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Colonia Tovar F

ascinating and

unavoidable resemblance of Southern Germany!

With its rich German influence, is a must-visit Venezuelan destination! How did the Colonia Tovar come to be? An agreement between the German and Venezuelan Governments saw the arrival of the first German settlers in 1843. This little town was founded by Colonel Augustin Bodazzi and Alexander Benitz, and remained untouched by the world until 1960. Everything about it is German-inspired. When you arrive here the first thing that will catch your attention will be the architecture. The whole city is made up of a number of small streets and buildings. Every building has a red clay tiled roof, and white or off-white walls intricately framed with dark wood. While vacationing in the city may be curious the presence of anglo-saxon peoples dressed in traditional German dress.


uring the

Carnival, You will see a group of Jokilis in the streets. The jokili exists in Germany since 1782. You will be part of the ‘fiesta’ with vivid colors in streets.


s you walk around the streets, you will see lots

of local grown fruits and vegetables, Stop by any stand and try them!


his is a great way

to try the local stuff, of course You will also find a number of excellent restaurants and hotels where you will be able to appreciate the typical German cuisine with some local beers, candies, marmalades and strawberries, Maybe you have tried Strawberries and cream before, but have not had the best Strawberries and Cream unless you've had it German style in Colonia Tovar. The dreamiest dessert YOU ever had.

Did you know that the first Venezuelan beer was produced in Colonia Tovar Brewery in 1843? This is a must-visit place to enjoy the handmade beers!


you like art and History you will find an interesting museum, in which you will be taken back into the History of a German Village. You can also visit the San Martin Church built in 1862, this building is really old, a peaceful chapel that invites you to reflection and gratitude. The whole church is very beautiful and in the outside there is a little shop in which you can get religious souvenirs.



f you want more adventure plus adrenaline a rustic trip to

the mountain is a very good choice! You will have a complete view of The Colonia Tovar. Imagine yourself in a vehicle 4x4 to visit the giant cedar at the Divine Mountain! This excursions lasts two hours and includes short walks and the observation of species.


hat about Paragliding? The Jarillo is a small

place located near La Colonia Tovar. Its 1,800 meters above sea level offers you a panoramic and beautiful view of the town, you will feel as if you were driving into the clouds!


ou can also have a day Spa. The house in

Colonia Tovar called "Mi Refugio" (place of refuge) remains as a sanctuary to relax and find peace. It is a space specially designed for the harmonious integration of nature with the human being.

Happy VIP TRAVEL to the Germany of the Caribbean!

Colonia TovarVIP Travel Experience  

Fascinating and unavoidable resemblance of Southern Germany!