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Nelson Mandela’s inauguration may 10, 1994 In 1994, Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the first black president of South Africa. In a country known for its blatant racism in modern history, his win represented hope for the future of South Africa. His inauguration was attended by 4,000 people and was televised to one billion views globally.

Christopher gonzales’ Bob Marley Statue unveiling cancelled may 11, 1983 The iconic statue of Reggae legend Bob Marley by the National Stadium was not the first one to be made for that location. A first statue was done by Christopher Gonzales but the unveiling was cancelled on this day due to protests against Gonzales’ interpretation of Marley. A new one, pictured here, was commissioned to be done by Alvin Marriott.

13th anniversary of Don drummond’s death may 12, 1936 In 1982 a concert was staged by the Bellevue Hospital’s cutural therapy team to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the death of Don Drummond. A reknown trombonist and composer, Drummond was one of the original members of The Skatalites. Pianist George Shearing rated him as one of the top five trombone players in the world.

keznamdi mcDonald Stage Name: Keznamdi Favourite Place to chill out in Ja: Skyline aka The Reggae Mountain Things I love to do: Play some ludo, run some football and just simply relax

How was Tanzania and Ethiopia? Tanzania and Ethiopia were definitely big experiences. Definitely got exposed to a lot of things, It opened my mind to a lot of different cultures, languages, food, the kind of people and the way a whole nation is run differently. And definitely the exposure is a lot better than the classroom and it was a great experience and it affected me on a personal level, on a musical level, on all levels as an individual.

What do you think was the biggest change moving from Jamaica?

How long have you been doing music? From I was kicking drums in my mother’s belly. I was actually on tour in my mother’s belly when they went to Europe, so it’s from those times. It’s always been a subconscious thing and now growing up the subconscious turn into a conscious thing. So it’s always been around me from I was little. Professionally, I started to seriously take up music around 12/13yo. I was self- taught, my father taught me how to play guitar and I taught myself how to play piano, but now I’m in school for music, doing a sound arts degree

How do you usually spend your weekends? I’m a simple youth, I usually spend my weekends with family, playing football or doing music. That’s the three things I like doing, and that’s not just weekends, weekdays too. I’m a firm believer of work ethic so it’s not a job or career for me, it’s a lifestyle, I’m always working on something towards progressing myself in the music business.

Where are some of the places you’ve travelled to? I grew up in Jamaica and I left Jamaica in my late teens. I moved to Tanzania for three years and then I moved to Ethiopia after that for another three years and then I moved to America for another three years so I’ve been all over the place growing up.

The biggest change I think is the tempo of the way we live, the rhythm, the way Jamaica lives is very laid back, Tanzania was very similar to that as well but then when I went to Ethiopia it was a lot more spiritual and a lot more about religion, because Ethiopians are all about the religion and the spiritual aspect of life. And when I moved to America that was probably my big change because it was just a total, different change in tempo. Everything is just on-the-go and moving.

What is the most interesting place you’ve been to? Probably when I was on a soccer tournament in Egypt and we went to the pyramids and that was a very dramatic experience for me. It’s not what you see in the movies, it’s not what you see in the pictures, it was just crazy for me. Even the physical aspect of it before you even get in the spiritual, the size of the actual pyramid, one block is like the size the studio room. And then the history of it, the beautiful history of Egypt. That was just lifechanging for me.

Breadfruit is the new Bread...Baby Local music sensation No-Maddz is pushing the envelope again with their new production Breadfruit is the New Bread Baby. The show is a revue that is satirical in nature, dealing with current issues and social commentary. Featuring a full live band and the four vocalists from No-Maddz the show promises to be talent filled and good entertainment for everyone. The show runs from Wednesdays - Sundays at The Theatre Place on 8 Haining Road. Friday and Saturday shows are at 8pm and Sundays at 6pm. Call 479-5628 to reserve tickets.

Pimento Infused Gin Martini 1.5oz Bombay Gin Splash of Dry Vermouth 1/4oz Lime Juice 10 grains of pimento

Ike Chad, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at Cru Bar & Kitchen takes over #wkndrcheers with a personal favorite that he whipped up merely on a whim (like he’s often times inclined to do). This is a drink for men. Ladies, your treat is up next weekend.

Pour Bombay Gin into a martini glass, swish it around to flavour the glass then pour it into a shaker. Add a splash of Dry Vermouth, lime juice and crushed pimento grains. Shake. Shake some more. Shake even more. We kid. Pour it up. Garnish with a couple grains of pimento, seriously, trust us. Also olives, maybe, if you want to imitate all the way.


Treat Mom to a homemade meal this Sunday. Try out this Ham and Cheese frittata recipe, perfect for breakfast, brunch or a light lunch.


