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Brittany (second from left) with friends Shion, Ashleigh, Chelsea, and Maurice

The Blue Mountains When I think about a ‘weekend get-away’, all that comes to mind are the majestic Blue Mountains. You literally leave behind all your problems on the flat.When you’re there, everything seems small and minuscule, including your problems. It’s like nothing matters but that moment in time. The lush environment, beautiful cloud cover and amazing weather contribute to the serene ambiance that makes every person stop to reflect,“Wow, I’m truly blessed!” Personally, it’s a place of total release for me; a place of second chances and new chapters – the best birthday location ever!

Follow the writer Brittany Singh @MizSingh Brittany and her boyfriend Bazil

Busting the gut


If there is one problem area common to both men and women, it’s the midsection. Fight the bulge with these simple exercises. Visualise ‘alligator back’ abs here guys: every crunch is progress!

ABS 2 Place the feet flat on the floor and lift the shoulders up

on two counts, down on two counts, repeat 25 times. These are small and intense movements. Repeat this move while holding your hips slightly off of the ground. A subtle pelvic tilt intensifies the exercise tenfold. Hold at the top on the last one for 15 counts.

1 Lying flat on your back on a mat, lift your legs straight up above

your hips and leave them there, steady. This engages your core muscles. Lift the shoulders up towards the legs, supporting the head with your hands and making sure to clear the floor with your entire upper back and shoulders. Exhale on the ascent, inhale on the descent. Do 35 slow reps and 30 fast pulses.

TIP: If your neck begins to hurt whilst crunching, cross your

hands behind your neck and place the opposite fingertips on the tops of the shoulders. This way, you can let your head rest on your forearms, giving your neck full support.

Breathing through each crunch allows oxygen to enter the bloodstream, which is ‘gas’ for maximum fat burning.

3 Crunch into a ball, bending the knees up at 90 degrees. Lining them up with your hips, lift your head off the floor, pulling up towards the knees and lowering for 30 counts. Go right into the next 30, this time pulling the knees in towards the chest simultaneously and crunching your entire body into a ball position. Hold together on the last one and pulse for 20 small crunches, breathing out fast on the crunch and hold it all together on the last count for 15 seconds. Go through this series twice in a row.

What is your typical weekend like? My typical weekend is spent either photographing a wedding or portrait session. If I don’t have work, I like to take it easy and chill out at home watching tv.


Tiffany lue yen

If you had one free weekend, what would you do? If I had a free weekend, I would spend it relaxing on the beach and treating myself to some good food. Where is your favourite weekend getaway? My favourite weekend getaway would be a trip to Portland. It’s one of my favourite parishes as it is lush, almost untouched and you experience a feeling of calm once you arrive there. I feel that there are so many things undiscovered about it and that intrigues me to return. Do you have a favourite weekend food spot? My favourite weekend food spot would be KFC. I LOVE my BBQ hot wings! That’s not limited to weekends either. LOL. Outside of that, I am a lover of sushi, so East Japanese would be my first option for fine dining for a weekend delight. If you had to choose one place that you think epitomises a true Jamaican weekend, where would it be? Hellshire Beach epitomises a typical Jamaican weekend for me. All the elements of true Jamaican living can be found there, from the mixture of people, vendors selling authentic Jamaican crafts, the food choices from fish and festival to pepper shrimp and conch soup; the method of cooking with cast iron and cold stoves, not to mention the overall rustic vibe and simplistic way of living. It’s a sweet treat when you want a carefree dining environment. What has been your best weekend ever? My best weekend ever was one spent in Vegas earlier this year. Some friends and I decided to save up and take a trip to have the ultimate party experiences and it was well worth it. Our last night, we went to club Surrender at Encore and Skrillex was playing. The energy of the crowd and sound was so amazing. To top it off, he world premiered his song with Damian Marley that same night! So for us Jamaicans, we were ecstatic and proud. I will always remember that night.

@thewkndr This is how our fans spend their #wknd. Tweet us using the the hashtag #mywknd and you could see your tweets here!

@WainTawp says Enjoying #mywknd so far...Hang with the cousins now lounging on the couch. @lajefferson says Today turned into a day of R&R. The way I slept this PM I must’ve needed it #mywknd. @ MeishMGM says #mywknd gym earlier today and now I’m finishing up at the hair salon @LuwayneThomas Watching #basketball final at National indoors. Tivoli vs Urban knights. Mr Seaga representing #mywknd @AshteroidCandy What we drank at macau last night midori sours ! #MyWknd @thewkndr @JTCM1 Drinking soup on Saturdays & rice and peas w/chkn on Sundays #mywknd

things to do this wknd



your wknd with isaac Electric Friday, August 24 Evita’s, Ocho Rios Drink and party to the hottest techno mixes. Beer bucket deals all night. Admission: $1,000 LIV White Dragon Club Friday, August 24 The newest and hottest club in New Kingston kicks off its party line up with LIV. Admission: $1,000 females; $1,500 males 5iv3 Top Floor, Quad Friday, August 24 Embrace your desires and give in to your sweet tooth. Admission: $2,000 males; $1,500 females GNC Wellness Station Jamaica College Saturday, August 25 A station set up at the Balllaz 1st Touch Kids Summer Camp, giving 20 per cent off the following products: Pro Performance, Total Lean and men’s, women’s and children’s multivitamins.

Saturday Night Party The Deck Saturday, August 25 Hosted by Bobby T and Gary Kong Summer Dip 4A East Kirkland Heights, Red Hills Saturday, August 25 Pool Party 4pm - 12am. Admission: $1,500 Pre-Sold $2,000 at the gate Red Bull ThreeStyle Club Riddim Saturday, August 25 Who will be the ultimate party rocker? Admission $1,000 Project Flexx: Pre-Thriller 4A Wilmington Avenue, Jacks Hill, Saturday, August 25 Admission: $1,000 females; $1,500 males; $1,800 if not in black or costume Sophisticated: Summer End Beach Party Island Village Beach, Ocho Rios Sunday, August 26. Admission: $1,200 presold; $1,500 at the gate

Tropical Storm Isaac has already put a damper on the weekend with several events postponed. If you find yourself stuck at home this weekend, here are some ‘survival tips: 1

You need to eat, so stock up on non-perishable foods like tinned goods, bread and crackers. And don’t forget bottled water.


Bring out those board games, in case you lose power and can’t tweet.


Get a battery-operated radio to listen to storm updates - and to ‘build a vibes’ with your favourite station.


Charge your phone batteries and use sparingly. You never know if the power might go and you need to be able to communicate.

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the wkndr eZine  

August 24, 2012 Issue

the wkndr eZine  

August 24, 2012 Issue