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Born on: July 16th, 1994 Holder of a diploma: Tara Shevchenko National University, Philology, current BA student Communicates to fellows in Ukrainian and English, German and Chinese Easy accessible over: Applying for a position of:

EYP experience 2012 - VinSpring NSC - Delegate - Olga Pushkareva, Ibrahim Tolu 2012 - 3rd Inter-Rail Tour - Organiser - Kristina Chelmakina, Roksolana Pidlasa 2012 - 13th Estonian NS Forum - Delegate - Samuel Skalla, Kaarel Vandler 2012 - 1st Francophone Weekend of EYP UA - Organiser - Anton Verkhovodov 2013 - Riga RS - Delegate - Klavs Galenieks, Maris Rutkis 2013 - 1st Chairs Training of EYP UA - Trainee - Anastasiia Yanovtska 2013 - 7th NSC of EYP UA - Delegate - Kristina Chelmakina, Nora Wilhelm 2013 - 72nd IS in Munich - Delegate - Magda Pietras 2013 - 6th Kyiv RS - Head-organiser - Liudmila Pestun 2013 - 73rd IS in Zurich - Delegate - Marius Aure 2013 - 4th Inter-Rail Tour - Organiser - Lidiia Zhhyr, Julia Pustovoitova

National Committee Management

Leadership and department activities Relevant working experience Relevant volunteering / NGO experience:

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2013 - Board Member on Regional Development 4 EYP Weekends and 1 Francophone Weekend wereorganiser/to be organised, the network of city representatives has been widened to 12 people in 8 cities, who are organising/supporting Inter-Rail Tour and conducting numerous EYP presenations, Democracy Workshops have been established, Opportunity Newsletter is out on regular basis, ongoing coordination of all-Ukraine social initiatives etc. 2012 - Member of Regional Development and Fundraising departments, Leadership member 2012 - Technial organiser of conferences at Ukrainskiy Dim 2012 – Counselor in Training at CACTUS’12 (Community ACTion Ukrainian Style), an international English language program 2012 – Volunteer at Eurovillage 2012 – participant at Ilead international forum by JCI youth 2012 -- organiser of Media school at Institute of Philology, KNU 2012 -- participant of Winter School by Foundation of Regional Initiatives 2011 – Organiser of DOVES (DOmestic Violence Educational Seminars), supported by Peace Corps volunteers in Ukraine 2011 – Participant at CACTUS’11 2011 – Participant of WELL’11 (Workshop at English Language and Leadership) 2008-2011 – Member of school parliament; editor of school newspaper 2008-2009 – Member of NGO “Natsionalny Alyans” Board Member on Public Relations

Motivation statement Wisemen say, “You do not need to wait for a particular moment to start changing your life”. EYP became the turning point, which brought a lot of new experiences and impressions that have completely changed my life. I feel thankful for this generous gift and I am willing to share something in exchange. In my opinion, EYP is a miracle, created by dedicated people. That is because of its activists – the dedicated Board Members and Head-Organisers of the past events. Due to their enormous hard work and a great will of sharing experiences, I got this chance to get involved in the European community of young leaders; to develop myself; to try things I have never tried before. Now as I have gained essential knowledge, skills and other integral benefits from the organisation, I want to share this possibility with a younger EYP generation. EYP is a wonderful combination of what you truly enjoy and what you demand. Besides being an exciting activity to take part in, leading the department on Public Relations is a huge potential of self-development for me. Moreover, it is not just an opportunity for me to gain useful skills, which are very beneficial for my future career, but also it is a great opportunity to develop the National Committee, since the PR Department has all the essential tools to accomplish it. “Leadership is taking an initiative and the responsibility”. I believe that as the Board Members, we will be prepared to overcome all the challenges in order to spread the sparkles of EYP spirit all over Ukraine, ensuring that they light up in young people’s souls and show them all the numerous benefits of EYP just like they once did for me.

Programme statement Speaking about the program of the Department on Public Relations, I believe it consists of two parts: one, which must be done according to the template, without any changes and the second one, where a person can use his/her imagination to the fullest extent and be as creative as possible. Regarding the first part, I will keep doing what has been done before- the web-site and social networking updates, press releases, announcements, etc. I am eager to finish the media database and establish new contacts, so that the promotion of future session’ is easier and more productive. Regarding the second part, I believe EYPigeon shall be out more often and since now we have two new editors, I will encourage them and to have it once per 2 months at least. As for the EYPoint of View, I would try to help the editor to have a small team, so filming and rendering are faster and more efficient. Speaking of the French Learning Club, I believe it is a good tradition and I will ensure its successful performance, as well as I will give the second breath to the English Speaking Club. Last but definitely not least is the PR of a session. I am planning to have my team of people who will be responsible for it, who will generate new content, concepts and develop ideas. I will fully support the organizing team and will guide them on the path of session’s successful PR.

Your personal provisional contribution to EYP Ukraine I am the kind of person, who believes that everything is possible, if you have a burning desire to do it. EYP is my passion and I dream to develop it, to help it grow in order to give as many people as possible this key to the magic world of opportunities. I am ready to devote all my spare time and strength to accomplish all it takes to reach the desired goal. I suppose that this is an engine, which makes NGOs work. As long as we have the engine - the desire and will, EYP will flourish. Besides the desire I possess the required skills, experiences and knowledge to become a valuable asset for EYP Ukraine. Thanks to my previous experience of working in the Board, I am aware of how it functions, what strengths and weaknesses the inner cooperation has.

Thus, I have a clear vision of how to improve it – that is what I am aiming for as a VicePresident. Also, having organised a couple of events in the past, I acquired the needed project management and team leading skills, which are crucial for a successful Board Member, as he/she has to supervise projects and lead his/her department. Having quite a great deal of volunteering and working in the field of NGOs experience, I know all the nuances of inner management, motivating people, as well as cooperating with other structures. I believe that together we can bring EYP Ukraine to new horizons!

2013 elections bm on public relations olena yermakova  
2013 elections bm on public relations olena yermakova