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What Does Your Woman Really Want?

What Does Your Woman Really Want

By Cucan Pemo Published by

What Does Your Woman Really Want

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What Does Your Woman Really Want

7 Magic Words To Say To Make A Woman Feel Like You Were The Most Wonderful Mate She Could Ever Image. When you know that you have found the perfect woman for you, you want to make sure that she feels the same way. You want her to be as happy with you as you are with her. In order to do this, you may want to figure out a way to make her know and understand that she has the most perfect mate for her. You will want to know what to say to her to make her realize that she has found her true love. Say what is important to her The first thing that you want to do is find out what is important to her. Find out if she wants her man to coddle of her or give her more freedom. You do not want to seem too overbearing and crowd her. Tell her that she is important to you and that you want to make sure that she has what she needs. This is something that will make her feel good and know that you are the perfect mate for her. Tell her that she looks nice The most important thing that a woman wants to hear is that she looks good. No matter where you are going or if you are sitting on the couch watching TV, you need to compliment her and tell her how wonderful she looks. This is the only way that you will be able to make her know and understand that you think she is a beautiful woman and she will think you are the most perfect mate in the world. Ask her if she needs anything This is something that a lot of men forget to do. It is important that we take care of the woman in our lives as she takes care of us. When we get up to get a drink, ask her if she needs anything. You are going to the kitchen anyway, so what is the big deal? On your way home at night, ask her if you can bring her anything. This is a great way for a woman to know that you are sincere and quite possibly the most perfect man in the world for her. I love you These are the three little words that mean the most. When a woman is in love, it is important for her to know that the man she is in love with feels the same. If you do, you should make it known. Women love this. You should tell the woman of your dreams that you love her when she is least expecting it. Tell her in the middle of a movie, on the way to dinner or on an unexpected phone call from work. This will make a woman feel good and happy with their choice for the perfect man. Romance her Do not be afraid to talk sweet nothings into her ear. Make the woman feel good by saying sweet and romantic things to her at any given time. You can say them when you are having a romantic dinner together or you can say them in a passionate moment. These words will make her heart flutter and she will know that she is in love. Ask her how she is feeling This is something that is hard for any man to do. Asking a woman to share her feelings with them is not always easy. In fact this is something that can totally be hard for a man to do. However, if you find a

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What Does Your Woman Really Want woman that is perfect for you and you want to make her feel the same about you, you may have to suck it up a little. Sharing feelings with a woman is one way to ensure that the relationship is going in a good direction that both people can feel comfortable with. Be honest with her When you want to impress a woman, you will have to be honest with her. Make sure that you are telling her the truth about what you want and how you feel. Tell her that you love her and that you think she is perfect for you. Sharing how you feel and that you want to be with her may be a great idea to bring the both of you closer. Tell her when you will be late and what you are doing. Do not keep secrets. This is some thing that most women will really appreciate and that a lot of men do not do in a relationship. When she knows that you are devoted to her, she will probably feel the same way and she will know that she has the right man to spend the rest of her life with.

7 Simple Things You Could Do To Stop Your Woman Acting In Ways That Could Drive You Crazy There are some relationships that are being stressed by how the woman is acting. For some men, they are not able to handle the nagging and the unpredictable behavior that goes on from time to time or in fact all the time. It is hard for the man to understand what they can do to stop it or help the situation improve. Separation is not always the answer.

Look for it If you are doing something that you know is going to make her mad, you better be anticipating getting in trouble. Some examples are coming home late with no phone call, forgetting to do something earlier in the day for her; these are things that you know will get you into some kind of trouble. Be prepared. Bring some flowers home or a box of candy. This will help calm the behavior so that you do not have to listen to it.

Listen to her Usually a woman will make it clear what she is mad about. This is not a secret. A man will need to pay attention and listen to what she is saying. You need to listen closely to what she is saying and sometimes you have to read between the lines. This will make her happy to see that you are paying attention and she may not drive you crazy as long.

Dealing with her For some men, they have to completely tone the woman out. They are there but they have learned ways to zone her out when she is driving him crazy. Smiling and nodding is a good way to make it look like you are paying attention and that you understood what you are getting reamed out about.

Using the you is right technique This one will give you the element of happiness and surprise for the woman. As soon as she starts driving you crazy, you can jump right in there with an “I know what I did was wrong”. Or “ I am sorry Honey”. Copyright © All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want These will usually sweeten her up and you will not be in for the total package of yelling and irrational behavior that woman can sometimes get into. Woman love to hear their man tell them that they are right. This is the level of satisfaction that a lot of women live for.

Try to avoid it when possible If you know that your woman is mad and you are not sure why, you may want to try and find out why she is so angry with you first. You may want to avoid her until you are in complete understanding of what you did wrong so that you can defend yourself when it comes time. Avoid her as much as possible until you have things figured out. You know like a backup plan, an excuse or a reason why you did what you did. This will help to avoid the entire blow up situation and give you time to regroup. You may want to try and not do anything that would bring out the woman’s crazy side, but this is sometimes impossible.

Talk it out If you are your woman are not getting along and her behavior is driving you crazy, you may want to try and talk it out. This is sometimes a great idea to get things out in the open and to make the situation better. Tell her that what you are upset about with the crazy nagging and so forth. This may be the chance you need to make her see how bad she makes you feel when the behavior starts.

Break up For some relationships there is no fixing it. The behavior of the female is just too much for a man to handle. There is no point in making the entire situation worse by putting up with behavior that makes both of you unhappy. If the crazy situation is making both people unhappy, they may want to consider breaking up. This is a last resort, but one that may not be inevitable. But if you desire to proceed to save your marriage or relationship, you can get help, talk and learn from the Expert who has been where you are at now and has succeeded in saving their own relationships. Click here to get your lover back!

