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Issue 143, 16 May - 11 July 2022


Enjoy a fun day out at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


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16 May - 11 July 2022



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HERE we are again, doesn’t time fly? Hope you are looking forward to your extra Bank Holiday, there are plenty of events and activities to help you enjoy it - and all the weeks before and after, some are free. Talking of Bank holidays, did you know they are a fairly recent invention? We might moan about not having enough of them, other countries seem to get more, but our ancestors wouldn’t know what we were talking about. Our feature shows how the idea of holidays has developed over the years. On the subject of holidays, it is always a good idea to check up on local laws and customs if you are travelling abroad, we’ve found some you may not know about. Schools, don’t forget we love to hear of any achievements or special activities and let us know if there is anything you would like us to mention in our free listings. Summer’s nearly here, see you again in July for our Summer issue.




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For a great family fun day out go to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to experience nautical adventures all year round. Sights include: HMS Warrior, HMS Alliance, Mary Rose, HMS Victory. See www.historicdockyard.

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Issue 143, 16

May - 11


JULY 2022

21-23 THEATRE Children’s and family shows

ENJOY a fun day out at Port smouth Historic Doc kyard



57,000 copies for of Primar y School familie s Childre n

16 May - 11 July 2022


Fancy going on a After meeting up with family and friends, one of the first things a lot of people looked forward to when the recent pandemic restrictions were lifted was planning a holiday. These days, Bank Holidays and being able to have a holiday from work is taken for granted, whether you go away or spend it at home, but this hasn’t always been the case. In fact the idea of a holiday would have been an alien idea to our not so distant ancestors. Going Way Back If we look back at England in the Middle Ages when people did travel it was for work, war or religious reasons. Wealthy people might go on a pilgrimage for religious purposes but it was not a holiday, although if you read Chaucer’s Pilgrims Progress you may question that! Ordinary people were allowed to rest on Holy Days (where the term holiday comes from). Moving forward, by the early 17th century through to the 19th, wealthy young men would travel through Europe on a Grand Tour to finish their education. This could take years, some holiday! In the 18th century rich people would visit spas believing bathing in or drinking spa water would cure illness. This led to lodging houses and places of entertainment being built near by to cater for them. At the end of the century these people began to spend time at the seaside, again believing bathing in sea water was good for your health, and seaside resorts began to grow up. In 1768 a new building in Exeter was the first to be called by the French name, Hotel. Big Changes for all Until the late 19th century going away on holiday was only for the wealthy, but the Bank Holiday Act of 1871 gave workers a few paid holidays every year. Some clerks and skilled workers began to have a week’s paid annual holiday, but most people had no paid holidays except Bank Holidays. Seaside towns continued to be popular and the first British pleasure pier was built in 1823 in Brighton, soon appearing in many other seaside resorts as well as promenades. In the 1840s the spread of railways made travel much faster and more comfortable for the rich. They also made travel much cheaper and days out were possible for ordinary people for the first


16 May - 11 July 2022

time. Most day trips were to the seaside. Meanwhile at sea, steam ships made foreign travel easier for the wealthy. By 1815 steam ships were sailing across the English Channel. Poor people could not afford to take time off work for holidays but they could have working holidays. Many people from the East End of London went hop picking in Kent during the season. 20th Century Developments As the twentieth century progressed, the idea that ordinary people needed a holiday at last took off. In 1939 a new law in Britain said that everyone must have one weeks annual paid holiday. By the 1950s two weeks were common and by the 1980s most people had at least 4 weeks annual holiday. More bank holidays were also added - New Years Day in 1974 and the first Monday in May (Mayday) in 1978. The Cunningham Camp for men was the first holiday camp opened in Britain in 1894 on the Isle of Man. It was very basic with tents, aimed at healthy outdoor living. Camps later developed with the addition of chalets and communal entertainment Clockwise from top right: Cunningham Camp; Hop picking; Brighton Pier; Butlins Skegness.

places. Billy Butlin built his first camp in Skegness in 1936 closely followed by one in Clacton. Not the first commercial camps, but his were much bigger than others around, catering for thousands rather then hundreds. He employed Redcoats to keep campers entertained. Holiday camps reached their heyday in the 1950s and early 1960s. Camping and caravan holidays were also popular, but their popularity declined once foreign holidays became common. In 1919 planes had begun carrying passengers to Paris, but this was a luxury few could afford. As time went on air travel became cheaper and foreign holidays became possible for more people. They became quite common in the 1960s and 1970s when tour operators began to offer cheap package holidays or ‘last minute’ cheap fares. A large number of British tourists preferred these to a more expensive holiday in Britain. In the 1980s long distance holidays to other continents became popular. The Channel Tunnel opened in 1994 making it possible to travel to Europe by car or train. Post Lockdowns Since people have been able to get away again, some couldn’t wait to book a holiday abroad. Others are more wary and have realised how many wonderful holiday destinations there are to enjoy in this country, which is good news for British resorts.

n guide




Lights, Camera, Science! at Winchester Science Centre until 3 July



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We take great care to ensure all this information is correct at the time of going to press. However, things can change at short notice so it is important you check details before going anywhere.

Continuing Until May 23

Explore Making Exhibition by the Hampshire and Berkshire Guild in Sir Harold Hillier Country Park examining the creative and practical processes involved in transforming wood, clay, metal, textile, glass and stone. From 10am to 5pm, all art is for sale.

Until May 31

Alton Walking Festival There will be a variety of walks of different lengths offering something for all. Booking is essential. Go to for details. Exhibition: Watching Narrowly Gilbert White viewed nature by ‘watching narrowly’ and changed forever how we look at the natural world. This showcase of the winners of the Watching Narrowly Photography Competition which took place in 2021 will be in Gilbert White’s House. See their ad for a

free child voucher.

Until June 5

Art Exhibition View the art of the Four Seasons Art Group, professional artists based in Hampshire and Dorset. The pieces exhibited interpret nature through different artistic methods including painting, drawing, pastel, collage, printmaking and woodturning. At Exbury Gardens.

Until June 19

The Borrowers Return Chawton House may be the ideal home for a family of Borrowers (if they exist of course!) It was where the 1992 BBC production was filmed. Explore the House and see whether you can spot any signs that there may be tiny people living beneath the floorboards and behind the furniture. Look out for objects and architectural features that the families are named after in the story. Find yourself dwarfed in the Borrower Experience.

Until July 2

Works in Silk An exhibition by silk ribbon weaver Robert Ely in Whitchurch Silk Mill who designs and weaves wall pieces assembled from multiple woven silk ribbons and inspired by

local Devon land and seascapes. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10.30am to 5pm.

Until July 3

Lights, Camera, Science! Weekends and School holidays. A popular use of light is cinema. The release of Star Wars in 2002 sparked a technological transformation in cinema. Instead of traditional film, movies were now being made digitally. This paved the way for things like CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). This allowed the impossible to become possible, for example Harry Potter’s magic; Anakin Skywalker looking like he was in space and Scooby Doo’s ghosts really looking real. But what if the movie directors from 2002 had chosen to use practical light effects instead of visual effects? This show explores how light, not CGI, could have been used in some of 2002’s top films. With explosive experiments and ‘illuminating’ audience participation. At Winchester Science Centre.

Until July 8

Garden I Spy What can you spot? From trees, shrubs and garden animals. Help children learn about the great outdoors at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. Free with garden admission. Download and print your activity sheet at home for free or get one from the ticket desk for 50p.

Until July 10

Celebration of Roses Celebrate the roses at Hinton Ampner using a leaflet and rose trail. Learn about how former owner Ralph Dutton and the National Trust created a garden for all seasons and discover some tips on caring for roses.

Until September 4

BRICKOSAURS! Evolution: 55 Dinosaur sculptures will be on display at Marwell Zoo, until 4 September.

BRICKOSAURS! Evolution The world-first event featuring an all-new collection of 55 dinosaur sculptures is at Marwell Zoo. It showcases over 20 species made using more than 2 million toy bricks and will leave you in awe

as you embark on an immersive adventure through the zoo. Go back in time and come face to face with amazing prehistoric creatures such as the incredible seven-meter-long Spinosaurus, a nodding Heterodontosaurus, and a huge Mosasaur emerging from the water. Enthusiasts can test their knowledge along the trail with a host of fascinating dino facts and build stats at every turn. There will be plenty of photo opportunities, including a sit-in Carnotaurus, a giant dino egg, and the chance to get up close to nine adorable baby dinos. At the Fossil Zone, children both big and small can literally walk in their favourite dinosaurs’ footsteps on the fossil pavement, plus prepare for a few surprises. Must be booked in advance. A Costume of Sport Exhibition in Chawton House celebrating the sporting heritage held in the grounds over the centuries from the impressive pedigree of Jane Austen’s professional cricketing nephews to the typical sporting pursuits of the gentry. It also considers the typical physical exercises enjoyed by women in the Regency period, and what they wore whilst doing it, from cricket and riding to sea bathing using horse-drawn machines.

Until September 30

The People Who Shaped the Mill Discover the people who shaped Winchester City Mill in its 1000 year history in this exhibit that will change monthly. Every month, discover a different figure who had an influence on the Mill or the local community. Based on the popular Top Trumps game, you’ll learn about the characters strength and weaknesses and how many ‘wheat points’ they have. Free with normal admission.

Until October 2

Jane Austen Undressed Beneath their elegant gowns, Regency ladies wore layers of under-

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d n u o R ut Abo

like, and what they meant for daily life. Rare examples of Regency underwear are displayed alongside iconic pieces from TV and film adaptations.

Until October 31

Behind the Scenes Tour Access all areas of The Tank Museum in Bovington in a behind the scenes tour. See the Workshop, Archive and get inside a Mark IV tank, £130 per person.


Saturday 21 & Sunday 22

Theatre Tours Step back in time on a guided tour of the Groundlings Theatre, one of Portsmouth’s most extraordinary heritage buildings. Led by costumed actors, the tour will take you to all corners of the Grade II listed building that is so much more than just a theatre. Tours at 1pm, tickets £5, book online.

Thursday 19 - Sunday 29

Open Air Theatre Productions Take a picnic, blanket or seat and enjoy an al fresco production.

