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April 2013


der Auspuff

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Auspuff is German word for auto exhaust. der Auspuff is the offical publication of the Cascade Region, Porsche Club of America. Submissions or inquires about advertising should be sent to the Editor shown above. Send any address change to Glenn Gumaer who is listed above. ADVERTISING RATES: (annual) full page $400, half page $200, business card $125. COVER: courtesy of PHOTOS: Images in this publication have been contributed by Dave Duarte. WEB SITE:, where you can view a color version of this publication there.

March, 2013 ~ 3

The new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Sunset Porsche 503.641.8600

P re z S e z Cascade Porsche-Pushers, Our driving season has finally arrived, and if you are like me, you can’t wait to hit the roads and enjoy all the beauty that our region has to offer,and the camaraderie of your fellow porschephiles. Which brings me to the heart of this month’s letter is that we want this club to epitomize PCA’s motto,” It’s not just the car, it’s the people.”At our tech session at Aaron’s, I was talking to a member that I had not seen in many  years, and of course I was curious to why, and he told me very honestly that he was told that club events weren’t for children and Cayennes.  Needless to say, I was quite shocked and told him that is not the view of the club today,  that any and all members and their Porsches are welcome to attend any event. I hope to see this person and his family at an upcoming event so we can welcome them back. Remember,  I welcome your calls concerning the club. The Southern’s Chapter 1st drive of the year is on the 20th, and as from what I know , this is going to be a fun filled day. You got time to wash and wax your car as we will display our cars at Debby’s Dinner on Hwy 99 in Phoenix from 8:30 am to 10am. Hope to see a lot of you there as we make Michael Hernandez’s 1st drive one that he will remember. As always, See You In My Mirrors, Ross

April, 2013 ~ 5

Upco min g E v ent s April

Southern Chapter April 20th We are meeting at 8:30am at Debby’s Restaurant 3800 S Pacific Hwy, Phoenix, Or. for breakfast. We have reserved spaces for ours cars, and we will depart at 10:00am as we revisit some of our favorites roads in the valley. (541) 535-6293 This month’s drive is being organized by Michael Hernandez, his first one, so come out and make his 1st event a fun one. Central Chapter April 6th Cars and Caffeine Starbucks, 3110 W 11th in Eugene

April, 2013 ~ 6

So uth ern C h ap ter’ s Ha p pen i n g s : Aa ro n’s A utow e rk ’s Te c h S es s i o n The March 16th tech session at Aaron’s Autowerk’s was well attended by 20 Cascade PCA members and featured a representative for Mobil 1. Dave Kelley works for Jerry Brown Company and delivered a fairly detailed overview of the manufacture of motor oils, especially synthetic oils.  He was very knowledgeable on this subject (I know because I followed up later on some of his points) and pointed out some of the myths surrounding motor oil.  We ran out of time but I still have a question regarding reduced zinc/phosphate in most oils as it relates to the higher-compression engines (for my Carrera it’s a high 11.5 to 1).  He mentioned that Lubrizol has a very useful spider graph showing how the differently graded oils meets certain specs, and it is really neat: Another nice table for Mobil 1 specs is here: pdf We got neat Mobil 1 hats too. Thanks to everyone who attended and to Aaron’s for hosting the event. Joel Weyhe Webmaster  

April, 2013 ~ 7

Eri c Jo n e s M o to rs po rt s Te c h S e ssio n

April, 2013 ~ 8

Ce n tral Ch apter Ch atte r “Boogity, boogity, boogity. Let’s go drivin’ boys.” I must admit, this year is off to a roaring start. I wasn’t completely certain how the club would respond to having local events again, but I am very pleased (and a bit surprised) by the turn-out. I want to thank all of those who have joined us. If I was to sum up the year so far, it would be the year of the “Returning Faces”. In the past we had a good core group that attended every event and very few new faces. This year has been quite the opposite. New members and old members returning after many years of non-attendance have been getting involved. Is this the resurgence of the Central Chapter? Time will tell. Our first driving event, the Daffodil Festival, usually finds us traveling in the rain (or at least those of us willing to venture out in the rain). Luckily, this year’s weather was much more promising. The largest turn-out in years played follow-the-leader around the back roads of Lane county until we made our way to the Long Tom Grange outside Junction City. We encounter only a brief spat of heavy mist but probably not much more water than one uses to wash a car. This year, the cars once again had front-and-center parking which was welcomed. Unfortunately the cinnamon rolls, which have been the main draw in years past, were replaced by a berry bar. Hmmm, not the delicious sugar overdose we were all hoping for. Overhearing others disappointment with the missing rolls, we are hoping they will make a reappearance next year. Our scheduled April event, the Eric Jones Motorsports Tech Session, was moved up to March to allow Adam (who’s car was the piece being worked on) to get out and about sooner. Again we were greeting by many new (returning) faces and beautiful weather. This was probably the largest collection of Porsche in the Willamette Valley in over ten years. Eric Jones gave us a good idea what is involved in setting up a Porsche for the track. Granted it was a condensed version of things since the total time involved to complete all he procedures was much more than would fit into a single tech session. Eric did run through setting the toe-in, camber, alignment, and touched on the corner weighing. We probably could do a single session on each one of those elements. The comments from the members was very positive regarding this event and Eric. Hopefully we have given some positive exposure to his business. The support of local businesses like his is a critical component in support of our hobby and club. Thanks Eric! Lastly, we have had very good turn-out at our monthly Cars and Caffeine gatherings. So much so that we will be relocating for May’s meeting to the Starbucks on 7th and Jefferson (the old Subaru dealership). There is ample parking and a bit more seating inside. Until next time, hope to see you on the road. John

April, 2013 ~ 9

A a ron’s Autowerk’s Te ch S es s ion

April, 2013 ~ 10

April, 2013 ~ 11

Aa ron ’s Autowerk’s Te ch S es s ion

April, 2013 ~ 12

D af f o dil D ri ve

April, 2013 ~ 13

La ug h i ng C l am D in ner 3/25

March, 2013 ~ 14

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der Auspuff  

April 2013