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Plan for the weekend, but also check out the novel and exciting happenings that took place on these days in history. If you have any interesting factoids of your own, share them with us by tweeting @thewkndr #wkndhstry.

Al Capone freed from Alcatraz November 16, 1939 Known as America’s most ruthless gangster, Al Capone was ironically sentenced in May 1932 to a tough federal prison named Atlanta for the relatively tame charge of tax evasion. After being transferred to Alcatraz, he exhibited signs of syphilitic dementia and spent the rest of his felony sentence in the prison hospital, until he was finally released on November 16, 1939.

The Soviet Union’s moon rover rolls over the moon’s surface November 17, 1970 The Soviet Union had the first remotecontrolled robot to land on any celestial body. The rover, Lunokhod 1, drove 197 miles and returned 14 close up pictures of the moon and 12 panoramic views. In addition to this, it analysed the lunar soil and held the durability record for space rovers for more than 30 years.

Mickey Mouse appears on the big screen for first time November 18, 1928 At a time when silent films ruled the theatres, Mickey Mouse whistled and bounced his way into public hearts with Steamboat Willie, which became the first successful sound-synchronized animated cartoon film in history. The animation, produced by Walt Disney, premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York City and laid the groundwork for the entire Disney empire.


alent seems to run through the Saulter family’s veins like blood, as both Nile and Storm are popular, multi awardwinning filmmakers with their own company, New Caribbean Cinema Film Group. It was only a matter of time before third brother, Astro, a digital artist, made his debut. At 34 years old, Astro has spent his life in a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy, a motor condition that causes disabilities in human development, primarily as it relates to body movements. Astro creates his artwork using EZ Keys software. This enables him to control the computer via his wheelchair headrest with the tap of a button that controls a cursor on the screen. The talented artist will officially be introduced to the local art community on November 17 with an exhibition of his work.

The event, Astro: The Morning Star highlights the difficulties faced by people living with disabilities in Jamaica and creates awareness about their creative needs as well as their desire to produce positive changes in their lives. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the United Nations-sanctioned Day of People with Disability, which promotes understanding and support for the dignity, rights and well being of persons with disabilities the world over. Astro: The Morning Star will be held at Studio 174 (174 Harbour Street) from 4-9pm. The exhibit will be running through to January 19, 2013.

an afternoon at the Opera


re you a lover of the arts who has been dreaming about going to the opera? If so (or even if you’re just curious to find out what the ‘hype’ is about), you’re in luck. The famed Metropolitan Opera has made the classical pieces from its 2012-2013 Met Opera season available all over the world through their ‘Live in HD’ series. Twelve of these shows are being shown in Jamaica by the Palace Amusement Company and have been in theatres from October 13, running until April 27, 2013. Each showing also includes behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast, composers and other producers to give you an in-depth look at the show - all without even leaving Jamaica. If that isn’t enough to tempt you to go to the theatre early on a Saturday afternoon, then the complimentary wine and coffee might. If you are unable to attend the live showings at Carib 5, encores are shown in Palace cinemas across the island. This weekend will be the encore showing of Thomas Adés’ The Tempest. Keep checking the wkndr listings for dates and times of the upcoming shows. Anna Netrebko in L’Elisir D’Amore

Deanna chilling in China.

Stats Name Deanna Robins Titles Miss Jamaica World 2012, Miss World Caribbean 2012 and Beauty with a Purpose Ambassador D.O.B November 17, 1990


Deanna and the other Continental Queens of Beauty 2012

Deanna volunteering at the YMCA Deanna volunteering at the YMCA

Your birthday is this weekend. What are some of your plans? For my birthday, I’ll probably spend it with my family and friends, doing dinner with each group separately.

than others, so I’ll have one set of friends that I always go to the movies with, some friends who I always go for dinner with, some friends who I always go for ice cream with. That I find keeps it interesting because it’s never the same thing every single weekend. It allows me to change and to mix it up and I also get to see different people every weekend.

Since winning your titles, how have your weekends changed? Which of the Miss World contestants would you bring to My weekends haven’t really changed too much. I may have visit Jamaica, why, and where would you take them? Miss Jamaica World duties to do over the weekend, but it doesn’t take away from my regular activities. If anything it adds, because the duties aren’t tedious or boring. I still have time to see the people I want to see and to do the things that I want to do.

What makes your weekends interesting? What make my weekends interesting are the people I spend them with. I have friends who like to do certain things more

I’m still in touch with some of the girls but the one I would most like to have visit Jamaica is probably Miss India. Jamaica is so different from what she’s used to, I think she would really like it here. If a group of them came then I would take them to Dolphin Cove, probably Doctor’s Cave Beach and to Scotchies for some good Jamaican jerk!


@thewkndr Check out the feedback love we got from our followers on Twitter, telling us how they spent their weekends, what they love about the wkndr and our November bucket list!

@Sturr1dge @theWkndr Spent most of my Saturday with @RachieVPA, in the night I went to Containa Satdehz, My Sunday was quite busy & tiring #mywknd @rastachick_ I just love @theWkndr , Keeping me up to date with events! Kudos to you guys!! @Jhoni_Jhonez The @theWkndr bucket list is just wow! Ya’ll definitely got that thrill level right! @RWC360 If you go out on a Friday Night instead of Saturday your weekend will seem longer #fact #weekendtips #mywknd (@thewkndr) @_rushel I really loved the write up on Afiya Francis in this week’s wkndr. She’s always been such an inspiration to me! Wonderful woman.

