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Plan for the weekend, but also check out the novel and exciting happenings that took place on these days in history. If you have any interesting factoids of your own, share them with us by tweeting @thewkndr #wkndhstry.

Beatles get their first number one hit January 25, 1964 After ‘Beatle-mania’ took over the UK during the early 60s, the members of the British band set their eyes on conquering the United States. Their first US single, I Want to Hold Your Hand topped the the Billboard Hot 100 chart a week after its debut at number 45 and stayed there for seven weeks.

Avatar becomes highest grossing worldwide film of all time January 26, 2010 James Cameron’s sci-fi love story Avatar officially became the highest grossing worldwide film of all time only 39 days after it was released. The film made US$1.858 billion to beat former number one, Titanic an eponymous film about the 1912 tragedy - with US$1.843 billion. Both films were directed by Cameron.

Apple unveils the iPad January 27, 2010 At an invitation-only event in San Francisco, former head of Apple, the late Steve Jobs, officially revealed the much hyped iPad tablet. Apple was the first to bring 3G computing to mainstream audiences and changed the way average computer users read books, shared photos, browsed and watched video in an easy-to-use interface.

Last Sundays at The National Gallery


nce a month, on the last Sunday, the National Gallery of Jamaica opens its doors free of charge and invites the public to come in for Last Sunday.The gallery is opened on the last Sunday in an effort to reach new audiences and make art accessible to everyone. In addition to the available artwork, the gallery sometimes hosts other special events on Last Sundays. This week, there will be a screening of Storm Saulter’s Better Mus’ Come, which was just selected for distribution in the United States. Storm is also one of the exhibiting artists in the 2012 National Biennial, currently on display. There is a charge of $200 for the screening and tickets are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There will also be a performance piece created by Ebony G Patterson, featuring two actors. This relates directly to her video installation created for the 2012 Biennial.

IMANI WILMOT Stats CEO/Managing Director of Surf Girls Jamaica Likes Surfing, writing, photography, hang time with family and friends

Photo credit:Tiffany Lue-Yen

Imani zip Lining in Costa Rica

How did you spend the last fantastic weekend you had? My last funtastic weekend was spent entirely with family and friends. First there was Jamnesia Sessions (Eight Miles, Bull Bay), on a Saturday night where I performed an entirely unheard set of my poetry. The next day we road-tripped to enjoy a picnic and surf all day at a top-secret beach and the day after that, we all slept like babies.

What are some of your favourite places to go on the weekend? I’m a sucker for movies and documentaries, and seeing them on the big screen is always a favourite weekend option. Dinner at some of Jamaica’s best restaurants is also something I enjoy, I recently had dinner at Tracks & Records, and I quite liked the atmosphere. But my all time favourite is Shacks at Jamnesia. And if you like sushi, I highly recommend Majestic.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been to surf and why? All the places have been pretty awesome, but if I had to choose only one, I’d say Costa Rica. The people are so friendly and it’s really cool to see wild horses playing on the beach as you surf. I’ve also surfed in Ecuador, Chile, Florida and California.

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@Mello_Mel27 Bumming out the old fashion way, tv, Mp3 and a good book by the name of “the shoemaker’s wife” #mywknd @Tatianswer @theWkndr I started #mywknd with dinner @GrogShoppeRest :D @Shavarstar Happy Birthday to me! Ringing it in @FictionJamaica thanks to @theWkndr! #mywknd @rikipooh Two nights well spent with good friends and good food at @JamaicaPegasus! @theWkndr #mywknd


ere at the wkndr, we practice what we preach and we’d like to stay true to this in 2013. We have put together a lineup of remarkable locations across Jamaica, that will leave an indelible imprint on your life and we’d like to invite YOU along with us to explore. Think about it: your office isn’t filled with any new and interesting people and your daily routine doesn’t exactly offer a lot of variety. The weekend usually just sneaks up on you and you mosey around the house or catch up on snoozing. But banish that routine for 2013 and let us connect you to the thrill of the great outdoors! We are challenging your inner explorer (think Dora, transformed) to come camping, mountain-biking, hiking, backpacking, surfing, rock-climbing, mud-wrestling, kayaking, paddling and water-exploring with the wkndr team. Beginning in February, we’ll curate monthly adventures (with specially negotiated rates) and invite you, our loyal readers, to sign up and create incredible memories with us! Keep the wkndr close, we’ll bring details on our first trip in a minute.

