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May 2013


der Auspuff

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Auspuff is German word for auto exhaust. der Auspuff is the offical publication of the Cascade Region, Porsche Club of America. Submissions or inquires about advertising should be sent to the Editor shown above. Send any address change to Glenn Gumaer who is listed above. ADVERTISING RATES: (annual) full page $400, half page $200, business card $125. COVER: Dave Duarte provided picture from April 20th PCA Drive at Applegate Lake. PHOTOS: Images in this publication have been contributed by Dave Duarte. WEB SITE:, where you can view a color version of this publication there.

May, 2013 ~ 3

The new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Sunset Porsche 503.641.8600

P re z S e z Cascade Porsche-Pushers, As I stare at this blank screen trying to come to with something to write, I see the clear blue skies begging me to jump into my C4 and enjoy the beautiful warm weather we are experiencing now. I know I got this letter out today but I also have to figure some sort route for my “Magical Mystery Tour” on May 18th. So, pardon me, if this Prez Sez is somewhat short or lacks substance. The Southern’s Chapter drive this month was absolutely wonderful. Michael and El did a great job in organizing the event and we saw a lot of new faces as well as many familiar faces, and thank you all for coming out and making our 1st drive of the year a success. Please read Michael’s article for more details, and I have a tough act to follow next month. In May, both Central and Southern Chapters have events scheduled for May 18th, so check out the calandar on the website for all the details, and we hope to see a lot of you there. For Southern Chapter folks, you need to bone up on your Beattle’s trivia. The back roads are calling me, and as always, See You In My Mirrors, Ross

May, 2013 ~ 5

Upco min g E v ent s

Southern Chapter

May 13th Monthly dinner at 6pm at Paisono’s Italian Kitchen located at 510 N Main Street, Rogue River, OR (541) 582-5990 May 18th The 1st annual President’s Mystery Tour. Get lost with Ross as he wonders around the valley culminating with lunch along some body of water.

Central Chapter May 4th

Cars and Caffeine Starbucks, 3110 W 11th in Eugene May 18th Thompson’s Mill State Heritage Site, Shedd Oregon day drive/lunch picnic.

May, 2013 ~ 6

S outh ern C h ap ter’ s Ha p pen i n g s :

Debbie ’s D in e r/ Po rs c h e D ri v e th ru Ap plegate Waking up early on Saturday morning brought about a myriad of mixed emotions. The excitement of the first Porsche run for 2013 and the first assignment as a club officer to organize the run was offset by the unfortunate inability to drive my own Porsche. With the intermix of coolant and oil inside my flat six power plant kept me out of the driver seat and the car out of commission , as the Germans say the car is KA PUTT! EL graciously agreed to help with the run and he did a fantastic job mapping our route. The large map was easy to read and an asset to the run. Our President Ross Rampy selfishly allowed me to drive his Carrera 4 allowing the day to be completely enjoyable. Thank you to both of these men for their contribution to the day. The day could not have been more perfect for a Porsche run. The club members started the day at 8:30AM at Debby’s Diner near Phoenix on South Pacific, HWY 99. Debby’s Diner was chosen because Debby enjoys hosting classic automobile clubs as can be seen from pictures in the Diner. Debby blocked off the entire row of parking in front of the restaurant for all the Porsches to park. I arrived early that morning and was hoping that there would be more owners than just Ross, EL and I. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout. Low and behold the Porsches started to funnel in and park in front until the row that was reserved for the club was entirely filled. I was happy to see 20 Porsches present for a perfect days drive. After we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast everyone gathered outside to receive the instructions for the day. The number of cars present lent itself to two separate groups. Group one (the fast group) was led by El and group two (the moderate group) was led by me. The groups represented a 40/60 split. With the stops that were made it was easy to switch groups if desired as a new member of the club needed to give her morning breakfast up to the side of the road and therefore decided to join the moderate group after the first stop. We proceeded to drive through the Applegate valley stopping for a break at Swayne viewpoint Applegate lake. May, 2013 ~ 7

Glen Gumaer set up the Go Pro camera and took some video of all the cars as we exited the view point. We proceeded west through the Applegate valley to the next break at Robertson bridge boat launch .The next leg took us north to the Hugo/I-5 interchange where we started our turn back southbound onto Jump Off Joe Cr Rd . If you never drove this stretch in a Porsche before I urge you to drive it. This road is full of medium to tight curves and rollercoaster like whoop-tee do’s, it’s a blast. We stopped in Grants Pass for our last break and talked about our run down the mountain. The last leg of our journey led us into Jacksonville where several of us gathered for a beverage at the Bella Union Restaurant while other drivers went on their separate ways. The number of people that showed up and the beautiful day made for a great first run for 2013 We hope that all Porsche members had a great time, as for me I enjoy the seeing Porsches of dif-

