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Official newspaper issue of EYP-Ukraine #2 (13) April - June, 2012

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rom 16 till 19 of August 2012 EYP – Ukraine will hold its 1st Odesa International Forum that will gather around 100 participants from different Ukrainian cities and abroad. The 1st Odesa International Forum will consist of 1 day of teambuilding, 2 days of committee work and the last General Assembly day. The Forum will be held under the motto ‘Sunrise of ECOunity’. Delegates will have to do a research on ecology that relate to national security, scarcity of natural resources, environmental pollution, ecological culture, ecological health. They will also be given a chance to explore Odesa – famous touristic port city of Black Sea coast of Ukraine. The Head-organisers of the Forum are Anna Lachykhina and Vitalii Ovsiiuk. EYP – Ukraine is honoured to have Valentina Mina from Cyprus as the President of the Forum and Vitalie Popov from Moldova as Forum’s Editor. Sponsors of the 1st Odesa International Forum are SCM, Opean Hearts Foundation and DF Group.


anniversary CELEBRATION

n the 12th of June European Youth Parliament – Ukraine was glad to welcome everyone to celebrate its 12th birthday anniversary. The event gathered about 30 members of EYP, as well as other interested young men and women under the arch of Friendship in Kyiv. Since 2000, when EYP – Ukraine was founded, more than a thousand members have joined it. A lot of them got to travel abroad and debate on controversial topics at International Sessions of European Youth Parliament. The event started with an official part, where people were able to get acquainted with the organisation, its board and members. Official part took place in the conference hall of European Village. Bianka Baumler (Communication Manager at EU delegation) took the first words to congratulate EYP-Ukraine on behalf of co-host of the event. Yevhen Poltenko, Executive Director of Charity Foundation



“Open Hearts of Ukraine” congratulated EYP and presented printer as a gift to the organisation. Inspirational words from Vasyl Myroshnychenko, co-founder of EYP, and Anna Supruennko, president of EYP – Ukraine were followed by special “EYP – award”.

Iryna Garbuz, Artem Gumeniuk, Anastasia Ianovytska and Oviemuno Utomakili were awarded for active participation in the life or organisation.

“The European Youth Parliament makes me what I am today. We want to bring Europe to Ukraine and Ukraine to Europe”, – said Anastasiia Ianovytska, member of European Youth Parliament (EYP) leadership group, offering flowers to cofounder of EYP – Ukraine Vasyl Myroshnychenko. Recently joined EYP members, who had just returned from the International Session in Istanbul, presented the General Assembly. The committee on Agriculture and Rural Development presented their resolution, together with the defense speech and one round of debates. The resolution had passed voting

procedure. The event was followed by a little birthday party with a very tasty yellow-blue EYP cake. Few days later, 25 members of EYP from different generations gathered in country house near Chernihiv to celebrate 12th Anniversary of EYPUkraine in family atmosphere. Lasting 2 days, the event was full of true EYP spirit (if you know what I mean) – some of the guests, including organisers were forced to hitchhike in order to get to the venue. Slava Kalanteev even used a milk-track. Evening party brought a lot of emotions and made the event unforgettable.

Written by Alex Guzenko, Anna Suprunenko and Roksolana Pidlasa



re you ready to become a board member of EYP – Ukraine? Then don’t miss EYP – Ukraine Board elections this autumn! “Being a board member - indeed a great responsibility, but at the same time great experience and unique knowledge which you might gain!” – says Anna Suprunenko, President of EYP – Ukraine. The Board of EYP – Ukraine consists of the President of the organisation and five Heads of the departments. Two of them, who are the Heads of PR and FR departments, are also Vice-Presdents of EYP – Ukraine. Follow the call of elections with instructions in the end of the summer and don’t miss the opportunity to become one of the board members of EYP – Ukraine!



rom the 4th till the 7th of April 2012 the 5th Kyiv Regional session of EYP – Ukraine took place. More than 100 representatives from 16 European countries gathered at the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv to discuss burning ecological issues, which were united under the main topic of the session “Blue Planet: Red Alert? Think green!” In 8 committees delegates discussed global warming, nuclear power plants safety, renewable energy sources, recycling, sustainable water management, biodiversity etc. It was an event to remember for a lifetime. Organisers were doing their best to impress all the participants. And now we are going to find out whether their efforts were not vain. Maria Shcherbak (Interviewer)


