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THE LATEST updates on the local business landscape.

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I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance

Samsung, Google and Apple unveil a list of new, innovative exciting products for 2014.

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See what businesses made ground making moves in our top ten list for 2013.

12 Who’s Ahead?

A head to head comparison of the nation’s leading banks: NCB vs Scotia.

18 Insights

Tim Cook contending with the legacy of one of the world’s former renowned innovator, Steve Jobs. Is Apple better or worse off?



9 22 Do Good Angels of Love Jamaica continues to spread love and heal our Nation’s children.

24 App.titude

The most downloaded mobile application for 2013 on iOS and Android devices.

28 On The Edge

‘It’s Pixel Perfect’ is creating waves in the untapped content marketing industry in Jamaica.

30 10 Things

Beyonce’s at the top of her game, see what businesses can learn from her latest move.

Editor’s Note Apple’s headed for the cemetery- or so they’d have you believe; business strategies from Queen B herself; and the new challengers in the gadget ring.This issue of Your Money zones in on the game changers in the financial market. Our new feature Who’s Ahead we break down the criteria for banking success. Cheers to the New Year and we hope you enjoy this issue! 5



2014 ISSUE

News Sagicor to acquire RBC Sagicor is to acquire RBC Royal Bank Jamaica Limited’s (“RBC”). The two institutions will be merged into a single commercial bank which will make them the third highest ranked commercial bank in the country, just ahead of FirstCaribbean. Sagicor bought RBC for J$9.5 billion, which is J$6 billion below marke value. The Canadian parent company had tried unsuccessfully to shake the subsidiary’s bad and non performing loan portfolios which included the Palmyra condominium development in Montego Bay and the Wyndham Kingston which was removed from the auction block last year. Intimate details have not been released because the deal is still awaiting regulatory approval in the second quarter of 2014. However, the move is expected to give Sagicor’s customers access to 14 additional branches and 42 proprietary ATMs as well as facilitate the introduction of credit card and other services.

Michelle English promoted to parent company Michelle English is set to demit her post as President of Flow and Columbus Business Solutions after an eight-year tenure to take up duties as Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Columbus Communications, the parent company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Finance Minister addresses dollar depreciation and casino licenses at Mayberry Forum At a recent Mayberry Investors Forum, Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips shared that several applications have been received for casino licenses under the Integrated Resort Development Act and assured that decisions will be made very soon. In the two year period since his administration took office we have seen the Jamaica dollar depreciate by approximately 20 JMD against the US dollar. He took the opportunity to warn that Jamaica can expect further depreciation due to the present Current Account deficit. “I am not here in the business of prophecy to say where the rate will settle, but the Bank of Jamaica will ensure that the market remains orderly and that their stability is sustained and efforts will be made to eliminate any speculative pressures that build up in the market,” stated the Minister at the monthly investors forum. He went on further to say “What we are seeing thus far is that there is considerable vibrancy in the Agricultural sector that has benefited from the change in the exchange rate. But one consequence of an overvalued exchange rate is that we incentivize production overseas rather than domestically.” The exchange rate as at January 29, 2014 is J$107.09 to U$1.




2014 ISSUE


News Samsung unveils a long line of new gadgets ANX30 and Galaxy Camera 2 / The Samsung NX30 camera succeeds its ancestor, the NX released in 2013, and sports an ultra-compact body packed with dual image stabilization, nine frames per second continuous shooting, Adobe Lightroom 5 and dual band WiFi. Equally impressive, the Galaxy Camera 2 is equipped with the Android Jelly Bean 4.3 operating system, 1.6 GHz quadcore processor, 21x zoom, 2GB RAM, and a 4.8 inch display allowing user interface - Read more Smart TV and SDK Kit 5.0 / Samsung has also unveiled an upgraded SmartTV, along with a Smart TV Software Development Kit (SDK) 5.0. The 2014 SmartTV comes equipped with improved voice interaction and motion control features - Read more / SmartTV SDK Read more Smartphone GamePad / For another platform, Samsung’s Smartphone GamePad - accompanied by a mobile console app transforms a Galaxy smartphone or tablet into a portable gaming console or home console through its attachable design and Bluetooth pairing - Read more 2.0 beta version of Google Glass Rumored for years, Google tapped into the future of wearable technology in 2012 with the introduction of a frame, resembling a pair of glasses, which allows you to view information from your smartphone without looking at it. A short year later, Google introduces a second version of their prototype, bringing us closer to the future. The Google Glass is structured to snugly fit the face, positioning the display

