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Ez-Runner Newsletter Welcome to the new look Ez-Runner Newsletter, where we’ll be telling you about how to make the most of your Ez-Runner product, so that it can make a real difference to the way you work. This might be a financial difference, an environmental difference, or just allowing you more time to do what you really need to do, and that’s run your business! Enjoy the first edition and as ever, feedback is always welcome. Stefan Drummond, MD


Whatever your sector we have the solution for you…

Get it right first time Post Code and Bank Validation

Going Green Do your bit for the planet and save money at the same time. Over the years we have seen businesses with a build up of (normally inaccessible) paperwork taking up valuable office space. With progression in technology and everyone’s growing familiarity with doing things online, why not introduce a complete paperless solution for your business?

We all make mistakes – we are only human— but we rely on accurate information and data to help our business. So why leave it to chance to have invalid banking details or incorrect addresses on your system? Our post code and bank validation can:-

Save 80% of time entering addresses

Eliminate spelling mistakes

Enter first-rate, reliable addresses and bank details

At ezRunner we have

Paperless Direct Debit

Paperless Forms

Digital Marketing Campaign capabilities

Going paperless should not mean huge costs or software changes. Ez-Runner lets you :

Sign documents (Direct Debit forms, membership forms) at the play site through our digital signature pads.

Process and manage your members through your website.

Do it your own way Everyone wants to capture different information whilst joining customers. Each business has their own way of doing things. Why restrict that contact point or change it because the system you use cannot cope with it? Ez-Runner allows your business to take full advantage of the way you do things. Our software lets you:

Capture as much or as little information as you want!

Ask the relevant questions based on the type of membership you are subscribing to

Calculate pro rata’s, and joining fees (even during presales if you have a new business)

Why go paperless? We use the latest technology, allowing your business to not only go green but be cutting edge. We have not even mentioned the savings made through filing paperwork, administration and stationery costs. These savings are made year on year. As we say at ezRunner ‘It doesn’t have to cost the earth to be green!’ We’re doing our bit too! Our Admin and Accounts team are building towards complete paperless invoices to be sent out to our clients. This will save time, money and filing space—which should make our admin team happier!

Do we only allow you to do this at the SPA? Absolutely NOT! All this functionality can be incorporated into your website including processing online Direct Debits!

Campaign manager With any campaign it is vital the aim of what we are trying to achieve is outlined and monitored. How else can we gauge its success? We have seen through our involvement in various sectors how much effort our clients spend on managing numerous ways of increasing retention, up selling and marketing to their members. But why spend hours running reports, and sending out multiple texts or emails on a daily basis? Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, so why not tell the software what you are trying to achieve and let it do the work for you! Campaign manager lets you custom implement your own criteria and add what you consider to make it a success. You simply monitor the results! Maximise your opportunity Why ignore targeted audience that did not take up your offer? Campaign manager will allow you to follow-up your campaign and try to engage those members who were not persuaded first time around.

Just txt me... send the message – keep in contact With over 75 million mobile phones in use today, having a mobile phone is the norm. So why not take advantage of this and stay in contact with your members. It is seen by many as a less intrusive form of contact and when you need to get a quick message to someone a text is the choice for the modern world.

Where are they? Having spoken to a number of our clients, one of the big issues is missed appointments. We all understand the pressures of modern life, so it is not uncommon to forget appointments. By implementing an automatic appointment reminder, it not only saves your staff, but also saves money by members not missing their appointments. We have cases of a 20-30% reduction of missed appointments simply by introducing an automated text service.

Get the most out of your SPA Ez-Runner is continually developing its solutions to maximise your business. Our SPA solution is no different. Our solution allows you to: 

Optimise your Therapists

Maximise your treatment room usage

Sell Packages online

Buy SPA treatment online

Book treatments online

Product Recommendations online to up sell

Manage Rotas for your staff with no limitations

Handle Commission based sales

Control Voucher creation and print Gift Certificates

Get the most out of your business Ez-Runner lets you to book the most efficient member of staff to do a treatment, allowing your more qualified staff free to earn more. The system prompts the user to select the ‘best fit’ therapist. How do we

get the most out of our treatment rooms?

Ez-Runner manages the usage for each of your treatment rooms, by booking into gaps and leaving high yield rooms free to earn you more money! Do we lose this functionality when our clients book online? Absolutely not. None of the maximisation features are lost when a client books online.

If any of the services in the newsletter fit with your business requirements, call Ez-Runner today on 0844 847 587 (Option 1) or email us at

Ez-Runner SPA  

Ez-Runner SPA

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