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Audit/Review of operational processes including getting the maximum out of the system

Prepared for Birchfield Harriers

By Shez Namooya

Based on the information provided by Birchfield Harriers we would break down the proposal into the following categories:Audit Use of System Reporting Future Goals

Audit The audit can be broken down into two sub categories:Hardware Data held on ezRunner

Hardware We propose a site visit to evaluate the hardware of the business and propose recommended action to be taken. Data held on ezRunner A member of our project team would review all information held on the system and would potentially report on the following:Athletes data o Members by Membership type o Outstanding balances o Guests Records to be reviewed o Members due to renew o Evaluate any missing data. For example do we have Date of Birth? This is important for junior memberships. Birchfield Harriers need to know who is due to be upgraded to an ‘Adult’ membership. Are there any other key demographic information missing? Inventory o Review all stock items and create a stock check sheet. o Review all ‘re-order’ levels on the system with Birchfield Harriers to avoid ‘Dead Stock’ o Review grouping to ensure they match with the relevant revenue streams named for accounting

Use of System Based around the items outlined in the document provided by Birchfield Harriers. We would also include communications setup for contacting members and how to create promo letters, special offers etc. We would also outline ways of aiding staff to ensure all athletes pay. Reporting This will also be based around the reports outlined in the document but also potential future reporting requirements. Future Goals We think it is also important to outline any potential future requirements and pre configure them where necessary within the ezRunner system.

Return on Investment Investing in the training and auditing of your system will allow you to predict trends and create strategies for the future of your business. On a number of occasions whilst conducting audits of data we have found unaccounted money that exceeded the investment in the audit.

Quote 5 Days training/audits @ £1995 (package price offer) Discounts applied = £295 Free Upgrade to the latest ezRunner version (normally £295) The initial breakdown of days would be:1 day to review hardware audit and create recommendations based on future use and ROI 4 days based around what has been outlined above to include upgrading of the software to the latest version. This is subject to change based on if current hardware meets minimum requirements.