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Since opening its doors in November 2007, Spaces has succeeded in impacting the home dĂŠcor and furniture market. From selling a small array of products in 2007 the business has fast expanded to hundreds of products from around the world.


From custom-upholstered sofas and chairs to occasional tables, dining room and bedroom sets and linens for beds, Spaces brings classic design to the comforts of home. Whether it’s a complete house redecorating or refreshing a single room, our professionals can guide you through every aspect of your design solution. With hundreds of fabrics, finishes and styles to choose from, our goal is to ensure your choices reflect your vision and lifestyle.


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From clever storage solutions to simple room dividers, learn how to make the most of your small-space situation. USE UP EXTRA SPACE When dealing with a small bedroom, don’t let any extra space go unused.

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LIGHTEN UP To make your space appear larger, avoid using dark hues. Pair, for example, a living room with a gray focal wall with a punch of colourful accessories leaving the space light and open with crisp, white furniture.


For example: Adding shelves above desks provide extra space to display and store books. With the desk built into the wall, little room is used and still leaves an open path in the bedroom. BATHROOM STORAGE Narrow wall shelves are an excellent way to store bathroom essentials in a stylish way. Invest in attractive canisters to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls and your favourite lotion, and place unsightly toiletries under the vanity.

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ROLLOUT DESKTOP A rollout desk is a great way to provide you more workspace when you need it — and less when you don’t. This traditional built-in desk has plenty of knee room for the everyday user, but the far cabinet pulls out as an extra countertop for larger projects — or even office space for two.


USE DIVIDERS A simple, sheer curtain is a great way to easily divide two spaces. Try incorporating a sheer, silk curtain panel into a Asian-style apartment to add a dramatic element and visually separate the living room from the dining room.

YOUR STAIRCASE HAS USES Add a shelving unit directly below the stairs to take advantage of the awkward, extra space.

WELL-WORKED WINDOW TREATMENTS To make a small living room appear more spacious, add floor-to-ceiling window treatments. This eclectic living room features extra-high ceilings, despite its small floor plan. This simple addition will automatically draw eyes up the wall for a much larger feel.



SMALL SPACES Don’t let small space limit you here are a couple tips to transform your space!

7 MIX-IT-UP Using a dining room sideboard in the living room, for example, gives you cupboard storage as well as surfaces to display books and collectibles. A garden bench can be extra seating at the dinner table, and a vanity table makes a compact laptop stand. CREATE STORAGE OPTIONS Typically, small homes are short on places to stash things. That’s why it’s so valuable to find furniture with storage included. Look for tables with drawers or shelves and ottomans with hidden compartments. Trunks make excellent coffee tables and you can tuck a lot of stuff, even luggage, under.

TUCK, CREATE SPACE Tuck furniture around the room to avoid taking up precious floor space. Build wall attachments such as bookshelves, build a bench under the window, and mount electronics. Allow some pieces to even hover off the ground creating open space that visually enlarges the room.

SLIM FIT Furniture that is trim and fit will suit your small spaces best. When choosing a sofa for example, one with fat rolled arms and a multi-cushioned back will seem too inflated. Pick a sofa with skinny arms and a tight, upholstered back instead. In the dining room, look for slender legs on tables and in the bedroom, stick to beds with simple headboards.

CLEAR THE AIR When choosing furniture for small spaces, ensure that views aren’t blocked from one area to another. Create options for an airy ambiance like open-sided bookcases, glass coffee tables, and chairs with slender profiles. Airy pieces such as these will fill your room with comfort and utility without making it seem congested. CONVERTIBLE COFFEE TABLE If your living-room table is your de facto hearth—the centre of bill paying, homework, and the occasional meal— you might want to consider one that adapts to the action. This sleek, multifunctional wonder has two adjustable wood panels. They act as trays when up (for laptops or plates of food) and conceal storage when down (perfect for a vast collection of remotes or magazines). This table can even serve as a party station, enticing guests to circulate away from the buffet.

Pharmaceutical consultant Tasia Lofters, unbolted the doors to her beautiful house some days ago enabling us a gracious peak. Lofters, who has impeccable interior design taste, names Spaces among her favourite places to shop for furniture. If you’re someone with an eye for design and an affinity towards a life of lavish, the first question you would have asked after seeing Lofters’ house is: “Where do you buy your furniture”? “Spaces - of - course.”



9 Amazing customer service, unique and affordable pieces are huge selling points for Spaces but a welcoming whirl around Tasia’s home with our photographer revealed her favourite pieces of furniture, which all happened to be Spaces-bought. Amongst them were a recently bought living room set comprising of deep brown and bright red sofa complemented with a red ottoman and a beautiful yellow vase. However her absolute favourite piece of furniture in her house was a beautiful deep brown wooden pull-out table in her bedroom that works well when she studies for her exams. “The Spaces team will customize your vision”says Tasia, again pointing to taupe curtains in her bedroom Spaces owner Janelle Pantry helped her to pull together. Having bought her home in 2006, she has been a Spaces customer from the inception. “A friend took me there in 2006, the same year I bought my house, and I think my first pieces were two arm chairs.” “Those two chairs at the front of the house; the leopard print ones”, she proudly points out. Ever since then, Lofters says she tries to buy furniture or an accessory piece to embellish her beautiful home.


The 33 year-old mother of twins and burgeoning lawyer isn’t shy to brag about the store’s unparalleled customer service and her ever-growing friendship with Spaces owner Janelle Pantry. “You always feel like you are one of them when you go there”, says Tasia. She doles out Spaces recommendations amongst her friends and business acquaintances when she can, which she says is all the time.


