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A Birthday Party by Kandice Moncrieffe



Movies To Watch Fast Five PG-13

Located at the bottom of Hope Road, very close to Half Way Tree, this venue is perfect for an extravagant sweet 16 party. It has everything a fabulous teen would need, from a wonderful ambiance to cuisine that can excite even your pickiest guests. Everyone will leave with great memories of your extravaganza (and a little jealousy, especially if their party wasn’t that great). A great venue is always key!

by Alana Gardner

Must See!


As the name suggests, Waterfalls has a man-made waterfall located inside, which is sure to soothe your guests. This venue offers the full package, from decorations to furniture, meals and even security, so you don’t have to worry about anyone crashing your party. Waterfalls is perfect for the grown and sexy 21st birthday party or sweet 16; either way, they will take your breath away with their service.

Constant Spring Golf Club

This venue has two great party spots, but the poolside is much better than the lawn. You can choose whichever, based on your theme or your preference. The poolside area is sure to wow your friends and the open spaces of the location will put your guests in the mood as they arrive. There will be no time for sitting, just dancing and having a good time.


Located smack in the middle of New Kingston, this restaurant/sports bar can be transformed into the perfect birthday party venue, even though the space might be limited. The venue is separated into a dance floor and dining area. Another bonus - the restaurant will also cater your party.


For the more laid back personality or the low budget pockets, home is the perfect venue to have a birthday party, though it’s outdated. All that matters is food, entertainment and, of course, tons of liquor - if you’ve reached the age limit, that is. The home, for safety reasons should only be used for close get-togethers, because who really wants strangers knowing where they live?


in Diesel and Paul Walker lead a reunion of all-stars from every chapter of the explosive Fast and Furious franchise. Fast Five, directed by Justin Lin, features a cast including Jordana Brewster, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Matt Schulze, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Elsa Pataky, Joaquim de Almeida and Dwayne Johnson. In Fast Five, former cop Brian O’Conner (Walker) partners with ex-con Dom Toretto (Diesel) on the opposite side of the law once again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord and a relentless federal agent. Fast Five earns itself full five stars. Going into this movie, I have to say my expectations were low. The first film in the Fast and Furious series was something original and unexpected, but the sequels, in my opinion, failed to deliver. Yes, the cars were totally sick, but none of the movies offered anything new, unless you count drifting. But I stand corrected as I have to say I truly enjoyed this movie. Sure, it had a lot of the same machinery, but director Justin Lin really made this one stand out from the other installments by actually changing the pace of how they normally do things, not to mention the shocker they delivered at the end. We were all left wondering if there will be another movie coming soon to the Fast and Furious family. Bottom line people, I can say with confidence that this movie is a definite must-see. teen spirit eZine

Life Lessons from



by Kandice Moncrieffe

opular international dancehall artiste and fashion icon Garfield ‘Konshens’ Spence has definitely made a mark in the music industry and in the fashion world. Konshens has been famous in Japan from around 2005. However, he really burst onto the Jamaican dancehall scene in 2008 with his chart-topping single “Winner” and released an album in November of that same year with his brother, Delus, entitled “Sherlock Di Worl Lock”. He recently released the club-banger ‘Last Drink’ featuring Voicemail. Teen Spirit caught up with the artiste and played a game of 21 questions – well, seven questions – to learn about his best and worst performing experiences and more.

TS: When/why did you decide to become a performing artiste? Konshens: Basically, I was captivated by the attrac-

tive lifestyle artistes lived and the benefits and perks which came along with being an artiste compared to other regular nine-to-five jobs. I saw the perks of being an artiste and I realized how hard Jamaica was, so I thought the benefits of being an artiste could help me better myself and my family.

TS: What/who impacts the type of music you make? Konshens: My music is 100% reality-based, so just life on a whole, people around me and my personal experiences.

TS: What future projects can the public look forward to? Konshens: My first worldwide solo album. It will be

out this summer and it’s going to be groundbreaking. Also, I have a label, “SUBKONSHUS MUSIC”, so loads of singles and riddims from myself and my artistes Darrio, Tamarley and my brother Delus, and in addition to that, I have tons of shows coming up in Jamaica and internationally.

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Life Lessons from


TS: Have you ever been discouraged from making music? If yes, why did you continue? Konshens: Not necessarily. I genuinely love music and

even from my days of having a nine-to-five job, the majority of my pay was spent on studio time when music was just a hobby to me, so I can’t live without it. However, I have been discouraged in regards to being in the industry, but your mind has to be focused to know that this is your job and know what you really want in the future and stay focused on the greater aim.

TS: How did you get involved in the industry? Konshens: I started out following my brother Delus to

the late, great Sugar Minott’s studio, then we moved to Sherlock and started booking studio time at Cash Flow studio in Cooreville. After recording our first single and seeing that it became a hit in Japan and all the tours and albums and opportunities that came rolling in, we decided to go in full time together. Then I was introduced by Carlington Wilmot of to Natural Bridge Records and then, my solo career began.

