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Official newsletter issue of EYP-Ukraine, #1 (12), February-March 2012

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“Love! Peace! VinSpring!” by Sophia KRYSHTAL


“Face Control” by Maria SHCHERBAK


“Retro” by Anna LACHYKHINA 10-11 “EYP Love” by Liudmila PESTUN & Nataliya KALYN


“Lucky EYP Number” by Anastasiia ZHEMCHUGOVA


“EYP Horoscope 2012” by Maria ROMANENKO 14-15 Editing, layout design by Maria Shcherbak


Photo: Olya Popovych

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UPCOMING events KYIV RS 2012 he 5th Kyiv Regional Session will take place between the 4th and 7th of April in the capital of Ukraine, ancient and beautiful city of Kyiv. It will gather around 80 delegates and 20 officials from all over Europe who will discuss up-todate ecological problems of Europe, under the general theme – “Blue planet: red alert? Think green!” “Working in 8 committees participants will be involved in classic EYP activities, such as Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly, while cultural events will include Eurovillage and Euroconcert, as well as unforgettable parties and fun!” – say Head Organisers of the Session Evheniia Melekhovets and Tetiana Korniichuk. EYP-Ukraine is honoured to have Mr. Riaan Stipp from Germany as the President of the Session and Mr. Karlis Caune from Latvia as Session Editor.


EYP WEEKENDS YP-Ukraine is launching a new style of EYP events in Ukraine. The concise EYP session gives an opportunity to hold EYP-Ukraine events more frequent, as well as to bring EYP to the regions of Ukraine. From the words of Board Member on Regional Development Kristina Chelmakina, it’s a good way of establishing new connections and further strong platform for local EYP representations. Another objective for this event is giving a chance to young EYPers to try themselves out in session roles other than Delegate. “Our chairs will mostly be members of EYP-Ukraine who don’t have any/much exprience of being in the team of session officials”, - says Kristina. EYP Weekends this year will be in: (March, 24-25) Cherkasy Cherkasy March, 24-25 Ternopil (April, 21-22) Ternopil April, 21-22 Kirovograd (May, 12-13) Kirovograd May, 12-13 Simferopol (June, 9-10) Simferopol June, 9-10


TIME 4 EVERYONE TO TRAIN! ou would be surprised if you knew how many people in Europe believe that EYP is all about learning! And even knowing that EYP offers so much more than just learning opportunities, it is still about learning and developing. In order for the whole organisation to grow and develop not only in quantity, but also in quality, EYP Academy launched a special project a couple of years ago – T4ET (Training for EYP-trainers). Somehow, with the amount of training happening everywhere, you may think that it’s not so special, but in the world of EYP trainers are very special people, who not only develop EYP as organisation, but they are those people who create the EYP-spirit. So, it’s only logical that this year, Ukraine, as a country with greatest EYP-spirit, has won the bid to host this international event. Of course this victory is most delightful for lovely and enthusiastic Head Organizers of this event – Lyubov Dvoreska and Oksana Korchak. There’s a lot of work ahead of them, but EYP-Ukraine believes that if anyone can add another star of glory for EYP-Ukraine for organizing International event, it’s them. This summer, July 16 – 23, T4ET-2012 in UKRAINE!


ng mi co on so

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I Author: Sophia KRYSHTAL


f you still think that it’s impossible to combine what you like to do with what you have to and what gives you exquisite experience you should have visited VinSpring National Session of EYP-Ukraine, which was held in Vinnytsia on 2-5th of March. If somebody asked me to describe it in a few words, I would say that these were four days of productive work, gaining new skills and personal improvement blended with happiness, friendliness and love.

Love! P

Day 1st – the day of arrivals. I didn’t know anyone, but I felt I was in the right place. It was perhaps the easiest day for me. We met with our committees, got acquainted during the Teambuilding and became friends before Committee presentations and farewell party started. Describing VinSpring Session impossible without mentioning fun parties organised on every evening under different themes, but united by the same spirit: smiles, happy faces, improvisations from the president of the session and really good dancing.