June Wednesday 8

Twelfth Night Join The HandleBards at Wellesley Woodlands for a bicycle-powered, laugh-out-loud production. There’s drunkenness, frivolity and cross-dressing a plenty. At 7pm, tickets £16 in advance, £18 on the door. Under 18s £10; under 10s free with paying adult.

Tuesday 14

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare’s classic comedy of love and intrigue, magic and mayhem is at Hinton Ampner, when fairies are abroad and nothing is as it seems... Presented by Quantum Touring Theatre from 7 to 9pm. Suitable for families and young children, adults £15, children £10, family £45.

Wednesday 15

Twelfth Night As June 8 but at Chawton House. Gates open at 6pm, tickets £19 on


Saturday 21

Bond in Motion – No Time To Die Exhibition in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu featuring iconic cars, gadgets and costumes from the latest 007 film.

Thursday 19

garments which gave a foundation to their dresses, helping them to maintain an elegant silhouette, preserve their modesty and keep warm. In this display in the Jane Austen Museum some of these private layers of clothing are uncovered, from shifts and chemises to stays and petticoats. Discover how they were worn, what they felt

size and miniature traction engines and steam lorries at Ropley Station and vintage buses at Alresford station. From 10.30am to 5pm.

Jay Miller’s Circus See all your favourite circus acts at Finkly Down Farm. Times vary, go to tickets/ to buy tickets or from the Box Office on site.

Friday 20 - Sunday 22

Battle for Britannia Saxons invade Butser Ancient Farm. A spectacular weekend of re-enactments as invading Saxons clash with resident Romans and Celts to claim victory over Butser Ancient Farm. See these terrifying raiders fall upon the Iron Age Village and Roman Villa which will be defended by Iron Age and Roman combatants from The Vicus. Meet vicious warriors from Herigeas Hundas, and touch, smell and see the day-to-day events of camp life, both on the road to war and in an established settlement. Enjoy fascinating living history talks from the reenactors, along with music and storytelling, and unmissable combat and archery demonstrations. From 10am, it culminates at 2pm each day with a final battle.

Vintage Vehicles Enjoy a display of traction engines and vintage vehicles located around the Watercress Railway. There will be displays of classic cars, motor cycles, tractors and commercial vehicles as well as full

Portsmouth Chilli and Gin Festival Festival based in Fort Purbrook celebrating the best of chilli and gin products with many independent stallholders, music, entertainment, presentations and a chilli eating competition each day. With plenty

the day. One ‘Under 10’ ticket is available free of charge with each paid ticket. The free ‘Under 10’ ticket offer is only available online and in-advance.

The Princess and the Pea When a bedraggled young woman turns up at a palace, the Queen sets her a test to make sure she is a princess. Presented by Let’s Dance in Itchen Valley Country Park at 3pm. For 2 to 14 year olds, tickets £14, children £11.

Thursday 16

Twelfth Night As June 8 but at Westbury Manor Museum. At 7pm, adults £18, children £10, under 10s free with paying adult.

July Saturday 9

A Midsummer Night’s Dream As June 14, but at Uppark from 7 to 9pm. Adults £15, children £10, family £45.

16 May - 11 July 2022

Summer Fete & Fun Dog Show Annual village fete and fun dog show in Herriard Green Basingstoke. Lots to do from 12 to 3.30pm with stalls, bric-a-brac, teas, tombola, raffle, children’s games, bbq and face painting.

Friday 27 - Sunday 29

Burley Food & Drink Festival Food, art, drink and music in Burley Deer Park. From 6 to 11pm Friday; 10am to 11pm Saturday and 10am to 6pm Sunday.

Saturday 28

Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans Secret-cinema style, Butser Ancient Farm will be screening the film in the great roundhouse, the very location used for key scenes in the film, where you will be joined by a rag-tag band of Rotten Romans and Cut-throat Celts providing added entertainment Road, Andover. Tickets £12. Pride and Prejudice Take a step back in time as we meet Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters whilst their interfering mother engineer’s various courtships, Elizabeth and Jane must pursue their own quest for true love. The Jane Austen classic takes place in the Lower Deanery Garden of Winchester Cathedral at 7pm.

As You Like It Shakespeare’s comedy performed by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men all male cast at Chawton House. With Elizabethan costumes, music and dance. Purchase your refreshments and snacks from the Courtyard before taking your place on the South Lawn. Gates open at 6pm, performance at 7pm.

Tuesday 21

Saturday 25

Little Pickles Market Applemore Health & Leisure Centre will be packed with items for 0 to 5 year olds including clothes, toys, books, nursery furniture and baby equipment. From 2 to 3.30pm. Tickets must be booked in advance from .

Thursday 14

Twelfth Night As June 8 but at Furzey Gardens. At 6pm, early bird tickets £15, under 18s £10, under 10s free.

Awful Auntie Heartbreak Productions presents the David Walliams story. Owls, ghosts, chases, escapes, motorcycle rides, and tiddlywinks all fill Stella’s days as she evades her menacing Aunt and saves the family home. At Stansted Park, 5.30pm, adults £14, children £8.

Sunday 22

The War of the Worlds

Friday 17

Friday 24 & Saturday 25

of things to do for the whole family including a children’s area. Listen to local bands who will be performing or visit the presentation tent with topical talks by key professionals. From 10.30am to 4.40pm.

The Pantaloons invade the stage with in this funny yet faithful adaptation of the HG Wells classic. They use musical instruments, puppetry and, um, enthusiasm to recreate deadly heat-rays, giant fighting-machines, squidgy tentacled Martians and interplanetary warfare on an epic scale. The chances of success? A million to one… For 12 year olds and above at 2 & 6pm in Beech Hurst Park (behind TVBC offices), Weyhill

Friday 15

The War of the Worlds As July 9 but at Itchen Valley Country Park at 7pm.

Saturday 16

Pirates of Penzance Concert starts at 7pm, gates open at 5pm at Stansted House. Adults £30, children £17.50, under 5s free.

and insight into ancient life. Roman themed snacks and drinks will be available to purchase and you’ll be able to explore the farm and filmset after hours. Dressing up is encouraged. Gates open at 6.15pm, film starts at 6.45pm. Adults £12, children £8.

to present day in East Boldre Village Hall, Main Road, East Boldre. On display will be never before seen photos, film footage from the 1940s, and information panels. You can view physical artefacts from the New forest’s wartime history and watch a narrated flight sim fly through of Beaulieu Airfield as it would have been in 1943. There will also be artefacts from the Home Front, showing documents and physical items that local New Forest people would have used during the Second World War. Children can take part in a quiz as they explore the exhibition, with a prize at the end.

Battle for Britannia at Butser Ancient Farm, 21 & 22 May.

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 J & A Artisan Country Craft Fairs Well established fair from 10am to 5pm in Pound Lane, Burley. Everything is all handmade.

Saturday 28 - June 4

Explore the Open Exhibition Enjoy self-led family activities around St Barbe’s museum. Become an art critic, have a family debate over your favourite art works, and create your own masterpiece inspired by local artists.


Sunday 29

Wednesday 1 - October

Craft Fair and Fun Dog Show Take the family including the dog to the Brickworks Swanwick Lane, Bursledon and enjoy the early summer fair and dog show. The museum will be open and in steam, there will also be two children’s play areas, interactive exhibits and fascinating displays, craft stalls, train rides for a small extra fee (which goes towards to upkeep of the trains and rails) and activities for all ages. From 11am to 4pm, part of their 125th birthday celebrations. Adults £8, children

£5, family £23.

‘Coralent’ See the art installation, a celebration of the thousands of unknown brick-workers from all over the UK in the original drying shed of Bursledon Brickworks. Part of the Brickworks 125th anniversary celebrations. There will also be a chance to contribute to the artwork by making a small brick in one of the workshops, see for details.

Thursday 2 Theatre Tours As May 19.

Thursday 2 - Sunday 5

Flora Domestica See a wonderful display of cut flower arrangements at Hinton Ampner from their gardens which are placed around the house. Ralph Dutton was well known for creating impressive flower arrangements inside the house and as you make your way through the rooms, your senses will pick up on the beautiful scent, colour and structure from the various fragrant displays. RAF Beaulieu History Exhibition Explore the history of RAF Beaulieu from the Second World War period

Saturday 4

Summer Show The Portsmouth British Cactus and Succulent Society show will be in Christ Church Hall, London Road, Cosham from 10am to 4pm. Go and see a large number of prize-winning cacti and succulents. Experts will be on hand to talk about your plants, and loads of rare plants will be on sale. £1 entry, children under 12 free. The Big Eat Go to the Royal Victoria Country Park and sample some of the best Street Food in Hampshire. There will be a whole host of street food stalls and entertainment to keep the whole family amused. From

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16 May - 11 July 2022


d n u Ro ut Abo hampshire.

Tour de Moon Festival, Southampton, 10-13 June.

Crafty Craft Fair More than 50 independent small businesses from all over Hampshire and beyond will showcase their products at Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. With a huge variety of handmade products and vintage treasures. Free entry from 1 to 4pm.

Tuesday 14 11am to 8pm, free with normal admission.

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5

J & A Artisan Country Craft Fairs As May 28 & 29. Dogstival 2022 Special Jubilee edition of the coolest dog show in town at Broadlands Park, Romsey. The ultimate day out for you and your dog the festival is full of have a go activities, main arena displays, shopping, live music, talks, dog diving pool and delicious food and drink for you and your four legged friend.

Friday 10 - Sunday 12

The Garden Show Specialist growers, garden related goods, artisan designs, homeware products, fashion accessories and country foods at Stansted Park, Rowlands Castle. With talks, demonstrations, activities, expert advice and a variety of music and entertainment.

Friday 10 - Monday 13

Tour de Moon Festival Out of this world free festival bringing together sports, cinema, music and talk tied up under one cosmic theme at Bargate, Southampton. Through collaborations with young people and with a special focus on nightlife and night-time culture, Tour de Moon will bring a number of thought-provoking and immersive experiences. Events include Moon Sports, taking place in a huge, specially commissioned inflatable playground, developed in collaboration with space scientists at NASA, which will be installed at

Solent Sports Complex, East Park Terrace. Go to www.tourdemoon. com for details.

