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First Modern Olympics, Athens April 5, 1896 Today, 117 years ago, 245 athletes represented 14 countries at the opening of the 1st international Olympic Games. Back then, contestants were not nationally chosen but came individually and at their own expense.

First Animated Cartoon Copyrighted April 6, 1906 Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, a silent cartoon regarded as the 1st animated film. The director, James Stuart Blackton had to draw everything on chalkboard, take a picture and then erase the board and start over.

Henry Ford Died April 7, 1947 American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company was one of the richest and well-known people in the world. Through his development and manufacturing of the first automobile that revolutionised transportation.

carnival wi ready! Against the lush backdrop that is the hills of St. Andrew, the Hope Zoo played host to our photoshoot with Jamila Crosskill who breathed life into the “carnival animal” theme. Outfitted in Bachannal Jamaica’s Digicel costume and dolled up by makeup partner, The Face Place we explored the Zoo and captured magical moments.

The History of Carnival Carnival has been celebrated in Jamaica for over 25 years. Research into the history of the revelry reveals that the tradition dates back hundreds of years to the Catholic religion. In Italy, a costume festival dubbed “carnevale” was customarily held on the day before Lent which translates to “put away the meat” as Catholics were not supposed to consume meat during Lent. For Caribbean people, our roots in carnival stems from ancient African traditions of parading and moving in circles through villages in costumes and masks. This practice was believed to bring good fortune, healing and appease angry relatives who had died and passed into the next world.

animal! Le Masquerade 2013 The “Le Masquerade” Road March, signals the culmination of our carnival events in Jamaica and takes place on Sunday morning. thewkndr team wishes you safe “chipping down di road.” Be sure to tweet using #mywknd and we’ll be sure to repost your photos and videos!

yendi phillipps

What Is your carnival fitness routine?

Where did you spend your best weekend ever and why was it awesome?

To be honest my motivation to work out hasn’t fully returned yet, but I tried to get in a workout at least 3 days of the week doing a mix of cardio and weight training, yoga and kickboxing. Outside of that, lifting the little one is great for chiseled arms :)

Best weekend ever is hard for me to choose one...but...I’d probably have to say the weekend my daughter was born. Is that cheesy?! Lol...sorry to be mushy.

When and where was your best carnival experience? Why was this the best one? My best carnival experience was my very first Trinidad carnival in 2004. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before; the music, festivities, energy was just surreal and surpassed all expectations . To do it is to know it and love it.

What would be your ideal weekend bucket list? My “weekend bucket list” pretty much happens all the time. I LOVE to LIVE life to the fullest! Beach, good company, unlimited food, sightseeing are always on my list...but for it to happen in The Seychelles or Australia would be superb.

What are your best weekend spots across the world and why? My very fave would be in Capetown, South Africa...a place called Mzoli’s! All the barbeque you can imagine, feel good music and good vibes.Venice, Italy, stunning sightseeing. An island getaway/resort experience is always good too.

What are some places you would recommend as weekend activities and spots in Jamaica? I’m always down for a road trip! Dolphin Cove and Chukka Tours have some of my favourite experiences. Any of the waterfalls are always a great choice. At the end of the day, once my loves are with me wherever we choose to go, the experience is memorable.

trendy carnival face!

The days when a dash of glitter and some lipstick were enough to complement your costume are long gone. Carnival makeup has evolved and more and more the trend calls for bolder looks that include rhinestones, feathered lashes, air-brushed designs and dramatic colors. This year, the Face Place has partnered with Pure Country to offer distinctive carnival makeup packages ranging upwards from $4000 with optional add-ons. Early bird specials expire today --so reach out to them via 929-8356 to get dolled up! When the revelry is all done, your body deserves a pick-me-up that the Face Place can afford you. You deserve it. Highly recommended.

New month…new challenges. Complete items from our list, take a picture and post it to our Facebook or share via Twitter. We reward bravery --- go for the highest thrill level!

Vlog your “Suit & Tie” dance routine.

Karaoke anyone? Take part in a session at Jojo’s Jerk Pit on Thursdays.

Resist the TV urge all week. Complete a book instead.

Embrace your spirituality. Attend a random church/prayer service.

Forget Ruzzle, get smart.

