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WRI T T E N & I L LUST R AT ED by E z ra And ré

There was once a beautiful

young Woman named Kirra. Two years ago her parents had tragically disappeared. After much investigation Kirra had come to the devastating conclusion that they had been eaten by a bear.

Filled with hatred and

anger, Kirra longed to meet and kill the bear who had murdered her parents. Each day she would wander through the woods, a sharp dagger at her side.

Although she was driven by anger, Kirra was often sad. She thought of her parents everyday, and more often than not... She would cry.

One day,

on a day life any other, Kirra took a stroll into the woods.

After walking for some time,

Kirra begun to sing a sweet song.

She was at a particularly

high note where it was quite necessary to close her eyes, ...when she heard a noise.


Kirra was so shocked she could only stare.

But she quickly pulled herself

together as she remembered the harsh reality of the situation and what she must do. She felt for her dagger.

Kirra ran.....

Lifted her dagger....

And without hesitation she stabbed him in the back.

The bear gave an almighty roar and snarled and spat in anger.

What did you do that for?

my d e l l i You k , you’re nts e r ! a p ster! n o am

Oh I you’ve come looking for revenge. I think I know where your , parents are - but I have to warn you it’s not a pretty sight.

REALLY!! Are they alive? Where are they?

Come with me.

They travelled for a day and a night....


Don’t look at us Honey, we’re hideous

Eventually they

arrived at Bronco’s cave.

Where' is bronco?

You don’t scare me Bronco, I’m coming in!

He’s in his cave

What do you want girl?


And with that... Bronco melted.

That was Weird ?

Kirra, I think there’s somebody you should meet... Honey look at us!

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself,..My name is Leo.

The End WRI T T EN & I L LU ST R AT ED by E z ra And ré

Kirra & the Bear  

A story of courage, love & determination.