DID YOUR EXPECTATIONS ABOUT THE SESSION COME TRUE? Everything turned out to be far far far from my expectations. When the session started, I felt as if nothing was done before and we have to organise everything on the spot, from the very beginning. Ievheniia Melekhovets (HO) I think my expectations came true: I expected the session to be awesome and unique, and it was like that! Except for the hotel and the food everything was fine. Luise Peeck (Delegate, DE) Totally. Kyiv was pretty wild. Very different culture from the one we have in Germany. I met a lot of friendly people and had a lot of fun. Arne Packschies (Delegate, DE)

WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THE SESSION? The first thing I’ve learnt is that the practice always differs from the theory. Also I’ve realized where is the line between friendship and work relations. Tetiana Korniichuk (HO) I’ve learnt how to work with a software, I’ve never used before; and how to cook dinner for 8 people. Anna Safronava (Video-editor, BY) I learnt that Ukrainians are very happy and lovely, and that our planet must be greener. Kai Wittig (Delegate, DE) EYP is always a great experience for meeting new and old friends all over Europe, improving your own English, learning and discussing important issues. Daniel Singer (Delegate, DE)

WHICH MEMORIES ARE THE BRIGHTEST? Orga meeting in bed. 6 o’clock in the morning: “Wake up call! Dear, we have an orga meeting in 10 minutes.” Ievheniia Melekhovets (HO) I’ll never forget the limousine night ride across Kyiv because it provided a very special moment within my Committee. Also, Riaan’s speech will forever stay in my mind for his sincerity and inspiration. Bruno Moreira (Chairperson, PT) Oh, there were a lot of nice moments: teambuilding, parties, GA, and, of course, coffee breaks with Barni. Alex Bodo (Delegate, MD) The farewell party. Liver for breakfast. Public transport in Kyiv (awful). Limo rides in Kyiv (awesome). Arne Packschies (Delegate, DE)


Which qualities should a person have to become a head-organiser? Enthusiasm and sober way of thinking. The main thing is to maintain enthusiasm for the preparation period. Tetiana Korniichuk (HO) Willingness to sacrifise and 100% dedication to what you are doing. Ievheniia Melekhovets (HO) How much time did you spend for preparation to the session? More than 6 months. We began to think about the concept and venues already in October. Tetiana Korniichuk (HO)

I’ve been prepar- Around 2 weeks No more than ing for 3 days. for a preparation. 3 hours.

Which qualities should a person have to be a perfect Chair? A chair should be charismatic person, who should be professional and be able to balance fun staff and academical content while chairing. Also i believe a chair should possess some psychological skills to be able to feel the situation in the team. Anna Suprunenko (Chairperson) Which qualities should a person have to be a perfect journo? In order to create a perfect material journo have to know his topic really, really good. And since the topic is "people" (participants) good journo’s first and most important task is to get to know all the people. Even before the session - background check on FB, collect data... and keep collecting it during the session. Being “people person” is the key. Michał Rejman (Journalist, PL)

what makes eyp-ukraine sessions unique? I think that it’s the mix of selflessness and the wish to show how much Ukraine actually has to offer. There are basic things that differ in Ukraine, like the age of the delegates. When going to Ukraine to a session you can be assured that you're gonna be pampered. You guys really care to make us feel excellent on all frontiers, you want us to see that Ukraine is more than just “some country in Eastern Europe”. Being on the constant struggle to make things the best they are and even though you have already given us the best, you always try to pop a cherry on top. An excellent example of that are the limousines. To sum it up I'd say that it's self-dedication, self-realisation and self-determination. You give 101% of yourself for the session, because you want to be the best and make sure everyone sees that you are on the way.


Kārlis Caune (Editor, LV)

WHAT DO YOU FIND WEIRD, INTERESTING OR FUNNY ABOUT UKRAINE? For lunch they served us fish as vegetarian food, forgetting that fish is actually an animal and a meat as well. What I really like is that Ukrainian girls have this reputation of strong, fighting and idealistic women. Riaan Stipp (President, DE)


General Assembly




The audience was acquainted with the

– Ukraine usually stands

bright report of Ukrainian Delegation of

for introducing EYP to the young

69-th International Session in Istanbul.