Day 2nd. On this day we had our first committee work. It was difficult but so catching! We didn’t waste any second of this time. Despite some divergence in views, our committee became even friendlier and closer. In the evening we had Eurovillage. It was like traveling all over the Europe during one night. Different traditions, cultures and languages get mixed and built up one complete team. Day 3rd – the second day of committee work. It was the craziest day – we had to finish our resolutions. In the evening we

spent wonderful time at Gangster theme party in one of Vinnytsia clubs. If you wanted to experience the atmosphere of 1920s it was that! Girls in beautiful dresses and boys in elegant suits helped you to feel it even more deeply. Day 4th – the day of General Assembly and departures. Some resolutions had passed and some had not, but it didn’t matter. Everybody did a good job and contributed to self-improvement during the Session. It was amazing and life changing experience for everyone.

5 Peace! VinSpring!


face control

t the end of 2011 the EYP-Ukraine Board elections took place. Despite frosty weather outside, all the participants were warmed by hot Presidential debates with lots of provocative questions. Through the tough competition and transparent elections Anna Suprunenko won the position of President of EYP-Ukraine. Since that significant moment the faith of EYP-Ukraine is totally concentrated in the hands of this girl and her ambitious team. Only here and now, Board members are revealing their most ambitious plans for this year. Anna Suprunenko (President): “Well, the most ambitious one is to realise all the plans we have. The main aim is to make all planned events happen and also to get money for these events. I’m very happy that I have very talented, ambitious and dedicated team. It is a great honor to work with all Board members and Leadership members and just with passionate EYPers”. Yegor Vlasenko (Vice-President on Fundraising): “EYP-Ukraine needs an office. I will do my best to arrange it”. Zhenia Melekhovets (Vice-President on Public Relations) : “My goal is to have 1000 likes on our FB page until the end of 2012. And the most ambitious plan is to promote the image of Ukrainian sessions so much that we could have all 36 countries presented at the sessions”. Kristina Chelmakina (Board Member on Regional Development): “I would say InterRail is the most ambitious one. In general, I plan to have EYP representations in all big cities of Ukraine”. Anna Lachykhina (Board Member on Human Resources): “The most ambitious plan for now is to have a consolidated database of all members (which is 781 persons in the mailing group). Now there are 3 different databases”. Lyubov Dvoretska (Board Member on International Activities): “My most ambitious plan definitely is to conduct a bid to host International session in Ukraine and to win it”.

All we can do is to wish them luck and to congratulate Lyuba with successful overcoming her challenge. Possibly, when reading this paper, you might be interested to find out more information about people, who rule the organisation. And here it is. NEW BOARD: SECRETS REVEALED!



face control




EYP – Ukraine is proud to have such an alumnus as VASYL MYROSHNYCHENKO – Co-Founder and Honorable President of EYP – Ukraine (2002 -2004)


tarting with FLEX exchange program, in which he had participated in 1997, followed by involvement in European Youth Parliament since 2000, Vasyl started his outstanding career as a young social activist and businessman. If we go in a chronological order, Vasyl became a student of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, where he studied International Relations, later he was an intern at the Embassy of the United States of America, participated in the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program, became VicePresident and then the President of EYP – Ukraine, participated in business internship program at Iacocca Institute of Lehigh University, PA (USA) - the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry, then Vasyl started to work at CFS Consulting. Vasyl also studied at London School of Economics and Political Science. Currently Vasyl is the Partner at CFC Consulting Company in Kyiv, being in charge of strategy and business development, and Director and the Head of the Ukrainian Office of UkrainianBritish City Club (UBCC), which is a London-based non-profit organization, which organises business events, aimed at increasing awareness of business issues and establishing wide network of business contacts to promote and enhance their business activities in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.


