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The Power of Text Message Marketing for Retail Businesses Text message marketing is among the most compelling, cost-effective tools a company has at its disposal. Unlike email and other forms of advertising, text messages are read almost 100 percent of the time and are supported by virtually all mobile phones today. Mass texting and other forms of text marketing have the potential to increase profits substantially, and businesses that take advantage of this powerful tool will undoubtedly fare better in our increasingly digital age. Text-2-Join The first step in creating a text marketing campaign is to generate an opt-in (text-2-join) program for consumers. This can be done easily with a call to action asking consumers to text a keyword to a short code in order to receive text messages. Calls to action can be distributed from traditional media sources like television and radio in addition to wired mobile Web sites and applications, digital and in-store signage. Deciding Between a Push Campaign and a Pull Campaign Pull campaigns involve sending text messages out to customers that they can read on their own time. Imagine a clothing store trying to get customers in on a rainy, cold day.


customers in with a 15% off storewide coupon could mean the difference between a slow day and a profitable one. Strategically timed text blasts can be highly effective for improving sales down to the wire. Push campaigns involve calls to action—namely, getting customers to opt-in to receive special offers and notifications about your business via text message. Use every medium possible— social media, your website, television and radio, store windows, print, etc. SMS Marketing Strategies Retail businesses can benefit hugely from SMS marketing as a means of inexpensively communicating with customers about new items, clothing lines, discounts, sales and new fashion trends, and texts are ideal for sending coupons and special offers. Research has shown

that customers love coupons—sending a mobile coupon to customers with a savings deadline is an effective way to create a sense of urgency among customers. Inspiration for your SMS marketing campaign is all around us. The news is a great source for learning about up and coming trends, a calendar is a great resource for tracking holidays and commemorative days during which to launch sales and coupons. Listen to your customers and get their feedback about their likes and dislikes, and gather feedback from employees—your greatest allies for improving your business. It’s also wise to follow your competition and even borrow from their winning ideas and strategies. Tracking consumer responses to marketing campaigns is also important for knowing what works and what doesn’t. It’s essential to ensure that your customers have agreed to receive text messages, and once they have, not to overwhelm them with texts—use text messages sparingly but impactfully. The goal is for customers to look forward to receiving special offers, news and other information from your company. With a great text marketing strategy, you can take your retail business to new heights. About Since 2006 has been helping business and groups boost sales, profitability and membership with affordable SMS marketing technology. EZ Texting has worked with some of the biggest names in a variety of industries with reports and analytics, uploading and managing contacts, text message marketing and more. Visit our website for more information about our valuable services.

The Power of Text Message Marketing for Retail Businesses