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Born on: November 3rd, 1993 Holder of a diploma: BA Communicates to fellows in Ukrainian and English, French and German, Dutch Easy accessible over: Applying for a position of:

EYP experience Largest sessions 2013/Munich IS/Delegate/Veronika Drzkova 2013/Zurich IS/Delegate/Anar Kucera 2013/InterRail/Editor

National Committee Management Leadership and department activities Relevant working experience Relevant volunteering / NGO experience: Applying for

2013 - Auditing Committee Leadership member since August 2012 Fundraising Department - 2012-2013 2012 - Travel consultant at Koelnmesse Ukraine N/A Member of the Auditing Committee

Motivation statement The tasks of the Auditing Committee perfectl match the role I want to have in EYP Ukraine. Assisting the Board with reporting, helping to supervise sessions, creating Annual Reports and controlling organisation's activities is what fits me the most in terms of my ambitions, professional and educational background as well as my skills. Fair and precise, I have always done my best to ensure transparency of the EYP Ukraine's activities. Moreover, I have always helped the previous Boards with financial and annual reporting and therefore I consider myself as a candidate to the Auditing Committee, who deserves EYPers' votes.

Programme statement 1. Developing an Annual Report which has already been my duty for 2011-2013. 2. Improvements to evaluation procedure: 3-pillar evaluation report, which includes Delegates' and CJOs' feedback as well as the NC's opinion. 3. Comprehensive tracking of the organisation's social impact, which will then be included into general reports. 4. Further developing the improved session supervision mechanism, which the Auditing Committee 2013 has launched.

Your personal provisional contribution to EYP Ukraine Apart from the Auditing Committee, I was a member of the Fundraising department and I am still ready to contribute to it's projects. Moreover, I contribute to organising the International Session in Kyiv. Finally, I am one of the active live reportes from the EYP Ukraine events on our organisation's social network pages

2013 elections member of ac anton verkhovodov