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Motivated by the achieved success we unconsciously look forward, rush and demolish every further obstacle that separates us from the following aggrandizement. We are driven by the innate power and insatiable desire of improvement and development. However, sometimes it is delightful to stop for a minute, take a breath and see the winding path which led to the present moment. We hope, that this old-style newspaper will help you to flash back and restore the aura of the past. This the very first pocket edition of EYPigeon is dedicated to the most significant event, which happened in EYP-Ukraine in February 2013 - the 7th National Session in Ivano-Frankivsk. The session took place between 6th and 10th of February and was organised by Natalia Kalyn and Yegor Vlasenko. Let’s zoom in on some details, refresh the atmosphere of love and recall magic moments of the session!

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Editor-in-Chief: Maria Shcherbak Layout: Maria Shcherbak, Alex Guzenko Journalists: Natalia Kalyn, Anastasia Lavoshnikova, Lidia Zhgyr, Lina Tarashevska Proofread: Alex Guzenko, Anna Suprunenko

FOCUS by Anastasia Lavoshnikova

You may say that was awesome, amazing, fabulous, unbelievable and even perfect! And it was downright so! The 7th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament – Ukraine in IvanoFrankivsk went with a great success. We asked EYPers to share their emotions and describe the experience. Just have a look what they said!


“The first thing I saw when I touched down in Ukraine was snow and ice everywhere. I thought to myself, I’m not going to like this. However, through the warm welcome from everyone, I realised this session was going to be a special one. From the fantastic, frenetic pace of teambuilding and the constant intellectual communication of committee work; all the way up to the grand finale of General assembly, it was an honour to be able to document such an energetic and enigmatic event. I thank every single participant for putting in 100% and allowing themselves to be carried by the flowing current of awesome that is the European Youth Parliament.”

Peter Vladimirov (EMPL): “The first word that comes to my mind, when I think about the 7th National Session of EYP Ukraine is AMAZING. And this event was so: unforgettable chain of teambuilding, committee work and finally General Assembly was mixed with different evening activities. Undoubtedly, this event has found a special place in my heart.”

Artem Hrytsak (EMPL): “National Session is a perfect space for talented youth that can think on a global level and express thoughts in English. The style of holding the event is identical to the real EP and also it brings to mind work of closed business-clubs as well as the European Business Association and Forbes (e.g. the same member-selection, ability to solve global issues within a group, socializing and meeting new people).” Artem is sure that EYPers should do their best to implement the resolutions and spread ideas of the organisation. “Because if not we, who will do it?”

FOCUS LAURA LEOTOING (Chair/Vice-President):

“That’s my impressions concerning Ivano-Frankivsk: - A mix of very different people (different social and cultural backgrounds, different nationalities), - An open place where each participant can express him/herself, - An opportunity for each participant to think about Europe, its topicality and to open themselves to Europe, - The EYP is a tool to help young people for personal development.”

Yuriy Poritskii (REGI): “From the beginning I knew that it would be cool, but I couldn’t think that it would be SO cool, this is a great experience for me, a lot of fun, a bunch of new friends... and a lot of kindness, in a word, the session was unforgettable.”

Anna Burkut (REGI): “After the arrival to Ivano-Frankivsk the first thought that came to my mind was:”OMG! There are so many people!” Really a lot of students and pupils came from all over the world to this wonderful city. We were met with great hospitality and were enjoying the beauty of Ivano-Frankivsk during the 5 exciting days. Our enthusiasm and ideas of improvement of life in Europe and in the whole world were met with pleasure too.” – said Ann describing the great city of Ivano-Frankivsk, which was totally “in favour”. “Like any other first-time-EYP-delegate I saw the world changed, exciting and unbowed after the Session. Having met interesting people I felt their energy and I’ve seen situations in a very different light. This event gave an impetus for changes, even small ones but for better future. Actually it is possible because even these small steps will lead to a better world. I am happy so much, that I was a delegate for the NS and took part in creating the resolution!”

Pavlo Shevchenko (INTA): “The 7th EYP National Session was my first NS. Impressions I got from it exceeded all my expectations. During the discussions in the committee, I was able to see how the truth is born in disputes and gain new skills in finding solutions of problems. But as we all know EYP isn’t only about committee-work, but it’s also an opportunity to make new friends. This Session was the perfect combination of the work on topical issues and the chance to have a good time with the amazing people.”

Mike Rozhkov (AFET): “This session made me amazed by my lovely Chairs – Iryna Garbuz and Marko Fischer. My committee spent so many nights together discussing our resolution and eating pizza. The LOVE that I felt during the session will be always in my heart. So many people from Ukraine and Europe started to explore EYP at this session, so that means new EYPers aboard and this is only beginning of something extremely cool!”



by Natalia Kalyn

SESSION IN FIGURES* ÂŤA statistician can have his head in an oven and his feet in ice, and he will say that on the average he feels fineÂť CJ. Bradfield