glass exactly before your right eye. Its screen shows simply designed digital cards portraying prompted information from your smartphone, like your messages and photos. The beta version of Glass 2.0, which features a 5-megapixel camera and WiFi capabilities, currently goes for US$1500 - Read more Apple acquires SnappyLabs Apple kicks off 2014 with the acquisition of photo app developer, SnappyLabs. SnappyLabs is the creator of popular photography app, SnappyCam, which allows users to capture full-resolution photos at twenty to thirty frames per second. The deal, which remains predominantly concealed, stems from the increasing attractiveness of the capabilities of developer’s apps, and the need to stay ahead of competitors who were also gunning for the buy - Read more


Wisynco and Trade Wind Citrus Merger


Wisynco, arguably the region’s largest distributor, has acquired a 50% equity stake in Trade Wind Citrus Limited. This is indeed a big move for the two local companies as it enables Trade Wind Citrus to leverage great customer service and a massive distribution channel. Though both entities will continue their usual operations, the benefits of the deal between Managing Director of Trade Winds Peter McConnel, and Wisynco’s CEO William Mahfood are expected to be realized immediately as the merger will create more jobs and enable growth by penetrating both local and international markets.


Sagicor X

Since the development of the Sagicor Real Estate X Funds Limited in October, the subsidary announced its Initial Public Offering (IPO) that was aimed at raising JA$1 billion. The IPO was oversubscribed, generating JA$1.5 billion. These funds is expected to propel an aggressive expansion of their property portfolio and the Sigma Real Estate unit which manages 12 properties that fall into to three categories: warehouse and industrial spacing, hotel and office space. If you were one of the lucky few to purchase shares in the X funds, you can expect to receive dividends at least twice per year.


GraceKennedy Invades African Market

Local conglomerate GraceKennedy Limited, made one of the most stellar business moves of 2013 by expanding its markets to the continent of Africa. Grace, which previously targeted the Ghanian market in 2012, introduced a variety of food product lines to African consumers who



are said to “have a similar taste profile” to the corporation’s local market. According to Grace’s CEO, Don Wehby, the brand had been positively welcomed in the African market and the corporation had established consumership in Ghana and Nigeria. The Grace empire saw a 12 percent increase in food sales, and a significant 589 percent increase in retail and trading.

Jamaica Stock Exchange Introduces the Bond Market


A game changer in 2013, the bond market gives companies the opportunity to raise debt for their business without going through a financial institution. It also gives the public an opportunity to invest directly with these companies at a low risk. For companies already listed on the stock exchange, it allows them a quick and easy option to improve their working capital position or to expand the business without raising additional equity. A bond market on stock exchange exists in most first world markets and Jamaica leading the way regionally with the introduction of this financial instrument. Access Financial Services and Jamaica Teas are the first to raise funds from the bond market.

Diageo’s Red Stripe, Cabcorp agrees Joint Venture deal


PepsiCo bottler, Cabcorp, and Diageo’s Red Stripe formed a joint venture sales distribution company known as Celebration Brands. The partnership gives each entity a 50/50 stake in income from distribution of Red Stripe, Diageo and PepsiCo products. The newly appointed Managing Director of Celebration Brands Gustavo Flamenco says about the deal, “This strategic alliance is expected to allow for increased capacity and shared expertise as well as access to greater resources, including specialized staff.” Cheers to another strategic venture.