5 Top Reasons Why Women Love Too Much, And How To Know You Have Met One? Have you ever felt you were in love? That you would do just anything for that person, no matter how right or wrong you thought something was. Most all of us have felt this way at one point or another in our lives, even if the person we ‘loved’ knew nothing about our feelings. Men fall hard for a woman, in the early years, as we learn all about love, women, and what we think is going to attract a woman. Loving too much can be a smothering feeling, that often times is going to push someone away as the feelings and outward emotions are just too much to handle. So, think about the women who have come and gone in life. Have you ever met someone who loved you too much? Perhaps smothered you with their love, and you felt that you just couldn’t take any more and had to get a little more space? To teach you a little more about women, and why a woman wants to feel loved so badly, you are given the five reasons why women love too much. 5 TOP Reasons

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What Does Your Woman Really Want

1) A woman has a need to comfort others, even if she doesn’t realize this, most women have this need, a desire to take care of another person – which doesn’t have to be a child, but a man. A woman who loves too much is going to feel the need to give you as much of their selves to you as possible, as much as you will allow. 2) A woman wants to be the center of attention, and in being the center of attention, her love is going to demand all of your love. The woman who loves too much wants that in return. A lonely feeling that needs fulfilling is what drives her to seek all the love that you have to offer without limitations or boundaries. 3) Most women, if they fall in love with a man, want to be devoted to their man and they desire to give you everything! Many women are still products of their environment, brought up to be at a man’s beck and call, devoting every last energy to the man of their dreams. While you may feel this is a good thing that a woman wants to take care of you, and love you like no other, provide for your every whim and needs like no other woman can do, this can often turn out to be over demanding in the attention she is going to expect in return. 4) Women who have a low self esteem, a low confidence level will feel the need to love more than needed, more than possible, to be the center of your attention, meeting your every whim and need. Women who have a low self esteem are protecting you from needing anything else in life, because they are afraid of losing you, so they will offer you too much love, smothering you with their feelings as the relationship continues. 5) In feeling pity for the man who has been through a tough life, a woman will feel the need to love a man too much, to take away all the problems and pain in life. This all goes back to a need to comfort, to control, and to be in charge, and this type of woman is going to love you with all her heart, but she can make your life a living hell if you don’t realize that everything she does is for your best interests. You will find that you constantly have to give her respect, or her overwhelming love is going to drive you crazy as you lose more and more of your freedoms as she ‘smoothers’ you with too much love. How will you know if you are with a woman that loves you too much?     

Does your woman try to do things for you that you can easily do yourself? Does your woman want to do more for you than she does for herself? Do you feel as if you are being treated like a child sometimes? Have you been embarrassed by the smothering feelings in public? Are you unsure of the next step in the relationship because you constantly feel as if you are being pushed into something more?

The difference between a man and a woman is that a man is confident in what he wants, and will work towards getting what he wants. As a man is accustomed to having what he wants he is most often going to give his partner a little more room in the relationship. Men are not very open when it comes to expressing ones feelings, or showing too much love. If a man were to love someone too much, and be too clingy, they are often times considered possessive and jealous. A relationship can survive even if the woman loves a man too much. As a man, you may enjoy all the attention and overly motherly feelings of a woman who loves you too much. A relationship is going to Copyright © All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want survive as you, the man, continue to put your feelings, and thoughts out there for the woman to be known. Men can thrive on the love of a woman, by putting a woman in her ‘place’ at times, by telling her, when to back off, how decisions should be made and so on. The man who allows the woman to make all the decisions and to take care of everything is only looking for divorce at some point down the road. Teach her to share the responsibilities, and teach her you are your own man, and show her that you can be independent and a couple at the same time. This is not something that is going to happen overnight, but in the course of the relationship. What are the things a man mustn’t say to a woman who love too much A woman who loves you too much is going to expect that you love her as well. If you were to tell a woman, who has loved you in a manner that is overbearing for a long time, that she is overbearing and to back off, she is going to be hurt – she is going to lose trust in the relationship fast and will become spiteful. You have to learn to handle her with tactful words, and to say something like- "I love how you take care of…. However, I think I can handle this one myself." On the other hand, it could be – "You have been trying so hard to take care of everything for so long, I think it is time I take care of…" These tactful words are going to flatter her, but also show what you think, and what you are going to do about a situation right now.

7 Top Reasons Why Your Woman Require More Time, Attention And Reassurance From You Some men find that their woman is driving them crazy with insecurities and require way too much attention, but the truth is that woman are gentle creatures who just want to have some meaning in their life. Men may see some woman as needy, but most of the time it is just because they are looking for someone to love them so much. Seven Reasons Why Your Woman Requires More Time 1. One reason why a woman requires more time is the fact that women are very sensitive and they feel more for their mate. They constantly want to be closer to their mate because they feel that the relationship gets stronger over time. 2. Also women require more time because women feel that they need to express their feelings all the time. Unlike a man, a woman needs to be expressive and show their emotions. When a woman is in love, she wants to be with her mate so that she can express herself. 3. Women need to be needed; by spending time with a woman you are validating their life. By sharing your time with a woman you are telling her that you want her around and that makes her feel more secure.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want 4. Insecurity gets the best of woman. Again validating her and her feelings is just one of the most important reasons why you nee to show a woman more time. With insecurity, a mind runs wild, and it will strain the relationship. 5. It could be true that most women are happier being around their mate because they make them happy. Nothing seems that important to a woman in love other than being in love. 6. Most of the time woman demands more time is because women fear loneness. Women are more likely to get lonely. Women need to have a champion to be there for her when she’s sad or happy. 7. Some women feel that they need excitement in their life to fill whole. It doesn’t mean you have to be a daredevil, but the laughter and release of some hormones make women feel full of life. However, there are major differences between men and woman and most of them are evident. The difference between a man and a woman when it comes to reassurance is that most men don’t need to be validated. Men do crave attention from women, but they don’t need it all the time. A well-balanced man can spend the day with his girlfriend and go through the entire next day without having to see them. A well-balanced woman could possibly go through the entire day without seeing them, but a few phone calls have to be made or the day doesn’t seem right. A man with good self esteem does not need to be reassured every day that the relationship is fine and that their partner loves them. Some women are lucky in this area and don’t need reassurances, but most women feel that they aren’t good enough or that there is someone better than them. Women are insecure because of all the public hype over having to be perfect to be truly loved. The only thing that a man should do if they find that they are dating an insecure woman is to sit down and have a talk. By sitting down and talking about what makes them insecure and what can be done to let them know that they are beautiful and that they are loved. Even though a woman knows that their mate loves them, it’s always nice to hear it every now and then. By being tentative and emotional expressive to a woman, the insecurities should diminish. Even though some women are over sensitive or overly needy, you should not compromise your entire self to fit into the relationship. Some couples are better off not in a relationship together than others. However, if you really want to keep a long term relationship or marriage work, you only have a few things that you absolutely must do. First, surprise her every now and then. Bring home a rose or make her breakfast in bed just because you love her. Tell the love of your life just how much you love her everyday, just because it could be the last day you two spend together. In addition, the last key to making a successful relationship last is to pick your battles. If you know that, she’s just in a mood because she lost her job or something tragic happened, let it go. If you notice her trying to pick a fight to let some steam out, just tell her that you love her and give her a hug. However, for those important issues you should stand your ground so that at the end of the day you still feel like you know whom you are and you want to be in the relationship.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want The problem with men is that they don’t know when to walk away. Insecure women will let you know that they are insecure with petty fights and the “where have you been” tone. There are so many things that you can say to a woman to make her feel better about herself and the relationship, but there are so many more things you should never say to a woman. First, never compare her to her mother. Women spend their entire lives avoiding turning into their mother that it would be completely the end of the world for her to hear something like that. Another thing, don’t comment on her behavior. Don’t tell her she’s over reacting and never call her crazy. Writing off her feelings is the worst. However, you can suggest that you both walk away from the situation and come back to each when both parties are ready to look at the situation calmly. The key to staying in a long lasting and loving relationship is communication. Sit down have a talk with your mate. Validate her feelings and acknowledge them. Don’t dismiss any of her feelings, nor should she dismiss any of your feelings. Sometimes it’s just best to walk away and cool down before approaching the issues that come up in a relationship.