Jamaica 2 Rahtid Pantry Playhouse 8:30pm ADM: $1,400

Courthouse Drama Olympia Crown Hotel 8:30pm ADM: $1,200

FRIDAY Caribbean BETA: Tech Conference Knutsford Court Hotel 8:30am-5pm ADM: $1,500 (EZ Pass); $3,250 (Networker ticket)

Evening of Expression UWI Mona Undercroft 7pm ADM: Free

Yard 2012 CentreStage Theatre 8pm ADM: $1,400 (downstairs); $1,700 (upstairs)

Old Story Time Stages Theatre 8pm ADM: $1,400

Scandal Stages Theatre 8:30pm ADM: $1,400

D’Wali- Throwback Party NHT Parking Lot, New Kingston 10pm-4am ADM: $1,000 (ladies); $1,500 (men)

Antiques and Collectibles Fair Preview and Auction Campion College ‘Lindo’ Auditorium 7pm ADM: $200 (adults); Free (children under 12)

saturday Beat Diabetes Walkathon Emancipation Park 6am-10am ADM: $500 (registration can be done on the day) Call 906-0065 or email volregistry@

Well-Fest: JN Group Health, Wealth, Wellness and Family Fair JNBS Head Office, 2-4 Constant Spring Rd. 10am-5pm ADM: Free

MET Opera Encore HD Broadcast - The Tempest by Adès Palace Multiplex (Montego Bay) 11am ADM: $1,600 (regular); $2,000 (box)

KFC On the Verge KFC, Old Hope Road 4pm-8pm ADM: Free

Art Exhibit ‘Astro, The Morning Star’ Studio 174, 174 Harbour Street, 4pm-9pm ADM: Free

Yard 2012 CentreStage Theatre 5pm and 8pm ADM: $1,400 (downstairs); $1,700 (upstairs)

The Lift Off Tony’s Bar, Chelsea Hotel 7pm-11pm ADM: Free

Live from Kingston #11 Upper Manor Park Plaza 7pm ADM: Free

Old Story Time Stages Theatre 8pm ADM: $1,400

Jamaica 2 Rahtid Pantry Playhouse 8:30pm ADM: $1,400

Courthouse Drama Olympia Crown Hotel 8:30pm ADM: $1,200

Scandal Stages Theatre 8:30pm ADM: $1,400

Ring Ding- NMLS Scholarships and Bursaries Benefit Concert Aubrey Fraser Lecture Room, Norman Manley Law School, UWI 6pm ADM: $1,000

Collectibles and Antiques Fair Campion College ‘Lindo’ Auditorium 10am-6pm ADM: $200 (adults); Free (children under 12)

JaMIN at the ‘BAS’ Concert The Ambassador Theatre, 1 1/2 Collie Smith Dr. 7pm ADM: $1,000 (general); $5,000 (gold VIP); $10,000 (platinum VIP)

Restaurant Week Jamaica 2012 Click here for details

sunday Jamaica Epilepsy Association Walkathon 2012 Emancipation Park 7am ADM: $500 (registration can be done on the day)

wknd movies Trouble With the Curve (A-16) Carib 5 5pm and 8:20pm Palace Cineplex 5:40pm Palace Multiplex 6pm and 9pm The Master (A-18) Carib 5 4:45pm Palace Multiplex 5:45pm and 9:10pm (only 9:10pm on Saturday and Sunday) SkyFall (A-18) Carib 5 4:45pm, 8:15pm and 8:30pm Palace Cineplex 5:30pm and 8:50pm (additional 2:15pm showing on Saturday and Sunday) Palace Multiplex 5:50pm and 9:20pm Odeon Cineplex 5:05pm and 8:30pm

Flight (A-18) Carib 5 4:50pm and 8:30pm Palace Cineplex 8:40pm Palace Multiplex 6pm and 9pm Odeon Cineplex 5:15pm and 8:15pm (only 8:15pm on Saturday and Sunday) AlexCross (A-18) Carib 5:15pm and 8:25pm Hotel Transylvania in 3D (U) Palace Cineplex 3pm (Saturday and Sunday only) Hotel Transylvania in 2D (U) Odeon Cineplex 5:15 pm (Saturday and Sundays only) Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted in 3D (U) Palace Multiplex 6pm (Saturday and Sundays only)

MET Opera Encore HD Broadcast - The Tempest by Adès Palace Cineplex (Sovereign Centre) and Odeon Cineplex (Mandeville) 11am ADM: $1,600 (regular); $2,000 (box)

CB Group UWI 5k Walk/Run UWI Mona Bowl 7am ADM: Free (for spectators, no registration on race day)

Brickolage VI Philip Sherlock Centre, UWI 5:30pm ADM: $800 (presold); $1,000 (at the gate)

Scandal Stages Theatre 5pm and 8:30pm ADM: $1,400

Old Story Time

Jamaica 2 Rahtid Pantry Playhouse 6pm ADM: $1,400

CB Pan Chicken Championships Ocean Blvd., Downtown 12noon ADM: Free

Collectibles and Antiques Fair Campion College ‘Lindo’ Auditorium 10am-4pm ADM: $200 (adults); Free (children under 12)

Pulse Caribbean Model Search Finals 2012 Wyndham Hotel 8pm ADM: $1,200 (regular, presold); $1,500 (regular, at the gate); $1,700 (VIP pre-sold); $2,000 (VIP, at the gate)

Stages Theatre 5pm and 8pm ADM: $1,400

Courthouse Drama Olympia Crown Hotel 5:30pm and 8:30pm ADM: $1,200



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