Apple Strikes A Deal With China Mobile


Many were hoping for new product development this year but were a bit disappointed. Apple’s 5C and 5S did not particularly sit well with consumers, and neither had the iPad Air, although both newly released smartphones and iPads had set records sales. Apple’s top competitors, Samsung, seemed to have caught up this year with regards to innovation. However, Apple’s deal with China Mobile might just be what the multinational technology incorporation needs to tip the scale in this ever- growing tech market.


Twitter IPO

If you asked persons several years ago what they knew about Twitter, no one would be able to tell you anything. Even today, many are yet to understand this business model that enables users to post their activities, thoughts and feelings in just 140 characters. At times, it still sounds absurd. Still unable to make a profit, the company lost US$80 million in 2012. Through the Initial Public Offering (IPO), its valuation rose steeply to US$13.6 billion. Although, to the average businessman, betting on Twitter is like betting on an unproven business, the appreciated lesson here is that there is a high value placed on innovation.

American Airline & US Airways Merger


After going into bankruptcy protection, American Airlines was given the green light to merge with US Airways. The merger created what is now the world’s largest airline, operating more than 6500 flights daily. CEO of American Airlines, Thomas Horton, believes that this is a move that will position the company back on top by restructuring it to be competitive, strong and profitable, and most importantly to provide consumers with more flight options. “Our mission is not to make it the world’s biggest airline but the world’s leading airline”, he stated.

Yahoo, Tumblr & 1.1 Billion Dollars


In May of last year, Yahoo! Incorporation bought the popular blogging platform, Tumblr, for a whopping US$1.1 billion, the biggest acquisition yet for their recently appointed CEO Marissa Mayer. The acquisition, which circulated the grapevine for weeks, served as a strategic attempt to revive their reputation in the competitive, international online landscape. Tumblr, which saw over 300 million monthly users and 120,000 daily signups, was projected to expand Yahoo!’s audience levels by 50 percent, and increase traffic by 20 percent. The immensely beneficial acquisition provided both parties with major pluses such as Tumblr’s use of Yahoo!’s personalization technology and search infrastructure, and Yahoo!’s access to a younger, more engaged market. The new acquisition is expected to generate both profit and revenue later this year. Although acquired by Yahoo!, Tumblr remains as a separate company headed by its CEO, David Karp, and continues to offer the same services.

The Breakthrough Brand of 2013


Two years after committing what was labeled “the worst business move” and descending into the digital media graveyard, Netflix reemerged in 2013 as the phoenix of web-streamed content providers. Separating the DVD rental and online streaming initiatives, Netflix committed to securing licensing deals, and improving viewer experiences on all platforms. Following an upward streak of turning a US$7 million profit and generating a 2 million subscriber climb in January 2013, Netflix debuted its second original and first wildly popular series, House of Cards. Joining the ranks of top tv networks and rivalling pay tv heavyweight HBO, it premiered the Netflix Original series Orange is the New Black while heralding a wave of tv binge-watchers. The turnaround strategy focused on what viewers want and paid off with rising stock value and a loyal growing subscription base.




he Canadian owned Scotiabank Jamaica has recently raked in record These two have been going head to head for several decades. Your Money has put the two head to head to see who comes out victorious facilities and banking fees.