After that, Yegor Vlasenko on behalf

ple and reporting on what has been

of the Board of EYP-Ukraine gave the

done during the last months. This

insight into the work of organisation.

year GA took place at the Institute

The second part of the GA was dedi-

of Philology





of Kyiv National Taras

Shevchenko University on April 21st.


cated to the work-shops. The charming

Miss President

of the EYP –

Approximately at 11:30 40 young,

Ukraine Anna Suprunenko provided

encouraged by European identity peo-

a great training regarding the organi-

ple, started to deep into the world of

sational skills. The chairing process

EYP - Ukraine, as they saw the first

was presented by one of the most ex-

speaker on the stage. The introduc-

perienced EYP – Ukraine members

tion of the EYP in general and EYP –

Kateryna Vynogradova. The head of

Ukraine took place. After this we moved

the PR Department Ievheniia Mele-

to reporting on the past Sessions with

khovets revealed the secrets of lay-

the help of the participants. Clicking

ing out media coverage of the session.

on the pictures from various sessions,

The final stage of the GA gave an op-

officials as well as delegates shared

portunity for newcomers to officially

their memories and emotions about

become a member of EYP - Ukraine

particular event

they had vis-

and obtain a personal card. In con-

ited as the members of EYP - Ukraine.

tinuation everyone moved to the

The presentation included reports

cozy pub “Bochka” and had a Hap-

on different sessions, such as Moldova,

py Hour which meant the end of the

Poland, Germany, as well as Ukraine.

General Assembly of EYP - Ukraine.


Julia Pustovoitova

Serhey Leschenko


EYPers of XX century by Ievheniia Melekhovets

They would go to libraries to do research on session topic…


They would use pens to write newspaper articles…

They would send greeting cards via post…

e all know the history of EU enlargement perfectly well. But none of us here has ever touched upon the topic of history of European Youth Parliament. The first body we usually consult in such cases is Google. But back then Google was no more than a challenge in the heads of two teenagers. The only thing that remains practical is archives. Fortunately, we do know an exact address of EYP archives – Rossenstrasse 28-29, Berlin. That’s an EYP office. This is where the Resolution from 1994 has been recently found and kindly provided by Jacob Duringer, Project Manager of EYP. Here are some extracts (contact for a full text)


18 years ago youngsters would predict the overflow of internet data, highlight the necessity of proper legislation/education, foresee on-line payments and talk on cyber-crimes. We may only wonder whether they thought it to be so soon. Beware: the future is closer than it seems to be.


EYP ABROAD by Lyubov Dvoretska


ello, my dear EYP travelers! Our long and exhausting wait for summer is finally over and most of you must’ve already packed your bags for amazing summer sessions and forums abroad. Or not? Sure, I can relate. Who would want to go anywhere if you can meat Crishtiano Ronaldo or Mario Gomez here in Ukraine? EURO 2012 has finally come to US. BUT there is a place in Europe where you can go without missing any football fun. It’s high time to finally visit our friends in one of the most charismatic national committees (who also happen to be our reliable partners in hosting EURO 2012) – EYP Poland! (When tired of looking for Crishtiano in Ukraine, it’s high time to go look for Fernando Torres in Poland) So here we go! National Committee: EYP Poland Location: Poland (yes, that awesome country right over our western border) Year of establishment: 2006 Current President: Maciek Świder

You cannot claim yourself to be a truly experienced hard core EYPer if you have never been to the session in Poland. Every event there is quintessence of hard work, unforgettable fun, truly unique people and EYP spirit that totally blows your mind. All that is definitely thank to the hard and very-well structured work of their Board and National Committee.