Saturday 11

Time Travellers Family Show Find out how you would survive as a child growing up in the Second World War in this energetic, fact filled show at the D-Day Story, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea. Would you stay with your family in the city with thousands of bombs falling every night, or be separated from them and evacuated to somewhere safer in the country? As thousands of soldiers prepare to invade Europe for D-Day, will the war ever be over? For 7 year olds and over at 11am and 2pm, must be booked in advance online or on 023 9288 2555. Little Pickles Market As May 22 but in the Salvation Army Centre, Hedge End.

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12

Unwrapped Festival A weekend of free live pop-up performances for families from 11am to 4.30pm. Saturday in Leigh Road Recreation Ground in Eastleigh; Sunday in Greta Park, Hedge End. Seasonal Family Photoshoot Capture special moments with your family - perfect for your own cards or gifts - at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. £155 per family, must be booked online.

Hares of Hampshire, sculptures on display from 16 June - 8 September.

Highcliffe Food and Arts Festival More than 120 traders covering all types of artisan food and drink will be throughout the village centre in Lymington Road with the Arts and Crafts section, ‘Crafts on the Green’ on the Recreation Ground. The cookery theatre will have demonstrations by celebrity chefs; two music stages will provide entertainment for the whole family with several acts designed specifically for children. There will also be children’s craft workshops, a treasure hunt and the return of the ‘Grow Your Own’ tent featuring ‘Highcliffe in Bloom’. Go to www. for details. Magic of Thailand Festival Experience the taste of Thailand at The War Memorial Park in Basingstoke with food and performances. The festival starts with a traditional food offering to Buddhist monks and entertainment throughout the day including traditional music and dancing, Muay Thai boxing, Ladyboy show, Thai beer garden, Thai food and produce stalls, Thai massage and children’s play area. Adults £5 on the day, children free.

Sunday 12

Family Fun Day Fun filled family day out at Salisbury Racecourse. There will be lots of free entertainment for children as well as exciting racing. First race is at 2.05pm, last race 5.35pm. Tickets from £10, children go free. World Music Festival A day of musical workshops and performances for all the family. Anvil Arts has teamed up with Hampshire Music Hub to create a day of vibrant music-making. For 7 year olds and over, accompanied younger children welcome. All workshops are for all abilities. From 9.45pm, day ticket £8, am or pm tickets £5 includes access to performances; entry only £3, under 7s free. Must be booked in person or on 01256 844244. Bigger Pickles Market West Totton Centre will be packed with items for children aged 3 years to teenage including clothes, school uniform, books, games and gadgets. From 2 to 3.30pm, tickets must be booked in advance:


16 May - 11 July 2022

Tour de Moon Convoy The Tour de Moon Convoy of sustainable vehicles and interactive experiences lands at Queensmead Car Park in Farnborough at 6pm until 10.30pm. It features huge floats and interactive elements starting with a large rotating moon that appears and disappears at night with further interactive and ultra-violet experiences – expect cosmic transformations through live music and DJ sets, a full size replica of nine metre-long Archie The Squid who resides at The Natural History Museum, talks, film screenings, an inflatable game designed a nine-piece Arkestra and a larger than life red telephone through which visitors can talk to the Moon.

Thursday 16 Theatre Tours As May 19.

Thursday 16 - Sept 8

Hares of Hampshire Winchester and Southampton will be brought to life with a drove of Hares and their young Leverets sculptures, creating a free, fun, family-friendly trail of discovery for everyone to enjoy whilst exploring the cities. Each sculpture will be sponsored by a business and individually designed by an artist – either well-known or just starting out, from Hampshire or further afield. They’ll hop into the cities on Thursday 16th June – before leaving on Thursday 25th August. Then from the 2nd to 8th September, there will be the chance to say a final ‘goodbye’ at a Farewell Event before each Hare is auctioned to raise funds for The Murray Parish Trust.

Friday 17 - Sunday 19

The Nostalgia Show Experience a magical step back in time, view a selection of classic cars, shop vintage style and dance the day away at Stansted Park, Rowlands Castle. With live music, street performers and traditional fairground rides. Each day ends with DJs and a headline vintage act.

Saturday 18

Bioblitz Calling all minibeast detectives, plant enthusiasts and nature lovers to the Hawk Conservancy. This is an event when all of the insects, plants, birds and mammals that call the Trust home will be discovered. Lots of fun activities are

Jane Austen Regency Week. Around Alton and Chawton, 18 - 26 June.

planned to get the whole family out in nature at the same time as producing valuable data on the insect world. Collect an ID sheet and practice your identification skills from the Trust Shop and keep a note of all the amazing species you spot throughout your visit.

Saturday 18 & Sunday 19

Cheese and Chilli Festival Festival celebrating cheese and chilli at North Walls Recreation Ground from 10am to 7.30pm (5pm on Sunday). With plenty of entertainment for children plus street theatre; Punch and Judy; demonstrations; Bubble Party; Fun Fair; stunt man; live music; companion show; crazy golf; chilli eating competition; Taste Tent and sampling. Children go free. Unusual Plant Fair 30th anniversary of the fair at Gilbert White House and Gardens selling plants for your garden. Experts will be on hand for advice and volunteers will with wheelbarrows will help you get all your green and leafy purchases to your car. Entrance is £8 for adults and children go free and includes admission to the house and gardens. A perfect Father’s Day treat for all the generations, with plenty to see and do plus a BBQ. See their ad for a free child voucher. War on the Line Dress up in a period costume and transport yourself back in time to the 1940s, against the backdrop of a Second World War railway, to experience the ‘Blitz Spirit’. Mingle with civilian and military re-enactors (including special guest Winston Churchill) and enjoy music, dancing, vintage vehicles, vintage shopping and living history displays, with a travel ticket that gives you freedom to hop on and off at any station to explore the displays along the Watercress line. The Butser 1X Roman Legion The Legion will be at Butser Ancient Farm with marching, Roman cooking, crafts, games and more. There will be plenty of opportunities to get hands on with the past

and discover what life would have been like in Roman Britain. On Sunday there is a special Father’s Day celebration with a handson Weapons and Warriors day. Find out what life was like in the Roman Army. Discover ancient weapons and be amazed by the lives of brave warriors. Find out how the Roman army lived and fought in Britain with the Butser IX Legion and test your mettle with a spear-throwing activity. From 10am to 4pm, tickets must be pre-booked.

Saturday 18 - Sunday 26

Jane Austen Regency Week Annual Festival of events celebrating all things Jane and the Regency period in and around the market town of Alton and the nearby village of Chawton, where Jane lived and wrote her novels. Saturday 18 Regency Day and the Regency Ball. A day full of period delights in Alton such as carriage rides, costumes, market stalls, dancing and other Regency entertainments plus a parade of those wearing Regency costume through the High Street. There will then be a Regency dancing workshop followed by a magnificent Regency Ball, where you can dress up and put your new dancing skills to the test. Sunday 19 Events at Chawton House and Jane Austen’s House Museum. Includes ‘Waking Up the House’ early morning tour of Jane Austen House Museum from 9am. Friday 24 Jane Austen tour of Gilbert White House. Sunday 26 Chawton House Garden Tour. The week continues with themed activities and events including special talks, workshops, discussions, tours, themed walks, Regency music and dining. Go to www. for details.

Sunday 19

Happy Father’s Day! Continued on page 10 16 May - 11 July 2022


Friday 24 - Sunday 26

d n u Ro ut Abo Hot Rod and Custom Show Show featuring hundreds of cool, colourful, custom cars, live music and hip entertainment throughout the day at Beaulieu. From 10am to 5pm. Adults £26, (£23 in advance); children £15 (£12 in advance); family £69 (£59 in advance); under 5s free. Family Fun in the Woods Go to Itchen Valley Country Park and have fun making a den, doing some woodworking then cooking over a campfire. For families with children aged 5 and over from 10am to 12pm. Children £10, adults free.

Tuesday 21 - August 14

From the Margins From barn owls and brown hares, to harvest mice and hairstreak butterflies, this exhibition in Gilbert White’s House takes you on a journey of discovery to meet iconic farmland species in the South Downs. It is a collaboration between natural history illustrator, Rachel Hudson and the Selborne Landscape Partnership in Hampshire championing species we are in danger of losing and how restoration of field margins is making a positive difference. See their ad for a free child voucher.

Thursday 23

Mid-Summer Evening Garden Tour Celebrate the longest day of the year at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens with a fascinating seasonal guided tour led by the Gardens’ horticultural expert followed by drinks and nibbles at Jermyns House. £1.50, must be booked online.

Heritage, Horticulture, Artistry and Craftsmanship Join Moorcroft, said to be one of the world’s finest art potteries, at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. With demonstrations, a talk, books for sale and an exhibition of the pottery. Moorcroft will also unveil its unique ceramic collection of brand new designs inspired by the Gardens. Tankfest Military vehicle event at the Tank Museum, Bovington. With live tank displays, epic guest armour, Living History encampments and expert lectures. Details and booking online.

Saturday 25

Potting Shed Club for Children Accompanied 4 to 11s will have the material to make crafts to take home. From 10 to 11.30 am at Fairweather’s Garden Centre, High Street, Beaulieu. Book online. Round the Island Race The annual race, organised by the Island Sailing Club, is a one-day yacht race around the Isle of Wight. Go to www.roundtheisland. for details. A Flight at the Movies A fundraising evening at the Hawk Conservancy with the accompaniment of live music and a singer playing iconic music and singing familiar songs from some of the best movies of all time, the birds will grace the skies above Reg’s Wildflower Meadow, while you sit back and savour them in flight as they glide in time to the music. At 6pm, tickets £39. Marvellous Moths (1) Go to Itchen Valley Country Park and see what was caught in the moth trap overnight. Learn about these amazing creatures of the night and see how they use camouflage to prevent predation. From 10am to 12pm, £4. Armed Forces Day Day celebrating the military community from currently serving

troops to service families, veterans and cadets at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. With arena displays opposite HMS Victory, including a junior field gun competition and an adult field gun. From 10am to 4pm

Sunday 26

Good Festival Festival in the gardens of Bere Mill in Whitchurch promoting the great outdoors and all it has to offer. Includes live music; a line-up of food providers with a barbeque feast sourced from the farm itself; an array of children’s activities and Bubble football. It is organised by the Hampshire Medical Fund and is fundraising for a state of the art radiology machine. Go to www. for details and bookings. Fables at the Kitchen Table Storyteller Soph has discovered a book of fables to help understand the world around us. Using everything except the kitchen sink, Soph brings these stories to life right from her kitchen table. 2pm, for 3 to 8 year olds at the Arc, Winchester. Tickets £9, family £32. Green Planet A celebration of Eastleigh Borough’s excellent and diverse talent, in a showcase full of ideas for a greener world. With a range of inspirational performances across dance and theatre. Tickets £8. Mid-Summer Fair At the Brickworks Museum, Swanwick Lane. Country Fayre with classic cars, music, craft stalls, Car Club, children’s activities and fairground. The museum will be open and in steam, there will also be two children’s play areas, interactive exhibits and fascinating displays, craft stalls, train rides for a small extra fee (which goes towards to upkeep of the trains and rails) and activities for all ages. From 11am to 4pm, part of their 125th birthday celebrations. Adults £8, children £5, family £23.

