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In the Sixth Zone Mountain Air & Gourmet Fare Random Turn Rally Guest Author, US HWY 395 Upcoming events Mystery Car Contest

August 2007

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August 2007

der Auspuff

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Auspuff is the German word for auto exhaust. der Auspuff is the official publication of the Cascade Region, Porsche Club of America. Submissions or inquiries regarding advertising should be sent to the editor listed above. Send address changes to Dan Stubblefield using the contact information listed above. Commercial advertising rates/issue: full page $52.00 half page $26.00 business card size $9.45 Other sizes available. All ads are to be prepaid.

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Jim & Rochelle on the Random Turn Rally - photo by Bob King

Photos in this issue have been contributed by Porsche AG, Robert Van Heuit, Dave Hamann, Ole Blennov, Wim van der Horst, John and Kathy Le Bel .

Aug - 3 Visit the Cascade Region web site at 3 for a full color version of this publication

In The Sixth Zone By: Linda Bein

Wow! The 52nd Porsche Club of America Parade is history but it certainly left some wonderful memories for those in attendance. My personal highlight was the Victory Banquet aboard the USS Midway. As we reached the flight deck we were greeted by a beautiful Penske Spyder with all kinds of historic aircraft as a backdrop. After a glorious sunset the ship's lights came on and provided the perfect stage for an evening of pure pleasure! Bravo to ALL of the Zone 6 regions and members who took home awards! There are too many to mention but we can be very proud of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST REGION which walked away with the Paul Heinmiller Memorial Trophy. This award is given to the region newsletter which has been given the highest total score by a panel of judges. Other newsletter winners were the YELLOWSTONE REGION (1st in Class 1) and the OLYMPIC PENINSULA REGION (3rd in Class 1)! HIGH DESERT REGION tied with San Diego Region for first place in the website contest. The Zone Challenge lived up to its name, challenging our members to build sand castles, endure a tug of war, and to exhibit Frisbee skills. We were proud to take first place in Frisbee Skills with 210 points! Zone 6 regions have been busy during the last few months doing what they do best - drive Porsches and put on cool events! One special happening occurred for the POLAR REGION during the Champ Car event. The organizers of the Edmonton Grand Prix asked the region to provide twenty cabriolets with drivers for a lap of the track before the race carrying the Champ Car drivers and key sponsors. The photos of the event Aug - 4 were spectacular! 4

CANADA WEST REGION put on a brand new weekend event in August and it was a huge success. The event took place at Sun Peaks Ski Resort in British Columbia and the attention to detail was evident. Vic Elford was the key speaker and was at his most relaxed best. Autocross morning was wet but didn't dampen the smiles on the faces of the participants. All of the Zone 6 regions who have put on or will be putting on a charity event are to be congratulated! This is one of the very best ways to give back to your community and to give a positive image of the Porsche brand. Kudos to you all! 2007 milepost anniversaries include WILD ROSE REGION - 25 years, YELLOWSTONE REGION - 30 years and INLAND NORTHWEST REGION - 35 years. Cheers! That's it for now. Sorry I could not include more special events so please go to each region website for the great things happening in Zone 6!

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Mountain air and gourmet fare By: Wayne & Zorah Alper

A drive to the local Rogue River and Winema National Forests is the perfect get-away on a hot Sunday in July and that’s just what the Cascade Region Porsche club did on July 29th. A beautiful little road, #37 between Hwy 140 and Dead Indian Memorial Highway, inspired the drive. This short road has it all; mossy old growth trees, swift streams, meadows, and lava flows and we wanted to share it with the members of the club. We started the trip with a rendezvous at Barnes & Nobel Bookstore then made our sandwich stop at Ashland’s Market of Choice. From there we headed out Highway 66, past Emigrant Lake, up the winding scenic road to the Greensprings and turned left towards Hyatt Lake. The air cooled as we traveled through the beautiful trees reaching the little Hyatt resort in time for a “bio-break”, stretching our legs and visiting with new members and the usual admiring of each others cars. Starting to feel some hunger pangs, we continued on towards Howard Prairie Lake. It was an absolutely gorgeous day;

