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+ Mount Edge Guest House, EITS Café and Food Basket Farm from the blog Yard

The guesthouse has a total of eight rooms, strategically positioned, some of them enjoying the views of the mountains and the city below. Started in the late 90s, it has seen a steady stream of backpacking foreign visitors (and occasionally locals) in search of a not-so-traditional vacation. Guests have come from all over the world but mostly from Europe. Mount Edge has been rated number one on the Trip Advisor Bed and Breakfast’s  and Inn’s in Kingston list, and remains well recommended in the Lonely Planet travel guide.


ount Edge Guest House, EITS Café and Food Basket Farm have a concept of providing a Brand Jamaica cultural experience with accommodation, a Farm to Table dining experience, and fresh salads, herbs and produce, delivered to supermarkets, restaurants and residences. They are located in the hills of Newcastle, St Andrew about 15 minutes from Strawberry Hill. Mount Edge Guest House offers modest accommodation at affordable prices. It is ideal for guests who are looking for holidays where they can enjoy the natural beauty of Jamaica at a reasonable price.

For more information contact: Robyn Fox at or call Mount Edge at 944-8974.


+ Medusa’s steak

revolution! r’s pick

the wknd

Filet Mignon


nce just a rum bar, Medusa at 96 Hope Road is on a mission to bring you Jamaica’s fairest-priced and best-seasoned steak, each Friday between the hours of 5-10pm. Open for eight years, the establishment has had its ups and downs with food but its owners have invested heavily in recent times. A new bar was followed by a roof covering a previously open seating area, which has now been resurfaced as a dance floor and not forgetting the once dingy bathrooms, which now wouldn’t look out of place in a North Coast hotel. “Consistency,” explains operations manager Robin Rickhi, is the number one aim in all that the bar now does, speaking as the smiling chef, ‘Butch’, carries plates of steaming grilled meats out of the kitchen for hungry customers. “It’s beyond competitive!” says Rickhi of prices beginning at $1,000 for an 8oz steak with all the trimmings. “People don’t just eat, they sit here and lyme and drink so let’s just say it’s subsidised! Every week people come here and ask how do you do this and we just say enjoy it!” And they are, with the first Steak Night five weeks ago beating Medusa all-time sales record, and word of mouth keeping established customers for dinner and bringing their friends with them.

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“Bar prices for sports bar quality,� smiles Rickhi, a one-time patron of the bar, who believes their prices are the most competitive in town. Medusa has long been known for its all-you-can-drink night, dubbed Recession Wednesdays. For those less able to manage a Thursday hangover, the bar has a Latin night every other Saturday, which falls tomorrow, and has greatly expanded its menu. The chili cheese fries are a mound of sinful goodness and jerk alfredo (pasta and chicken) is available as of this week. The bar’s growing confidence in its food will soon see it offering lunches Monday to Saturday. Medusa remains closed on Sunday. Rickhi does make one civilised request of his Friday night patrons. Order your steak medium-done at most to ensure you get the full benefit of the flavours, having been marinated one week in advance. Pork chops, roast fish, jerk and BBQ chicken are also available.

Grill night prices:



+ Levaughn Flynn What is your typical weekend?

It varies. My weekends are rarely typical. Some weekends are spent in Portland or Treasure Beach for rest and relaxation, sometimes I’m at one of the hottest parties in my capacity as Red Stripe’s Public Relations Manager and other times it’s a quiet weekend at home with my girlfriend, Juliet Cuthbert. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, it’s always good.

Do you have a weekend must see/do/eat?

A must for me is simple - I have to spend some alone time in my backyard. As hectic and demanding as life is, that’s my respite, my ‘woosah’. I let the grass massage my bare feet, I inhale deeply the fresh air, I talk to myself, I reflect on where I am and, more importantly, where I want to be.


What has been your best weekend ever?

Red Stripe Beer

Wow! In 2010 I visited Scotland which included riding a speed boat on Loch Ness, overnighting at Gleneagles Hotel (owned by Red Stripe’s parent company Diageo) and visiting the Corrour Lodge, one of the most exclusive private properties in the Scottish Highlands.

Who are your weekends usually spent with?

Most times it’s with my girlfriend, Juliet, and other times with coworkers (I have a demanding, but rewarding job).


What spot/event/ activity would you recommend for any given weekend? Shooting in Scotland

Ending the day with a cold Red Stripe beer.