Thursday 30 Theatre Tours As May 19.

Thursday 30 - July 3 The Good Festival in Whitchurch, 26 June.

Ports Fest Curated multi-arts festival on the theme Remember, Reimagine, Reignite at various venues around Portsmouth. Go to

Thursday 30 - July 13

Exhibition Wessex Guild of Craftsmen will be exhibiting a diverse range of arts and crafts, all handmade and designed by each exhibitor at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. Meet the craftsmen and discuss the arts and crafts on display but also any item you’d like them to commission.


16 May - 11 July 2022

July Friday 1 - Sunday 3

Ragcity An epic weekend of listening and enjoying some of the best unsigned and unrecognised artists. There will be live music, great food, drink, camping at Allenford Farms, Damerham, Fordingbridge. Go to for tickets.

Friday 1 - Sunday 31

Hampshire Food Festival Wander through vines, explore the lavender fields, tour breweries and get hands on in the kitchen at venues across Hampshire. Over 60 events will take place at farms, pubs, hotels and restaurants. From pop-up dining to cookery demonstrations there is some for all tastes and budgets. Go to for details or collect a free event programme from the end of May in local tourist offices, pubs, restaurants, hotels and farm shops.

Saturday 2

Wallop Wheels and Wings A fundraising event showcasing some of the finest classic aircraft, classic and super cars and motorcycles in the UK at the Army Flying Museum and the Army Air Corps airfield in Middle Wallop. With children’s activities and a Kids Zone; vehicle parades; flypasts; live music; photographic competition; shopping village and food stalls.

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3

Summer Jamboree Visitors to Stansted Park will be treated to a wealth of historic interest and activities with displays that reveal the colourful history of the Estate and the Ponsonby family including the sword that General Sir William Ponsonby used at the Battle of Waterloo. Outside in the Park Reenactors from the Napoleonic period will be showing off their Cavalry and Musketry skills and demonstrating what it was like to live in a military camp on the eve of the battle. From 10.30am to 6pm. Southampton Thai Festival Authentic Thai food, entertainment and culture in Hoglands Park, Southampton. Includes arts and crafts, Thai dancing, Thai boxing, fun fair and activities for children.

Friday 1 - Sunday 3

Winchester Hat Fair The UK’s longest continually running festival of outdoor arts, inspired by the people, heritage and public spaces within the city of Winchester. Friday and Saturday will see free outdoor theatre, dance, comedy, music and specially invited, world class ‘hatters’ (street performers) perform in a range of locations across the historic city centre. Sunday’s festival will be a ticketed event at the North Walls Recreation Ground featuring brand new shows, outdoor immersive game adventures and

explosive gig theatre. Go to www. for details.

a range of ancient skills demonstrations and displays. From 10am to 4pm.

Dress up day at Jane Austen’s House, 16 July.

Wednesday 6 - Saturday 9

Anniversary Weekend Celebrate the life of Jane Austen who died on 18 July 1817 at the Jane Austen House Museum. Saturday is Dress Up Day from 10am to 4pm. You can dress in Regency regalia and get expert tips and a chance to see Regency outfits and learn about fashion and dress history from 11am to 2pm with Serena Dyer, who will be leading the way in recreating gorgeous Regency style, offering surgeries and showcasing her own collection of handmade gowns. There will also be a ramble around Chawton from 12 to 1pm and a Pride and Prejudice tour and tea from 4 to 6.30pm. Go to for details and bookings.

Lilies on the Land Show follows the journey of four women in particular, as they undertake backbreaking work and long hours, supporting the War effort in the Woman’s Land Army. Based on 150 letters and interviews with original Land Girls, along with songs from the period, a revealing, funny and wonderfully moving portrait of some of Britain’s pluckiest unsung heroes. At 7pm at Furzey Gardens. Tickets £14.

Friday 8 & Saturday 9

Summer Soul Spectacular Open air music concert at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens with a great tribute to the classic Soul and Tamla Motown. Gardens open for picnics at 6.15pm, concert 7.30pm, £21, must be booked.

Saturday 9

The Beggars Fair Romsey comes alive with music, dance and children’s and street entertainment. Expect to see, hear and enjoy many acts spread over a variety of town venues - both indoors and outdoors - all for free. Go to for details. African Sunset Safari Go on safari at Hawk Conservancy where you will see a team of African birds at their best as they fly across the skyline at sunset. You will also hear tales of native wildlife in Africa with a combination of birds flying, theatre, music and special effects. From 6 to 8.30pm, display starts at 7.30pm, tickets £19.95. Let’s Rock Southampton A big ol’ eighties festival packed with general 80s madness, in this Family Friendly Festival on Southampton Common. From 11am, go to for details.

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10

Family Fun Weekend Lots of family activities on Eastleigh Lakeside Railway. The green will be opened up hosting the Eastleigh Lakeside Play Station with toy trains and track to play with along with colouring in and other activities. Mr Wizard will be putting on magic shows and Spud will be down the far end of the green offering driver for a £1 experience to children and adults alike on a piece of the mainline. Throughout the day children will have opportunities to fill the steam engines water tanks when they’re are having a break in platform 3, and have their picture taken with a steam engine up close. Bee and Honey Weekend Learn all about the fascinating life of the honey bee with the Fareham & District Beekeepers at Manor

Farm Country Park. With honey tasting, games, crafts, demonstrations and special viewing hives, from 10am to 5pm.

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10

Tudor Weekend Experience Tudor life with music, costumes and displays at Basing House. Dress up and join in with reenactors, who will be demonstrating Tudor embroidery, archery, falconry and bee-keeping Tudor-style with traditional steps. There will be live music from Courtlye Musick on Saturday and traditional lute playing on Sunday.

Sunday 10

Steampunk at the Steam Museum Go to the Brickworks Museum, Swanwick Lane, dressed up if you like, and enjoy the sites and sounds of steampunk and the machinery under steam. The museum will be open and in steam, there will also be two children’s play areas, interactive exhibits and fascinating displays, craft stalls, train rides for a small extra fee (which goes towards to upkeep of the trains and rails) and activities for all ages. From 11am to 4pm, part of their 125th birthday celebrations. Adults £8, children £5, family £23.

Thursday 14 Theatre Tours As May 19.

Friday 15 - Sunday 17

Lymington Seafood Festival Seafood, shopping and live music. Performers include Queen tribute band, UK Queen as well as souls & blues, knee jigging acoustic Celtic Folk bands plus a line-up full of performers in Bath Road. There will also be bonkers street performers dazzling with death defying stunts, feats of bravery or just the plain stupid and hilarious. From 11.30 am to 9pm Saturday; 11am to 6pm Sunday. Must be pre-booked, advance tickets £5, go to www. for

details. Foodies Festival Touring gourmet food festival featuring MasterChef champions, stars of Great British Bake-Off and Michelin starred chefs in Devils Island, Gordon Road, Winchester. Over 150 exhibitors will showcase their produce providing festival goers a chance to sample the best of the region. Music line up includes Gabrielle and Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe from boy band Blue. Children can get creative in the Kids Cookery School and enjoy a funfair, sand art, toy stalls, face painting and family friendly areas with activities.

Saturday 16

Behind the Scenes Tour As May 21. Top Trumps Challenge Live Enjoy an evening of family fun and fascination as you see why birds of prey are truly amazing. In true Top Trumps style, for this unique new event, you will be challenged against some of the amazing birds at the Hawk Conservancy testing super skills. You’ll get close to the awesome animals that will show off their skills. You’ll be able to get involved and test your own skills against those of the birds. From 6 to 8.30pm, tickets £19.95. Southampton Mela Festival Celebration of modern and traditional Asian culture in Hoglands Park. Featuring performances by world class musicians, dancers and feature a whole host delicious authentic food.

Southsea Food Festival Over 40 food and drink stalls to try, whether you want to sample something on the go or take the ingredients home and have a go yourself. Local restaurants and businesses will be displaying their wares and there will be a live music stage hosting acoustic sets from local bands. In Palmerston and Osborne Roads.

Saturday 16 - Sept 4

Uppark Conservation Summer Trail Discover how the National Trust protects its house and wildlife at Uppark. Meet the staff who care for the special places and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a National Trust ranger, conservator or gardener. Free with normal admission.

Sunday 17

Gilbert’s Birthday Celebrations Celebrate Gilbert White’s 302nd birthday at his House and Gardens. Free admission and tours throughout the day. Alton Bus Rally & Running Day See a display of over 150 buses and coaches from a variety of eras and operating areas in Anstey Park, Anstey Lane, Alton plus sales stands and catering outlets. An extensive network of free bus services will operate from Anstey Park to Alton Town Centre, Mid Hants Railway ‘Watercress Line’ and surrounding villages and towns. Large display of other types of vehicles including classic cars, lorries, motorcycles, vans, emergency services and military vehicles. From 10am to 5pm.

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 Saxons and Vikings Travel back to AD882 at Butser Ancient Farm and meet Saxons and Vikings from the Dark Ages society who will be offering a glimpse of life in the 9th century and an opportunity to explore parts of Viking and Saxon life with

For a free listing of your event — let us know the details by 24 June. 16 May - 11 July 2022



The Great Dinosaur Adventure at 4 Kingdoms


f l Ha m r e T

Things to do during the holidays. Please mention Primary Times Hampshire when booking activities. REMEMBER, things may change at short notice so make sure you check before you go.

