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A​m​e​r​i​c​a​n​ P ​ ​h​y​s​i​c​a​l F​e​a​t​u​r​e​s​ ​ A ​ ​ ​t​o​ ​Z 

  By, Elizabeth S. Zimmerman 

A ​Is For Appalachian Mountains 

The Appalachian Mountains are almost 2000 miles long! Not only  that, they run straight through  pennsylvania. 

B​ ​is for Big Spring Creek 

The Big Spring Creek runs through newville and is used for  fishing and bird watching.     

C​ is for Columbia River 

The Columbia River has the largest salmon supply in the whole  world! Not only that, but it runs  from Canada through washington to  the sea.    

D​ is for Denali 

Denali is the tallest mountain in the US and is in around the center  of Alaska.     

E​ is for Everglades 

The Everglades have very rare animals like Manatees, crocodiles,  and even the hard to find Florida  Panther. The everglades are at the  tip of florida.   

F​ is for Flint River

The Flint River is mainly in  Georgia but has a small bit in  Florida as it flows into the Gulf  of Mexico.

G​ is for Great Salt Lake 

The Great Salt Lake is at the  top of Utah and you can go  birdwatching there. 

H​ is for Lake Huron 

Lake Huron made the glove  shape Michigan has. Not just  that, but it also has a shipwreck  at the bottom of it’s shallows. 

I​ is for Inside Passage 

The Inside Passage was made  by giant glaciers and is a popular  spot for cruise ships. 

J​ is for Jekyll Island 

Jekyll Island was named after  Sir Joseph Jekyll in 1733 and it  is on the tip of Georgia.     

K​ is for Keel Mountain 

Keel Mountain has a hiking  trail that is 1 ½ miles long. It is  at the top of Alabama.     

L​ is for Lake Superior 

Lake Superior is the biggest  of the great lakes, and has rivers  that flow into the other lakes.       

M​ is for Mississippi River

If you go boating on it, you can reach a little over half of the  US. Not only that, but fish and  birds use it as a guide while  migrating.   

N​ is for Nunivak Island

Nunivak Island still has some lava flows near its edges and is  50 KM away from the coast of  Alaska 

O​ is for Ozarks

The Ozarks have biking, hiking, canoeing, ziplines and a  few resorts. It is in the bottom  left of missouri.     

P​ is for Piedmont

The Piedmont runs from New Jersey to Alabama for over 600  miles! It also has a lot of  farmland.(As seen in picture  above)   

Q i​ s for Quinnipiac River 

The Quinnipiac River is 38  miles long and used to have  native americans living on it’s  shores.     

R​ ​is for the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains run from British Columbia, ( In Canada )  down to New Mexico for 3000  miles and are 300 or more miles  wide. 

S​ is for Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada runs along the ocean side of california and  depending on where you are it is  between 80 and 50 miles wide.   

T​ is for the Teton Range

The Teton Range is over 12000 feet tall and has bright  flame-red tips when the sun  rises. ( Like in the picture)     

U​ is for Unimak Island

Unimak Island is a little under half way down the Aleutian  Island chain and is mainly used  for fishing and hunting.     

V ​is for Verde River

The Verde River is becoming popular for boating, yet is mostly  undiscovered. It is found in the  center of Arizona.   

W ​is for Wrangell Mountains

The Wrangell Mountains are surrounded by our Nation’s  largest national park and is found  near the base of Alaska.   

X​ is for Alexander Archipelago

The Alexander Archipelago is a group of around 1,100 islands  off the southeastern coast of  Alaska. 

Y​ is for Yellow River

The Yellow river’s strange color is because of toxic waste  that included led and mercury.  Surprisingly, the people who  drank the water were ok after  using it. 

Z​ is for Zuni River

The Zuni River runs through the Zuni Mountains in western  New Mexico to meet the Little  Colorado River.     

American Physical Features A to Z is a  fun and educational  book that teaches  your child not only  their abc’s, but it  also teaches them  about different  physical features of  the US 

American Physical Features A to Z  

American Physical Features A to Z is a fun and educational book that teaches your child not only their ABC’s, but it also teaches them about...

American Physical Features A to Z  

American Physical Features A to Z is a fun and educational book that teaches your child not only their ABC’s, but it also teaches them about...