or a country so close to Ukraine it’s truly amazing how far it seems when you’re trying to get there, because trust me, going to Poland is always an adventure. Going by train you’ll witness the process of changing wheels (and while spending couple of hours just sitting on the boarder you’ll be kept wondering why, oh why Ukraine just has to have wider railways). Going by bus you’ll definitely meet some interesting people and would get very well acquainted with customs surroundings. And if you are brave enough to cross the border ON foot in Sheginy, you’ll be rewarded by the cheerful sign “Exit from Ukraine” and “how to hide cigarettes” master-class by local babushkas. So, generally, by the time you’ll get to the session destination you’d be feeling like Indiana Jones, prepared for anything. But the session is always worth it. When finally you’ve got to the lovely and always historical to some extent Polish city that hosts the session you can be sure to be met, welcomed and always understood by organisers. I do not know if it’s about sisterly/brotherly nations or the fact that after 2 days there you always start to at least understand, if not speak Polish, but there’s so many things we have in common! We do love all our similarities, but the originality of Polish EYPers is also a long-time love of ours. Average Polish EYPer is very emotional, really tough and energetic (seriously they make those Duracell bunnies seem like turtles!), speaks (or at least understands) Ukrainian, loves animals, smokes “Sobranie”, is not afraid to deal with emergency services and is always very creative. So as you can see there are a lot of reasons to love EYP-Poland and Polish EYPers. So, my dears, don’t be jealous of those lucky ones going to Krakow International Forum this summer apply-apply-apply to Polish sessions. Remember, Europe is bigger and closer than you ever thought. See you around, somewhere in Europe. Hopefully in Poland ;)


Smoking in EYP T

o smoke or not to smoke? This is the question young people ask themselves. Smoking has become a tough and hot topic these days because of the quantity of people smoking. As a result, the youth’s attitude towards smoking has changed in Europe from positive to negative. But still there are many smokers among young people. Anastasiia Ianovitska conducted a research in order to understand the place of smoking in European Youth Parliament. The total of 247 people from countries like

to quit or at least not smoke near non-smokers.

Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, France, Germany and

When it comes to smoking during EYP session,

some others expressed their opinions by answer-

it gets difficult. On some sessions it is forbidden

ing several questions. Most of them were of age

to smoke, but smokers still find time and place to

17-22, though there were people younger and older than this range. It appeared that luckily most of the people don’t smoke and some already quit doing that. Probably as a result of all raising awareness publicity, almost all people understand that smoking has a bad impact on health and not only for smokers, but also for the people around them. The sad thing is that even acknowledging the negative impact on the health, about 30 percent of answerers still continue to smoke. Some of these people, though, do consider some changes in their behavior and habits. For example, many smokers would consider quitting if a close person would ask them to do so or at least try not to smoke when this person is around. On the other hand, most of the non-smokers are quite tolerant and understand

smoke. So, taking into an account, that smoking is a habit most of them can’t resist, the real question is when should they be allowed to smoke? Should there be smoking breaks and smoking areas or should they manage all their problems during regular breaks? Around 80 percent of the answers stated that they should wait for the official break and around 15 percent think that they should smoke even only during their free time and not during the session events like Teambuiding or Committee work, etc. Moreover, most of the people think that young people should be discouraged from smoking, though they understand that it is an individual choice of every person. Unfortunately, there were people, who not only don’t understand the negative impact of smoking on the health, but also wouldn’t change his or her habits and quit even if somebody close asked.

that it is a person’s individual choice, though they still try to ask them

Survey summary is available here


research conducted by Anastasiia Ianovytska

written by Olya Popovych

Lucky EYP number W

Questions: 1. What was your most unforgettable EYP-party? 2. If you had a chance to visit only one country, what would you choose and why? 3. If you could rid the world of one thing, what it would be and why?

Balami Mdama Ardo

e continue the column, dedicated to the members of EYP-Ukraine. As every one of them is unique, we decided to introduce the luckiest ones to our readers. According to a special mathematical scheme, two lucky numbers are chosen from the database of the Parliament. Meet our winners!

Artem Gumenyuk Studies at Kyiv National Linguistic University (Translator) Joined EYP in 2010, has attended 5 sessions, HR dept.

Studies at Luhansk State Medical University Joined EYP in 2012, has not attended any session yet

1. I have not attended any EYP party yet... 2. The Netherlands, it is a unique European location with lots of history and masterpieces, protected housing monuments, etc. 3. I would rid the world of the global pollution to restore a healthy environment.