In order to help you to dive into EYP Retro times and find out about Vasyl Myroshnychenko’s personal experience at European Youth Parliament (2000 – 2006) EYPigeon asked Vasyl several questions. EYPGN: When and how did you first hear about EYP? - First time I’ve heard about EYP was from my friend Olya Smyrnova, who came back from a summer session in Bern in 2000 with a mission to set up EYP-Ukraine. EYPGN: Which NSC in times of your activity within EYP was known for hosting best parties and socializing? - Ukrainians were pretty wild, haha. Probably Swiss and Irish were the most proactive and social. EYPGN: What was the widespread comment about EYP activities from people, who observed EYP for the first time? - Exhilarating! EYPGN: How did EYP manage to have effective communication without easily accessible Internet with its e-mail and social networks? Have you ever used actual paper mail for these purposes? - Internet was there, but not everyone had regular access to e-mail, so we would announce time and place of a meeting via e-mail and then would discuss all the issues in personal group meetings. I guess we had more face-to-face interaction. However, I am now amazed

by the rapid development of the social networks in the recent years, which make group communication much faster and more effective. EYPGN: What about sources of information: were there cases of reading actual paper literature instead of Google search and Wikipedia in order to prepare for the session? - We actually did read paper literature. I recall myself going to the University library and making copies of the relevant chapters from the textbooks on international relations and European politics when preparing myself for the sessions. EYPGN: When digital cameras were not that commonly used, especially in Ukraine, how did journos manage to print pictures in the newspaper? Were there cases of gluing pictures or handwriting articles for the newspaper? - One of the first grants EYP-Ukraine got from the US government was for the purchase of a digital camera. They were rare and expensive in those days. So, we would use it for making EYP publications including newspapers, etc. However, still most of my photo archives from the EYP times are on the camera films.



asyl has worked with many people, so EYPigeon decided to find out more about him from EYP alumni, who know Vasyl better than others

“Vasyl is one of the best EYP men I met back in those days and he is still one of people I feel very warm about no matter how often or seldom we see each other. He is a lot of fun and shows great dedication to people and activities that mean a lot to him. To me, EYP-Ukraine of early 2000’s is a family which I will always cherish in my heart” Natalka Voynarovska

“Vasyl is a bright ambitious entrepreneur with excellent negotiation and business development skills. Also known as a person who generates extraordinary ideas and implements them into life. Vasyl has an impressive number of satisfied clients in PR, reputation management, trade promotion and international commerce fields and magnificent connections to prominent businessmen and politicians throughout the world. Vasyl’s network is a result of perfect education and dedication to high profile achievements in every sphere where he works” Denis Kudin

“Vasyl Myroshnychenko is one of the most active, enthusiastic and positive people I’ve ever known. He is a great speaker, he immediately contaminates with his exuberant energy and charisma. I think that his Presidency has given a crucial impulse to EYP - Ukraine. Many things were built on his connections and reputation of a prominent young leader” Kateryna Yasko

“Vasya is a very enthusiastic person who believes that if you put enough effort into anything, you can fly even to the moon. When we were just registering EYP-Ukraine and starting the activities together, Vasya and Olya (Smirnova) were 2 people whose attitude “nothing is impossible” was truly admirable. Due to Vasya’s sense of humor, working with him was always enjoyable. I do miss those days!” Anna Opanasyuk

“I still can’t clearly explain what European Youth Parliament means for me today. But on particular examples I can assure you that EYP brings up future leaders of Ukraine, who will definitely upgrade Ukrainian business and politics in the nearest 10-15 years” Vasyl Myroshnychenko


Also worked on the article: Nataliya KALYN Maria SHCHERBAK

The story is told by Liudmila PESTUN

e v o EY L E V P LO


o you k n o w how EYP can contribute into your life? Language practice, communication skills, intercultural exchange, new friends… But have your ever thought that EYP can grant you with a ... baby?


This is a story for those with romantic and tender souls, for those dreaming to find a prince on Fairy-tail Party. This is a story about friendship, love and EYP, a story of Irene Yankelevich and Stanislav Korshunov.