5 y 28 Ma

Saturday 28 - Sunday 5 See over 100 ancient reptiles at 4 Kingdoms Farm and Adventure Park, Newbury Road, Headley. You can play hide and seek with Blue the velociraptor; experience 1st discoveries with Ug the caveman; the Dino lab with the professor; walk with dinosaurs, Trex, Triceratops and Velociraptor and pet baby dinos in the nursery. There are also dinosaur meet and greet and photo opportunities; a toddler dinosaur walk; dinosaur battle arena; dinosaur hatchery; giant fossil dig and dinosaur disco. Details on 01635 269678.

Historical Activities

1940s Week Saturday 28 - Sunday 5


Go back in time at Milestones Living History Museum, Basingstoke. Enjoy re-enactments, make do and mend demonstrations, food tasting of the era, Jubilee Trail and fun activities for all ages. Why not join in the fun by going in costume. Plus: Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 - Enjoy music and dancing. Hands on Aviation Fun Experience local aviation history from the Royal Flying Corps to modern fast jets at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection at Old Sarum Airfield. Sit in the pilot’s seat of over 30 aircraft and cockpits, fly a simulator and see ongoing restorations and artefacts. Open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Meet Henry VIII Monday 30 & Tuesday 31, Friday 3 & Saturday 4 Meet the Tudor king at the Mary Rose Museum, sauntering through the historic dockyard and checking up on his beloved ship inside the museum. Plus: 16 May - 11 July 2022

Monday 30 - Friday 3 - Drop in and make your own crown and shield. D-Day Anniversary Monday 30 & Tuesday 31- Paint a Pebble Poppy Take part in a family friendly activity for the anniversary of D-Day at the D-Day Story, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea. Choose a pebble and paint it with a beautiful poppy or other design. Take it home and place it somewhere special to remember the people who took part on D-Day and in other conflicts. Spend time exploring the museum, where personal artefacts and accounts in our displays help bring the story to life for a younger generation. For 5 year olds and over, drop in between 11am and 2pm. Plus: Operation: Spies and lies Wednesday 1 - Friday 3 Your mission is to work together to complete challenges, crack codes, and answer questions to find a mystery object hidden in the museum. The challenge will take you around the museum, learning more about the objects and people involved in D-Day. Complete all the puzzles to win a your prize and get an exclusive free D-Day backpack to take home. Drop in between10am to 4pm, no need to book. Details on 023 9288 2555. Roman Week Saturday 28 - Saturday 5 Discover the ancient past at

Butser Ancient Farm Charlton Lane, Charlton and get hands on with history. With demonstrations and displays about ancient life. See what life would be like in a countryside Roman Villa. Based on excavations from Sparsholt near Winchester, the Roman Villa is ready to welcome guests, with a working hypocaust, beautifully painted brightly coloured walls, a mosaic floor, communal(!) toilets, furnishings and decoration fit for a Roman family to move in! Enjoy a themed children’s trail and hands on activities for the whole family to try as you discover Butser’s timeline of ancient homes from the Stone Age to the Saxons and see the latest experimental archaeology projects in action. From 10am to 4pm. Super Science Family Fun Tuesday 31 Join mad scientist Andy for a supercharged session of experiments and history based around the Second World War. Create egg parachutes, witness the power of a wartime invention known to deflect bombs, and design your own ‘gas masks’. At 10.30am and 2.30pm at Tudor House and Garden. For 7 to 13 year olds,£3 per child. Wednesday 1 - Wizard School Create your own magic wand, witness magic and search for the magical characters in Tudor House Garden. For 6 year olds and over at 10.30am, 12 & 1.30pm.

Farm-Tastic Fun There are lots of hands-on animal farming activities to be enjoyed at Longdown Activity Farm. Children can enjoy bottle-feeding kid goats and calves and duck feeding and there’s even more opportunity to get hands-on and meet small animals such as baby chicks, rabbits, and guinea pigs in the Animal Encounter Experience. There are lots of friendly animals around the farm to meet including cows, alpacas, Pygmy goats, donkeys and ponies, pigs, ducks, chickens, and geese, plus lots of babies, large and small. The Piglets Play Barn is a large undercover area fitted with numerous interactive activities and piggy-themed fun from floor to ceiling and children can let off steam and enjoy a tractor and trailer ride, go karts, Pitchfork and Putt crazy golf, ride on toy tractors, diggers ‘Go Quackers’ the duck game and an outdoor play area. Tickets must be prebooked online. Details on 023 8029 2837.

Pond Dipping Tuesday 31 & Saturday 4 Go along to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens for a quick dip and a swish in the Education Ponds. For 3 year olds and above,

Nat Act ure ivitie s

staff available to help. From 1 to 4pm, £3 per child, must be booked, details on 01794 369318.

Spring into Summer Trail

Saturday 28 - Sunday 5 Witness the shifting of seasons at The Vyne. Families can spot delicate cherry blossom bursting into bloom in the wild garden and a wildflower meadow coming into bud in the walled garden. Strolling by the lake, you’re likely to see ducklings, goslings and cygnets paddling after their parents. From 10am to 4pm, spotter sheets available from Visitor Reception.

Mucky Bucket Mobile Farm Wednesday 1 Meet a variety of animals that you can touch and maybe even groom at Itchen Valley Country Park. Free from 10.30am to 2.30pm.

Ranger Den Tuesday 31 - Friday 3 Visit the Ranger Den at the back of the Visitor’s Centre at Moors Valley Country Park. Meet the resident animals including Harvest Mice, minibeasts from the meadows and Microworld, celebrating everything tiny. From 11am to 4pm, free, donations welcome.

16 May - 11 July 2022


Half Term

Leaf Dreamcatcher

Monday 30 & Friday 3 Get creative at Exbury Gardens by making your own leaf dream catcher to take home – you can even make a royal design to tie in with the jubilee. For 3 year olds and above at 11am, 12, 1.30 & 2.45pm, £5.

Children’s Potting Shed Club Saturday 28 Accompanied 4 to 11 year olds will have the material and guides to make wonderful crafts to take home. From 10 to 11.30am at Fairweather’s Garden Centre, High Street, Beaulieu. Book online.

Weave a Survival Bracelet

GET Creative

Wednesday 1 - Friday 3 When you’re out in nature it’s amazing how useful strong parachute cord can be. Learn how to create your own parachute cord bracelet from brightly coloured cord, and incorporate a sturdy buckle so it can be worn out during days adventuring in the wild. At 10am Wednesday, 2pm Friday at the Arc, Winchester. Tickets £12.


Half Term Fun Monday 30 - Workshop of Wizardry Conjure up your own unique wand design, take part in an epic battle of fantastic beasts and enjoy lots of magical themed activities. Tuesday 31 - The Funny Factory

Side-splitting workshop, with funny moves, clowning about and joke telling. Wednesday 1 - Castle Adventurers Have fun exploring a Magical Kingdom. Play games, make armour and rewrite the fairy tale rule book by creating your own fantastical characters. All for 6 to 10 year olds from 10am. £12.50. Thursday 2 - Sunday 5 - Cardboard City Drop in and add your marvellous creations to the evergrowing mini world. Saturday 4 - Board Games But Bigger Get competitive with some super-sized board game fun. For all ages from 12 to 4pm. All at The Point, Leigh Road, Eastleigh Book online, details on 023 8065 2333.

16 May - 11 July 2022

Children’s Wet Felting Tuesday 31 Make felt from scratch then create your own wet-felted artwork. From 10am to 12pm, £5. Wednesday 1 - Funny Faces Get creative with collage and paint construct some expressive faces. For 3 year olds and over, drop in between from 10.30am and 12.30pm and 2 to 4pm. At St Barbe’s Museum. Book on 01590 676969 or at the Welcome Desk.

Southampton Culture Club Two days of investigation, imagination and discovery for 6 to 12 year olds who love being creative and learning through fun activities. Monday 30 - Pokemon Day Spend the day exploring techniques and making creations inspired by favourite characters. Tuesday 31 - Space Day Head to a Galaxy Far, Far Away and hunt your own bounty. With lots of fun activities to keep all budding bounty hunters amused. At SeaCity and the City Art Gallery. Drop off at 9am at the SeaCity main entrance. £35 per day or £60 for both days.

Ranks of the Rifles Tuesday 31 - Thursday 2 Create your own rank badge or sticker, copying the real ranks used by the British Army at the Rifles Museum in Winchester. Learn why rank titles are different in The Rifles, such as ‘Rifleman’ instead of ‘Private’, and ‘Serjeant’ spelt with a ‘J’. For 4 year olds and above, recommended donation £2.

Magic and Bubbles Join in the fun at the Red House Museum: Saturday 28 - Magic Show Show with Mr Merlin and Okey Dokey the Dragon at 2 and 3pm. For 3 year olds and above, children £6, adults £2. Tuesday 31 - Squidge and Pop Bubble Workshop A magical world of bubbles awaits you in this interactive workshop for families. Learn bubble tricks; play games and stand inside a giant bubble. For 3 year olds and above at 11am and 1.30pm. Children £8, adults £3. Wednesday 1 - Party Bunting Flags All the family can make celebratory bunting flags using different craft materials. At 10, 11.30am, 1 & 3pm, £4.50 per make.

Scarecrows in Spring Saturday 28 - Sunday 5 - Scarecrows in Spring! Play Scarecrow Bingo in the trail, at Manor Farm Country Park. Compete in the Scarecrow Olympics, join the story time and trail sessions, then plant a sunflower to take home and grow. From 10am to 4pm, no need to book, details on 01489 787055.

Join Thomas on the Watercress Line

Saturday 28 - Sunday 5 Join Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends on the Watercress Line for a day of family fun. Take a train ride with Thomas, meet some of your favourite characters and join Sodor Station Sweepers Rusty & Dusty for a trainload of excitement. All activities and rides are included in your ticket price. There’s plenty to keep the family entertained for the whole day, including: Rusty & Dusty live entertainment show with The Fat Controller and Diesel, Toad and Duck, travel on the big trains from Ropley to Alton, meeting The Fat Controller, rides on the miniature railway, children’s vintage fairground rides, and a Passport of Adventures full of activities for children to do throughout the day. From 9.30am to 4.30pm. Book online at www. Details on 01962 733810.