10 Secret Techniques To Make Your Partner Want To Have More Sex With You A relationship is very involved, both on the physical and the intimate levels. One person may feel the need to cuddle (such as your woman) while you on the other hand, don’t want to be too close after you are relaxed, and feeling completely satisfied. What you are going to find is that there are many things that are going to make your partner want to have more sex with you, and sometimes you are going to have to give a little, so you can get a lot more back in return. Think about sex, and tell her you are thinking about sex, even if it is over the phone What you may not realize is that women are going to think about sex more than you want to realize. A woman is going think about how you talked to her, how you kissed her, and how you rubbed your whiskers on her cheek the night before. Your partner is going to want to have more sex, the more they are thinking about sex, and the more often you tell her that she is sexy. Make an intimate call. Tell your partner all about what you want to do to her, and how you want to do it, and then let her think about that all day until she gets to see you again! Spending a few minutes alone, in the dark, as you listen to music You might find it a little boring, but sometimes all you need to do, to get more sex in your life is feel a little closer, to put the hurried portions of the day behind you and just listen to a little music. Not many couples sit back, relax and just listen to music. Sometimes music is going to be very sexy, putting you or your partner, or both of you in the mood at the same time. Instead of just climbing into bed, and watching the news or the late show, you should turn on a bit of your favorite music and sit close with your partner. Take a shower before you come and cuddle up close to your partner

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What Does Your Woman Really Want

Women are often turned on by the smell of cologne, or by the smell of soap. In taking a shower every night before you climb into bed, no matter how tired you are, you are creating a memory in her mind, of the clean smell she loves the most. Use this smell and the need to be close to you for your own advantage, so you can have more sex, more often. Sexual attractions are very strong, and if you are not using your natural abilities to attract your partner, you very well could be losing out on a good bit of good sex. Baby your partner for a while, stroking, petting and being beside her Don’t be afraid to play around and lick her neck. The worst thing that could happen is you fall asleep in each others arms, and you get a little more sex in the morning when she is refreshed from a good nights sleep – because she will remember what you want and what you felt like when she fell asleep in your arms. You will get more in the morning as she is sleeping well at night! Don’t be passing gas or burping before you climb into bed You don’t want to be the man in front of your partner. She doesn’t want to see, hear or smell anything like that; it is not going to be a turn on. If you want to have more sex in your life, and bring your relationship closer as you are more intimate more often, pass on the beans, pass on the garlic, and be sweet smelling, and loveable – she will cuddle right up next to you more often! Bring her a glass of wine at bedtime, and leave the lights on low You might not realize it but all she wants is a little time, just five minutes to unwind and your partner will be ready for a little alone time with you. Bring her a glass of wine, tea, or just water as she unwinds and gets ready for bed. You will be thoughtful and insightful and she will remember these small things as you reach over and kiss her. Your partner just loves being the center of attention and this doesn’t take much added energy at all on your part so you should give it a try! Offer her a quick massage, nothing fancy or too long, just a brief rub down You might not realize it, but the feel of your hands, on her back, and on her chest is going to make a woman feel good. If you want to put more sex into your relationship, you should show your partner a little foreplay, a little extra care. A woman is going to be turned on as you touch the small of her back, the inside of her breast – and why? Because no one ever touches her in those places except for you, and with this touch you are going to excite her more often, showing her that you are intimate and that you want to pleasure her every need. You don’t even have to rub her hard, or touch her that long, just the soft gentle touches that show you are close to her will relay the message quite clearly. Get in the shower with her, and let her see your hard on She likes to get in the shower and take a good long hot shower, and this is your opportunity to get in on the action. Slide into the shower, and rub her down with the soap. As you lather her up, rub up against her and let her feel how hard you are. You don’t have to have sex in the shower, just put her in the mood so she will be turned on and looking for action when she gets out of the shower. You surely already know what Copyright © All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want cologne is going to drive her crazy, so if you were to shower and put a little on, she is going to get turned on, and want you, even if she doesn’t consciously know it. Taking a shower is not only going to freshen you up, but it is going to wake you up and your partner at the same time. Talk sweetly and quietly so you don’t wake the children The little things you say will get you a long way when it comes to getting more sex. If you tell your partner just how much you love her, how pretty she is, or how much you feel that she is a special part of your day, the better she is going to feel about your relationship. As she feels sexier, she is going to want you more. As she feels happier, she is going to offer herself to you more often. You can get a long way with a partner when you are whispering goodies in her ear, and all without waking the children! Don’t just jump in bed, but slide into bed close to your partner and be next to her Slide into bed; slide right next to your partner. Jumping into bed, and making a ruckus is going to make your presence known but you are also going to annoy your partner a little more often. You want to be comfortable, and make your partner comfortable, so carefully climb into bed and get close. As you are sitting close with your partner, stroking her skin, and feeling her next to you, both of your are going to be more aroused. You will feel closer to each other and you will end up having sex more often. You can make this a habit, and when you see she is in bed with the music on, you are going to be in for a bit of sex again tonight. The trick here is to make it too bed, and not to sleep on the couch or on the recliner in the living room.