Leadership both organizations have shown that they have exemplary leaders at the executive level. Since his appointment in 2004 Group Managing Director of National Commercial Bank, Patrick Hylton has shown performance that is nothing short of amazing. Under his watch NCB has been growing consistently and making indicators, winning awards such as Best Bank to Most Innovative and keeping the powerful Scotiabank Jamaica on their heels. His leadership experience goes beyond NCB, he’s served as Past President of Jamaica Bankers Association, Chairman of Harmonisation Limited and he sits on numerous boards including Advantage General Insurance Ltd and Credit Services (CariCRIS) to name a few. Jacqueline Sharpe, succeeds Bruce Bowen a major Bank with an expressive track record under her belt. She has worked her way through the rungs of the organization that for the most part has been the leading bank in Jamaica. Jaqueline has been with BNS since 1997 and has progressed steadily in private banking department and most recently 12 YOURMONEY 2014


prior to her appointment she held then post of Executive Vice-President, CFO and CAO. While there are some very big shoes to be 2013. It will be interesting to see how things will play out under a full year of her watch. Scotia will have to get the nod on this one. The recent string of layoffs at NCB, several threats by the employees to strike and backlash about executive compensation has caused NCB to lose a few points in leadership. Every organization has to undergo changes and NCB will get over this hurdle in due time. Social Media Presence - Scotia Wins their social media interaction appears more engaging and purposeful. Social media has become an integral part of most organizations. It provides real-time feedback that would have been impossible to retrieve several years ago. Customers and clients are not shy in using it to profess their hate or love for institutions on their toes especially when they have complaints. In most cases a complaint on social media is resolved a lot quicker than a phone call.

NCB BNS Facebook

47,592 Likes 732 Were here 128 Talking about this Twitter

Jacqueline Sharpe - President & CEO Scotiabank Jamaica

6,328 Followers 8071 Tweets NCB Facebook

18,857 Were here 108 Talking about this 65 Likes


6,923 Tweets 4477


Patrick Hylton - Group Managing Director National Commerical Bank

Statistics as at January 4th 2014 13




NCB/ Regular Saving A/C min opening balance

BNS/ Using Proprietary ATM Mini statement

J$5000 BNS/ Regular Saving A/C min opening balance

From our observation Scotia produces a quicker response time than that of NCB on Twitter and is more interactive with followers even though NCB has a larger following on the platform. As it relates to Facebook, Scotia’s page is also a bit more active and totals more than twice the number of likes as that of NCB.


Physical Infrastructure - NCB wins! Although they have just three more bank locations than their competition, they have twice as many ATMs/ABMs. Banking facilities – in this case a physical location- plays an important role in supporting the objectives for attracting customers and operating efficiently. Despite the use of online/electronic banking there are still long lines daily at banks and this can be five times fold at the end of the month and even more on a Friday. Many Jamaicans still prefer to bank at a physical location be it a branch, drive - through tellers or ATM machine. So



J$16.50 BNS/ Proprietary POS purchase

essentially retention is directly related to numbers of conveniently placed branches and ATMs. BNS has 38 branches and over 107 ATMs island wide. NCB has 41 branches and over 213 ATMs added with their new ‘intelligent’ ABM has put them ahead of the game. Online Banking Facilities - Online banking has now become a necessary total for most financial institutions and is a big hit, primarily among younger clientele. From quite early, Scotia had a very robust online system. They are also the recipient of “Global Finance’s” Best Internet Bank for Jamaica. Both institutions and they are basically on a leveled playing field in this area, both offering free services such as transaction viewing, interbank transfers and bill payment. Scotiabank’s mobile app gives it the edge in the mobile banking platform over NCB, who only offers its online banking via web browser. Banking Charges/Fees - The issue of bank fees struck a soar note with the consumers in recent times. Many felt that banks were now charging higher fees to conduct transactions amidst economic hardship and downturn in their profits. The numbers speak for themselves - across the board.