Centres offer family friendly watersports All ages and abilities can enjoy a variety of watersports including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddlesports, climbing, high ropes and archery at the Andrew Simpson Centres in Portsmouth. Taster sessions are available. Go to portsmouth@ andrewsimpsoncentres. org or call 023 9266 3873 for details.

Be Outdoor Days Monday 30 & Tuesday 31 8 to 12 year olds can experience a whole day of exciting outdoor challenges and environmental discovery at Avon Tyrell Activity Centre in Bransgore From 8.30am to 6pm, £30.

16 May - 11 July 2022


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Hampshire events celebrating the 70 year reign of Elizabeth 11

Until December Her Majesty’s Service Exhibition at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard celebrating Her Majesty’s loyal service to the Royal Navy, both official and personal. It takes a look at both her role as ceremonial head of the Royal Navy and as granddaughter, daughter, wife and mother of naval officers.

May Saturday 28 - Sunday 5 Jubilee Tree Trail Take part in the trail at Exbury Gardens and discover the royal stories behind some of Exbury’s trees. Find out some fun tree facts and become a tree detective along the way. Pick up a trail from the Visitor Entrance. From 10am to 4.30pm, free with normal admission. Plus: Thursday 2 - Sunday 5 Steam Railway Celebrations

Climb aboard Exbury’s Steam Train and celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as you take a journey back to the best of 1950’s Britain. Admission ticket required. Country Park Jubilee Trails Follow the Jubilee trail looking for the royal pictures and try to solve the riddle. £3 per trail, includes a guide, pack of pencils, and a craft to take home to decorate. From 10am to 4pm at Lepe Country Park.


16 May - 11 July 2022

Trails available online and from The Lookout at Lepe. From 9am to 5pm in Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Trails available online or from the Visitor Centre. Plus: Sunday 5 - Big Jubilee Lunch Pack a picnic and join in a fun filled family afternoon with street entertainment, live music, face painting, stalls and children’s activities. Cafes will also be offering food. From 10.30am to 4.30pm in Queen Elizabeth and Royal Victoria Country Parks. Tank Action and Jubilee Fun Enjoy Jubilee activities and experience the biggest day out in history at Bovington Tank Museum, Wool as it brings the story of tanks and their crews to life. Join in Platinum Parade Pagentry by dressing up in real uniforms used by the army for royal parades and events; handle memorable items for the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 and dress up as a royal; make your own bunting and flags and plant a tree. Then enjoy 100 years of history, 300 tanks, interactive WW2 themed children’s activities, free Top Trumps trail, face painting, explosive live displays and vehicle rides. Plus: Monday 30 - Friday 3 - Tanks in Action displays. From 9am to 6pm, book online. Medal Mania Trail Follow the trail across the museums and galleries at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. See the artefacts on display and hunt for the next step in the trail, with special stickers to collect. Then create a jubilee inspired keepsake. For 5 to 11s. Plus: Corgis Aboard! Storytelling in the HMS Gallery, featuring some cheeky misbehaving corgis on the Royal Yacht Britannia. Also at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum on Saturday 4 & Sunday 5. Kings and Queens’ Jubilee Trail Discover some of the Kings and Queens that have ruled England through 7 special objects in the Red House Museum. Look out for 7 crowns. On the back will be a picture and de-

scription of an object on display. Match the object to the King or Queen who would have ruled at the same period. £1 with small prize. Jubilee Celebrations Drop in to the Willis Museum and enjoy bookable workshops, a hunt the crown jewels trail, lots of colouring and Make and Take activities celebrating the Jubilee. Monday 30 - Friday 3 Jubilee Joy Young visitors to the Army Flying Museum can celebrate the Jubilee by decorating a beautiful crown with feathers, stickers, ribbons, and all things sparkly. You can also create a picture of Queen Elizabeth II and follow the Queen Elizabeth II photo trail to receive a Platinum Jubilee reward sticker. From 10.30am to 1.30pm. There will also be face painting on Wednesday. Tuesday 31 Platinum Jubilee Bunting Drop in to Itchen Valley Country Park between 11am and 1pm and make a flag to add to a string of bunting being used at the Jubilee Celebrations in Eastleigh on Saturday 4. Free.

June Thursday 2 The Queens’ Garden Party The Point in Eastleigh invites you to a party. Go as your best self, as drag queen hosts show you that well-behaved Queens rarely make history. From 6pm, free, no need to book. Thursday 2 - Sunday 5 Weekend Celebrations Fun for the whole family at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens for entertainment and culture. With a programme of events, trails and activities from 10am to 6pm. Celebratory Cream Tea Celebrate the Queens Jubilee with a delicious celebratory cream team and sandwiches from the café at Winchester City Mill freshly made using wholemeal flour and baked onsite. The mill space will be decorated with bunting and the island garden is a lovely place to while away some time on

the long weekend. From 11am to 4pm. Lawn Games Celebrate at Hinton Ampner with lawn games such as croquet and swing ball and fun activities across the weekend. From 10am to 5pm. Saturday 4 Jazz band ‘Jazz Magic’ will be playing from 12pm – 3pm. More Lawn Games Celebrate at Uppark with lawn games such as hobby horse races, croquet, and jenga from 10am to 4pm. Sunday 5 ‘Jazz Magic’ will be performing from 12 to 3pm. Friday 3 Andover Jubilee Street Festival Andover High Street comes alive in celebration of the Jubilee with a rich medley of food, music, dance and art creating an activity trail for all ages. Sample different cultural dishes at food stalls along the high street, and enjoy a line up of free creative performances and workshops at venues throughout the town centre. From 11am to 5pm, go to events/952614538762225 for details.

workshops, face-painting and lots of free events and activities to enjoy. Jubilee Paper Flowers (10am) Create paper flowers in the Garden Room. Free. Saturday 4 Queen’s Jubilee Concert / Picnic in the Park Join the team at Staunton Country Park to commemorate the jubilee by showing the Jubilee Concert on a big screen on the front lawn. Make an afternoon of it by taking yourblankets and a picnic. Free from 4 to 10pm. Sunday 5 The Big Platinum Festival Celebrating the Queen’s 70 year reign in Mayflower Park, Southampton. Activities around the park include: street food stalls; TV studio; Fire engine, Police cars and Ambulance;

Skateboard and DJ demonstration; Grand Fun Fair; Cricket, Saint’s Foundation & Unity 101 FC football workshops; Kids Zone and Circus. Plus drama, music and dance on the Unity Stage; local artists and buskers on the Introducing stage and a variety show on the Theatre Stage. From 10am to 9pm, under 5s free. Picnic in the Park Celebrate in Woodside Park, Ridgeway Lane, Lymington with a children’s craft tent, Fun fair, bands, dog show, sports day, hot and cold food, and community stall. Free from 11am to 4pm.

Big Jubilee Read The Spring Arts Centre is joining in the national readingfor-pleasure campaign marking the Queen’s Jubilee with two, free, informal reading sessions: Jubilee Readers (10am & 2pm) Children aged 4 to 9 and adults will read together. And Jubilee Shed of Stories (10am to 4pm) A mysterious, magical shed has appeared overnight, outside The Spring. Children can drop in to explore this world of stories with music and laughter in story-times and an enchanted pop-up library. Plus: The Big Story Adventure (10am & 1.30pm) Drop in story world in the theatre and find new ways to share and record your favourite family stories. There will also be a giant game of consequences. Plus: Saturday 4 Jubilee Garden Party Celebration (10am) Special garden party with family performances, 16 May - 11 July 2022







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Kids week is back The scheme that gives children free tickets for London Shows is returning this summer. Through Official London Theatre, a child under 18 goes free when accompanied by an adult paying full price to participating shows through the whole of August. Plus, an additional two children can attend for half price. There are a wide variety of London musicals, plays, comedies and children’s shows to choose from. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 14 June, an announcement of participating shows will be made closer to the time. There will also be a programme of activities to get children more involved, as well as Kids Eat Free deals available at partner restaurants. Go to kids-week/ and sign up to the Family Bulletin to be the first to hear. You can also go to the Family Fun Page for a range of theatre based games and activities for children.

BRAKE’s kids walk Brake Road Safety Charity is holding this year’s road safety campaign on 22 June. Thousands of schoolchildren will take part in a short, supervised walk to promote important road safety messages. Children will walk in pairs in crocodile formation within their community, to emphasise the importance of being able to walk without fear or threat from traffic or pollution. Children of all ages are at risk of being hurt or killed when walking near roads. On average, six children are killed or seriously injured on roads in Britain every day – that’s equivalent to a whole classroom of children every week. By signing up to the walk schools and educators can access a free action pack featuring lesson plans, assemblies, activities, and posters, all brightly illustrated and featuring the popular Shaun the Sheep characters by Aardman. As well as teaching children vital road safety skills, it raises awareness among parents and other adults of the need to protect children on the roads. Posters and demonstration materials highlight what children need to walk safely in their communities, including footpaths, cycle paths, safe places to cross and slow and clean traffic. Schools and education communities can go to to sign up.

Dash in the dark hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance’s 5km night-time fun run is returning to Southampton Common on Saturday September 24. As the sun sets and the night draws in, friends, family and supporters of the lifesaving charity are encouraged to light up the night and dash their way around the course while covered head to toe in neon paint and fancy dress. Runners and walkers of all ages and abilities can take part in this family-friendly event, with every penny raised helping the charity to treat the most critically ill and injured patients in the region. Check in on the night will open at 6pm, the warm up starts at 7pm and the dash begins at

7.15pm. The route is softly lit and paved throughout, though head torches are essential. All participants will receive a free Dash in the Dark T-shirt and a glow in the dark medal at the finish line. Tickets are on sale now, adults £20, children £16, from . For the first time this year there will also be a Dash in the Dark on the Isle of Wight on Saturday 8 October.