Ham and Cheese frittata ingredients


2 tablespoons butter 1/2 onion, sliced 3/4 teaspoon salt freshly ground black pepper 8 large eggs 1/4 cup milk 1 cup diced ham 1 teaspoon chopped fresh herbs (parsley, thyme or dill) 1 cup grated swiss or cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to broil Melt the butter in a medium non-stick skillet over medium heat. Add onions and season with 1/2 teaspoon salt and some pepper. Cook stirring occasionally, until the onions get very soft (about 15 minutes). Meanwhile whisk the eggs and milk in a medium bowl with the remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt and some pepper until smooth. Transfer onions to a bowl to cool. Stir the onions, ham, herbs and cheese into the eggs. Heat the non-stick skillet. Pour the frittata mixture into the pan and stir to make sure the fillings are evenly arranged. Cook, stirring gently in the first couple minutes of cooking, the let the mixture cook undisturbed until bottom sets (about 5 minutes). Transfer skillet to the oven and broil until the eggs are just set and brown (about 5 minutes). Take care not to overcook or the eggs will be dry. Remove from the oven, cover, and set aside for about five minutes. Invert the frittata onto a large plate or platter, cut into wedges and serve warm or at room temperature.

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MVP Fridays Pulse Complex, 38A Trafalgar Rd 8pm-2am ADM: Free (females); $1,000 (males)

Friday Artist in Residence - Prof. Du Juemin Confucius Institute (UWI) 8am-8pm Info: 927-0375 JCDC Portland Traditional Folk Forms: Parish Finals Folly Oval, Port Antonio 9am-3pm JCDC Kingston & St. Andrew Drama Parish Finals YWCA, 2H Camp Road 9am-3pm Caribbean Photography Exhibition: Jobs Around the World Alliance Francaise, Carnegie Building (1st Floor), 12B Lilford Ave. 2pm-9pm A Pre-Mother’s Day Concert: My Favourite Things Bookophilia 7pm-9pm Breadfruit Is The New Bread... Baby (starring No-Maddz) The Theatre Place, Haining Road 8pm ADM: $1,300

May Daze 15 West Kings House Rd ADM: Free (females free before 11pm); $1000 After Work Vent Club Impulse ADM: Free (females free before 7pm); $300 5IVE Quad Nightclub 10pm-4am Silvertones Live Red Bones Blues Cafe 9:30pm ADM: $800 College Fridays QUAD, New Kingston 10pm-4am ADM: Free (females before 12:30am); $1,000 Uber Club Privilege 10pm-4am ADM: $1,000 (females 2-4-1 before 1am); $2,000 (males)

Radioactive Fridays Club Eras, New Kingston 10pm-4am ADM: Free (females before 12:30am); $500

saturday “Improve Your Photography” Classes w/ Howard Moo Young Little Premier Plaza 9am-12pm Info: 840-3357 Re-ward Live - Architectural Intervention Ward Theatre, North Parade 12pm-9pm ADM: FREE Miss Elizabeth Festival Queen Coronation Alpart Sports Club, St. Elizabeth 7pm ADM: $300 (children); $500 (adults presold); $700 (at the gate) Miss St. Ann Festival Queen Coronation St. John’s Anglican Church Hall, St. Ann 8pm ADM: $200 (children under 12); $800 (adults) Breadfruit Is The New Bread... Baby (starring No-Maddz) The Theatre Place, Haining Road 8pm ADM: $1,300 Climate Control - The Pool Party Edition Constant Spring Golf Club 8pm-2am

Tipsy Satdaze QUAD Nightclub 10pm-4am The Cameo Life QUAD NightClub 10pm-4am ADM: $1,000 (females); $2,000 (males) Hangover Saturdays QUAD NightClub 10pm-4am ADM: $1,000 (females); $2,000 (males) Hennessy V The Terrace, 28-48 Barbados Ave. ADM: $1,500 (presold); $1,800 (at the gate) ULTRA++ Fiction Nightclub 10pm-4am Chandor Club Overtime; NHT Car Park ADM: $800 (presold); $1,000 (at the gate) Magnum Container Satdaze (Nerds Rule Edition) Gee Wee Car Park, 1A Caledonia Ave. ADM: FREE; $300 (males after midnight)

Inland Empire Reggae Festival Qwest Nightclub, Mandeville 11pm ADM: $800 (presold); $1,000 (at the gate); $2000+ (VIP)

sunday De’Tour Club Overtime, NHT Parking Lot 12am-6am ADM: $1,200 (presold); $1,500 (at the gate) National Council for Indian Culture Roti Festival Chedwin Park, Old Harbor Road 12pm-8pm ADM: FREE To Mom With Love Concert LIME Golf Academy ADM: $2,000 (presold); $2,500 (at the gate); $5,000 (VIP); $10,000 (VVIP) Wow Mom feat. Jimmy Riley South Beach Cafe 5pm-10pm Reservations: 946-0005/6 Wet Sundaze Auto Vision 6pm-2am Breadfruit Is The New Bread... Baby The Theatre Place, Haining Road 6pm ADM: $1,300

the wkndr - Keznamdi  

Musician Keznamdi takes over the wkndr eZine.

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