Proven Tips That Would Work In Seconds To Help Your Woman Who Is Always Feeling Neurotic And Insecure You may think that your mate is neurotic an insecure, but can you blame her? The way that some guys treat a good woman and the way the media portrays woman, it is no wonder that a woman would question their mate’s intentions every now and then. Do you have it in you to stick by her side and tell her that you love her? If you want to see the relationship through all you have to do is follow your heart and show her honesty. Eight Proven Tips that Would Work In seconds to Help your Woman Who is Always Feeling Neurotic and Insecure. 1. Make sure she knows why you love her and why you stay in the relationship. Let her know every now and then what made her stand out among the rest and why you love to spend time with her. You can take out a book of photos and go through every moment that you fell in love with her. 2. Take her out and allow her to get all dressed up. Women feel more confident and beautiful when they are given the opportunity to doll themselves up for their man. You should make a night out every now and then where you wine and dine her. If you are on a tight budget, make a special dinner for her, but still dress for the occasion.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want 3. Bring her unexpected gifts. The gifts don’t have to be big, expensive, or fancy. It could be something that she mentioned she needed. For example, maybe she needed a light bulb changed in her chandelier. The next night, come over with a bulb and ladder. This also lets her know that not only you care, but you listen to her every word. 4. Plain and simple; tell her that you love her. Tell her every now and then that she means the world to you. You may think that you show her you love her, but she needs to hear it every now and then. 5. Let her know that you are committed to the relationship. Sit down and talk to her every now and then. Ask her about her day. Ask her about how she feels. Talk the insecurities out. 6. Spend more time with her. If you feel that you have more extra time lately, try to spend it on her or spend your time on trying to find ways to heal the relationship. 7. You can always try to distract her. If you haven’t had that much time on your hands and she’s starting to wonder about the relationship, distract her with a pet. Yes, buy her a dog, a cat, a bird, whatever you think she’d like. It’ll take the focus off of you so much. 8. Finally, try to validate her feelings. If she feels that you haven’t been a great boyfriend lately, discuss it. Maybe you haven’t been. Try to look it from her point of view. Even though you think your girl is being ridiculous, her friends wouldn’t think so. That’s because woman are insecure all the times about everything. They don’t think they are pretty enough, they aren’t smart enough, that they just aren’t good enough to find their prince and happy ever after. The media doesn’t help either. Women are killing themselves because they feel they need to be less than 100 pounds. Women are going under the knife because they feel that they need to be busty. All because the want to impress a guy or have more dates. That doesn’t say much about how shallow woman think men are. If you want to know exactly what a woman needs to be happy in a relationship with you is just your time, attention, affection, and love. Pay attention to her; listen to what she has to say even if it means nothing to you. Show her that you want her by romantic bedroom settings. Show her passion. Above all tell her that you love her. You may think that she knows, but she has no idea how much you love her until you tell. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but you need to reinforce your actions by saying the words. It’s not hard to recognize a neurotic and insecure woman. Some woman can hide it better then most, but every woman is to some degree insecure. The most confident woman is insecure about something. She maybe very confident in a bathing suit, but standing in front of a room filled with businessmen might make her want to hide. You will find that some women are needy more than others, but they all require the same things. The truth, affection, and love from a man are all that most women want. If you want to stay in a relationship, but you still have no idea what she wants from you, all you have to do is remember a few things. Tell her that you love her, cuddle up to her when she’s had a hard day, and be honest. By following those simple tips and by keeping your communication lines open you should have a healthy relationship. You should be able to reassure her of your commitment and your relationship could flourish. Copyright © All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want

Even though you may think that your girl is going crazy, she’s just worried. She’s worried that she thinks more of the relationship than you do. By simply reassuring her that you are good man with morals and integrity you have the bases of a good relationship. A relationship is a give and take and both parties need to work at it. Everything can be resolved by talking it through.

The Way Man Experiences The World As A Man And The Way A Woman Experiences The World As A Woman A man sees the entire world differently than the way a woman would see the world. They see the world differently based on their gender expectations, their emotional levels, sexuality, professional lives, goals that the media has influenced, the way they see themselves, and in life in general. Men think entirely differently, what women think. Women see the slightest details of life and men tend to see the whole picture instead of the little things. When it comes to seeing the world in the way that the media depicts the goals for men and woman they are completely barbaric. Men have to be tough and professional and sleek, while woman are just there to be pretty. The media in the way they talk about woman make them seem like they are only slaves to the patriotic world. However, history has noted woman as strong individuals. When it comes to men, they have to be smart, educated, finely dressed, and professional. They are the ones who become lawyers, heroes, and successful. This had affected both men and woman. Most men feel that their simple, blue collar lives are not good enough and that they have disappointed someone. Women spend thousands of dollars and hours of their time trying to be something they aren’t because it’s the way the media portrays them. It comes down to the way they see themselves. Men are to be sleek Romeo’s that can talk any woman into bed and then get up the next morning live this fast life. Women are to wait for their husbands to get home with a cigar in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other while wearing a teddy. Today women see themselves as polite ladies who secretly have to be wild in the bedroom. Many women spend their entire lives trying to prove to the world that they are just as good as a man. It’s hard to say that they are when woman still don’t get paid nearly as much as a man does. The glass ceiling keeps all women in the kitchen. However, men still feel that they have to be Romeo. It seems that men still brag about the women they go home with and all their professional achievements. Why do women feel they have to prove themselves and why are many so charming? It was the expectations that were given to them even as a child. Little boys were saving lives playing with their G.I. Joes and girls were accessorizing their Barbie dream house. These roles that men and woman play are given to each child before they are even in school. Society has made the roles that men and women play and nothing will ever change them.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want Taking the topic into small areas, professionally women are still under the glass ceiling. They can see the top, but most women don’t make it to the top. However, the world is changing in the professional world. Men and women are becoming more equal. A man, professionally, can do whatever it is that his heart desires. They can be judges, doctors, dancers, actors, and even the President of the United States. Although there are many female doctors, dancers, actors, and judges, have you ever heard of a female President of the United States? Professionally, women are still experience the world as cute secretaries. One level of life that will never make women and men equal is the emotional level. Men experience life very differently than women. They go through a lot of stages in their lives that are hurtful and stressful. The sad thing about men is that they are taught not to show any emotion by their parents. If a little girl cries, parents react by cuddling them, but if a little boy cries parents tend to yell at them. They are taught at a young age that crying is unacceptable. This could be the reason why many men have issues with their father. They think that their father was too harsh. Men aren’t emotional because they socially aren’t allowed to be. Women feel that men are too cold, but they don’t realize that as a mother they are more likely to yell at their son for crying than their daughter. It’s a double-edged sword. As child, men are taught to refrain and then as men, they are expected to share and open up. It just doesn’t work that way. Most men feel that their mate is overly expressive, but that is comparing them to men. Men expect women not to be so needy or whinny, but, again, it’s how women were raised as a child. Again, it is a double-edged sword. Sexually is one level that woman are trying to take over. Women are just as sexually as men. Women go for sex and like sex just as much as a man. Women are aggressive when it comes to sex because that’s what they think men want. Men tend to be sexually aggressive, but a majority is shy about the subject. Most men expect their women to be non aggressive when it comes to sex. Society has begun to change. They picture women as aggressive if not more aggressive. In some scenarios, men are shown as the shy one. It is just one way that you can see how the media has changed the roles for men and women. The world is changing. Women are becoming just as good as men and soon the world will just major changes. The world is already seeing changes in male and female roles, because men are being seen as shy, non aggressive, while women are being shown as wild, aggressive species.