Grow it for guide dogs Turn your flower power into life-changing support for Guide Dogs this summer by inviting friends and family, classmates or co-workers to a sunflower growing challenge. The step by step guide covers everything you need to get everyone growing and bring a little sunshine into your gardens. Guide Dogs will even send you free sunflower seeds to get you started. Go to for details.


16 May - 11 July 2022

Let’s Count The Office for National Statistics, together with education resource centre iChild, have created a range of fun and engaging teaching resources to go with the Let’s Count campaign which will bring census data to life in the primary school classroom. Resources include five new easy-to-use lessons which take children on a journey from collecting the data through to analysing and publishing the findings. There will also be a video lesson for participating schools delivered by ONS experts. The programme supports numeracy, history, geography and writing skills, and follows on from the 14 lessons developed last year which are all still available. St Alban’s CE Primary School in Havant was named Overall Winner in last year’s competition for schools. Deputy Head, Sharon James, said: “We are really looking forward to taking part in Let’s Count! again this year, in the build-up to the population announcement. We took part last year and it reminded our school that no matter how small the numbers, every ‘ONE’ can and should make a difference. It showed us that our individual actions added together have the power to impact positively on the lives of others. It inspired us to keep ensuring that data makes a difference!” Alongside the lessons, schools are encouraged to hold their own Let’s Count! day in the build up to the first Census 2021 results, where children can count things and collect data on any cause or subject that matters to them or their school. Schools can go to to register and get the new resources.

Royal seal of approval Marwell Wildlife has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development. It will be presented at a reception hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace in July. Marwell Wildlife is a conservation charity established in 1972 which owns and operates Marwell Zoo, a centre for enjoyment of nature, learning, sustainability and scientific endeavour which funds charitable delivery around the world. The award recognises the charity’s achievements in biodiversity conservation, education and sustainability and highlights successes in reintroducing the extinct scimitar-horned oryx to its natural range in Tunisia solely from captive bred stock, as well as its unique Energy for Life: Tropical House, which processes zoo animal waste for conversion into carbon neutral heat to power buildings around the 140 acre wildlife park. Marwell’s Director of Conservation, Dr Tim Woodfine, has said how proud they are to have their achievements recognised as they celebrate their 50th anniversary.

16 May - 11 July 2022



Star Read

I like reading a variety of styles of books. Sometimes I just want to sit back and enjoy a story, other times I like to get more involved, There are some very funny stories here mixed with some more thought provoking ones and a couple that could put your problem solving skills to the test. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Otters vs Badgers - Anya Glazer (Oxford, £6.99)


The Otters and Badgers live on either side of the river, but they don’t like each other. They can’t even share the river, so they decided it was best they each kept to their own side and never cross over. Unintentionally an Otter called Francie was about to change all that. She was an excellent baker and spent all her time dreaming up new recipes and searching for new ingredients. One day, without her realising, S All around she picked Bustletown: berries from Nightime the badgers side of the river. Angrily the Routraut Susanne Berner badgers chased her back to her side and an argument ensued, but while it did, one (Prestel Hb, £9.99) badger had tasted one of Francie’s muffins Bustletown is a very and wanted more. Soon both Otters and busy place, even Badgers were enjoying her new berry when it gets dark. As Cara and John go cookies, but that just caused another row, for a stroll we follow them through the which she certainly didn’t want. Is the way town and see what everyone is getting to an animals’ heart through their stomach? up to as they pass by, indoors and out. Can meek and mild Francie unite everyone? Noisy neighbour, cats meeting, a library Find out in this charming picture book with sleepover and even a burglary, or two. lovely illustrations and a cookie recipe. There is so much to see and stories to

One World: 24 Hours on Planet Earth - Nicola Davies / Jenni Desmond (Walker Hb, £12.99)

This is an absolutely fascinating book. We know that the time changes as you go round the world, when it is midnight in Britain it will be other times on other continents. If you’ve ever wondered what time it is in another country this book shows how that works. Two girls lying in bed in Greenwich in London at one minute to midnight travel round the world to see what time it is at the same moment and what is happening. Starting watching polar bears in the Arctic Circle where it is 1am encountering other wonderful animals as they go through Zambia, India, China, Philippines, Australia during the morning to Antarctica where it is 12 noon then other countries through the afternoon until they are back in Greenwich as the new day begins. All enhanced with big, bold illustrations.

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The Great Fox Illusion Justyn Edwards (Walker, £7.99)

Flick has been chosen to compete in a new television show to become the successor to the world famous magician, Great Fox. But she has a far more personal reason for being there. Her father has disappeared after the Great Fox stole his incredible trick and Flick aims to get it back hoping it will make her father return. It isn’t going to be as simple as she’d hoped. Flick isn’t the only one with an ulterior motive. Not surprisingly, with magicians involved there is a lot of misdirection and trickery to uncover. Unscrupulous people who will stop at nothing to get what they want put her and people she cares about in danger. With Charlie’s help she is able to solve the puzzles, but will it be enough? This is a intriguing story with plenty of puzzles for you to work out and some interesting solutions to tricks (does the Magic Circle know?) There is plenty of suspense and some heart stopping moments to keep you gripped, it certainly had me hooked. See how you fare working out the clues.

work out and discuss in this appealing book all told in detailed illustrations without words. You discover more details every time you return to it. A perfect introduction to books for beginner readers and a way to entice reluctant ones.

Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs? - Simon Packham (Firefly, £7.99)


The Magnificent Moon Hare Sue Monroe (Award, £6.99)


PJ Petulant is a princess who expects to get her own way because she usually does, and lives up to her name if she doesn’t. This time her parents think her demand for a dragon is too much, but PJ knows how to make them give in to her demands and wears them down. Of course, once she gets Sandra (her name for the dragon even though he’s male) she loses interest and the servants who are left after Sandra’s eating spree are left to look after him. PJ moves on to her next want - the Moon Hare. An impossible want... until he turns up looking for adventure. His arrival is timely as the King has been kidnapped and Moon Hare is just the person to rescue him, or he is in his own mind. What results is utter chaos full of misunderstandings. Can a bossy princess, a moody dragon and kleptomaniac Moon Hare rescue a sulky King? This is a really funny, nonsensical story with madcap characters, large print and plenty of illustrations.

Seed Caryl Lewis (Macmillan, £7.99) Marty’s house is full, but not in a good way. His mother is a hoarder who can’t bear to throw anything away and finds it hard to leave the house. Marty tries to look after her, but it is hard and his life isn’t made any easier by the bullies at school. The only real joy in his life is time spent with his grandad on his allotment. Things start to look up when he meets Gracie who doesn’t let her lack of hearing hold her back. Both children have a dream which they are not sure they can fulfil. Grandad gives Marty a special seed for his birthday telling him to nurture it and wait to see what happens when it grows. The seed grows into a plant that keeps getting bigger, fuelled by peoples’ dreams. Grandad has an exciting plan for it leading to a big adventure, but will they be able to pull it off? This is an uplifting story full of hope with a few surprises. It shows what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and what can be achieved when people work together.

Archie is happy with good friends and a nice home life until they lose the home and are put in one grotty room in temporary housing, Manton House. Too ashamed to tell anyone, Archie distances himself from everyone so they won’t find out, which makes him very lonely. Unable to sleep he wanders down to the laundry room and meets Zofia. She says she is in his class, but he doesn’t recognise her. This doesn’t surprise her, in fact she’s more surprised that he can see her now as she is invisible to everyone except her family and has been since they moved to Manton House. She says Archie will probably become invisible as well which he thinks is ridiculous..... until he does! This is distressing until money collected for a class party goes The Treasure Under the Jam Factory- Chrissie Sains (Walker, £6.99) missing and Archie and Zofia decide to use Everything is going well for Scooter and his family. Their newly extended Jam Factory incorporating the their invisibility to find the culprit, saving the neighbouring building is about to reopen with a grand ceremony and Scooter will at last be party and someone able to reveal he is the brains behind it all. Until their ruthless ex-neighbour, Daffy Dodgy wrongly accused, reappears and reveals she has tricked them and still owns the factory. She plans to run but it isn’t as easy as it herself with all their improvements unless they buy it back. This seems hopeless until they’d hoped. This is an absorbing story that Cat turns up with news her Uncle Perry has discovered there is treasure under the factory and she has half the treasure map. Surprisingly Scooter has found the other half - if he shows how quickly can find the treasure his problems are over. Cat is happy to help, as is Fizzbee, his alien things can change. It friend and even Daffy sees how it will benefit her to help, but it is far from easy. The will make you think person who hid the treasure has set many traps and puzzles to make it difficult to get twice about noticing and Perry is willing to use any underhand trick to get it for himself. There is lots of fun what is happening to and excitement in this second book of the series, as well as surprises showing people others and how you really can change. The story is helped along by lots of very funny illustrations. judge them.


16 May - 11 July 2022




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We have tried to give as up to date picture as we can, but things can change at short notice. We advise you to book in advance and then check again before you go.

MAST Mayflower Studios Box Office 023 8071 1833 142 - 144 Above Bar Street, Southampton

Zog and The Flying Doctors May 18 - 20 Zog, super keen student turned air-ambulance, still lands with a crash-bangthump. Together with his Flying Doctor crew they tend to a sunburnt mermaid, a unicorn with one too many horns and a lion with the flu. But Pearl’s uncle, the King, doesn’t think princesses should be doctors, and she’s soon locked up in the castle back in a crown and a silly frilly dress. Times vary, tickets £16, children £2 off.

Ministry of Science Tuesday May 31 Join the presenters as they dive deep into the world of science and look at how science shapes the modern world we live in with a few loud bangs along the way. For 6 year olds and above at 11am and 1.30pm. Tickets £16.50.


Ministry of Science at MAST Mayflower Studios, 31 May.

Seussical May 19 & 20 For four shows in May the Cat in the Hat will star in a play. Based on the works of Dr Seuss, presented by University of Winchester Musical Theatre and Theatre Production Degrees at 1 and 7pm. Tickets from £10.

Fireman Sam Saves the Circus Saturday May 28 When all of his friends go away, Norman Price decides to find adventure in Pontypandy and become the star of a visiting circus. But with a tiger on the loose and faulty lights, the adventure soon turns to danger. Can Fireman Sam come to the rescue and save the circus? At 10.30am, 12.30 & 3pm. Tickets £19.50, concs £18.50.

