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Historic Jail Records Digitized with Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System

Sandwiched between Walt Disney World and the Daytona International Speedway is the 4th smallest county in Florida. Seminole County was founded in 1913. The county harbors the confluence of headwaters for the St. John’s River. With its wetland type habitat, residents learned early to fight off mosquitoes, alligators patrolling the water’s shoreline, and bears wandering through their neighborhood. These challenges attracted tough individuals used to living an independent lifestyle. In case of trouble, Seminole County law enforcement was never too far away to step in and maintain order. If an arrest was necessary the first stop would be the ‘old jail’. In the beginning, the jail also served as blacksmith shop, a livery stable, a lunchroom, a county health department and a dry cleaners! Upon arriving at the Seminole County Jail, everyone arrested had their name, age, race, date of arrest and crime was recorded into the Jail Book. This massive sized leather ledger, in a cycolok binder, contained lined paper whose pages each had holes that slipped snugly around its 2 metal adjustable posts. Before migrating to a more sophisticated documentation system in the 1930's, the ledger would end up being filled with hundreds of pages and thousands of names. The Museum of Seminole County History now houses this treasure. Due to its deteriorating condition museum staff carefully turn a single page of the ledger each day, allowing visitors to peer into history only a few entries at a time. Enter Scot French, Ph.D., Director of Public History and an Associate Professor in the History Department at the University of Central Florida.

Photo Scanning Solutions - Historic jail records digitized with Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System  

When a history professor seeks to transform an aging museum treasure into a digital format, E-Z Photo Scan steps in to volunteer its resourc...

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