Taking A Peek Into Her Inner World: What Does A Woman Feel About Dating and How Is It Different From Men? What Turns Her On In Dating? There are different views on dating for men and women. Many of them think of their perfect partner as something completely different from what someone else would. This is not unusual because all people are different. There are no two people that think exactly the same and this is true with relationships as well.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want

There have been many studies done to try and figure out what a woman wants in a man and the other way around. This is not exact science and there are many things to consider when thinking about it. It really boils down to the person and what they want to have in a relationship with a partner. Do they want to have a serious relationship that will turn into marriage down the road? Is this just a fling that will fade after a while? These are all things that people will ask themselves when they are in a relationship of any kind. Many women think they know what they want and instead they go after something completely different. This is not uncommon and it is usually the way that a woman truly figures out what they want and need in a man. Every man has a different personality and there are certain women that only want a certain â&#x20AC;&#x153;qualityâ&#x20AC;? of man. What they want for their love life Women want different things when it comes to their love life and the man of their dreams. It is no lie that every woman wants to have a sensitive man that will fulfill all of her needs both physically and emotionally as well. However, it is also true that a great sex life is one of the most important keys to a great relationship. There are some women that have broken it off with a man because of the sex and either lack of it or for lack of satisfaction. Most women think of their man in many different ways when it comes to the lover personality that they have. Many women want their guy to have a bad boy sense about him. This will excite the woman and get their love life off to a heated start. Adventure is a great factor to have in any relationship for sex and romance. He should be a seducer but not slimy. Dirty talk is fine to a point but there is no need to be vulgar. Most women want someone to move them both physically and emotionally and add some energy and even some complexity to the relationship. What women want in dating? Most women want to have the perfect date. This can include anything from an energetic night out on the town to a romantic dinner for two at home. Most importantly woman want to be treated with respect and dignity. No woman or man for that matter wants to be treated like a possession. They may want to be pampered and spoiled a little but they do not want to be treated like a child or made to feel incompetent. This is a very important thing to many women and will not want the guy to do too much for them and at the same time they will want him to show courtesy and use their gentleman skills. They just want to have a regular guy that will love them for who they are and not want anything buy love in return. There are some women that just want to find a great guy that will treat her good and spend the rest of her life with him, while there are others that will go the distance to find someone that is successful and provides them with a good life. They are going to want the passion and the great kisses as well as guy that will go to the ends of the earth for them no matter what they ask. What should you say on a date Many times a woman will feel a little shy or embarrassed on a first date. They will not know what to say or how to act with a guy. When this is the case, they may seem a little stuck up or not interested. It is important to make sure that you are acting like yourself and let your true personality shine through. Copyright Š All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want

Never act fake on a date. You do not want to be someone that you are not. Make sure that you ask the questions that you want to know so that you are getting to know the guy better. This will help you understand if you want to continue the relationship or if you are wasting your time. Do not be afraid to let yourself go and find out what you came there to do. You should never get too attached in the first few dates. You will want to make sure that you are not letting your guard down to quickly. You are not expected to fall in love over night and you do not want to scare the guy off with those three little words that make most men run away screaming, I LOVE YOU! These are the words that can end a relationship before it even begins. Keep your independence It is important to stay true to yourself and keep your self-regard. You will want to make sure that you are having fun but do not get too close to the point that you are letting your emotions take over your brain. You need to stay focused and remember what you want and go after it. Be true to yourself and make sure that you are keeping your independence and your self-respect. Finding a man should not mean sacrificing your independence your own life dreams and goals. Remember to have fun and keep an open mind and you will find the perfect man to spend the rest of your days with.

A Peek Into Her Inner World: How To Deal With A Woman Who Is A Commitment Phobia There is so much information out there that is claiming to help people with a commitment phobia. There are actually many women as well as men that have this problem with a relationship and need to find a way to get passed it so that they can live a happy life with someone that they can love. Many women are confused and need to find help with their commitment issues. You can learn to recognize the symptoms if your partner is really scared of commitment. You need to find out if this is something that you can work past of it is a commitment issue that will never be resolved completely. Sometimes if the relationship is not working, it is easier to blame the other person or something else instead of taking the responsibility on his or her own. It is important that you find out about the commitment phobia problems in the beginning so that you are not spending too much wasted time on a woman. You will see the signs and if you are not sure about what the problem is, you can think about the following definition of commitment phobia and figure it out from there. What is commitment phobia? Commitment phobia is the fear of commitment. Men are usually considered more likely to have this problem but there are many women that have this issue as well. There are researchers that say that we are happier and healthier when we are in a committed relationship. There can be many different reasons why people do not want to commit. Some of these reasons are the following.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want There are signs of not wanting to get close in a relationship. The woman will try and distance herself from the man and make it apparent that they are not interested in getting too attached and taking the relationship to the next step. Bad relationship in the past If a woman has had a bad relationship in the past, they are going to be more likely to have commitment phobia. It is important for the person to have some time and make sure that they are able to trust the man and feel comfortable with them that this relationship is not going to repeat itself. Fear of being bored Another reason a woman is afraid of commitment is because she is afraid that she will lose the excitement in their relationship. She is afraid that she will settle into a routine, there will be no room for fun, the relationship could become restless, and she will have to look for some other form of excitement. There may be a better prospect out there Some woman have a commitment phobia because they are afraid that they are going to find someone else that is just a little bit better. They may find a man with a better job, better car and more potential for a successful future. This is something this is superficial and disturbing about this behavior. If you are in a relationship like this with a woman or you are feeling this way, you need to get out of the partnership before someone gets hurt. Try to get help in your relationship If you are really committed to the woman that has the commitment phobia, you need to try and figure out what you are going to do. If the woman is willing to try and find a way to commit, then you should stick it out as long as you can. If there are no signs of change, you should get your mind and body prepared to move on. This means that this relationship is only going to hold you down and it is not going to be worth your time. How to avoid commitment phobia If you are not sure how to deal with some form of commitment phobia, you can do a few things to make it a little easier to let your relationship flow onto the next step. The first thing that you need to do when your partner is not ready to commit is understand that it is not your fault. Gain back your self-esteem and realize that you are a great catch and they are missing out. Do not take rejection too personally. You will want to make sure that you are able to take the rejection and move on. If you think that you are wasting your time on a woman that is not willing to commit, you need to move on. If you cannot help her, you are going to only be setting yourself up for disappointment later. The best thing that you can do to avoid commitment phobia is to stay true to your feelings. Now what you want and go after it. If someone is not ready to take on the relationship full blast like you, it is time to move Copyright Š All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want on and get on with your life. Never sacrifice your own personally happiness for the lack of commitment from any woman.