1. When I think about cool party, I always recall times in Athens, during 66th EYP International session. So we had this Farewell party and everyone expected it to be in the nightclub. But it turned out to be in the quiet cafe in the downtown. A couple of delegates including myself were thirsty for some music beat, so we went on the search for a club. So here we go - bunch of foreigners walking at 1.00 a.m. without any knowledge of Greek in the unknown city, where people don’t speak English. That was quite an experience which will be remembered for a life-time. 2. Well, Europe sounds boring to me, so I would go for New Zealand. It’s damn far away from the rest of the world and it literally strikes you with its picturesque mountains and valleys. I’d love to spend there a couple of weeks on the backpacking trip. 3. I would get world rid of fear. Fear of death, fear of love, fear of failure and fear of success. I wish people never feared to be down, to be heartbroken, to be ignored, or not to be understood. I wish none of us feared to live to the fullest and to share their lives with others.

interviewer: Nataliia Kalyn



HR Has got the information about all EYP – Ukraine members. Organises unforgettable Happy hours. Suggests trainings to upgrade skills of EYP members.










re you willing to contribute your time and efforts to gain new skills, to feel the team spirit, to promote EYP, to organise an EYP event? If yes, then join EYP-Ukraine departments! As you may know, there are five hard-working departments, headed by ambitious and experienced EYPers: Zhenya (PR), Yegor (FR), Lyuba (IA), Anya (HR) and Kristina (RD). You can either join one of the departments, or all of them. To help you make a decision, we decided to give you the main information about the departments. Visit this page for contact info.

Consults delegates who go to the international sessions.

Is the biggest one. Here you will experience real team work & team spirit.

Cooperates with foreign national committees.

It is the link between the organisation ans outer world.

Is responsible for all EYP - Ukraine international activites.

Suggests new ideas all the time in order to popularize EYP.







Brings EYP to the Ukrainian youngesters, who live outside big cities.

Gets money and resources for EYP - Ukraine.

Will make 3rd EYP - Ukraine Inter Rail Tour come true.

Is responsible for EYP - Ukraine budget and all money flows.

Promotes EYP - Ukraine in regions by means of EYP Weekends.

Finds and contacts sponsors.


prepared by Kateryna Baskenova and Maria Shcherbak


at “Probig pid Kashtanami”

t has always been a good tradition to do some physical exercises at EYP events. Of course, all these Zulu Dances and Big Fat Pony Fitness are helpful for warming up the blood and refreshing the overloaded brain, serving as a boost of physical exercises in the middle of a long distance of intensive mind work called an EYP session. However, all these physical activities are rather far from real sport, and a true EYPer is always looking for a new challenge to overcome – both at university auditorium and sports ground. Another feature of a true EYPer is being socially responsible and helpful where it comes to society’s good. So, where can sport challenge, volunteering and social work, and true EYP spirit possibly meet? – Still looking for the answer? Come on, easy one – just check the date: Sunday, May 27, 10 AM, Maidan Nezhalezhnosti Square, Kyiv. Huge crowd of people blocking the square, waving corporate flags, yellow organizing tents, small stage. This time it’s not a political protest, and it’s too early for EURO 2012 madness. The only remaining answer – it’s “Probig pid Kashtanami”, one of the most massive charity marathons! This year 6000 took part in the run – individuals and corporate team members, professional sportsmen and amateurs, youth

and elderly people, new-born babies and even dogs. EYP team members joined the crowd and showed good results, being faster than most of office plankton and (!) several dogs on the 5km distance from Maidan to L’va Tolstogo square and back again. Apart from sport component, the event was filled with positive atmosphere and spirit of unification, as everyone was feeling like a part of a competitive, socially responsible and just healthy movement. When the marathon was over, nearly everybody promised to him/herself to gather for the next one exactly in one year and bring more friends and colleagues. EYPers weren’t an exception and drafted a plan for the next year – to involve at least 100 EYPers into this cool event. “Every Sunday should start like this” was my first thought when the run was over. And what do you do to keep fit?

at the EUROPEAN village

Come and join till the 1st of July!

