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ing on the sea coast on the forth, the dinner in restaurants located by the seaside gave us unforgettable memories. In Athens we had a similar evening with delegation dinners where we had an opportunity to visit nice cafes in historical center of the city, not far from the ruins of Acropolis. The usual Greek menu consists of plenty of seafood variously cooked and baked cheese, and of course meat and sausages as well as salads and vegetables. The dishes are usually so big you just can’t eat them to the end even though they are all really tasty. We definitely recommend you whenever you come to Greece - taste cheese balls, mousaka (some kind of meat, vegetables and cheese pie but without pastry) and baked cheese with honey, which they serve you at the beginning of the dinner. Really delicious. Organisers of the session planned some fun activities, so one day we had to perform stories about Greek gods but in a special way - those had to be formed into a musical. That was so much fun! We gathered in a small amphitheater and every committee staged its performance. On the day after we had a theme party, so everyone looked like they escaped from the circus. Yes, you guessed right - it was a Circus Party! Clowns, Shadow-man, Strong-man, Fairies, beasts and loads of other characters. During the last two days we had the General Assembly, which was the culmination of the whole session. Hot debates were shaking the walls of the old building as some issues were controversial. Because of 15 committees being present, the

procedure stretched into 2 days with 7 committees on the first day and 8 on the second. The discussions were remarkably fruitful. The delegates were extremely enthusiastic to have a word. A big size of our committees made some committees having a queue of 10 or more people to speak, while no more than 2 eventually did. Out of 15 resolutions 3 have not passed. We all have seen how politics work. The Ukrainian delegation was one of the most productive with every delegate having participated in the debates and two of them having given a speech. Each day, there were several delightful coffee-breaks just outside the parliament in an adorable garden with gypsies all around begging for food. The General Assembly venue was a building of the Old Parliament, which is now a museum. EYPers brought this ancient building back to life and visitors of the museum were surprised to see the new round of debates in the parliamentary chamber. Among special guests were present Janez Poto?nik (European Commisioner on the Environment Issues), Philipp Scharff (Director of the Schwarzkopf-Foundation Young Europe), Philippos Petsalnikos (President of the Hellenic Parliament), and Ville Vasaram?ki (Executive director of the EYP). We all were honored to listen to their inspirational speeches and see them at the GA. After the session each of us realised that EYP is all about PEOPLE who made the session happen. It’s hard to evaluate how much experience we gained there, how much fun we shared with others and how wide we broadened our horizons.


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