Once upon a time during ordinary EYP-session a girl named Rene met a boy named Stas. They liked each other and began to communicate closer, and after a while, on a Białystok Regional Session (Poland) they confessed each other about their feelings. That day they returned home already as a couple. Irene is in EYP since 2004, she has been a President of some Regional Sessions. She was a President of the Board of EYP-Belarus, while Stas was a Vice-President. He joined EYP in 2007 and had become an International Official (Journalist), as well as an Editor for a few Regional Sessions. Their story has lots of warm memories and sentimental pictures – for example one where Stas is sleeping with his hands covering the breakfast for Irene. One beautiful day Irene and Stas decided to live together, and, in some sense, it meant the end of their EYP careers. Where one ends there starts another. In September 2011 they got married. Now Irene and Stas are waiting for a baby. But EYP is impossible to disappear from your life so easily, especially when your closest friends are from EYP.

Author: Anastasiia ZHEMCHUGOVA

Lucky EYP number W

s: bies? n b o o i t h s r u Que are yo t a h oldh t n e 1. W v best e ament e Th 2. Parli ping e h t y ing b ou are kee y which mind? r lans in you t are your p a 3. Wh uture? ef for th

e have got to determine EYP as a part of our life. All the sessions, clubs, debates form one friendly family. Everyone of the members of Parliament is individual, interesting and unique, that was the reason for us to make the new rubric “Lucky EYP number”. According to a special mathematical scheme, 3 numbers of lucky are chosen from the database of the Parliament. So, here we have our first three winners!

Max Nikolaiichuk

Master-student of National University of Zaporizhzhya, field - management of the foreign economic activity

Oksana Kagdin

Fifth-year student of Economic Institute of Kryvyi Rih, field - Accounting and Auditing

Anastasiya Olkhovnikova

Third-year student of National University of Zaporizhzhya, field – management of the foreign economic activity

1. I’m interested in everything that surrounds me. I have a lot of different hobbies: embroidering, playing the guitar, and working with the kids as an animator. 2. The best recollection about the Parliament is my first session in Poland – there was a very special atmosphere and hospitality of the organisers. 3. I want to finish the University and find a good job. I’m going to participate in the future parliament’s sessions. And also I’m planning to buy a car.

1. My hobby is music. I even can’t imagine my life without music. I like traditional rock. Also I’m a real connoisseur of black tea. 2. I can’t forget a session in Norway in Wilhamer. I was the only one representative from Ukraine. The organizers had made an excellent gift to everybody – they made Tobogganing – that means descent from the mountain using a special kind of sledge. That was amazing! 3. In the future – probably in 10 or 25 years – I want to be successful enough to be able to be a sponsor of this great organisation – EYP, I’m sure it has to be developed.

1. I have been dreaming since my very childhood to dance, but my parents wanted me to go the drawing school. I’m fond of learning different languages, I’m a teacher of English and Spanish languages. Besides this, I’m going in for sports – swimming and athletics. 2. One of the most incredible and remembered event, which was held by the Parliament, was party-ball in “Alice in Wonderland” style. The entrance to the dance looked like a tunnel, made of chairs and blankets. We had a lot of fun! 3. I’m striving now to find exactly that job, which will give me the energy and pleasure. I’m going to continue working with kids.


Author: Maria ROMANENKO

Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18 Your creative abilities will surprise not only everyone around, but also yourself. It is a definite stretch of limits! Whatever you feel like doing – drawing, filming, writing, etc. just do not stop – one day it might be a masterpiece to be sold for millions. And just, please – do not forget to apply for journalist position at NS 2012 of EYP-Ukraine – pop up your drive! Virgo Aug 23 - Sept 22 2012 is the year of the world’s end. At least of your today’s world. But it ends in order to bring a new beginning! Your sign will reborn this year into something purely gorgeous. So say bye to past failures and get ready to rock - if you were not selected for big EYP events lately – you will be surprised to get a personal invitation to apply; if you did not unlock your full potential in EYP-Ukraine – get ready for a challenging Board member position; if you always wanted fame – start practising to sing at Euroconcert; It is time to do anything you have always dreamt about – skies send you a “green light” even for the bravest intentions! Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21 Challenges? You definitely feel Saturn slowly penetrating your chart. But it will shake and rock your life starting only from late October 2012, so for most of the year you may enjoy calm and stable life, travel to sessions and knot useful ties – you will definitely need them later!

