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+ Catch SkyGrass

live at Redbones


ith an unconventional name to match their eclectic music, SkyGrass is one group music lovers won’t want to miss out on. Their sound, a fusion of reggae, rock and dancehall is mostly up-tempo and high energy, with a few chill songs as well. The band loves to play live, so every performance is a new experience and a good vibe. While he wouldn’t reveal much about their upcoming album, SkyGrass’ singer and guitarist, Simon Samuel, said, “It’s gonna be shot. You can expect the catchy tunes, good lyrics and music that was made with love, so it’s not like a one riddim that you churn out and hear a million songs on it.”

SkyGrass performs tonight, July 20, at Redbones Blues Cafe, 1 Argyle Road, Kingston 10


+ Nikeema Gordon Production manager What is your typical weekend? My typical weekend is normally hanging out with a bunch of BMX riders, doing bicycle stunt riding. We ride ramps, so I normally ride with them or when I’m not at work, I hang out with them a lot. What item can you not live without on the weekend? The BMX riders. What has been your best weekend ever? Going off-roading. We get to go off-roading where cars can’t go, where there are no houses or any form of civilisation at all, nothing but driving through water and streams. That’s always fun.

Do you have a favourite weekend food spot? I love to cook. I love to experiment, but my favourite food spot is a place called Alive Food. What event or activity do you recommend for any given weekend and why? The beach is good, but that’s very typical. Apart from the beach, offroading. That, or hanging out by a ramp and watching skateboarders. If you had one free weekend what would you do? Sky-diving in the middle of the sea.




+ Aladin Mediterranean Restaurant Sitting in a quiet corner, sipping black tea and nibbling on falafels and a beef kebab, I almost forgot I was in Kingston. Everyone needs a cafÊ getaway and I found my solace in a Middle Eastern haven called Aladin. Aladin is known for their juicy kebabs that are first baked in order to trap in moisture, then grilled to perfection, which results in a slightly caramelised exterior and a tender and succulent interior. If you are a foodie, then the specialty sauces that complement every item on their menu might get your taste buds excited. But for those who have a harder time trying new foods, I recommend the chicken wings. Aladin’s take on seasoning is incredible and will lead you to further delectable adventures. So, this weekend, if you are looking for somewhere unique to experience, head over to Liguanea Plaza, order a Laziza and explore the menu!

134 Old Hope Rd. Shop #14 Liguanea Plaza 970 1291/321 4572 Mon-Thurs 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-12am, Sun 12am-6pm

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What to do this wknd REGGAE SUMFEST MONTEGO BAY JULY 19-21 Jamaica’s premier reggae concert celebrates 20 years. Performers include Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Junior Gong, I Octane, Trey Songz and R Kelly, plus the return of Shabba Ranks. A must-go event. SKYGRASS PERFORMS LIVE REDBONES, 1 ARGYLE ROAD FRIDAY, JULY 20 Live music ranging from reggae, dancehall and rock. Starting at 8:30pm. Admission: $800 presold, $1,000 at the gate SAHS BENEFIT PERFORMANCE FEATURING NDTC LITTLE THEATRE FRIDAY, JULY 20 National Dance Theatre Company is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Proceeds from Friday’s show in aid of the St Andrew High School Foundation. Showtime: 8pm. Admission: $1,200 READINGS IN THE PARK: CLAUDE MCKAY TO OLIVE SENIOR EMANCIPATION PARK FRIDAY, JULY 20 Come out to hear and see performances of some of Jamaica’s finest literary works. The evening will culminate with the

unveiling of the exhibition ‘Jamaican Literature: A Quest for Independence’. Show starts at 5pm CARI-FUN GOSPEL ST ANDREW HIGH SCHOOL GARDEN THEATRE FRIDAY, JULY 20 Cari-Worship, Cari-Blend, Cari-Bash and Cari-MiHome are just some of the activities happening at this event. Help send 20 Christian students to impact Caribbean Missions Conference. Admission: $300 ULTRA++ FICTION LOUNGE SATURDAY, JULY 21 Come enjoy the three moods of Ultra++ in the Main Room, The Johnnie Walker Lounge and the Moet Deck. This is a list-only event, so get listed ASAP! Admission: $1,500 female, $2,000 males SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY THE DECK SATURDAY, JULY 21 Enjoy your Saturday night with Bobby T and Gary Kong

PRAISE HIM THROUGH HYMNS KARRAM SPEID AUDITORIUM, MERL GROVE HIGH SCHOOL SATURDAY, JULY 21 Come out in your black, green and gold in support of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary. Starts at 6pm. Admission: $600, children: $100 at the gate

BLURR: SUNDOWN IN PARADISE THE PALMS - GISCOMBE’S GYM SUNDAY, JULY 22 Enjoy hassle-free bars, food and pastry booths while rocking to music by ZJ Chrome, ZJ Ice, Chromatic and Chris Dymond . Admission: $1,800 females; $2,000 males. At the gate: $2,500 (Ladies 2-4-1 before 5pm)

DANCE/EXERCISE CLASS WITH NYASHA AND IRKAH PHILLIP SHERLOCK CENTRE, UWI MONA CAMPUS SATURDAY, JULY 21 Want to let loose and lose weight at the same time? Try this fun, two-hour class, starting at 10am ending at noon. Price: $1,000

THE ISLAND ROUTES MARGARITAVILLE MELLO’ VIBES CATAMARAN CRUISE JULY 22, 2012 Admission $4400 inclusive of food and unlimited premium brand drinks. VIP Brunch and early kick off party starts at 12 noon. Boarding time 1:45pm. For reservations, call 549 0210 or toll free 1 888 429 5478.

RED BULL KING OF ROCK NATIONAL STADIUM SATURDAY, JULY 21 Kingston’s top ‘streetballers’ go head-to-head in a royal battle when the ‘Red Bull King of the Rock’ is staged at the National Stadium this Saturday. MAKKA PRO SURFING TOURNAMENT SOUTH HAVEN BEACH, ST THOMAS JULY 20-22 The sixth staging of the Makka Pro Surfing Tournament takes place this weekend. Surfers from Venezuela, the United States and other countries will show off their skills as they ride the waves. If you’re interested in surfing, this is definitely a must-go event.

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