Be stress free. Make an effort to pay off your credit card debt this month. Learn a new language. We suggest

kndr w e h t @ t e Twe check u o y s a d #mywkn he list! t f f o s g in th

Jazz up your space. Buy something new for your room/home. Be your own boss. Take steps to starting your own business. Adopt a pet. 5Ks are the new Fish Fries, but never mind that, sign up for the next one, fit or not! Work towards that summer body. Get a six pack!

Bob Marley • 1 oz. Creme de Menthe, green • 1/2 oz. Liqueur, banana • 1/2 oz. Rum, overproof • 1 oz. Grenadine

In a cocktail glass: • Pour the grenadine to start • Creme de menthe in the middle • Add rum plus creme de banana for the red effect • Light it up (wink) and enjoy!

With carnival in only two days, there isn’t much more you can do for your ‘carnival body’, but if there was, these would be the ideal exercises to get your body ‘ready for di road’ -- courtesy of Firm Fitness.

fitness 1


Works: abs, pecs, triceps, back and quads, glutes Start in a crouched position with your hands on the floor and then jump your legs back into a high plank, immediately return to the crouch and then leap up as high as possible. That completes one burpee.


Push up jacks

Works: full body Begin in a high push up position and jump the feet apart as you bend your elbows into a pushup, as you push back up, jump the feet back together.

3 Scissor kicks

Works: lower abs Lie back keeping your shoulders 10 inches off the floor, and your legs extended, heels just off the floor. Do alternate successive leg raises, at the highest point your leg should form a 45 degree angle with the floor and at the lowest your heels remain just off the floor.

2013 vmbs intercollege track and field championships Usain Bolt Track, UWI April 5-6, Starting at 1pm ADM: Free

Friday Pandemonium: The Carnival Experience 8 pm-2am The Golf Academy, New Kingston ADM: $4,000 (Pre-sold), $5,000 (At Gate) MVP Fridays Puls8, Pulse Complex 8pm-2am ADM: Free In the Red and Brown Water The Pantry Playhouse 8:30pm ADM: $1200 Amarra: Carnival of Colours Liguanea Club 9 pm-3am ADM: $ 2,000 (presold); $2,500 (at the gate)

Bacchanal Jouvert The New Mas Camp 10pm-6am ADM: General $2,000 (presold); $2,500 (at the gate) VIP, $4,000 (presold); $4,000 (at the gate) College Fridays QUAD Nightclub 10pm-4am

Truck Stop Ultra ++ Truck 10pm Truck leaves from Manor Centre at 10pm ADM: Early bird $3,500, pre-sold $4,000 Truck tickets+ Pandemonium $8,000 (Limited tickets available call 290-3475 to reserve tickets)

saturday Sunrise Breakfast Party (Live performance from Blaxx from Trinidad) Constant Spring Golf Club 4am- 11am ADM: $4,500 (presold) $6,000 (at the gate)

ADm: Ladies Free; Men $1,000 Radioactive Fridays Club Eras 10pm-4am ADM: $500; Ladies free b4 12am Run Road ‘Aidonia Birthday Party” QUAD Night Club 10pm-4am ADM: $1,500; Ladies free b4 1am, $1,000 after Uber Club Privilege 10pm-4am ADM: $1,500 ladies; $2,000 men

In Motion Dance Studio’s Open Day (All classes free dance- dance, aerobic ,personal training) Shop 8 Village Plaza 8 am- 5pm ADM: Free A night to dine for Charity Lilian’s Restaurant, UTECH 6pm- 9pm ADM: $3,000 La Vida Loca Club Acopoca, Dunrobin Plaza 8pm ADM:$1,000 before 10pm; $1,500 after




In the Red and Brown Water The Pantry Playhouse 8:30 pm ADM: $1200 The Official and Original Water Party: Carnival Edition Water World, Greneda Cres., New Kingston 9pm-3am ADM: $1,200 (pre-sold), $1,700 (at gate) ADM: $2,200 (pre-sold VIP), $2,700 (at gate VIP) Rum Bucket Oneil’s Place 10pm-5am ADM: $1,000 (w/o invitation) $600 (with invitation)


Super Sunday Road March Viewing Party Puls8, Pulse Complex 38A Trafalgar Rd 12 noon-10pm ADM: $1,000 In the Red and Brown Water The Pantry Playhouse 6:30 pm ADM: $1200 Wet Sundaze Auto Vision, 8 Hillview Avenue 10pm ADM: Free

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Big Wall: Royale Carnival 9 West Kings House Road 12PM-10PM ADM: $1,500 (female), $2,000 (male)



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