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Engie Ezeldin Time: Frame Portfolio

Carter Hodgkin Spring 2014

Semester Project: Egyptian Revolution 2011 My idea for this project is to create a story about how the start of the revolution eventually ended up leading to Mubarak’s ousting.The sequence starts out with a video of an eyelid opening up, which kind of shows how the people woke up and realized the corruption of Egypt and how serious measures needed to be achieved. The story then builds up by somebody googling the main issues that lead to the revolution, things such as police brutality and poverty. Videos and photographs will be shown to depict that these are what the person googling saw. As a result, the person will thenreate a Facebook group that started the revolution, since the revolution is known as the Facebook revolution. After starting this group, several videos and photographs will then be shown signifying the protests and the different events that occurred during that time that eventually lead to Mubarak announcing his step down. The final image of the video is of a person smiling which is showing how he is happy that he finally achieved the main purpose of therevolution.

Mind Map:

Causes and Effects of the


The first project of the semester that included all the information about the chosen topic. This piece shows the causes of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. It set up the ideas for many of my other projects this semester.

This is a quick sketch of the things i want to show in my final.


Still Frame: Police Brutality

For this project i was supposed to focus on a moment in time relating to my topic. This focuses on a single moment in time during the Revolution. This moment is a victim remembering how his eye injury is the result of police brutality.

Sketches of possible ideas for a final.


Frame Sequence: “The Cause and Effect of the Egyptian Revolution 2011� Several images that create a sequesnce that help show what the revolutionwas like. It shows how the revolution started and how it ended.

Sketches of possible images to use.


https://vimeo. com/94543922

I created a video using images and sound to practice how to use Adobe Premiere LINK:


Egyptian Revolution 2011 A 5 minute video that explores the beginning of the revolution until the end. It starts with what caused it and how it ended. All the scenes include footage that i took or footage off line. I used Adobe Premiere for effects and sound.

Sketch of a storyboard showing the sequence of the video.

Process of Making the Movie: Movie Sequence Storyboard

A storyboard showing difference scenes that would be included in the 5 minute video.



Final Open Project: Memories from My Childhood

The final project was an open project. I decided to focus on my memories growing up until now. I drew a self portrait and out of my head are several photos that represent my memories.

An example of some of the images used to show the difference of timing. When i was a child, when i grew up a bit and the most recent when I graduated from highschool.