Yegor Vlasenko

To get more information visit the official web-site




e a becam l i p o en Tern s happ ! a ity of w c g a n nd azi 12 Weeke ril 20 nd am a p P l A Y o o f E 8th o lf as a eally c e 3rd e 2 r h s t g y 7 n 2 t i m u eth bo e out n the ing a e sam tried re som k h e l t I a h t t w n a e wh but I am nplace r me and e ourse, e first time o f c e g f g d n O wle th ngi eing. challe e, kno nted to cr n was s m o a i i t s w s y e t wa eel em ini-s nest i really uld f tribut o n I c This m . To be ho o . c s y s the ffire to ucce erson ing o r t desi uge s es so t a u h a e d r g a chairp e g l n de kh hen had a sessio ber w ha Popelnu t for n m e e time I make this m m Da s true. nviron nions. I re n o e o s t o i s s e l y s a e b g s er tw r ta opi of the es and tha comfo tions and t fruit t u n a b e h d t e ac at resi toug lega their uctive the P or de ding, d l f n i i o g u r e n r b p i e e t e fr eh and d mee Team ed an s, hot team ls, cam d energetic z r i a ’ e i n s s c l a i a g n ffi i c an rga d l-or e, o rks an rom o on was wel funny hat w f t o t e w d d g i o r P a o o s f EY d yf essi never e how YP Weeken k, spic inion, the s v r r o e I wi l l s W b E ee op oo ls. mmitt ance t ind, the 3rd these pupi In my h . c y l a b t ful C o em ym e go r for al Ass es hav ctice. To m EYP carrie t a a g e Gener l natov t of h ul. De n pra n f i I i s o s e a p e g i c i d suc wle rting y Mar b ir kno a good sta e d l h t o t e us as story opil w n r e T in


s d n e k e



YP W eeken d in 15th Si of Ju ne an mferopil t sity o oo d was sandr condu k place be a Gip f Econom t c y. Pr sh, se lenges esided ted in the ween 14th ssion of 21 Si and by ex was h EYP W st centur perien mferopilUn eld u y : trad ced E ivereeken fun Te itiona nder the d was YPer ambu g l e v b n O s. alte uilt as eral t lekilding e d wi rnativ opic an or , follo th he e “ d C we ina sourc ated d tees w esof e halebates d by fruitfu ry EYP se orked nergy s l sion s durin Comm durin ”. tion ( t g the a r i g this t t t i CULT e n e g G W w e sessio o )a (ITRE n – C neral Assem rk and con ith ). Firs nd Commi o cludm b ly. Tw mittee t one t Maria o was ch tee on Ind o c n o Bessa mmit Cultu u aired rab. D re and and 1 by Ro stry, Resea elegat 1th gr E r k d c s h u o e c l ades a and T a s of th aDeleg s well echno e Sess na Pidlasa ates s a l i , o s o s gy n wer 1st, 3r mittee howed e repr econd one d and their Work e – 4 s e t b hy nta y ly th skills as w ey en and d ears of univ tives of 10t ell a j h oyed s du ersity id th smile. ring eir be studen teamb This G s t t u e s sessio i . and b n wa lding, wh neral Asse during Co rough ich m s a g mmbly. t a lo oo t of n a Espec by Vir ew im d experie de them iala Gem nce f laugh pressi or al ons a barsk a nd l par nd of a ticipa cours nts e new friend s.


? s r e p a p s w

e n g n i d a e r f o d Tire EYPoi

nt is w

of view

The HOTtest reports

hat yo

u need

All NEWS is gathered in one episode!


Haven’t participated yet?

Tuesd ay you have an opp ortun ity Don’t hesitate, apply! r u o y e v o r p s l l i to im k s e g a u g n a l

To register for the event please contact the organiser at or 063 46 20 829 (Vitalii)


Thanks for reading!

T4ET ’ 2012

nI the next is sue

Odesa International Forum Summer sessions abroad

Special thanks to:

and many more

Ievheniia Melekhovets

! d e n u Stay t

Anna Suprunenko

Editing, Layout design Maria Shcherbak


Profile for EYP Ukraine

2012/02 April- June Issue  

EYPigeion- The official April-June 2012 edition of the EYP-UA newsletter. covering EYP happenings abroad, Kyiv RS, EYP weekends etc...Editor...

2012/02 April- June Issue  

EYPigeion- The official April-June 2012 edition of the EYP-UA newsletter. covering EYP happenings abroad, Kyiv RS, EYP weekends etc...Editor...