The weekend represents rest and relaxation for most people so it’s hard to ignore Portland. There’s a villa for every budget, the residents are friendly and the natural beauty of the parish has remained almost unspoilt since Errol Flynn (no, we’re not related) first fell in love with it in the 40s.

What would be your ideal weekend?

An isolated cabin on a hill with ocean and mountain view accompanied by Juliet and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Sade’s discography on repeat.

Lady love and I at Strawberry Hill


+ Ristorante Toscanini

Harmony Hall, St Ann


his place is for those who appreciate a meal that uses natural products and understand that it is worth the drive from Kingston just to have the pleasure to lunch (or dinner) at Toscanini. The restaurant is located in a colonial villa which used to be a pimento plantation. The atmosphere is truly magnificent and the owners, Mirella Ricci and Pierluigi Ricci really have made sure that dining at Toscanini is an experience. Handwritten menus on chalkboards are placed next to the table and everything was explained in great detail. The service is impeccable. If you are looking for a luxurious, decadent, delicious experience, one that rivals the great culinary experiences worldwide, then look no

further. This is truly a one of a kind restaurant where the food and the experience are meant to be savoured. I love their tuna tartare and grilled lobster. At every visit to Toscanini’s, the food has been fresh, perfectly cooked, and seasoned with a delicate hand. Mirella remembers every customer and makes you feel as if you are returning home. The menu shows that they use as much local produce possible and is fairly extensive but does change based on availability. Even though the food at Toscanini is exceptional, it is the service and atmosphere that truly makes it a great overall dining experience. For more information contact: Mirella Ricci at or call 975-4785.



+ What to do this wknd STAR STRUCK MAS CAMP, STADIUM NORTH – FRIDAY, MARCH 16 This week’s special guest, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons. Admission: General, $1,500 (pre-sold) and $2,000 (gate); VIP, $3,000 (pre-sold) and $3,500 (gate) UBER CLUB PRIVILEGE – FRIDAY, MARCH 16 Drink-inclusive club experience. Admission: $2,000 for men and $1,000 for ladies STEAK NIGHT MEDUSA’S BAR & GRILL, 96 HOPE RD – FRIDAY, MARCH 16 Steak, lobster, pork chops, roast fish, jerk and barbeque chicken on the menu ‘BEAUTY BUZZ’ A HAIR & SKINCARE EVENT JAMAICA PEGASUS HOTEL – FRIDAY MARCH 16 Head to this event for makeup consultations, skin analysis and a chance for a makeover. Cocktail hour 6pm-7pm and launch starts at 7pm

Send an e-mail to if you want your event featured on our listings page.

FASHION FACE OF THE CARIBBEAN COURTLEIGH AUDITORIUM, NEW KINGSTON – SATURDAY MARCH 17 This event will be presenting Jamaica’s avant garde fashion designer for 2012 and the Caribbean debut of the Courtney Washington Fashion Collection. Admission: $1,200. Starts 8pm sharp SOCAMALOO 11 OXFORD ROAD, NEW KINGSTON – SATURDAY, MARCH 17 This soca fusion event continues this weekend. Admission $500 and ladies free before midnight ULTRA INCLUSIVE SATURDAYS TOP FLOOR, QUAD, NEW KINGSTON – SATURDAY, MARCH 17 Ultra puts on their St Patrick’s Day celebration complete with green beer, offering a premium all-inclusive bar. FARM TO TABLE DINNER TREASURE BEACH, ST ELIZABETH – SATURDAY MARCH 17 Featuring organic dishes prepared and served on-site at local farms. Call Jakes to reserve a spot at 965-3000. US$95 per person including transfers

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MS KITTY WHITE GLAMOUR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION DANNY’S MARINA, HARBOUR VIEW – SATURDAY MARCH 17 Featuring the hottest DJs within the region: Kurt Riley, Juju Royal and more. Admission: $800 in white and $1,000 without; patrons from Magnum Kings & Queens $500 SWEET BELLE BRUNCH BARBICAN BUSINESS CENTRE – SUNDAY, MARCH 18 Try classic American brunch specials, including eggs Benedict and pancake puffs. Prices from $400-900 CHILL WHILE YOU GRILL JOJO’S JERK PIT – SUNDAY, MARCH 18 Every Sunday, Jojo’s will be grilling up chicken, beef, ribs, tenderloin, shrimp and fish. Grilling starts at 5pm

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