Twirlywoos Live! May 29 & 30 The funny, loveable Twirlywoos are brought to

Jewry Street, Winchester

The Gruffalo

Cinderella! June 3 & 4 Integr8 dance present a new, fantastical and bold twist on a beloved fairytale classic. Told from the perspective of a modern day Cinderella, we bear witness to a young woman’s growing bravery and learn that love comes in all different shapes and sizes. At 2 & 7pm, tickets £15, concs £12.

Happy Days Wednesday June 15 Join the cast as they celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Creating a street party on stage, they will take you through the Queen’s 70 years on the Throne with poignant images on the screen and recalling significant moments which have become part of our history. Join in and have

June 17 - 19 Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation of the classic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Songs, laughs and monstrous fun for 3 year olds and over. Times vary, tickets £14.

Bugsy Malone June 22 & 23 Prohibition era, New York. A city full of mobsters, showgirls and dreamers. Rival gangster bosses Fat Sam and Dandy Dan are at loggerheads. Nice guy Bugsy Malone is thrust notso-willingly into the gangster limelight when he becomes the last resort for Fat Sam’s hapless hoodlums. At 7pm, tickets £15, concs £11.

The Point Box Office 023 8065 2333 Leigh Road, Eastleigh

Pick ‘n’ Mix Cabaret

Theatre Royal Winchester Box Office 01962 840 440

a good old sing song. At 2.30pm, tickets from £14.50.

life on stage with inventive puppetry promising an hour of colourful fun and laughter. Times vary, tickets £18.

Fireman Sam Saves the Circus at Theatre Royal Winchester, 28 May.

Sunday June 19 A family-friendly cabaret for children with mini performances from beatboxing to circus, designed to entertain all ages. Continued on page 22 16 May - 11 July 2022


The Gruffalo at Theatre Royal Winchester, 17-19 June.

e r t a The At 3pm, tickets £12, concs £10, family £40.

Hanger Farm Arts Centre

Anvil Box Office 01256 844244

Box Office 023 8066 7683

Churchill Way, Basingstoke

Hanger Farm Park, Aikman Lane, West Totton

Ocean Commotion June 21 & 22 Basingstoke Primary Schools Festival welcoming you to the wonders of the ocean and splendours of the sea. Annual concert bringing together over 500 children from local schools to celebrate the art of performing in a massed choir, orchestra and dance troupe with different children performing each night. At 7pm, tickets £12.50.

Strictly Presents: Keeeep Dancing Thursday June 23 Brand-new spectacular show features Strictly 2020 finalist Maisie Smith, 2021 semifinalist Rhys Stephenson joined by Strictly professional dancers Neil Jones, Gorka Marquez, Jowita Przystal and Nancy Xu. The music will be performed by The Wanted’s, and former competitor, Max George. At 7.30pm, tickets £38 - £48.

The Mayflower Box Office 023 8071 1811 Commercial Rd, Southampton

Cluedo May 17 - 21 Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Mrs White and Colonel Mustard have been invited to a country house by a mysterious invitation. They all have something to hide and the mystery and hysteria grows as people start being killed.


she falls down the rabbit hole and finds herself in the most peculiar place she’s ever seen! She’ll need to have her wits about her as the evil, but hilarious, Queen of Hearts is after the secret recipe to create the best Jam Tarts for her tea party. For 3 year olds and above at 2pm, tickets £14, children £11, family £46.

Based on the detective board game, for 10 year olds and above at 7.30pm, Thursday and Saturday matinees at 2pm. Tickets £20.50 - £39.50.

I Am Here Sunday May 22 Strictly’s Oti Mabuse presents a night of electrifying choreography joined by some of the world’s greatest dancers and the West End’s finest singers and musicians. At 5pm, tickets £30 - £49.50. Meet and Greet at 3pm, £125.

Monkeys Musical Saturday June 4 Milkshake! Monkey with a new show joined by some of his favourite Milkshake! friends plus two Milkshake Presenters. With plenty of laughter and audience interaction. At 11.30am and 3pm, tickets £18, children £2 off.

Singin’ in the Rain June 14 - 18 Journey back to the glamour of Hollywood during the roaring 20’s. Talking movies are about to take off changing the lives of the silent screen stars. Starring Sam Lips, Charlotte Gooch, Jenny Gayner and Strictly’s Kevin Clifton. At 7.30pm, Thursday and Saturday matinees at 2pm, tickets £29.50 - £54.50.

16 May - 11 July 2022

An Upside Down Tale School of Rock July 18 - 23 Wannabe rock star Dewey Finn is cast out by his bandmates and finds himself in desperate need of cash. Posing as a substitute music teacher at an elite prep school, he exposes his students to the rock gods he idolises, transforming them into a mind-blowing rock band. At 7.30pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday matinees at 2pm, tickets £29.50 - £54.50.

Kings Theatre Box Office 023 9282 8282 Albert Road, Southsea

Illusion : Impossible Friday May 20 Jamie Raven, James and Dylan Piper, Oliver Taylor, The Glamourists and Kayden Black perform exclusive tricks never seen before in a non-stop show packed with breathtaking magic and illusions. At 7.30pm, tickets £27, children £25.

The Lights Box Office 01264 368368 West Street, Andover

Alice in Wonderland Wednesday June 1 It is panto time. Join Alice as

July 2 & 16 Join the students of interACT as they turn the story of Alice in Wonderland completely on its head. An opportunity to go and see the end-result of an 18-week improvisational process. At 12.30 and 4pm, tickets £8, concs £6.50.

Ashcroft Arts Centre Box Office 01329 223100 Osborn Road, Fareham

Matilda The Musical JR June 2 - 4 A gleefully witty ode to the anarchy of childhood and the power of imagination based on the Roald Dahl story. Presented by Fareham Musical Society Youth Theatre at 7.30pm, Saturday matinee at 2.30pm. Tickets £13, children £11, family £40.

Phoenix Theatre Box Office 01420 472664 Station Road, Bordon

Cinderella May 20, 21, 27, 28 It may not traditionally be panto season but the Phoenix Players are mixing things up this year. The Fairy Godmother is waving her wand over the theatre to ensure that we are all invited to the ball. In this incarnation, the palace football team take

on the local village team. Go and help find out who wins. With audience participation, songs and oddles of silliness. At 7.30pm, Saturday matinees at 2.30pm, tickets £11, conc £10, family £38.

Haymarket Box Office 01256 844244 Wote Street, Basingstoke

North Waltham Primary School Extravaganza Thursday June 21 The pupils entertain with an evening of culture, dancing, poetry, singing, sonnets and a few surprises. At 7pm, tickets £12.50.

£11, under 11s £8, under 6s £3.

The Spring Arts Centre Box Office 023 9247 2700 East Street, Havant

Will and When Saturday June 4 Join two very different characters on a messy movement adventure to discover why it’s important to help things grow, and help them learn to appreciate their environment. At 11am and 2.30pm, tickets £3.

Groundlings Theatre Box Office 023 9273 7370 Kent Street, Portsea

Pan the Musical Wednesday July 6 Bramley CE Primary School present the musical journey to Neverland where the stories roam freely and the landscape is peopled with fascinating characters. At 6pm, tickets

When travelling abroad it is always important to respect the traditions and customs of any country you are visiting. Some of the laws in place are obviously for your own safety, others may seem a little strange. It is important to adhere to them as not doing so could have serious consequences. Here are some examples of foreign rules. We would be interested to be told of any others you may know of.

The Legend of Grimm’s Tales June 9 - 19 Grace and Max discover a deep family secret - they are the descendants of the infamous Brothers Grimm and

must carry out the family ritual of delving into their famous fairy tales to fight against evil forces and ensure they reach their morally right ending. Times vary, tickets £16, children £12, family £48.

The Arc Box Office 01962 873600 Jewry Street, Winchester

Oldilocks and the Three Bears Saturday June 4

Plaza Theatre Box Office 01794 512987 Winchester Road, Romsey

The Railway Children May 24 - 28 When their father mysteriously disappears the lives of Roberta, Peter and Phyllis are turned upside down. Forced to leave the comforts of their privileged London life in exchange for a simple existence in the depths of the Yorkshire countryside, this fractured family soon discover new friendships and an unexpected secret that will change their lives forever. Presented by ROADS at 7.30pm, tickets £14.

One winter, Oldilocks finds a teddy bear in the park and remembers a delicious bowl of porridge she tasted years ago in the woods. Something else happened but she can’t quite remember what… so she sets off for the forest. Will she find the bear’s house and what will happen then? For 3 to 7 year olds at 2pm. Tickets £9, family £32.

Don’t get caught out... ignorance is no excuse In France drivers are legally required to carry a breathalyser in the car. If you’re caught without one you will be fined. Keep your car topped up at all times in Germany. Running out of fuel on the autobahn is illegal, as is walking on it. It is an offence in Florence to eat or drink while sitting on church steps or within a church courtyard. The same law applies to eating near any public buildings. It’s against the law to wear swimwear on the streets of Barcelona. Reserve your bikini and trunks for the beach only and cover up or change when you leave. Don’t get caught short in Portugal. It is illegal to urinate in the ocean. How this law is governed is anyone’s guess. In some apartment blocks in Switzerland residents aren’t allowed to flush the toilet after 10pm, it is too noisy for others living there. Feeding the pigeons on the streets of San Francisco is a big no. If you’re caught, you could face a hefty fine. Swearing is banned in St Kitts. Using a profanity in public could get you arrested.

Cyclists in Mexico must keep their feet firmly on the pedal, hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road. Fail to do so and you could face a fine. Chewing gum was banned in Singapore in 1992. The only exception is if you can prove it has therapeutic value. Be careful with your cash in Thailand. Stepping on Baht – Thai money – is illegal because it has the likeness of the Thai royal family on it. It’s an offence to import bibles into the Maldives. Public observance of any religion apart from Islam is prohibited. Any public display of affection including kissing, holding hands and hugging must be avoided in the United Arab Emirates. If you break the law, you could end up behind bars.

I wonder which British laws or customs seem strange to other nationalities. Let us know if you hear of any. Go for up to date information.

16 May - 11 July 2022