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School segregation banned May 17, 1954 The historic ruling of Brown vs Board of Education Topeka (Kansas) was decided May 17, 1954. This ruling determined that racial segregation in educational institutions was unconstitutional. The case arose when Linda Brown, a young girl from Topeka, Kansas was denied admission to her local elementary school because of race.

Hugh Shearer’s Birthday May 18, 1923 Hugh Shearer, the third Prime Minister of Jamaica, was born in 1923 in the parish of Trelawny. His early work with the Jamaican Worker, a weekly trade union newspaper, put him in contact with Sir Alexander Bustamante who took him under his wing and sparked his political career with the Jamaica Labour Party. The Jamaican $5,000 bill bears his likeness.

The da vinci code opens May 19, 2006 The movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s popular fictional work The Da Vinci Code opened in theatres May 19, 2006. The film, like the book, raised controversy especially among religious groups. The film was the third highest grossing opening weekend that year, with some $77million (US).

STACy-ann NEILSON name: Stacy-Ann Neilson age: 25 game: PR Specialist & Creator, Lucy Projects How do you usually spend your weekends? At home or a friend’s house watching movies or just hanging out, usually with a bottle of wine. I also try to get my friends together every now and then for a games night.

What has been your most interesting weekend to date? Sumfest 2012. Usually I am busy working at Sumfest but last year was my first year as a patron and I got the chance to cross “Attend a Trey Songz concert” off my bucket list, and then Damian Marley’s performance was just the sweetest cherry on top. Seeing Adele live is next in line.

How would you spend your ideal weekend? A beach villa in Ochi or Portie, with some good friends, food, wine, games and a good book for when I want to get lost in my own little world.

Where’s your favourite place to go out to eat ? I LOVE Cuddyz, I especially love their Grand Stand Burrito. I also love Tea Tree Crêperie’s crepes and magic mint lemonade. As unexciting as this sounds, when I am away, take me to Panda Express or Chipotle and I am a happy HAPPY girl.

Have you had any amazing #wknd experiences outside of Jamaica? Does getting lost in Times Square by myself with a dead cellphone count? Maybe not. I went to Mexico with my family a few years ago. Mexico’s sun is BRUTAL, but it was seven lovely days of Cabo San Lucas’ sun sand and sea - and salsa, tacos and ceviche. I’ve also done Vegas, and that was interesting to say the very least.

Where are some of the places on your bucket-list? My next trip to LA, I am going to an Ellen Show - I am honestly Ellen’s biggest fan. I think every girl would love to roam the streets of Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, but I would love to spend a month in a small city in like Texas or Kentucky where everybody knows everybody, I don’t really know why, but I just want that small city

experience. Outside of the US, I would like to go to Wineglass Bay in Australia, The Palms in Dubai and Bora Bora.

Tell us about LucyProjects... LucyProjects is mainly arm candy: bracelets - cute charms, colored cords and beads. I recently started making sugar body scrubs and it has been doing pretty well. It started as a random DIY thing, that turned into a hobby late last year. I would post pics on Instagram and people became interested, and as they say, the rest is history.

cathi levy’s

Imagine Let your inner kid come alive again and go watch Cathi Levy’s Imagine. With puppetry, choreosign, mime and theatre in black, this magical show is bound to stretch your imagination to the limits. Take along your favourite little one for the journey as well. The show is done in collaboration with the deaf community and will be fully accessible to the hearing impaired. The cast is comprised of 30 talented deaf and hearing performers. Imagine is the first show of its kind in Jamaica with theatrical flying and larger than life props. Tickets are available at any of the following ticket outlets: Xtras (Upper Manor Park and Montego Bay), Petcom (Dunrobin), The Music Mart, Capital Solutions Ltd (New Kington), Shell (Ocho Rios), Heaven’s Texaco (Mandeville) and Genus Pharmacy (Portmore). You can also purchase online at:

FROG IN A BLENDER It’s as interesting sounding as it is easy to make. The “frog” refers to the lime wheels that will only be slightly blended with the other ingredients. The trick is to avoid blending until smooth as you normally would, only enough to chop things up and mix them together a bit. Garnish creatively and let us know how it turned out! #wkndrcheers

Prep Time: 5 minutes Yield: 1 Cocktail 1 cup of ice 2 oz vodka 4 oz cranberry juice 2 lime wheels

Place all the ingredients in a blender (including the lime wheels). Blend for 3-5 seconds (ingredients will not be completely blended). Pour into a chilled glass.



Scotch Bonnet Chili Jam Recipe courtesy of



4 red peppers, deseeded and roughly chopped 3 scotch bonnet chilis, roughly chopped 1-inch fresh root ginger, peeled and roughly chopped (or minced) 4 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped roughly 400g fresh cherry tomatoes 375g golden caster sugar 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves 250ml apple cider vinegar (or red wine vinegar)

Take all of your vegetables and herbs and blend in a food processor until finely chopped. Pour the mix into a heavy non-stick saucepan and add vinegar and sugar, mix well and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 45-50 minutes stirring frequently or until thick and syrupy. Then simmer for another 10 minutes stirring constantly to ensure it doesn’t burn. Allow to cool and spoon into sterilised jam jars and refrigerate. Lasts for three months, perfect for cheeses, cold cuts and meats.

saturday May Daze 15 West Kings House Rd. ADM: Females free before 11pm; $1,000 (males)

Friday Silhouette of Dreams Bob Marley Museum 12noon-9pm ADM: $1,000 Pan Pourri Vera Moody Concert Hall, Edna Manley College 7pm ADM: FREE Breadfruit Is The New Bread... Baby (starring No-Maddz) The Theatre Place, Haining Road 8pm ADM: $1,300 MVP Fridays Pulse Complex 8pm-2am ADM: Free (females); $1,000 (males)

After Work Vent Club Impulse ADM: Females free before 7pm; $300

Miss Westmoreland Festival Queen Coronation Sean Lavery Faith Hall 8pm Miss St. Thomas Festival Queen Coronation Colonel Cove 8pm

College Fridays QUAD Nightclub 10pm-4am ADM: Females before 12:30am; $1,000

Mango: DJ Irie Latino Red Bones 10pm ADM: $500

Uber Club Privilege 10pm-4am ADM: $1,000 (females 2-4-1 before 1am); $2,000 (males)

Tipsy Satdaze QUAD Nightclub 10pm-4am

Radioactive Fridays Club Eras, New Kingston 10pm-4am ADM: Free (females before 12:30am); $500

The Cameo Life Top Floor, QUAD Nightclub 10pm-4am ADM: $1,000 (females); $2,000 (males) Hangover Saturdays QUAD Nightclub 10pm-4am ADM: $1,000 (females); $2,000 (males)

star life saturdays The New Famous Night Club ADM: $1,000

ULTRA++ Fiction Nightclub 10pm-4am


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De’Tour Janine Coombs: 4th Year Student Concert Series Vera Moody Concert Hall, Edna Manley College 5pm-8pm ADM: FREE

NoMaddz starring in Breadfruit Is The New Bread ... Baby The Theatre Place, Haining Road 6pm ADM: $1,300 Wet Sundaze Auto Vision 6pm-2am



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Stacy-Ann Neilson.

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