How You Are Destroying A Relationship FAST, and Yet You Are Not Aware of It! Many times men do not realize that they are in a good relationship and it is going down hill fast. They are not thinking about the bad that they are doing to their relationship and go along thinking that everything is just fine. However there are things those men need to do to make sure they are keeping up with their relationship and doing what is needed to make it work. Being in a good relationship is something that you are lucky to have. You do not want to blow it by destroying it because you are not paying attention to the things that you need to. You have to put your best effort first to ensure that you keep your relationship moving in the right direction for you both. Signs that you are not doing something right When your partner is not happy there are sure to be signs that you need to look out for. Most of the time a woman will let their man know when they are not happy in the relationship. If you are serious about this partnership and you want to make sure that it works, you need to do everything that you can to keep it alive. You have to pull yourself together and figure out what you are doing wrong. If your partner does not tell you what the problems are, you have to sit down with the person and communicate. How do you know when it is too late? It should never be too late for you to try and work things out with your partner. If you have damaged the relationship because of something that you did, and you are not ready to give up you should do what you need to in order to make it work. If you are not talking anymore and you notice that your partner is doing more and more on her own, you may find that you are losing what you once had. You have to work at getting what the relationship once had back and doing anything that you can to make it work. If you are serious about the relationship, it is never too late to work at fixing problems and moving on with a healthy and happy relationship. Communication is the key No matter what type of relationship you are in, you have to be willing to communicate. You need to sit down on a regular basis and talk to each other about what is going on in the relationship. You need to talk things out and use your resources to figure out what you both need. Think about what will make you both happy and move on from there. The last thing that you want to do is break up so you have to be willing to work hard and make it through the hard times. Do not take the relationship for granted Many men forget that they have a good relationship and they just assume that everything is fine. However there are a lot of men out there that are not putting their partner first. They are taking what they have for Copyright Š All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want granted and the only way that they will see what they have is after they have lost it. This is something that a lot of men regret and it is important to work past it and get to a place where you can communicate and appreciate each other for what you both have brought to the relationship. Not spending enough time together A lot of men damage their relationships because they are not spending enough time with their partner. They are not giving them the attention that they need and deserve. There are a lot of women out there that thrive on the attention that they receive from their man. They need and have to have this kind of treatment in their life. There is no doubt that there are many men that forget that woman need some extra special attention and need to have the quality time together with you on a regular basis. If you are working too hard or spending too much time with your friends, you may want to revaluate what you are doing. You should think about your priorities and how you are placing them in order. If you are putting your relationship on the backburner, you may be destroying it without even knowing it. This is of course until it is too late and the relationship is too far damaged and you have lost everything that you once had.

Affairs In Relationships: How To Deal With A Love Triangle Being in a love triangle can be dangerous. It can be something that ruins your life and tears you apart. When you are in a relationship, you need to be aware of everything that is going on so that you can take control of your life and make the most of it. You want to be in a happy relationship that will bring you good things and a happy life. Dealing with an affair If you think that your mate is having an affair outside your relationship, this is serious. You need to think about how you want to confront it. You need to be careful so that you do not put yourself at risk for getting hurt. You have to be in control of the situation so that you are able to make the right choices based on what you believe. Being in a relationship that is committed means that you need to be honest. Both people have to make a commitment to be truthful to the other person about anything. If you cannot own up to things that you may do wrong in your relationship, then you have to be prepared for bad circumstances. How to confront an affair If you have your suspicions that your mate may be having an affair, you need to figure out how you want to handle it. You need to think about the outcomes and what circumstances are going to happen because of your actions. Think carefully about what you want to happen and the choices that you make. The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you are all right. Do not fly off the handle and get all upset without knowing first what is going on. You should sit down with your partner and communicate with them. Talk the problems out and make sure that you are able to get to the bottom of what is going on. Take time out for yourself so that you can think Copyright Š All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want and find your words. If the person is truly having an affair, you will probably be able to tell by their body expressions. You will notice if they are uncomfortable with the conversation and this will help you determine what is going on. Make a good solid decision You should never feel as if you owe your partner anything if they are having an affair. They will try and make it seem as though it is your fault that they have gone off to be with someone else. This is only an excuse and you should not pay attention to it. You are not to blame for their bad behavior. You need to stay calm and figure out what you want to do and how you need to do it. Having a plan for anything is going to make the situation a lot better. How to deal with the other person If you know whom the other person is you may have many emotions toward them. You need to figure out what is the best option for you. Should you confront them and make them uncomfortable? If this is what you think you really have to do then you should do it, however you need to keep composure so that you do not do anything that you would regret later on. It is not worth committing a crime over. The main goal of this meeting is to get your self-respect back and to let them know that you are not defeated and that you will overcome this ordeal. Your self worth is going to be the main objective when you find out that someone you love is having an affair. If you truly love the person and you want to fight for them, you should do just that. However if you think that the relationship is too far damaged for help, you need to move on and let yourself heal. At times it is far wiser for you to ahead and learn all the skills required for you to be able to fall in love and stay in love, and this wonderful resource is going to help you do just THAT! Who knows, you could well be on your way to ace the competition and get your lover back! Don't let your emotions control and take over you. Find a way to get them under control so that you remain confident and composed.

