome escape from the cold. Visiting with friends before and during dinner we realized what a great group of people we have in our Club. Everyone was laughing and enjoying each others company. After dinner we had a brief overview of the Clubs finances from our Treasurer Jim Scheffel and then a Membership update from Dan Stubblefield. Then Linda spoke about the PCA in general and gave us an insight on how large our Zone is and what her job entails. Boy, do they have to travel! From Canada to Idaho, Oregon and Washington she and Bill with their faithful dog Ginger crisscross the West making sure all feel that they are an integral part of the Club. We really value her help and concern and were especially appreciative that they came all they way down to be a part of our festivities. After that we had our door prize drawings. Once again our sponsors stepped up and gave us some wonderful Jan / Feb - 12

items. I’d like to thank Carrera Motors ,Sunset Imports, Specialized Foreign and Joanna at the Lodge for coming through big time. John & Kathy Le Bel were the lucky winners of the Grand Prize. A 3 day rental of a 2008 Boxster or Cayenne from Carrera Motors. I’m still a little deaf in my left ear from Kathy’s shriek when they won. Afterwards we said our goodbyes and carefully drove/slid our way home. It’s an event I look forward to every year, but I sure hope next year the weather Gods are a little more friendly!

Autocross / Kart event Mark your calendars for the upcoming Autocross / Kart event at Jackson County Sports Park’s 3/4 mile, 13 turn kart racing track on May 3rd. We will need a minimum of 25 participants to cover the cost and put on the event. Entry fee is $30 per driver (not per car). The event will be operated per PCA event guidelines for an autocross event. Volunteers are needed to help work the event as tech/safety inspectors and registration. Yes, you can both drive and help out. More detailed info to follow. Contact John Le Bel 541-779-9155 Jan / Feb - 13

March 16th Sunday Brunch Tour ! Meet at the Starbucks by Barnes & Noble at 9:30, and leave around 10. We'll take a nice 1 - 1 1/2 hr drive ending at the Rivers Edge Restaurant in Grants Pass. We'll have a private room upstairs overlooking the river. Cost will be $19.95 per person. EMAIL OR CALL DAVE HAMANN WITH YOUR RSVP NO LATER THAN 3/12/08. Hope you can make it! Take care, Dave 541-471-9215

Can you identify this month’s car? This foreign 2 seater was made famous is Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “To Catch a Thief” seen here with Grace Kelly as the driver with Cary Grant by her side. We need the full name of the car. Email or call Ole before Mar 31st with your answer NIMBUS@CHARTER.NET or 541-472-1537

And from last month, the answer is …. Jaguar XK-140. John Crisalli, Jim Chambers, Richard Connolly, Bill Lucas & Slade Bittler had the correct answer. Well done guys!

Jan / Feb - 14

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