NCB/ Proprietary ATM withdrawal deposit/enquiry

BNS/ Non-proprietary POS declined Fee



NCB/ Non-proprietary withdrawal declined ATM fee

NCB/ Cheque encashment fee

NCB (Midas Card) BNS (Visa Debit) $30.00


Deposit (Proprietary ATM)



Balance Inquiry (Proprietary ATM)



Decline Transaction (Proprietary ATM)



Withdrawal (Non-proprietary ATM)



Withdrawal Declined (Non-proprietary ATM)



Balance Inquiry (Proprietary ATM)



Withdrawal (Proprietary ATM)

Point of Sale Charges (POS) POS Purchase (Proprietary ATM)



POS Decline (Proprietary ATM)



POS Purchase (Non-proprietary ATM)



POS Declined (Non-proprietary ATM)


$19.25 15

11.92 8.50 10.58 10.00 10.62 13.00 10.07 11.07

2011 2012 2013

Net Profits in Billions




Profits - Institutions are still feeling the pinch of the global meltdown and this has directly affected their bottom line especially when coupled with the recent National Debt Exchange program. Many anticipated with baited breath for the closing of each entity’s financial statement. Despite having their most successful year in 2011, NCB’s profits have been trending downwards and took a more significant downturn in the last 16 YOURMONEY 2014



financial year. Scotia on the other hand has been more consistent in profits even though NCB outperformed them in 2010 and 2011. Scotiabank made a surprise surge in profits 2013 despite the increase in their banking fees which many thought would have impacted them negatively. The last four years, however, reveal total profits have been neck and neck: NCB $42.57 billion and Scotia $43.84 billion.

Overal Grade



Leadership Social Media Presence Physical Infrastructure Online & Mobile Banking Banking Charges/Fees Profit Total

Though the overall tally declares that Scotiabank is ahead, NCB hasn’t been lagging far behind. They’ve been trading the number one spot when it comes to profits. Through its multinational support however, Scotia just manages to edge out our very own Jamaican bank. NCB has always managed

to hold their own and will no doubt continue to put up a good fight and we expect them to make a turnaround this year from the decrease in their profit. The battle will continue with these financial giants and customers are no doubt looking for the benefits to be gained.






Pod, iPhone, iPad, i...still no new products released from Apple since its 2011 release of the iPad and the market has gotten into a bit of a frenzy. But apparently, not everybody’s complaining. With Jobs’ mysterious legacy of a pipeline of product plans and new ideas not forthcoming consumers and investors have been forced to look to the incumbent to prove himself as a worthy successor and take the tech giant into a new era of innovation. Cook who has been staving off criticisms about Apple’s success, or lack thereof - since his takeover from Jobs in August 2011. He doesn’t seem perturbed about Apple’s halt on the innovation train. Under Cook’s leadership Apple has merely made incremental changes to existing products. This pattern has unfortunately been described as reminiscents of Jobs first departure from Apple in the 1980s.This has left Cook - the efficient operator at the endless brunt of comparisons between himself and Jobs - with Cook appearing woefully inadequate on the scale of innovation. Without compelling new products entering the new markets that Apple has gained access to, worries continue to grow that Apple’s days as a hot growth company are over. There was nowhere better to see the effect of market doubts on Apple’s future than on the stock market. The company’s share prices went on a volatile roller coaster ride. After climbing to an all time high of over $700 in September 2012, prices slid to under $400 by mid-April 2013, then rebounded to just above $500 in the final weeks of the year. Can it be argued though that Jobs simply left at the peaking moment for Apple’s life cycle. If that’s the case, Cook merely needs to maintain consistency with the growth achieved by expanding on the current line of product categories. However, if he takes credit for the peaks, he must hold responsibility for the valleys and Apple’s iPod sales, are currently going through one of their darkest days yet. Rethinking Innovation / To be sure, what the Cook era has clearly shown market watchers and Apple aficionados alike, is that Apple is not bent on taking any major risks but intends to hold on steadily to the markets that it has already conquered. All this is placed against the context of a smart phone market that has essentially reached a plateau alongside a burgeoning tablet market. 19

iPod (mil)

iPhone (mil)

iPad (mil)

Mac (mil)