*WARNING! figures may cause emotions sometimes

(laughter, astonishment, happiness, surprise etc.) INTERESTING

2050 pictures taken by the Media Team

480 likes on Facebook

150 games played 60 km travelled

during transfers

91 Ukrainian delegates

14 international officials

13 Ukrainian officials

8 committees

10 138 18 9 26 23 19 7

Organisers Participants Regions of Ukraine European Countries Selected for different events of EYP abroad New official members of EYP-Ukraine Performances at the Euroconcert

th National Session of EYP-UA





Coffee sticks

Milka Santas

Barni boxes


Milka chocolates


Oreo packs

140 Yougurts


Tuc packs


Bread rolls

96 Sweets packs

140 Energy drinks


Tables at the Eurovillage


60+ participants departed at 22:37 on a train to Kyiv 7 floors of the hotel were occupied by EYP-Ukraine 12 bow-ties (CULT is the most bow-tieISH committee) 7.948.800 seconds = 132.480 minutes = 2208 hours = 92 days = = 13 weeks = 3 month HOs worked together before session started 5


journO workshop

by Lidia Zhgyr


The winding and fatigue paths of journalism become more lucid and comprehensible, once you hear the advice from the more experienced media-oriented EYPers

articipating in an EYP session you might have met those energetic red-eyed people, armed with cameras and notebooks, which randomly appear at the events of the session, but spend their time rather on observing, taking notes and filming, than on an active participation. However, they are eager and able to transform those rare visits into amazing articles, exciting movies and excessive amount of pictures. Many of you are eager to reveal the secret of almost professional media coverage of the session without having a degree in journalism. No doubt, this is impossible without certain preparation and proper management of the media team, but the main accent should be put on the personal perspective of the journalist. Let’s find out what Ievhenia Melekhovets, former editor of EYPegion and ex-Member of the Board on Public Relations of EYP-UA understands under the term “perfect journalist”

“This word combination comprises both aspects since not only is it crucial to possess writing skills - it is also necessary to add to them as much EYP as possible. When writing an article, a journalist should have a clear vision in his head whether it will be read on the coffee break (quickly and in groups) or during the GA (one by one, slowly - a perfect excuse not to follow the debates). He/she should value reader’s preferences more than his/her own - the aim of the material is not to demonstrate author’s talent - a newspaper content is designated to please their readers. Sometimes it may be achieved by simply putting a crazy picture and clever heading - swallow your pride and direct you professionalism at consumer’s side.”

WORKSHOP We revealed some more mysteries about the media team work from KarinLiis Lahtmae, the Editress of the 7th National Session of EYP-Ukraine.

1. Harness that enthusiasm!

Why do something, if you are not invested enough? It’s like baking a pizza and then not putting the toppings on. The dough might be great to eat, but what about the next day or the day after that? Things get boring fast. 2. Keep your eyes open (not when blinking, obviously)! If you are not tech-savvy nor have amazing artistic style, don’t fret. All you need is your eyes (and a bit of patience) to capture moments on camera. And people will appreciate that patience later.

3. Engage in conversaton!

The amazing thing about being a journalist in EYP is that you have extra leeway when it comes to engaging with delegates. That added something provided by your role makes people more open to the idea of talking to a complete stranger.

4. Stay sincere!

Auto-mode is only (half) allowed when using your camera, and definitely not in face-to-face communication. Take a break and then carry on!

5. Be responsible!

In a Media Team, a journalist works for their editor, and vice versa. Hint: try even to meet the deadline once in a while. 6. Pump up the party (see point 3)! You have the sort of power to make people move.

7. Voice your concerns!

There is nothing worse than leading people on. If you really can’t make it by the deadline or have an all-encompassing writer’s block which leaves you unable to finish the article – tell your editor. If they are human, they will understand.

8. Take care!

Be there for others, enjoy your team as much as the whole session, but remember to drink loads of fluids, and get some sleep. Nobody likes a grumpypants. Knowledge of basic English (French) might come in handy, but just bring yourself, the real you, to the session and it will all turn out splendid! 7

by Lina Tarashevska

If you have been to 7th National

Selection Conference of EYP-Ukraine you’re no doubt still humming some of the tunes from the amazing EuroConcert we had there. There were a lot of beautiful performances but one of them must have been very special to a certain couple. Under the bright spotlight, just as the song was about to start, a young gentleman was dedicating it to his newfound EYP-crush. “She has eyes of spring sky”, confesses Vasyl Tsyktor as he tells me how he has come up with such a sweet thing to do. Vasya and Masha met at the railway station aiming to buy tickets for Ivano-Frankivsk of course. Although at first Vasya confused our REGI beauty with some chick and tried to persuade her to go to Ivano-Frankivsk. But love always finds a way and so did our couple. Of course five minutes is nowhere near enough time to really get to know each other, but would it really stop a determined young man? Well, it appears not since our gentleman was fishing for information playing “Never Have I Ever”. Wonder what came out during that game? While Vasyl was trying to get info I was trying to get some insides on how man’s brain works. It seems to get into man’s good graces you need to be clever and self-confident all the while being beautiful and not independent much. Obviously lovely Maria has it all and has captured Vasyl’s heart. Way to go! And as always EYP is an inspiration and a great example how to court a girl.

by Lina Tarashevska and Anastasia Lavoshnikova



by Lina Tarashevska and Anastasia Lavoshnikova


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CALL FOR OFFICIALS The 27th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece The Conference will be held between the 20th and the 22th of April, 2013 in Athens. Fill out the online application form to apply as a Chairperson/VicePresident, Editor, Editorial Assistant, Video Editor or Journalist until 23:59 CET on Sunday, March 10th. The participation fee for international Officials is set at €20. More details:

The 6th Kyiv Regional Session COMING SOON 11

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EYPigeon Light- The official monthly newsletter of EYP-UA. The edition covers events like; Journo workshop, EYP sessions in numbers, Magic m...