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Board and Auditing Committee Elections 2016/17

European Youth Parliament Ukraine is happy to announce that the application process for the Board and Auditing Committee Candidates is now open! We would like to encourage experienced alumni as well as young generation of EYPers to apply and contribute to the development of the organisation.

Elections The process is divided into several steps: 1. Application process. Candidates are expected to send their manifestos together with their high-resolution photo to by Friday, 16th of September. 2. All the manifestos will be published on Saturday, the 17th of September at the official channels of EYP Ukraine. 3. General Assembly, where the candidates can present their vision and aims as well as answer all the questions, will take place on Saturday, 24th of September. 4. The Voting will take place online from the 24th of September till the 1st of October. All the voters will receive a detailed instruction via e-mail in advance. 5. The results will be published on the 2nd of October.

The new Board and Auditing Committee will have a transition period till the November 1st. From the 1st of November the new Board will take upon until the October 31st 2017.

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Positions (Responsibilities can be found below): • • • • • • • •

President Board Member on Public Relations Board Member on Finance Board Member on Human Resources Board Member on Regional Development Board Member on International Activities Secretary of the Board Member of the Auditing Committee (up to 3 Members)

Please note: The Auditing Committee Member that will get most of the votes will be the Head of the Auditing Committee. The newly elected President will decide on the Vice-President positions alone or together with the newly elected Board.

You can apply for max. 2 different positions (in this case you are expected to submit the Programme Statements for both positions).

One person can be at the same position up to 2 years

Eligibility criteria for candidates: • 16-28 years old; • Official member of EYP - Ukraine; • Participant of at least one EYP session in Ukraine or abroad.

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Responsibilities President

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Supervises all the activities of the organisation; Controls and ensures the implementation of the development strategy; Represents the organisation on national and international level; Interacts with EYP International Office and Governing Body (GB); Approves and advises on new initiatives of members; Establishes and maintains partner relations with NGOs, private companies, governmental institutions, international organizations, etc.; Consults on the organisation development; Manages the board of the organisation and organises regular meetings of the board members; Regularly reports on ongoing projects progress; Deals with all official correspondence; Submits reports to tax administration and deals with all the legal aspects of the organisation’s activities; Controls submitting of all reports to sponsors after the events; Coordinates financial distribution of resources and controls inner reporting after the sessions/events.

Board Member on Public Relations

Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department; Establishes and maintains contacts with media partners; Provides media coverage for sessions and projects; Ensures promotion and visibility of the organization through arranging and coordinating PR activities; • Enhances web-presence of the organisation through administration and development of the website; • Moderates and constantly updates existing organisation profiles on social

• • • •

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• • • • •

networks; Supervises PR of the sessions and projects of the organization; Ensures Newsletter publication; Stores photo/video materials; Elaborates on general promo materials for organisation and assists in promo of the events; Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted (on monthly basis).

Board Member on Finance

• Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department; • Assists in finding the funds to enable the projects • Maintains contacts with donor organizations and sponsors, including official correspondence, meetings and reporting; • Leads and reports the financial situation of the organisation; • Creates and updates sponsor kits, potential sponsors database; • Stores sponsors contact history; • Ensures proper budgeting of events; • Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted (on monthly basis).

Board Member on International Activities

• Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department; • Ensures active participation of members in EYP events abroad, and international participants in the events of EYP Ukraine; • Seeks for and informs about the opportunities for members to participate in conferences, trainings and other events abroad; • Interacts with the BNC (the Board of National Committees) and the EYP international office; • Supports and coordinates Ukrainian delegations going to International sessions and other EYP events;

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• Ensures participation of National Committee in EYP-International affairs and timely updates on international EYP affairs; • Maintains communication with other NCs about incoming delegations to Ukrainian EYP events; • Ensures the positive image of Ukrainian National Committee on International level; • Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted.

Board Member on Human Resources

Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department; Supervises the process of gaining an official membership; Maintains Members' and Alumni database; Communicates with Alumni of the organisation; Moderates all channels of communication (mailing group, Facebook group); Coordinates the Newsletter publication; Coordinates distribution of membership cards; Supervises internal events, such as General Assembly, Newcomers Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Training events and Happy Hours; • Establishes partnerships with other NGOs and initiatives.

• • • • • • • •

Board Member on Regional Development

• Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department; • Develops and further implements the strategy of organisation expansion (builds and enhances the regional network); • Ensures presence of organisation’s activities in different regions of Ukraine; • Fully supports regional branches of the organisation; • Coordinates regional minor projects (happy hours etc.); • Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted; • Supervises the Understanding Europe Project.

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Secretary of the Board

• Assist President with all administrative tasks (submitting tax report, maintaining correspondence of organisation etc.); • Assists all board members in solving urgent problems (incl. contacting partners, drafting official letters/proposals etc.); • Organises Board meetings; • Prepares and archives minutes of the board or other official meetings; • Updates members on the Board activities (including Board meetings and decisions made); • Administrates the Board mailing group; • Remains the first point of contact of the organisation for anyone interested and conducts constant communication via official account, phone and with everyone interested in organisation.

Member of the Auditing Committee

• Supervises activities of the National Committee and its Board according to current policies and Charter; • Provides advice and support to Board Members on strategic development issues; • Collects and evaluates performance results of the National Committee’s work (feedback forms, event reports, Departments reports, financial statements); • Compiles Annual Report of the organisation in Ukrainian and English; • Organises Elections.

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Board elections 2016/17  

Elections instructions and Board memebrs' portfolio