How To Create A Magical Relationship With A Woman Older Than You! Having a good relationship with someone that you can feel comfortable with is important. You want to make sure that you are doing all that you can so that you are able to have a great time and still get what you need from the other person. You cannot always help who you fall in love with and no matter how different you may be, there is hope for anyone How To Love A Woman Older Than You Are There is nothing wrong with loving an older woman. As long as you both have thing in common and you feel a common bond, you should go for whatever makes you happy. Age is not an issue when you find someone that you can love and spend your life with. Making a relationship magical with an older woman may take a little extra work, but you will find the right method once you figure out who she is and what she wants in life.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want Taking on a love with an older woman will mean that you might have to step up your game. She may be attracted to you because you are younger so you may want to make sure that you are keeping the relationship alive with fun using your vibrant ideas. You may also want to take moments where you tone it down a little and show the mature side of yourself. She may want to have both of this in her life and you need to let her know that you can do it. Having fun There is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun. In fact you should try and have fun no matter what type of relationship you are in. the main goal of you as the younger man is to show the older woman that you have what it takes to be it all. You want to show them that you can have fun and give the woman a great time. Show her fun activities and help her to feel as if she is younger. This will mean a lot to her and she will probably enjoy the excitement that you bring to her life. You also want to have fun in another sense too. You want to give her the mature side of you so that she can see that you have a serious and more laid back approach to entertainment. Give her a good bit of both and she will surely think that she has found the perfect partner. Do not give up If you think that things are not going like you want them to, you should not give up too quickly. You want to maintain your goals of staying together so you should think about the fact that you need to work on the right things. You want to give her a good bit of attention so that she can see that you think she is special. Allow her to feel like a princess and show her that you mean to have a good and meaningful relationship. You should try and work out any problems that you may have by communication. If you are not doing something right make sure that she knows it is ok to let you know. It should work both ways. There is no sense in sticking together in a bad relationship if no one is happy. The main goal of both people should be to relax and have fun. It is important to bring out the good in each other and this may be something that you need to work on. Getting closer You need to remember that you may not have the same ideas about how to have fun. You need to compromise and meet each other in the middle. Take turns picking what to do each night and where to have dinner. When you are allowing both sides to bring their own personality into the relationship, it will allow both people to grow and to find out as much as they can about one another. Using compromise and communication are the two best ways to make a magical relationship with an older woman. You need to make sure that you are both listening and doing whatever possible to make one another feel special. Do not be afraid to be yourself and let go a little. You need to make sure that you are being real and using your true personality when together. You should start off on the wrong path by pretending. The more honesty that you use will give you a better and sturdier relationship.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want

Irreconcilable Differences In A Relationship With A Girl and What You Can Do About It Having problems with your relationship is nothing new. You should not be surprised if you are having difficulty with your girlfriend. If your relationship is starting to suffer, you should think about what you can do to make it work so that you can be happy and have a good relationship. Think about what you both need and how you can work together to make the relationship work. Having problems in a relationship If you and your girlfriend are having problems, you should sit down and figure out what is going on. You may have to think about the things that are going wrong in your life and what you need to work on. You have to remember that you are not going to help the situation if you are just trying to lay blame on someone else. You have to be ready to take responsibility and figure out what you both can do to make it right. There is nothing worse than to realize that your relationship is not going to work. This can be a devastating realization and you may be disappointed at first. However you have to work hard so that you are able to come out on top and find out if your love is able to withstand any of the problems that you are having. Getting to the facts in a relationship is the only way to make it work. You have no time for dramatic scenes or fictional stories. You need to be honest and do what you need to in order to work out the differences that you are having. Is it worth it? When your girlfriend is making it hard for you to have a good relationship, you may want to think about what the problems really are. Is it you? Are you doing all that you can to make her feel special and loved? Then you need to think about if the problems that you are having are coming from her. Is she doing something different? Is she acting different? Think about the problems that you are having and if it is even worth the effort to make it right. You will want to make sure that you are weighing all your options so that you are not making the wrong choice in the end. Communication One of the best things that you can do in your relationship is communicate. You have to be willing to talk about anything and go on from there. Think about the problems that you are having and what you can do to make it right. Are you sitting down with your girlfriend and working through the problems that you are having? Are you discussing them and trying to find a solution? If you are not taking the time to communicate, you will not have a resolution and you may want to call it quits. Breaking up There is no reason to rush into breaking up. If you think that you are in love with the girl and that you want to make it work, you have to try. Breaking up a once good relationship over some irreconcilable differences is not always the right choice. You should put some effort into working it out and trying to fix Copyright Š All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want what is broken about the partnership. Work as a team and not against each other. However if the girl is convinced that the relationship is over, you have no other choice than to let go and move on. Working past the little things in a relationship is something that you need to do. You have to make it known that you are serious about making your girlfriend happy and making the relationship work. There is no doubt that it will be hard and that you will have plenty of good times and bad times to work through. The main goal of this situation is that you know that you have done everything that you can do make it better. Once you have done all that you can and there are no more options, you may want to then think about letting go. However, letting a few small problems interfere with a good relationship is not going to be a good choice. You have to give and take a little to know what the true meaning of love is. Think about what is more important to you and move on from there.

Why Relationship Ends - Lessons to Be Learnt For the Next Real, Enduring Love! Relationships end for many different reasons. No one can tell for sure what went wrong in some cases and in others it is so obvious. There are many that try their best and do all that they can to make the relationship work out to the best of their ability. However there are others that just do not put the time and effort into it that is needed and they in result break up. Just like Hollywood Many think that they have the fairy tale and their relationship is going to last forever. However this is not a reality in some cases. There are plenty of people that have a good start and then somewhere in the middle it goes bad. This is very common and many people have to realize that not everyone is meant to be together. There is a match out there for everyone and it may just take a little longer to find him or her is all. There are steps that you can take to ensure that your next relationship is not a total loss like your present one. You will see that when you follow a few steps, you can make your relationship work and grow into something that you have always wanted. It may take some time and effort, but once you are there you will be thrilled with the results. Physical attraction You need to click with your partner physically for sure. You need to have the chemistry there to even start a relationship. If you do not find your partner attractive, you may never be able to get the relationship on the right track. There is of course more to the relationship than just physical appearance, but this is important to have. Your mind is something that will tell you if you are in the right place or not. When you are not sure, you should think about your gut feelings and take it from there. When you are only physically attracted to someone, this is not the right reason to start a relationship either. You have to have it all in order to make it work. Copyright Š All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want Being friends When you are in love with someone, you need to be able to trust him or her and feel comfortable around him or her. You need to make sure that you are able to get along with each other on a friendship level. Think about your best friend and who that person is. If your answer is your lover, then you are on the right track. You need to have that bond with each other so that you are in complete sync and can have a committed relationship. Having the same values Physical relationships may work for a short term but not for the long term. You need to have so much more than that. You need to have the same goals in life and values. You cannot be with someone forever that does not share your same dreams that include family and location. You need to be on the same page so that you can keep the momentum moving and the relationship strong. Having the same kind of values with each other is important. You need to agree most of the time, not all the time. It is important to keep your beliefs on things like religion and politics to your own. You can agree to disagree on these terms, but you need to share a common ground where you can meet in the middle. Compromise Do not be against compromise. This is something that many couples have to do in order to make it. Without it, you will see that there are many failed loves because of one or the otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s difficulty in compromising something that they believe in. You do not need to sacrifice the important issues that are meaningful to your well being, but you should think about the small things that you can do without in your life. It is all about sharing and if you cannot do this, then your relationship is doomed for the worse. Giving is the most important part of a relationship. However you need to receive some as well. When you have a good balance of these two things, you will see that you can work through anything and make your life happier and your relationship stronger.

