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Editorial by Vitalie Popov

The 2012 is a green year in EYP - Ukraine. We are promoting this topic at all events including our International Forum in Odesa under the slogan: The Sunrise of EcoUnity Therefore the Media Team will underline and develop the subject during the session, keeping the academic character of materials and mixing it with lot of entertainement using the unofficial topic of the session (to be announced soon) and its own theme - The Green Banana Many of you may ask: "Why Bananas?" Obviously it is not very clear at first, but if you think deeper it fits perfect into the session's concept. The tropic fruit raises the summer mood of the event, reminds us of delicious desserts and pleasant emotions. It is "Green" - eating fruits is more ECO. An article on this subject will be published later We would like to welcome you to this forum, and to wish you on behalf of the Media Team a productive session, new friedships, cultural exchange and lot of sun in your hearts Enjoy reading and stay tuned

photos by Octavian Casian

LETTER FROM PRESIDENT Dear delegates of Odesa IF 2012

Atlantis might come back to life

The time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. It is my outmost pleasure to welcome you all to this extraordinary session and I hope that you are all anxious for the session to start. Come prepare for lively debates, serious work but also lots of fun. On behalf of the officials’ team, we promise to do all in our power and more to offer you an unforgettable experience. We hope that you will do your part in making this session truly special Your President Valentina


HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALENTINA Dear Valentina In the name of our Media Team please accept our congratulations. We wish you best luck, excellent mood and a great EYP continuation We love you

Age: 21 years old Country: Cyprus First EYP session attended in 2006 Relationship status: Single Now first time presiding Perfect banana should be ECO

photos by Maria Shcherbak

THE KING AND THE MERMAID Ovseidon and Anniel Long-long time ago a great island as large as North Africa and the Near East combined existed in the Atlantic Ocean. The island belonged to tall and manly Ovseidon who ruled there with a beautiful muse Anniel, known for her sincere and amazing smile. Ovseidon built a city on the island, and on a mountain in the center of the city, he built a palace for Anniel. They had ten loyal servants. Ovseidon divided the island among them, giving each a part to rule in This city was better than paradise. It was a cheerful place of great joy where citizens did not even hear about evil and misery. Unfortunately, everyone else envied them. Angered by this utopia, Zeus sent an earthquake, that made Atlantis sink into the sea in the course of one day and one night. And so Ovseidon became the king of the ocean, and Anniel turned into a Mermaid Thousands of years have passed since then. Bet still all races share the story of a great flood that destroyed an entire civilization. The name Atlantis appears in various forms throughout the world. On the Canary Islands they have a legend involving Atalaya. The Basques of Northern Spain have Atlaintica. The Vikings told the tale of Atli. Northern Africa called it Attala. The Aztecs have Aztlรกn, and the North American Indians called theirs Azatlรกn You may think that this is the end, but it is too early to put a period to this legend. Ovseidon and Anniel are gaining strength to resurrect their kingdom. The place was not chosen by accident. The city of romance,art, humor, poems, theaters, museums and beautiful seaside, Odesa, is, perhaps, the most Atlantislooking town today Hand by hand Ovseidon and Anniel will be trying to revive the legend and all we have to do is to take a deep breath and simply enjoy observing them doing their best

Ira Garbuz

PICK-UP HINTS We know you like your committee mate. Don't hesitate - do the first step

Sunny days in Odesa are hot and splendid, but they, full of energy and joy, cannot be compared with Odesa evenings, which mesmerize with charm, romance and temptation. Our strong recommendation to the participants of our Forum is to make these evenings especially unforgettable and to get rid of loneliness. Look around! This sunny faces couldn’t have left you indifferent. I know you like your committee mate! I know you are love sick for your chairperson. You can’t

Jelly kiss the officials' game

Every official is assigned with a victim.The objective of the game is to kill as many victims as possible. In order to kill a victim you should kiss them on the neck. The murder should not be seen by other jellyfish, though it is ok if the dead jelly-fish see it Once you killed your victim you are to kill their victim. You also obtain the list of the people your victim has killed You will get the name of your victim from Iryna the journo

find the way how to express your feelings to our Media Editor? Don’t hesitate and make your first step to the confidently and persistently. These pick-up phrases were developed specially for EYP-ers at Odesa IF and we are sure they will be extremely useful during the forum. The main advice for beginners – behave with confidence and have good luck

This beauty could be born only in Atlantis I want to see you inaction... At the GA What a girl! 10 in favour I’ll vote in favour for your resolution if you go out with me Follow me and I will show you Banana Paradise. Your moves provoke banana riot in me Everybody is fruit salad comparing with you, banana When you look at me a banana you will see I want to share my banana with you You are BANANISH Good luck Bananas P.S. Know your limits! Do not forget about the Golden Rule