UPDATE YOUR HOME 1. UPDATE WINDOW TREATMENTS: Ready to hang window panels are the perfect enhancement for any room. Even if the temperatures don’t change much, you can still have seasons inside - simply swap out light coloured summer drapes for deep fall hues. 2. PAINT: With paint techniques as diverse as there are paint colours there are more than 365 ways to change your décor.



3. ACCESSORIZE: Not ready to commit to changing your sofa? Accessorize it in the latest prints and colours for an instant update. 4. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: When people enter your home, what do they see? Are they staring at clutter? A blank wall? Utilize the entrance of your home as a way to instantly engage visitors. A gallery wall is an easy way to fill a void, and all you need are various shapes and sizes of picture frames and a collection of photos and postcards to fill them.



5. CHANGE UP YOUR LINENS: Either in the guest room or in the master bedroom, linens can use an update from time to time. Don’t feel married to the same comforter and duvet set year round—change up the bed linens periodically. A new colour palette will be a way to easily update your room without doing major shopping or using too much elbow grease. 6. CLEAN AND CONTAIN: Let’s talk storage. Open shelving has become increasingly popular in recent years and why shouldn’t it? It is a great way to display items and is super functional. While open shelving is usually used for displaying items, we often need these pieces to store more than just the pretty things. Not all of the items that we put in our open shelving and storage are things that we want constantly on display for guests (or ourselves) to see. That is where storage baskets, boxes and bins come into play! They are a fantastic way to store papers, photos, electronic components, magazines, wires, toys, DVDs, stuffed animals, linens, CDs, and any other miscellaneous junk you can manage to shove into them.






A splash of colour can transform a dull and dreary bedroom to enchanting and fantastic. Whether it be warm hues of red, or bright hues of yellow, choosing the right colour for your bedroom is creating the perfect mood for the bedroom.

Use your colour scheme on your furniture.

Consider the size of your bedroom.

If you already have furniture for your bedroom, select a colour scheme from that. Pick colours from your dominant pieces, such as floor rugs, chairs, and bedspreads, and choose paint colours that match these hues. If you introduce an entirely new colour, you may pick something that clashes, or you may make your bedroom look too busy by having too many colours.

If you have a small bedroom, you may want to put lighter shades on the wall, since lighter shades create a wider, more open appearance. If you have a large bedroom, you can experiment with bright and rich hues that close the space in, creating a cozier ambiance.

Opt for a complementary colour scheme to draw out the richness of your paint. Complementary colours are found on the opposite ends of the colour wheel and include red and green, yellow and violet, and blue and orange. Choose a subtle hue of one colour and pair it with a dominant hue of its complement. You can accomplish this with paint alone, or you can rely on a combination of paint and other decorations.

TIPS • Mini Cordials, Mini Wine Glasses or Mini Shot Glasses double as dessert dishes



• Set out extra napkins and coasters on side tables

Holiday time is party time. With close family and friends bound to be jetting in, there is no place like home this Christmas. Dining in is “in” so let’s get your home ready for holiday entertaining. We’re bringing a new idea to the table: mini individual samplers, glassware, handy trays and easy-care platters that make entertaining a lot more fun. Tasting Party™ pieces are designed to let guests try a little of everything. But they’re also classic, made of porcelain or glass, so they look beautiful alone or mixed with pieces you already have.




• Add holiday colour with garnishes like candy canes • Use cards or gift tags to label dishes and drinks • Rethink traditional dishes—maybe coffee-glazed bread pudding instead of Christmas cake

• Think traffic flow: Clear the path around your table • Create a drink station on a sideboard or tray table • Store-bought food or Takeout? Totally OK (and encouraged)




Moving a wall hanging, changing the lighting in a room or adding a personal touch to the bedroom or bathroom can do wonders for improving one’s mood, according to new survey commissioned by retailer HomeGoods. The study found that 93 percent of Americans felt a room’s decor can positively or negatively affect their mood, and 77 percent had at least one room in their homes that needed attention. Although 54 percent of Americans haven’t made decor changes they want because they say it’s too expensive, 99 percent of those surveyed felt that simple decor updates - improved lighting, stylish organizational solutions, decorative accents - could make them feel happier without breaking the bank. “Updating your home’s decor doesn’t have to be complicated. Easy, decorative changes that speak to personal style, like adding colourful pillows or a graphic rug, may be all you need to refresh your home and ultimately make you feel happier in your space,” said interior designer and TV personality Genevieve Gorder, in a statement.


In response to the survey, HomeGoods created six happy home resolutions to help boost moods, including incorporating personal touches, improving the bedroom, better lighting, adding decorative accent, pops of colour and stylish organization tips. The survey found that 50 percent of Americans surveyed say they had at least one room in their home that felt unfinished even though it is fully furnished, while 48 percent of participants who’d like to improve their decor felt that the bedroom would benefit most from small changes. Of those surveyed, 46 percent felt that better lighting could improve their moods, while 37 percent of those with a room that negatively affects their mood felt that adding decorative accessories would have a positive impact on their mood. Pops of colour would impact 39 percent, who felt that updating a colour palette would have a positive impact on their mood. Instead of painting, HomeGoods recommends adding colour though pillows, glassware, wall art and accent furniture are simple and affordable ways to make a room feel cheerful. Additionally, among the 22 percent of survey participants who thought updates to decor would have a positive impact on their mood, the survey found that organizational solutions would have the greatest positive impact.

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