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Event Plan 2018

What we do The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a unique educational programme which brings together young people from all over Europe to discuss current topics in a parliamentary setting. As a network of independent associations, EYP is present in 40 European countries and organises almost 500 events every year. The EYP network organises almost 1,000 days of EYP activity every year, involving close to 28,000 participants aged 16-24. Thousands of young people are active as volunteers all over Europe, making EYP a programme truly for young people, by young people.

Civil Society Organisation “European Youth Parliament Ukraine� (EYP Ukraine) represents one of 40 National Committees of the European Youth Parliament. Registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on February 18, 2002, it is a full-fledged participant of civil society development process in Ukraine. De facto, EYP Ukraine has been successfully operating in Ukraine since 2000, involving young Ukrainians in activities of one of the largest European platforms for debate, intercultural encounters, educational work and exchange of ideas among young Europeans. Annually EYP Ukraine conducts a National Session selecting delegations to represent Ukraine at EYP international and regional sessions in Europe, as well as regional sessions in Ukrainian cities and other youth projects.


Event plan 20-21 January

EYP Ukraine Weekend in Sumy

Understanding Europe Project 27-28 January

EYP Ukraine Weekend in Poltava

3-4 February

EYP Ukraine Weekend in Kyiv

4-6 May

Ternopil Regional Session

Training events throughout the year

11-13 May

Zaporizhzhia Regional Session


18th Anniversary of EYP Ukraine 10-14 July

Chernihiv’18 12 National Selection Conference of EYP Ukraine 20-25 August

3rd Training Camp of EYP Ukraine

10-16 February 2019

Lviv International Forum of EYP Ukraine

Description of the events EYP Weekends

Regional Sessions

EYP Weekend is a two-day session that includes three core elements of the session (Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly). Teambuilding and Committee Work are happening on the first day and General Assembly is happening during the second day. It involves about 30-40 delegates. The project serves as a chance to introduce the world of EYP, our format and methodology to newcomers. In 2018 EYP Weekends are organised in the Northern Region.

In 2018 we organise two Regional Sessions in the Western and Eastern Regions of Ukraine. They are targeted at both local and new EYP participants and will seek to find and develop the potential of all possible individuals that we reach. This is a part of the build-up of EYP Ukraine to be at the same level of other National Committees, where Regional Sessions will serve as a base for selection to the National Selection Conference. Number of participants: 80 participants per each event.

18th Anniversary of EYP Ukraine 2018 is the year for us to celebrate our 18th Birthday, in what will undoubtedly be an evening of networking with old friends and new. Celebrating the success of the organisation throughout the past 18 years, we would like to invite all of our partners, sponsors and friends to join us in congratulating EYP Ukraine. The event will take place in the beginning of June.

12th National Selection Conference of EYP Ukraine The month of July sees the organisation holding the 12th National Selection Conference that will take place in Chernihiv. The event lasts 5 days, during which delegates work in committees discussing political, economic, social and cultural issues that are on agenda of the relevant committees of the European Parliament. Looking to select participants to represent EYP Ukraine at 2 International Sessions and multiple International Forums, the conference will select the best of our Ukrainian youth to represent Ukraine on the international stage.

3rd Training Camp The end of August 2018 sees Ukraine hosting the 2nd Training Camp of EYP Ukraine. For 5 days in the Carpathian Mountains, 100 individuals comprised of participants, trainers and lecturers will gather to work together in developing key strengths of organisational, management and academic skills. This 5-day programme will look to invite Ukrainian, as well foreign participants and trainers, to help bring a European spirit and develop our future together.

Lviv International Forum 2019 Lviv International Forum 2019 will gather participants from 15 countries for 7 days. Gathering more than 150 people in the cultural centre of Ukraine, this event aims to create the platform for discussion of different aspects of equality and launch future projects for solving current urgent issues.

Understanding Europe Project Understanding Europe is the name for EU Crash Courses offered by European Youth Parliament’s umbrella organisation, the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe in Germany since 2009. The EU Crash Course serves to provide space for questions of pupils concerning the context of European integration and to impart and visualize basic knowledge about European politics. As Ukraine has signed the political part of the Association Agreement, we feel the necessity to increase the role of high school students in the EU integration process of Ukraine by raising awareness on EU basics.

Duration: 15 training events throughout the year Number of participants: 300 participants (20 per training event)

Training Events Looking to develop the potential EYP Ukraine’s members, from November 2016 onwards we organise different training events in order to invest in the development of youth from all over Ukraine, strengthen the capacity of EYP Ukraine and encourage our members to be active citizens.

Newcomers’ Weekends Board training events Training for Chairpersons Training for Media Team members Training event for Project Managers Alumni Weekend EYP4T (EYP for Teachers) training event

Duration: 30 days (2 days per training, 15 training events throughout the year) Number of participants: 600 (40 per training event)

Contact information: Valeriia Nikitenko President of EYP Ukraine

Anastasiia Samliukova Board member on Finance

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Event Plan 2018  

Event Plan 2018