Libra Sept 23 - Oct 22 I was simply blinded by you whelming romantic experie hair to look fabulous at all E to attend – Cupid’s in the a is a Golden Rule – your he


Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19 The stable times are coming! As a slightly stubborn sign by the definition, you may be sure that you finally strengthen your position in your person, professional and EYP life. There is nothing to worry about, so let the life calmly flow further and find time for yourself: you should look fabulous at all the numerous EYP sessions ahead.

Taurus Apr 20 - May 20 I suggest you to pack your suitcase in January and never unpack it back this year. As a traveler of the year, there will be no unexplored country for you on the map of Europe. Just make sure you are on the EYP Couchsurfing group – it is always twice more joyful to open new places with EYPers!


Cancer June 21 - July 22 This year is a period to all your life gardens and lax and take a break to th while the results of your pa Especially take care of you “work hard, party even har

ur sparkling chart full of overences! Pamper your skin and EYP sessions you are planning air! The only reminder here eart will desire an exception!


gather the ripe fruits from you totally deserved it. Rehink about your next steps, ast hard work start to reveal. ur health – your EYP motto rder” requires much energy!

Pisces Feb 19 - March 20 Your diplomatic skills will prove to be very useful in 2012 not only for you personally but also for the whole organisation. Keep yourself updated and pay attention to details – rest of the skills you’ve already gained. Also, do not forget to apply for as many sessions as possible – it is a year of success and fun!

Gemini May 21 - June 20 Improvise! Even if you deliver a defense speech or lead a teambuilding. Stay yourself and make your heart acting – you have all necessary skills for that. It will be a definite success and may turn out to be much more interesting than to follow a planned step-by-step strategy, furthermore, it will definitely reveal your hidden abilities.

Leo July 23 - Aug 22 Hello millionaire! Yeah, I am talking to you! It is a definitely prosperous year in terms of your personal finance. You are a walking money-magnet! A zone of other people’s money opens for you the first half of the year, so do not hesitate to apply for scholarships, to buy lottery tickets and of course to fundraise for EYP! Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21 A very cheerful year is ahead. Your optimistic attitude to life will serve an example to others as well as will widen your social circles greatly. Do not stop smiling and do not forget to sign up for the Fundraising department, EYP-Ukraine will ensure an unexpected number of events with your communication skills.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 If you were ever thinking of becoming a psychologist, this is the right time! EYP family from all over Europe will require your advice, attention and care. And living down other people’s experiences is a great source of wisdom and a helper to become even more mature in your visions – a good perspective, ha?


In the next issue «EYPolemics» by Anastasiia Ianovitska - Smoking in EYP «Face control» – Nata Tarasevych and Roksolana Piech «EYP abroad» – Poland by Yegor Vlasenko “Language differences” by Zhenia Melekhovets «What is the output?» by Valentyn Bondaruk Reports from EYP-Ukraine events And many more various articles!

Special THANKS to: Zhenia Melekhovets Yegor Vlasenko Katya Baskenova


In this issue: Articles by Lyubov Dvoretska, Maria Shcherbak, Sophia Kryshtal, Anna Lachykhina, Liudmila Pestun, Nataliya Kalyn, Anastasiia Zhemchugova, Maria Romanenko Editing, layout design – Maria Shcherbak

2012/01 EYPigeon Feb-March 2012.  

EYPigeon-The official Feburary-March Issue of the newsletter of EYP-UA 2012. Covering recent and past events of EYP-UA, including the Kyiv R...

2012/01 EYPigeon Feb-March 2012.  

EYPigeon-The official Feburary-March Issue of the newsletter of EYP-UA 2012. Covering recent and past events of EYP-UA, including the Kyiv R...