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How Much Will Your Tenants’ Meth Lab Cost You to Clean Up? Being a landlord is always a challenge. You never really know the details of who you rent to and you constantly worry about what they are doing to your property. In the past, the biggest issues were pets, smoking and children. Times have changed and today landlords must do intense tenant screening in an attempt to avoid renters who may use the property to create homemade meth labs. The combination of the chemicals it takes to create meth labs creates a caustic substance that is so harmful it eats the materials of the eyeballs as it is smoked. The process of making methamphetamines causes those same chemical combinations to be released in the air even if the meth is not being smoked in the house. Once those chemicals are in the air, they are absorbed by the walls, carpet, and even get into the ventilation system. Whether or not the person making the meth gets busted, you are responsible for the cleanup. If they do get busted, the local health department usually condemns the residence and orders the owner (you) to clean up the property, an extensive process that costs thousands of dollars in materials and labor while you are not collecting any rent on the property. Aside from buying new carpet and replacing the drywall, you also have the cost of disposing of the contaminated materials. Even if the lab does not get busted, a responsible landlord will still cleanup the property once he or she enters it and smells the chemicals. Otherwise, you would be asking future tenants to live in a health hazard (and can assume legal liability for it). You do not want to imagine a tenant's children crawling on carpet that is full of toxic chemicals they will absorb. The solution is intense tenant screening coupled with an in-depth residential lease that outlines their responsibilities, including the cost of repairing the home for damages they cause. Tenant screening today has to be more than just a credit check or limited background check. You need to know as much as you can so that you can avoid renting to someone who may have already been convicted of using meth or making meth in a meth lab. If you have multiple properties, or just one that has a high turnover rate, the best idea is to have a rental agreement template that outlines details and responsibilities. If you use a rental

agreement template service, you can easily modify it to change names, addresses, and dates according to the time, tenant, and location. The template and individual lease agreement can be very helpful if you ever have to try to recover funds spent cleaning up meth labs after tenants move out. You may have to pay the upfront cost, but they will have to reimburse you. Since you are not doing in-depth background checks, your risk should be limited, but you still need to make sure that you take every step to protect yourself and your property. At EZ Landlord Forms, you can rest easy knowing that you have access to nationwide criminal background checks, credit checks and all sorts of legal forms needed to lease and maintain rental property around the country.

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How Much Will Your Tenants’ Meth Lab Cost You to Clean Up?  

Without effective tenant screening and a rock solid residential lease, you could find yourself with a huge problem on your hands. Tenants o...

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