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2014-2015 Spring Semester Landscape Design I


2015 April on HaydarpaĹ&#x;a Breakwater


Ezgi Umut Türkoğlu Undergraduate Student

Date of birth: 14.05.1993 From: Izmir Contact:

Hey! I am Ezgi. I am a Landscape architecture student. I am interested in painting since i was a child.In 2015 i had my first watercolor exhibition the dream of my life. I am still painting with the same passion and also i am working about my department with the competitions and school. This booklet is about my first awarded project, “Alight Stop”, it was actually my first school project, but after i worked on it again the project won a European award.You will find the details and the theme, enjoy your read.


İstanbul Technical University Landscape Architecture

2012-2013 İstanbul University – Landscape Architecture 2007-2011 Maltepe Kadir Has Anatolian School 1999-2007 İlhami Ahmed Örnekal Primary School 3

TECHNICAL SKILLS AutoCAD Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign ArcGIS Microsoft Office Skechup Rhino Photoscan Hand drawing

WORKSHOPS AND ACTIVITIES 2016 Antalya- VI. Landscape Architecture Assembly 2015 İstanbul- Urban Series vol.01-Istanbul 2014 Venice- Biennale di Venezzia 2014 Rome- Premio Piranesi Prix De Rome Accademia ........................Adriana 2013-Istanbul- Martha Schwartz Seminar 2012 Istanbul- Flower Show



2016 IFLA Young Professionals Competition “People’s Choise Award”

2016 Peyniraltı Edebiyatı “Illustrator”

2016 Sivas Kızılırmak Architectural Competiton “Honourable Mention” 2016 “Bir Kentin Suyla Buluşması Hikayesi” Student Competition 2015 LIXIL International Architecture Student Competition

2016 Indigo& NOW “Illustrator” 2016 Duende Dergi “Illustrator” 2013-2015 Taşkışla Şenlik “Public Relations”

2015 First Solo Painting Exhibition “watercolor”

2014 Premio Piranesi Prix De Rome Accademia Adriana

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2016 No:236 Landcsape Design Office “Landscape Architect” 2016 Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden “Intern” 2015 Zero Istanbul “Illustrator”



Alight Stop People’s Choise Award of the 2016 Young Professionals Competition of International Federation of Landscape Architects


ABOUT THE PROJECT From infrastructure to artificial island

This birds are telling us a message “an infrastructure can be a home to some habitats...” expecially to some birds which are actually be in danger of extinction the future situation in İstanbul is looking like it will turn to a urban everywhere so that this breakwater will be their only stop nearly. This project aims to listen them and help to their situation.



Haydarpaşa Breakwater “infrastructure”

Today in Istanbul, Kadıköy, there is a breakwater which is not connected with the coast, and it is a new home for some species. Lots of birds are habitating on this breakwater, and it is like a new small island which is artificial.People who goes by it with steamer can see the silhouettes of them in any time of the day. But last year some people wants to use breakwater as an advertise area.Because of that birds were disturbed.


TODAY’S SITUATION On the breakwater

In Haydarpaşa,İstanbul,there is a breakwater which has some uniqe characteristics.The breakwater was made in 1899 which makes it historic,it is not connected with the coast so it is inaccessable it creates an artificial island today.Alight Stop project is aiming to understand the birds life and making their life better with their methods




Future prediction after mega projects of Istanbul Legend

Istanbul is an important area for lots of bird species. Especially some species which are be in danger of extinction and migratory, goes by Bosphorus. But there are lots of projects will be built in İstanbul’s future. (you can see lots of them from this site: )




Plan and elevation As it can be seen, project area is linear, long, and unconnected with the land. So it makes it uniqe and artistic . Another uniqe thing about the breakwater is it has got a historic mark on it. So this project designed for the birds with artistical purposes.Landscape architecture as, enviromental art.




This part is designed as limited access for the birdwatchers and biologists.The professors can visit the breakwater for a limited time.


BB SECTION Second Part

This part is only for birds and it is not accessible for the people for not disturb them, it has the plants for birds and other stuff for giving births and living peacefully.


HABITAT PLAN for target birds’ species With the use of birds’ tactics which i’ve learnt after an observation process, the aim is designing a new habitating area for them which will be better for them.


DETAILED SECTION About the birds’ life


FUTURESCAPE A long period design

Today: Birds are living on the breakwater in bad situation.

1 years later: The rehabilitation process. Birds and plantings will try to get used to the new design


2 years later: The rehabilitation will be over, birds will get used to new things.

5 years later: Breakwater turns into an artificial island, with new plantings and the lights


NIGHT VIEW Like an art installation, the lights will be in a rhytym, and will be seen in the night, a home for birds , a visual art for people



“Overcome space, and all we have left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now.� Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach


Alight Stop