May, 2013 ~ 8

Ce n tral Ch apter Ch atte r Reminder of our pending events. One sooner than the other. Please note the new location of our Saturday gathering. Hope you and your car are enjoying the beautiful weather. See you on the road. John

May, 2013 ~ 9

Debb ie ’s Din er/ Po rs c h e D ri v e th ru Ap plegate

May, 2013 ~ 10

May, 2013 ~ 11

Ca yman Transformation

To modify, or not to modify, that is the question. Whether ‘tis wiser in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of driving a pedestrian vehicle or to take arms against conventionality by modifying your car… Ok, my apologies to Shakespeare. The question may not be as significant as the one posed by Hamlet, but the minute you decide to modify your Porsche it means that you are ultimately questioning the wisdom of its designers. Which begs the question, what was the intent of their design? In the struggle to build a better mousetrap, we recognize that there are trade-offs between speed and economy; handling and comfort; aerodynamics and aesthetics; costs and profits; brand identity and market niche. What, have I gone off the rails, you ask? Unfortunately the answer is no. While brand identity is well established with the venerable 911 there was a niche in the market between it and the entry-level Boxster. Porsche was successful in filling that niche with the Cayman, but in order to keep it there they had to tame its 911-like performance. They de-tuned, nay, nearly smothered, the base 3.4 liter engine. For this reason, some suggest that it is not as good a car as it could have been. But to most Cayman owners, that is of little consequence, because of the exceptional balance between speed and economy, handling and comfort, aerodynamics and aesthetics and bang for the buck that it delivers. Not to mention it is only a scant 2 mph slower than the GT-3 in slalom testing and only 5 seconds slower than a 911 Carrera on the Nürburgring! Now, conventional wisdom would suggest that second-guessing the geniuses at Porsche will only result in upsetting that wonderful balance integral to the Cayman’s design. And those that obtained their wisdom from attending that convention would be correct. However, if we carefully examine the trade-offs, we may be able to more closely match the car’s performance with our desires and find that blissful driving experience we all crave in a true supercar package. The first modification I made was primarily for my auditory pleasure. I swapped out the stock 42-pound exhaust with its attached redundant catalytic converters for a Remus catback race exhaust, saving five pounds, adding 16 more horsepower and giving the car its testicles back. It went from a wimpy sounding tenor to a respectable, manly baritone. There was no trade-off with that modification. I just got more of a good thing… thrilling sound! I learned that Porsche de-tuned the Cayman’s engine by restricting the intake and choking down the exhaust through two sets of catalytic converters. The stock intake was so small that the engine must have felt like an Olympic runner being forced to breathe through a straw. So, enter Sharkwerks Tuning in Fremont, California. I stopped by Sharkwerks to have them install their Cayman RS350 kit and an OEM Porsche short shifter. Sharkwerks removed the restrictive air cleaner, the tiny 2“diameter collimated intake tube, the 75mm throttle body and the plastic “T” intake plenum. They replaced these horsepower starving items with an Evolution Motorsports V-flow air cleaner and huge 4” diameter intake tube, 82mm GT-3 throttle body and an IPD competition air plenum. Then they reprogrammed the chip’s fuel mapping with the Evolution Motorsports EVOMsit RS350 software to acclimate the engine to (continued page 14)

May, 2013 ~ 12

Deb b ie ’s Dine r/ Po rs c h e D ri v e th ru Ap plegate

May, 2013 ~ 13

Ca yman Transformation (continued from page12 ) the larger air volume. All of these modifications were happily charged to my credit card to the tune of just under $3,000.00. The Sharkwerks RS350 kit transformed my Cayman into a true supercar. Its horsepower rating soared from the stock 295 to 350 and torque increased from 251 to 320 ft. lbs. measured at the rear wheel! Performance gains place it firmly in the 911 arena and ahead of the 2008 315 hp Cayman R. I haven’t run a speed test, but to compare, the 35 horsepower advantage my Cayman has over the Cayman R should allow it to meet or beat the R’s 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds and quarter mile of 12.6 seconds. The trade-off you ask? Well, the roar of the exhaust and the linear thrust that comes on simply by squeezing my toes on the accelerator pedal makes me lose my self-control, along with about 4 mpg, but the grin it puts on my face is worth every drop! You can check out the Sharkwerks installation by clicking on the link below: By Glenn F. Gumaer, Membership Chairman

Debb ie ’s Din er/ Po rs c h e D ri v e t h ru Ap plegate

May, 2013 ~ 14

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