Aug - 6 6

the lakes were a beautiful blue, uncrowded and invited us to linger as we skirted their shores and headed towards Dead Indian Memorial Highway. We headed east on the highway going from lush forest to a dry rocky area and then dropping down again to dense forests finally arriving at our picnic site at Lake of the Woods. Many of us had our tops down to feel the clean mountain air and smell the pine scent. Life is good! We reached our destination, Rainbow Bay day use area to find a friendly, jovial park attendant waiting to open the gate to our private site by the lake with several tables and our own clean restrooms! Now life is really good! We spread out our lunches and began to dine. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the conversations were lively. Towards the end of lunch Wayne and Zorah held a raffle for a wash mitt, two bottles of Wooldridge wine, and a gift certificate at Mucho Gusto Mexican restaurant in Medford. Reluctantly we packed up and headed towards Highway 140 where we turned west to head back to road # 37 past Fish Lake Resort. Turning left onto this lovely stretch of

Aug - 7 7

road we savored a very special area that I never tire of. Eventually we meet Dead Indian Memorial Highway and head back towards Ashland. When we reached the outskirts of Ashland, a few of us decided to meet at Weisinger’s of Ashland winery for a tasting to top off the afternoon. It was a fitting end to a beautiful day.

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Random Turn Rally- August 11th By: Bob & Anne King

“Turn right” “No, turn left” “Aw jeez I think we should go straight ahead.” These were some of the comments heard from the 19 Porsches that participated in the Random Turn Rally on August 11. The rally wound through Medford, Jacksonville, Central Point, Gold Hill, and Shady Cove; terminating at the beautiful Rivers Edge Park just below Lost Creek Lake Dam. Dave Hamann accused us of trying to “flummox” the participants. But obviously we didn’t flummox good enough, as the winning team hit the correct mileage right on the button. Winners were: Steve and Diane Gervais. They won a $50 gift certificate to the Outback Steak House. Second place went to Kirk Austbo and John Coffman. They were only one tenth of a mile from having a perfect score. Bob and Marilyn Van Heuit took Third place. They were two tenths off. Both 2nd and 3rd place won gift certificates to Applebee’s. There Aug - 9 9 were quite a few

others who were much more creative in establishing a route. In the random turn rally the participants were required to make a turn decision at each stop sign, stop light and blinking yellow light they encountered on the drive. If the correct decision was made they would soon see a clearly discernable clue. A description of the clue and it’s location was provided on the instruction sheet. If the confirming clue was found at the described location they had guessed correctly and they continue down the road until the next mandatory turn. If the clue was not found at the specified location the guess was wrong, and a u- turn was required. Back to the intersection to choose another direction! The confirming clue would finally be found and drivers would continue on to the next mandatory turn. At the end of the rally, total mileage was recorded and the extra mileage accumulated from any wrong turns was subtracted. At the end of the drive we had a very nice picnic spot for lunch. Some of us had gourmet sandwich boxes form Zach’s Deli and others brought their own. The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a great time. We would like to thank everyone who participated and too bad for you guys who could not make it.

Aug - 10 10

Can you identify this month’s car? This foreign 2 seater was build by a car manufacturer which built cars from 1954 - 1964. It had an 1800 cc, 4 cylinder Volvo engine. We need both the name of the manufacturer and the correct model name.

And from last month, the answer is ‌. Nash-Healey Roadstar - 1952 John Crisalli, Bill Lucas and Joe Sweeny had the correct answer.

Aug - 11 11

“Oktoberfest in Wolf Creek” Join your friends on September 29th for Oktoberfest. We have special PORSCHE PLATZ parking, located in the middle of the festival. We’ll meet at Medford’s Barnes & Noble parking area at 10 am., then tour some of the best fall foliage available in Southern Oregon. In Wolf Creek you’ll enjoy live German music from three stages: one in the Bier Garten featuring authentic Paulaner Bier from Munich on tap, another stage in the Wein Garten, and a third stage in the all purpose dancing area. There’s also an authentic German country fair and crafts show, complimentary wine tasting, and a Kindergarten for the little ones. The Wolf Creek Inn serves authentic German Cuisine at bargain prices. Each car will get one free admission ticket. Additional tickets are $3.00. Parking restrictions limit us to 28 cars so you MUST RSVP to: Mike Knox 488-3258


Dave Haman at 471-9215 Come hear the bands and the Alphorns, watch the cooking competition and show off your car to a crowd that appreciates all things German. Special points awarded if you show up in costume! If you have any questions please call Mike Knox at 488-3258.