2011 Fiscal Year





2012 Fiscal Year





2013 Fiscal Year






These dynamics have not quelled the high running anticipation for new products. The rumour mill has been awash with talks of the launch of the iWatch, iTV, a new music streaming service and a camera that take dozens of photos within a nanosecond. Companies like Samsung have already beaten Apple to the punch with a wearable device and the high demand for phablets. Leaving many to wonder what will bring apple another iPhone like success? However, what is quite unlikely to change is Apple’s policy of being tight lipped about unannounced products. So for now, all these concept products are speculatory What has been certain is the execution of Cook’s views on what innovation actually entails. In a September 2013 interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook indicated that



entail diving into a new product category. The implementation of simple feature enhancements can be innovative, he believes. He punctuated the point that decisions are made for “Apple’s long-term health, not for a short-term 90-day clock.” So in the eyes of Tim Cook, the past two years, could easily have been seen as a period of innovation for Apple. Lining up the list of feature enhancement would be the release redesign. The software was rolled out with much fanfare by Apple as it included new features such as iBeacons, support for third party game controllers and motion detection. The quick adoption rate for Apple’s latest software, ‘undoubtedly’ outranks that of its rival Android. Experts have weighed in on the iOS7 adoption as a bold move for Cook in an era without Jobs.There was also the

Revenues (bill)

New/Remodeled store










noticeable overhaul of the company’s ultra high end MacPro features such as Siri, Apple Maps and Touch ID, wich also came to mix reviews. partnership between Apple and China mobile, analysts are remaining optimistic for the company. Apple’s partnership with China Mobile gives the Silicon Valley based tech-giant access to China Mobile’s 759 million customers, provoking an optimistic market perception This will mean more sales and greater market share. Although the expectations of new product categories may not be settling in for consumers, Cook may very well be proving that “slow and steady wins the race.” With all that said, truth be told, Cook is no slouch. Since his takeover from Jobs, he

in the operations and morale of the team. He has also addressed other major Apple issues including the working conditions in supplier’s factories in China, along with implementing regular and surprise audits to guard against any kind of safety, environmental and labour violations. Despite the success and stability that Cook has been able to forge for the company, many are still looking towards Apple, to offer more in the upcoming year. Last year, in his reflection on Jobs’s passing Cook assured the Apple’s employees that Jobs “would be proud of all of you.” Cook must now prove to the consumers and investors, can build his own positive legacy that would make jobs proud.








ngels have decended right here in Jamaica. Angels of Love Jamaica (AOLJ), a charitable non-governmental organization, has been a superb force in the fight against cancer since October 2009. The organization’s aim is deeply rooted in a humanitarian will of providing health care and education to underprivileged, critically ill and disadvantaged children across Jamaica. The foundation, founded by Philip Liu, caters to over fifty children based at either the Bustamante Hospital for Children or the May Pen Paediatric Ward. The Angels have devoted themselves to assisting not only the kids, but also their families through financial, emotional and moral support. Over the years, the organization has called on several personalities, including their Goodwill Ambassador, recording artiste, Tessanne Chin, to rally the support of the Jamaican people in combatting cancer. The foundation, which continuously extends its reach islandwide, presently has seven chapters one of which is located in May Pen and the others based at the Bustamante Hospital, Hillel Academy, Immaculate Conception High School, Campion College, the University of the West Indies, and the University of Technology. Not limiting their efforts, AOLJ has also established a ‘Good Will’ store in May Pen that generates funds towards their cause through the sale of new and almost new donated items. AOLJ tries consistently to raise funds to support their cause through donor events,

