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TREATMENT FOR RINGWORM 1. Soap and Water: Washing the infected part everyday with soap and water may be all that is needed. 2. Do your best to keeping the affected areas dry and exposed to sunlight.

TREATMENT FOR RINGWORM 3. Be sure to constantly change your socks or underwear often, especially when sweaty. 4. Apply a cream of sulfur and lard (1 part sulfur to 10 parts lard): Creams with salicylic or undecylic acid help cure the fingers, toes and groin. Miconzale cream, if available, is even more effective.

TREATMENT FOR RINGWORM 5. For severe Ringworm or tineas of the scalp, or any fungus infection that is widespread or doesn’t get better with the above treatments, take Griseofulvin 1 Gram a day for adults and half a Gram a day for children. It may also be very important to keep taking it for weeks or even months to completely control the infection.

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