Rituals For Completing and Pampering Yourself: How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship In order to have a good relationship you need to be good to yourself. You have to think about the things that you need and want in order to make someone else happy. Think about the pampering that you like to have and what you need to have on a regular basis. You will want to continue these things throughout your relationship. You may want to think about what is important to you and what you have to have in order to have a healthy lifestyle. If there are certain things that you like to do, you should continue to do them. After all you want to be happy and the best thing that you can do to make this happen is to keep doing the same things. When

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What Does Your Woman Really Want you are used to certain rituals for pampering and taking care of yourself, you want to do them so that you can feel good. Feeling good is the key to having a happy and healthy relationship for a long time. Keeping your relationship strong is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. You want to think of different things that you can do to make this happen. Once you have achieved your goals and came to a conclusion, you will be able to make your life better in your relationship and on your own. How to keep happy Your happiness is a great goal for you to achieve. You have to find happiness in your life so that you are able to stay fulfilled. When you are ready to take on a relationship, you have to make sure that you have taken care of yourself first so that you can make this happen. There is nothing more important than keeping your own happiness above others. No one else is going to do this for you so you have to be in control. Do what you like When you are in a relationship, you need to stay positive. You have to be in control of the things that are happening around you. When you have control over them, you will see that you will have a happier and healthier relationship that will benefit the both of you. There is no point in being unhappy and negative about things that are going on in your life. When you are open to making positive goals, you will see a better response from those around you as well. Take time out for your mind Clearing your mind is very important to staying focused. When you are feeling like you are loosing control, you need to set some time away for yourself so that you can get relaxed. You need to stay calm and keep your mind free from clutter. This will help you think well and keep your goals in sight for your relationship. You will have a better outcome with your love life as well as keeping in good spirits and having happy feelings. Staying fit and healthy Using a good form of exercise is something that will do a lot of good for your relationship as well. When you are physically staying fit, you are giving yourself a better outlook on life. You will be happier and able to express how you are feeling easier. You will not have to be self-conscious and working out is a way to release chemicals that make you feel bad about yourself. This will in return help your relationship and keep you on the right path to success with your partner. Being good to yourself is one way to make sure that you are doing what you can to make your relationship better and to let you both stay happy. Being sure of the things that you want in life is going to be another way to stay focused and on track. When you are using good judgments doing what is best for you, any relationship that you are in will be better and keep getting stronger as you move on.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want Do not be afraid to go for it. Taking chances and doing what makes you happy will give you a greater feeling inside. You will have a better chance at improving your own life skills as well as showing others how they can be happier too.

What Does Woman Feel About Her Love And Relationship? The meaning of the words love and relationship can be different from a man to a woman. There are many men and woman that think the same and others that do not even come close to what their true definition of the words mean. These views are going to determine how well a relationship can go and what the differences are between the thoughts of men and women. What is the meaning of love to a woman? The meaning of love is different to everyone. Many people have not yet found love therefore; they are not sure what the meaning is to them. This is something that they will have to find out for themselves so that they can get the answers they need to find the true love of their life. The meaning of love to a woman is when they find someone that they can feel completely comfortable with and they want to spend the rest of their days with them. It is also when there is no shame, no embarrassment, no boundaries and nothing can turn you from this person. This means that a woman wants to spend every waking moment with their true love and when they are not with them physically, they will be with them emotionally. What do women think about their love and relationships? Each woman will have a different feeling when it comes to her relationship. They will sometimes have happy feelings and other times they will be unhappy or dissatisfied. If a woman is feeling this way, they are going to have to find a way to make the relationship better and make the woman feel better about their commitment and feelings for them. Some woman is very happy with their partner and relationship. They are feeling more in love than ever and never want the feeling to go away. They will have everything that they want and be completely in love with their partner and want to spend the rest of their days with them. This is when they know that this is a committed relationship that will eventually go the distance. When a woman is not happy in her relationship, they are going to be depressed and unhappy. They may have emotional outbreaks that will leave them crying and upset at any given time. This is something that a woman needs to deal with and figure out why they are feeling this way. If a woman is not happy with their relationship, she will have to figure out how to make it better because happiness is the only way to be truly satisfied all of the time. The feeling of complete satisfaction When a woman is in a truly committed relationship, they are going to be able to feel better and more confident in their relationship. They are going to want to shout it out to the world that they are living their dream. When a woman has complete trust and confidence in their man, they are able to live better and Copyright Š All Rights Reserved.


What Does Your Woman Really Want make the most of their life. They can then think about the next step and where the future is going for them. This is the feeling of complete satisfaction and every man and woman deserves to have this at some stage in his or her life. When a man is cheating If a woman has a partner that is cheating or has cheated on her, this can leave her with mixed emotions. They are going to feel very self-conscious and disrespected. They will find it hard to get that trust factor back and for some relationships, it may be lost forever. This is something that a woman has to deal with and take the responsibility on for herself. She will need to make the necessary changes to get her life in order and to make the most of her future and the love that is waiting for her somewhere. Depression in love Feeling depressed or unwanted is not uncommon for a lot of woman. They are not going to feel like they are attractive and worthwhile if something has happened in their love life or in a relationship, which has disturbed their trust. Many women fall into a depression and will have a hard time getting out of it. It is important for them to have their friends and family around them so that they can gain the support and encouragement that they deserve to get their self-respect back. Taking the control back is one way to make sure that a woman gets the love that she deserves in her life. She needs to make sure that she knows what she wants and how to go after it. This will bring her closer to getting the love and the relationship that she needs in her life.

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What Does Your Woman Really Want


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What Does Your Woman Really Want

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What Does Your Woman Really Want

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What Does Your Woman Really Want

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What A Woman Wants  
What A Woman Wants  

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