bazaars and drives that receive significant support from almost all sectors of the Jamaican society. Among their endeavors, AOLJ partnered with the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association to host the “Celebrity Shoot-Out for Charity” in June 2013. It garnered support from some of Jamaica’s successful entrepreneurs such as the President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica Christopher Zacca, and the Managing Director of the Gleaner Company Christopher Barnes who both participated in the football match. The foundation, in partnership with the University of the West Indies, also organized a triathlon September 2013 at the UWI Mona Bowl. AOLJ has embedded faith, hope and charity into their mission, and strives to create a positive atmosphere for each child by hosting annual holiday treats, such as the one they held on December 9, 2013 at the Hope Botanical Gardens, where they gifted presents to, painted the faces of and played games with children and their families. They also spread happiness at the Bustamante Hospital and the May Pen Paediatric Ward by distributing gifts to children on Christmas Day 2013. Through a system of either voluntary manual or financial assistance, AOLJ makes it easy for persons to contribute their time and effort to helping our nation’s children. As a part of their duty, they never stop trying to assemble our help in recovering and improving the life of a child.



Most Downloaded Apps For 2013 (Per smart phone users)



54% Google Maps 44% Facebook 35% YouTube 27% WeChat

30% Google + 22% Twitter

22% Skype 22% Facebook Manager 17% Whatsapp 11% Instagram

We had been introduced to a variety of innovation and upgrades last year. The release and upgrade of several apps for smart devices were constant, and consumers did nothing short of eating them up. Entering a new year, we wonder - which apps share the pedestal of the TOP apps of 2013? iOS and Android apps are at the top of the list! 25


iOS' Top 6 Most Downloaded Apps of 2013 iPad iPhone iPad iPhone iPad iPhone iPhone iPad iPhone iPad iPhone iPad

Apple reported last October that the App Store has over 1 million apps. Products in the App Store received a combined 60 billion in total app download. 26 YOURMONEY 2014


Did you know? • Over ½ of all the apps downloaded in the first quarter were for Android; approximately 40% were for iOS • 80% of time users spend on their mobile devices is spent inside apps • 54% of mobile advertising is done through apps • Android had approximately 800 million device shipments by operating system • iOS had approximately 200 million device shipments by operating system • Windows had approximately 300 million device shipments by operating system • iOS apps are the apps most downloaded and used for business than all other OS platforms

Android's Top 5 Most Downloaded Apps of 2013 Duolingo Pocket Casts Evernote Pixlr Express Nova Launcher 27





the message, and make it stick – all under a minute. As Jamaica rapidly progresses

content marketing has skyrocketed and the strategy has seen utilization by top local corporations. Widening the niche, Conrad provides an extraordinary method of making customers more intelligent and more engaged with each business’ activities and service.


ow that you have established your business and generated personalized content, how do you plan to market it? Conrad Mathison, Managing Director of “It’s Pixel Perfect”, has the perfect solution. “It’s Pixel Perfect” offers a unique marketing strategy that distributes consistent and valuable content to your target audience with the ultimate intention of expanding your clientele. Living on the edge of “transformation”, Conrad is determined to propel your business forward through improved specialized communication that positions your loyal consumers as paramount. With today’s corporate environment heavily characterized by digital wealth and constricted time, it has become increasingly imperative for businesses to employ marketing strategies that grab the consumers’ attention, convey

This method helps us to create content that prospective customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention. It’ from that initial interest that we can convert them into customers.

Considering the nature of the Jamaican economy, Conrad perceives content marketing

It’s Pixel Perfect is known for its incredible team of personalities with extraordinary work ethics. We put passion into every pixel to build and maintain brand identity through online and social media platforms.

as being the most suitable and cheaper solution. As the successful owner of a content marketing company, he encourages the use of a strategy that is cost effective and stresses that content marketing, especially through online paid advertising on social media, has the power to provide businesses and marketers with effective media research and insights into audience interests that assist entrepreneurs in making better advised purchasing decisions and improving their product offerings. Not limited to traditional marketing channels content marketing employs the use of social media, which boosts customer service and builds trusting relationships with each business’ clientele. Conrad has based his service on the