TS: What places have you performed and what were your best and worst experiences? Konshens: I’ve been almost everywhere in the world,

with the exception of China, Australia and Africa. My best and worst experiences have both been in Jamaica. The worst stands out more. It was my first and only Sting performance. I was in Europe days before and had no chance to meet with the band to practice, so I had to just go on stage and do something. The band had no idea what to play, so it was pure confusion. Luckily for me, all I got were ‘boos’, thank God!

TS: Do you think your music affects teenagers in any way? If yes, what are you doing to be a role model? Konshens: Yes, I do think my music has an effect on persons, not necessarily only teenagers. This is why I make an honest attempt to strike a balance in my topic selection, not just partying and fun, but also deep meditation and life lessons.

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Tardy Totes


For Trendsetters by Kandice Moncrieffe

eentrepreneur Kimberly Stareage, owner of “Tardy Totes”, started her business in 2008. Since then, it has really blossomed into a huge online company. Teen Spirit decided to meet up with Kimberly to get the first-hand tips and recommendations for other teens who might want to start their own companies.

TS: What exactly does your business entail? KS: Well, I make and distribute tote bags, handbags, laptop cases, beach bags, cosmetic pouches, clutches and weekenders for young, hip and trendy persons.

TS: How long did it take to make profits and why? KS: I started my Tardy Totes in 2008 and it took me about

six to eight months to start making a profit, mostly because not many people thought I was actually serious and not many persons would just buy something from a new business, especially from someone so young, but with the right marketing skills and proof of good quality, I got rid of all their doubt.

TS: Why did you choose to start your own business? KS: Firstly, I’m a teenager, so of course I wanted extra

money to spend on things my parents wouldn’t just take up their money and buy. Secondly, I needed an extra medium to express my creativity because I always saw myself as being overly expressive, so I needed to find some way to show it. Thirdly, I’m a natural busybody, so it was only a matter of time before i embarked on a venture like this. Lastly, I chose this because I saw a potential market for it pertaining to university and high school students, where they would want a cheap, hot and trendy bag that still had good quality to carry to school and of course, I was a natural bag fanatic from I was very small.

TS: What are some of the problem/ risks with running your business, being so young? KS: Certain technicalities you don’t know as a teenager

and a mentor would have been great to have. Also, people look down on the business and don’t take you seriously, as if it’s a “play play” thing and in addition to that, persons within my industry were not willing to assist in marketing or in giving valuable advice, so I’d other words, I was on my own. I still am.

TS: What are some benefits of owning

and running your own business? KS: Obvious benefits, of course: I don’t have to answer to anybody as I am my own boss, I make all decisions myself, all profits come to me, I can work when I feel, night or day and that’s always a plus, so my business never interferes with my school work.

TS: If someone wanted to own a business like yours what are some recommendations you would give the person? KS: They would have to be very open-minded and strong.

They would definitely have to be realistic and try to hang their hats where they can reach and then after a while, be willing to throw their hats a bit further. Also, they would have to ensure their product is one of a kind - be innovative in whatever you’re selling to the public, ensure there is a market for it, think outside of the box as it pertains to marketing strategies and different ways to enhance your product and definitely, have a marketing plan.

TS: How may persons purchase your product? KS: My business is mainly online so, they may check out the facebook page and look for the design they want or check out my website , then send me an email at stating their order. teen spirit eZine

The Life and Times

of a High School Senior by Lenroc

‘Reflection in Time’


remember the days when sixth formers seemed like gods. They always seemed so much taller, smarter, more important and powerful. Some may say ‘Duh?’ at this point, as they would argue that senior students are obviously taller, smarter, more important and more powerful than the ‘kiddies’ in first form. I’m not sure I agree with that statement entirely. The truth is, sixth formers are children just like those in khaki with the over-packed knapsacks. When I was in first form, I used to hear rumours of incoming students being exploited, taxed, robbed, heads shoved in toilets and parts shoved in ant-infested trees. Can you imagine my dismay when none of this ever happened? Like, it was so sad. Where’s the abuse? Where’s the excitement? Call me masochistic if you must, although I don’t think I am, but there’s a part of me that feels like I was deprived of what should have been a typical high school experience. Now, I am not saying that I wanted that to happen (so I’m asking all of you out there please don’t try to do me a favour by performing any of the actions mentioned above), but it would have been tradition carried on, if nothing else. As for the ‘smarter’ thing, sixth formers also seemed like geniuses by comparison because they got the passes and subjects required to be studying at a ‘higher level’ and they had to do ‘theses’ to get where they were. Me and my impressionable self was like, ‘Wow! That sounds so hard.’ Looking back, they really did take us first formers for idiots, exaggerating every little thing to either make it that much more terrifying, or great in some cases. Anyway, it was some years later that I found out that this CXC thing was nowhere as difficult as I expected. It’s almost like when I was in Grade Six and my teacher started to teach by dictation. She was a bit intense in explaining to us that in high school, teachers don’t give notes. We have to take matters into our own hands! We need to be all carpe diem in that classroom, get down and work hard, believe in ourselves and fairy dust will fly out of places that we think they couldn’t. I tell you, they were taking us for idiots. How do I know this? I know this in part because I’m now sitting here six years later, in a white shirt that’s been turning cream of late (sixth form-related