wknd movies

Glass Slippaz CentreStage Theatre 8pm ADM: $1,400

Two Can Play Pantry Playhouse 8pm ADM: $1,200

FRIDAY Lunch Hour Concert with Dr Michael Abrahams Bank of Jamaica Auditorium 12:30pm ADM: Free (limited space available)

Jamaica Jazz and Blues Greenfield Stadium, Trelawny 8pm ADM: US$80 (general); US$120 (VIP)

LTM Pantomime 2012/13: Skoolaz Little Theatre 7:30pm ADM: $1,200

Alice: The Musical Philip Sherlock Centre 7:30pm ADM: $1,200

Krosses Stages Theatre 8:30pm ADM: $1,400

Downstairs and Black Zebra Live at Redbones Redbones Blues Cafe, 1 Argyle Rd 9:30pm ADM: $1,000

Zero Dark Thirty (A-18)

Les Miserables (A-16)

Carib 5 4:45pm and 8:35pm Palace Cineplex 5:15pm and 8:30pm Palace Multiplex 5:40pm and 9:20pm Odeon Cineplex 8:30pm

Carib 5 5pm Palace Cineplex 5:30pm Palace Multiplex 6pm Odeon Cineplex 5pm

Stand Up Guys (A-18) Carib 5 5:15pm and 8:25pm Palace Cineplex 8:45pm Palace Multiplex 9:15pm (additional 6:15pm showing on Friday)

Jack Reacher (A-16) Carib 5 8:20pm

Django Unchained (A-18) Carib 5 8:30pm

Wreck it Ralph in 3D (U) Palace Cineplex 3:10pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Appleton Uber Club Privilege 9pm ADM: $1,000 (female); $2,000 (male)

saturday Dirty Crayons 2013: Victory Run Café What’s On, 133 Barbican Rd 9am-6pm ADM: Free

This is 40 (A-18)

Parental Guidance (PG-13)

Carib 5 5pm

Palace Cineplex 2:40pm (Saturday and Sunday) Palace Multiplex 6:15pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Black Gold (aka Day of the Falcon) (A-16) Odeon Cineplex 8:15pm (additional 5:15pm showing on Friday)

Gangster Squad (A-18) Carib 5 5:15pm and 8:30pm Palace Multiplex 6pm and 9pm

Rise of the Guardians (PG-13) Odeon Cineplex 5:30pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Alice: The Musical Philip Sherlock Centre 4pm and 7:30pm ADM: $1,200

Glass Slippaz CentreStage Theatre 5pm and 8pm ADM: $1,400

sunday National Gallery Monthly Sunday Openings National Gallery 11am-4pm ADM: Free

MET Opera Encore Donizetti’s Maria Stuarda

Little Theatre 7:30pm ADM: $1,200

Palace Cineplex, Multiplex, Odeon 11:30 AM ADM: $1,200 (children, students, senior citizens); $1,600 (regular); $2,000 (box seats)

Jamaica Jazz and Blues

Better Mus Come Screening

LTM Pantomime 2012/13: Skoolaz

Greenfield Stadium, Trelawny 8pm ADM: US$80 (general); US$120 (VIP)

National Gallery 1:30pm ADM: $200

Campari Mello Vibes

Little Theatre 4:30pm ADM: $1,200

New Mas Camp 9pm ADM: $800 (presold); $1,000 (at the gate); $2,000 (VIP)

Sweet Escape RVT QUAD Night Club 9pm ADM: $1,000 (female, 2-4-1 before 1am); $1,500 (male)

LTM Pantomime 2012/13: Skoolaz

Alice: The Musical Philip Sherlock Centre 5pm ADM: $1,200



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January 25, 2013