realization that customers tend to gravitate towards products and services that suit their needs, rather than considering the general Since November 2011, It’s Pixel Perfect has continuously developed a service that transforms the communicative relationship between businesses and their consumers, as well as the way in which they build consumership. Using digital representation, such as graphics and multimedia, It’s Pixel Perfect successfully establishes and markets brands, launching them socially Locally pioneering an entirely new sector, Conrad has not escaped the hardships associated with establishing and managing a start-up business. He faced burglary and expansion challenges and describes his entrepreneurial journey as a roller coaster ride. But, like every prepared passenger, he was securely strapped in and busy making plans to extend his service to a broader geographical reach. Since then, It’s Pixel Perfect has grown to provide and motivate a team of highly skilled employees, improve their contribution in the rebranding of SMEs, and offer top-notch service of great quality to businesses such as Azan’s, the University of the West Indies, the Jamaica Netball Association, Kia Motors, EduFocal, and the Mona School of Business. With plans to launch a campaign in February, Conrad intends to extend his business’ services to suit informal communication between family and friends while improving its service to the corporate community. Conrad’s journey has just begun and, looking forward, his biggest dream is to transform It’s Pixel Perfect into a Fortune 500 company right here in Jamaica. His primary aim involves the expansion of his business with a balanced team, becoming the household name for content marketing in the Caribbean, and making an unforgettable impact on society one pixel at a time. 29






Innovative / Different wins. Stand out from your competition. Consumers will most likely gravitate towards the product. Beyoncé’s “visual album” is the first of its kind with a video for every song. “I see music,” says Beyoncé. “It’s more than just what I hear.” Build a Strong Brand / Focus on building a brand that can stand out. Without a single or any promotion whatsoever, and just when everyone thought she probably postponed the release of an album until next year, the album dropped and quickly topped the charts. The strength of Beyoncé’s brand sold this album.


5 7 9

Create Direct Client Relationship /Always build a direct relationship with your clients. Too many intermediaries will distort your message. The only message that was released about the album was an Instagram post from Mrs. Carter herself at approximately 11pm on December 12, “There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist, the fans. I felt like I didn’t want anybody to give the message when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.” Team Building / Build trustworthy and lasting relationships. Most people are in awe as to how not a single word was leaked even after working with over 10 of her peers, not including videographers, editors and so many others. The entire project was kept a secret until its release. Trust Your Gut / Use your instinct to determine when the market is right. Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.’” Beyoncé has ten years in music as a solo act and knows her fans. Don’t Underestimate the Value of Social Media / It was as simple as ‘Surprise!’. A post from her Instagram account that alerted her 8.8 million followers that a new album was out, perfectly demonstrating the power of social media to get the message out, bypassing radio, television and print marketing promotion.

4 6 8 10

Quality VS. Quantity / Quality reigns supreme. Since her first solo project almost eleven years ago, the self title project is just her fifth studio album. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Focus on producing your core product and do it well. Drowning Out The Noise / Don’t read your own headlines. Since the birth of her child, there was constant chatter that Beyoncé was failing to live up to her reputation and that she was struggling to find new material. Little did we know that she was working to shake things up in the industry. Focus on getting your product out and ignore the naysayers. Controlling Acess to Ones

Product / The nature in which Beyoncé released her album was a preventative measure against leaks. The album was available only on iTunes, then on CDs/DVDs in time for Christmas holidays. There is a chance other artists will also test this strategy.

Keep Your Cards Close / Build a strong, dependable team. As talented as Beyoncé is, she admitted that the project would not have been possible without her team. The same applies for most entities. A strong team makes completing tasks and meeting deadlines a lot easier. Build a team that you can work with and trust to bring the best out for your brand and company. 31

Credits Publisher

Technology Innovation Centre Suites 11-13, 237 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 | Jamaica, W.I. Tel: (876) 970-5657

President and CEO

Tyrone Wilson

Assistant Vice President - Sales Kendra Morales

Editor in Chief

Meisha-Gay Mattis

Creative Director/Designer Kimberley Sweeney

Creative Writer/s Latoya Collins Tashna Edwards

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