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I am Going to Show You How to Use Thiacetazone to Help Reduce the Spread of Vitiligo Shall We? >>>>

THIACETAZONE It comes in tablet combined with isonizid (INH) in two sizes. Large: INH 300mg/ Thiacetazone 150mg Small: INH 100mg/ Thiacetazone 50mg


In sensitive cases, or where the dose is even a little over the recommended dosage by weight, may cause a rash like measles and sore lips. If treatment is not stopped at once, it may go on to causing severe rashes all over the body, with soreness of the mouth and eyes and even death. CONTINUE >>>

DOSAGE: Please take once each day. In each dosage take:

Adults (If over 40 kg) 3 small tablets or one large tablet (300mg/150mg)

Small Adults (young people 20 to 40kg) 2 small tablets. (200mg/100mg)

Children (5-12 ears, 10 to 20kg); 1 small tablet (100mg/50mg)

Little children (under 10kg) half small tablet (50mg/25mg).

NOTE: I am not responsible for any prescription given above. It is highly recommended that you go see a doctor.

Vitiligo Treatment