Lidiia Zhgyr

The Truth Behind Carbon Tax

The age old proverb "Everybody talks about weather, but nobody does anything about it" is not valid anymore in this century. Since the

Kyoto Protocol was first signed in the late 1990's, many efforts have been made by governments and NGO's worldwide to face global warming and achieve climate stability. Devastation of the ecosystem, water contamination, melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions are only some of the problems caused by

Greenhouse Effect the

This phenomenon has spread waves of anxiety all over the world and calls

Can Cups Save the Ocean


find out in the next issue

for immediate reactions. The most important measures nowadays are carbon taxes and the -so called- emmissions' trading scheme. Which is more effective? To find out stay tuned in the "crash test" that follows To begin with, what is In the narrowest sense, carbon taxes are governmentally mandated fees levied on entities whose activities lead to the production and emission into the atmosphere of dangerous gases, such as carbon dioxide. Their advantages are numerous: they can be implemented quickly, they are stable in their costs, they are not susceptible to "strategic behaviour" by large firms and, obviously, they are good sources of revenues the state. On

carbon tax?


Can you catch them all?

Delegates! We have a competition for you. Its between the committees, and here is the challenge: Take a picture with journo. The main concept of this game is to take as many pictures with journoes as possible. But there are some rules in this game as well. № 1 One journo must be shot only once №2 One delegate must be shot only once №3 You have to send/give your photos to any journo by 18th 22: 00 All the results will be available right after the GA, so good luck to you all! May the best paparazzicommittee win! We’re going on a journo-hunt, but we’re not scared ‘cause we got cameras! and cell-phones lots of them yeah!

and Emissions' Trading

Advertisement A valuable price involved! Carry on reading! Company Chanel is looking for a girl with the most beautiful banana smile. The rules are simple: if you see any of the company employees pass around, give them a teasing smile. The girl with the best smile wins the main price – the original Chanel N° 5 perfume worth $250. It’s that simple. If you see Petrik the media editor, Martin the journo or Vitalie the big boss editor, just give them a smile and the amazing reward may be yours All rights reserved. For more details, talk to Petrik, Martin or Vitalie

the other hand there is also a negative side: the level at which a tax is set to produce the best outcomes cannot be known in advance. Thus, it may have to go through several changes before having the desired effect, becoming politically vulnerable Now let's move on to the emissions' trading scheme. The what?, many of you may ask in confusion. Well, to answer your (hypothetical) question it's a marketbased approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants. The recent use of this program encourages

companies to reduce their greenhouse gases' emissions in exchange for money, creating a perfect environment for fruitful competition and technological innovation. However, one drawback is its questionable transparency that poses a severe threat to the proper functioning of the scheme; there is no legal framework to protect businesses from substantial losses and disruptions So, which of the aforementioned measures should be implemented to pave the way for sustainable development of our planet? The answer is both. And perhaps we need to become more responsible, in order shift to decreasing the worst effects of climate change Artemis Triki delegate

What is the main task of any journo? To try to save your memories. So here we are, those who will be doing their best in order to make this session unforgettable for you. In this article :you will find each of us answering (A) the question Ira (19) from UA What is the best banana for you ? Aka Foreversmiling Banana

A: The one from our team

Hannes (20) from CH Aka Straight Banana A: The shaken one Lidiia Aka Tangled Banana From: UA Age: 19 A: which is appealing in my eyes, looks attractive and delicious. 17,5 cm Peter Aka Cherry Banana From: SK Age: 24 A: already naked Vitalie (56) From MD Aka Flying Banana A: Green and tasty

Mashka (20) from UA Aka Cutie Banana A: yellow-green, strong, big, sour-sweet

Nina (19) from NO Aka Crazy Banana A: Fried with ice-cream

Martin (23) from CZ aka Choknutiy Banana A: I’m Czech, so of course the best banana for me is a banana in beer

Dima (21) from RU Aka Caviar Banana A: Small, black, happy, sunny

Support for this video/publication was provided in part by the FLEX Alumni Grants Program, which is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State (ECA) and administered by the American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS. The opinions expressed herein are the author's own and do not necessarily express the views of either ECA or the American .Councils for International Education _____________________________________________ Данный материал создавался частично на средства Программы Грантов для выпускников FLEX. Программа Грантов финансируется Бюро Образовательных и Культурных Программ Государственного департамента США (ECA) и администрируется Американскими Советами по :международному образованию АСПРЯЛ/ АКСЕЛС. Данный материал не обязательно отражает мнение ECA или Американских Советов по международному .образованию

2012/08 Odesa IF magazine Issue 2  
2012/08 Odesa IF magazine Issue 2  

The Bananas Issue 2- Session magazine for the Odesa international forum held in Odesa Ukraine from the 16th-19th of August 2012. The magazin...