stress, or rather the release of it will do that to you) and we are not only getting notes – teachers are at this point forcing us to take notes! And so I will attempt to bring my point home amidst the ramblings of a slightly mental student: As sixth formers, we’ve spent the past five or so years (for the dense amongst us, it may be seven) being told what to do, when and how to do it, conditioned relentlessly for the sake of uplifting the names of school, parents and self. Forgive us for trying to reclaim the children of our past that were forcibly taken from us the minute we stepped foot into secondary education. Our childish behaviour is but a ‘momentary stay against confusion’.

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How to Manage

Your Money


oney is a tool that we use in exchange for goods and services. Therefore, it should be used wisely. As you get older and become a more independent adolescent, you’ll assume more responsibility for your financial resources. Money has the ability to be both a blessing and a burden, so learning how to use it wisely will become a practiced skill. Here are some helpful tips that can aid you in managing your money: First, you should be able to differentiate between wants and needs. Needs are things you require for your basic survival, whereas wants are things that are not necessary for your survival. You shouldn’t squander on wants because all your wants will never be satisfied, no matter how much you try. It’s preferred that you spend money on the purchasing of needs. Needs are more important and ultimately serve more use. Secondly, shop around when deciding to purchase an item. Products are offered at different prices by different sellers. Find out the various prices offered and compare them. Then, choose the product with the best price with the most value-added or the one that fits your specifications at the best price.

doesn’t have to be from your pocket. Look into your resources or ‘connections’ and see if you’re able to get items at a discounted cost or ‘free’. Doing so yields the possibility of cutting down your costs and saving you money. For instance, carrying lunch to school from home instead of buying lunch has proven to be a huge money saver. Another key point is to not keep all your money on you. If you do, you risk spending it all and carelessly on items you don’t need, or losing it. An option that allows you to keep all your money, but not on your person, is opening a bank account. For example, National Commercial Bank (NCB) offers a saving account for teens called S.T.A.R.T. that allows you to gain interest on your deposits at an attractive rate. Interest is the extra money that the bank gives you for saving your money with them. So, not only can you keep your money, but you can also let it grow. If your money is managed well, you’ll be able to avoid cashrelated problems. The more money you hold onto, the better you are prepared for ‘rainy days’ or ‘making it rain’, as you’ll be able to purchase more items in the future.

Thirdly, find out what you can get for free. This does not mean you should become a cheapskate, but be thrifty. Moreover, nothing is actually free, someone ultimately has to pay, but it

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Study Guide

Tips For Exam Success by Ava Gardner


he petals of the Poui trees have already fallen and with every passing day we move closer to this year’s final examinations. Studying in preparation for these examinations can be very difficult without a plan, even more difficult without helpful notes. Well, Teen Spirit to the rescue! Along with studying tips, we’ve attached the links of some tutorial and subject information sites that can definitely assist your preparation. That way, your studying will be a breeze and you’ll surely get grades you desire.

day studying. However, be careful that you do not begin to procrastinate.

1. Get in the frame of mind that you have upcom-

good state so you can retain the information you study.

9. Use flash cards. There has never been an invention better than flashcards for memorizing information.

10. Ensure you have a balanced diet and are well rested. It’s important that you are in a

ing exams.

2. For each subject you do, write down the topics you have a fair understanding of and do the same for those you do not understand. Also, it’ll help if you do a quiz or past paper that covers a majority of each subject’s syllabus. Afterward, use the answer sheets to grade yourself and to estimate how much additional course work you need to cover.

3. Find an appropriate studying environment, whether it’s the library or an empty room at home. Just ensure you find a noise-free area with very little distractions.

4. Make a timetable. With a timetable you can plan the subjects you’ll study in an organized way, allotting the appropriate time for each without becoming overwhelmed.

5. Fundamentals are essential. Learn the

general concepts first. Don’t worry about learning the details until you have learned the main ideas. Learning the fundamentals will better your understanding of the sub-topics and details.

6. Be an active learner. The more you use and manipulate the information you study, the better you will understand and remember it.

7. Join or form study groups. As you work

with others, you can possibly learn more, especially if you missed a lesson. If you choose to study in a group, only work with others who are serious about exams and are interested in helping one another. You don’t want to waste your time.

8. Take breaks. You need some time to relax. It is better

to revise when you are feeling relaxed than to exhaust yourself all

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