Aug - 12 12

Cascade Region’s US Hwy 395 – Porsche Style By Mike Newlon, Los Angeles Region Mike Newlon is a member of the PCA Los Angeles Region, original owner of a 1969 912 Coupe and Freelance Writer. In April Mike and his 912 had a 1,300+ mile adventure on US Highway 395 from the Canadian border near Laurier WA to the present southern terminus of the highway near Hesperia CA. It was such a wonderful trip he decided to put it in print. At this moment he’s putting the pre-publication finishing touches on what will be about a 60 page medium format soft cover book. Mike can be contacted at:

In April my 1969 912 Coupe and I drove through the Cascade Region on our way from Canada (starting at Laurier WA) to Southern California on US Hwy 395.

Northern terminus of US hwy 395 at Laurier WA.

Outside Spokane one of my almost new tires suffered a fatal injury. I had a good spare and, with the help of my Auto Club membership, we were soon back on the road. Not wanting to tempt highway fate with no spare so far from home, I stopped at Pasco Tire. Unfortunately, Dunlops are not widely available in southern Washington, so Manager Dan Suarez asked one of his crew to trash my Aug unusable - 13 Dunlop and Premature death of a new Dunlop 13 mount another suitable tire P196-65 Sport Plus

for me. I was soon on my way. These are my public thanks to Manager Dan Suarez and Pasco Tire’s friendly service to a traveler in need. Oregon greeted us at the 1955 Umatilla Bridge, now 1955 Sturgis Bridge (southbound) and modern bridge (northbound) over Columbia River at used only for southbound trafUmatilla OR. fic. At the nearby Visitor Center, I learned that traffic before 1955 crossed the Columbia at Umatilla by ferry. I’m sorry I missed that. Pendleton is home to the world famous Pendleton Woolen Mills. Because of my lifelong fondness for Pendleton products, I wisely locked my wallet and credit cards in the car before I entered the building. Quickly back up to cruising speed south of Pendleton, The Pendleton Mills Aug - 14retail outlet is part museum and mountains 14 part shopping mall.

loomed ahead to the south. The eager 912 almost seemed to anticipate having some safe fun on a near deserted mountain highway. I stopped again about Highway, history, scenery and weather combined ten minutes for a perfect Oregon day later to check my oil (it was OK) and enjoy some Oregon history at the Battle Mountain historic marker. The highway was spectacular this clear but cold afternoon. Traversing Dale, Meadow Brook, Ritter Butte, Long Creek and Branch Creek summits, we had just driven through Porsche heaven. My 912 and I stopped for the night in John Day. It had been quite a day. After the usual safety checks, my 912 and I headed south and said goodbye to John Day the next morning.

Aug - 15 15 Curious highway sign to an urban Angelino.

Earlier in my trip I photographed a cautionary

highway sign not seen in the Los Angeles area. I intended to keep it as a rural highway curiosity unknown in the City. But very soon the previously photographed sign took on new meaning to me. Cruising effortlessly (at legal speed, of course) north of Seneca I first saw what looked like a dark blur on the highway far ahead. I immediately began to slow. The blur soon became a herd of cattle accompanied by real cowboys mounted on horseback. Wow! Already off the throttle and now quickly down to third gear. Then second gear. By that time the cowboys were giving me enthusiastic “Slow down pardner!” gestures – or at least that’s what I thought they were. I was soon surrounded by the herd. At no more than a very cautious 10 mph in first gear, I couldn’t resist documenting this very effective form of Oregon highway speed control. PCA’s Cascade Region boasts enough scenery, history and excellent roads to satisfy any Porsche enthusiast, with highway cattle drives possible for added interest. I’ll spread the word, pardner.

Aug - 16 16 Always observe highway information signs!

Cascade’s 2007 Upcoming Events: September 29th - Oktoberfest in Wolf Creek! See page 12 for event flyer & information October 7th - Central Chapter two day wine tour! See box below for more information. October 27th - Autocross day in White City (please note the change of date from that posted earlier in the year) November 10th -Tech session at Specialized Auto and lunch January 5th - Welcome the New Year Party at the Applegate River Lodge.

Central Chapter Upcoming Event: The Central Chapter is holding a two day wine tour in October. They will be in Medford for the second day, October 7th. Check out the PCA website for further details. I contacted Mike McMahan to see if Helen and I could join them for the Medford part of the tour. He thought that was a great idea and wanted me to extend an invitation to the rest of our chapter. They will be staying at the Candlewood Inn and Suites (3548 Heathrow Way) near the Medford Airport and will be starting the tour at 9:30 on Sunday, October 7th. There is no need to notify Mike just show up at the Candlewood Inn by 9:30 on Sunday October 7th. Maybe we'll see you there!! John & Helen Gritsch

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